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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1357: One-Hit KillTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioWithout hesitation or concern for himself, Han Sen reached for Bao’er to place her behind him. But before he could, the doll’s eyes flashed red. Then, strangely, it looked surprised.Han Sen examined Bao’er, and much to his relief, he saw she had not been turned into wood.This came as quite the surprise. Judging from the doll’s behavior and facial expression, it would seem as if it had cast its power, but it simply had not worked on the baby.The doll’s eyes flashed with that same red, menacing light again. It also spoke, and it said, “You have all been added to the Naughty List. Start cleaning.”The doll’s eyes flashed like a bright, oscillating light, as they turned to look at Han Sen. He had summoned his crystal egg, but before he could muster the strength for a throw, he began turning into wood.Dragon Lady, who had leapt up from her seat to fight with her cleaver in-hand, was starting to turn into a deadwood puppet now, too.Han Sen found himself unable to move, and the doll and its powers were far stronger than he had expected them to be. Dragon Lady’s silver core could not resist the encroaching woodening, and neither could Han Sen’s Jadeskin. The butler was effortlessly turning them all into dolls.“Maybe this isn’t a bronze shelter, after all. Maybe it’s a silver one,” Han Sen thought to himself.The doll had turned its attention back to Bao’er by this point, and its eyes repeatedly flashed.Fortunately, and curiously, the powers had no effect on Bao’er.“Start cleaning.” As if it was programmed to, the butler repeated this command every few seconds. It was a rather sinister thing to hear, over and over.Bao’er looked incredibly angry at the butler. She didn’t like the way her master or her friends were being treated, and so she pulled out her gourd.The butler despised disobedience, and the fact that he couldn’t turn her into wood prompted him to move forward to try to grab her. But before he could, Han Sen’s wooden body suddenly started to glow white.This came as another surprise for the butler. The wooded skin began to evaporate, returning Han Sen to normal.“You have been added to the Naughty List. Start dying!” Han Sen shouted, as he glowed with a luminosity that made direct eye-contact impossible. A few seconds later, a punch was unleashed towards the butler.The doll was shocked, acknowledging the power that was suddenly headed its way. The fiend flashed its eyes a number of times to repel it, but nothing worked. The bright light wielded by Han Sen laid the smackdown.Boom!The doll’s body was immediately destroyed, as a flurry of wood chips peppered the air and rained across the ground.“Silver Geno Core destroyed: Butler Doll. Silver Geno Core obtained: Butler Doll.”Amidst the storm of wood bits, one suddenly rose and shot over to Han Sen. Then, it entered his Sea of Soul.Han Sen exited super king spirit mode, and when he went to check the item he had received, he saw an odd doll sitting in his Sea of Soul. It was around the same size as a human’s hand.Butler Doll: Wood Element Silver Geno CoreWhen the doll was destroyed, Dragon Lady and Cheap Sheep were freed from their wooden bindings. Their bodies had returned to normal, but their mental composure hadn’t. That was because they had both been stunned by what they had just witnessed Han Sen perform.Their eyes had been stuck in place while they were dolls, so they did not see the super king spirit mode clearly. But they had seen a bright white light utterly annihilate the pompous butler.A set of staircases in the lobby suddenly opened, one that led to a hallway that ended at an ominous-looking door. They figured that had to lead to the spirit hall.“Boss Bub! You are so powerful and handsome. You must be a god amongst the demi-gods, and oh, I cannot express how deeply my admiration for you has penetrated my soul,” the sheep waxed lyrical.After Han Sen broke the butler, Cheap Sheep well and truly acknowledged who the real deal was, in their party.Han Sen ignored what he said and simply took Bao’er along with him to the door. Beyond it, as suspected, was the spirit hall and residing statue. Strangely, the statue’s forehead was empty. There was no spirit nor creature residing in this place, after all. But the statue was made of silver, indicating it was indeed a silver shelter.And this surprised Han Sen’s companions even more, for they now knew he had been able to destroy a silver geno core with as little as a single punch.Han Sen asked the chef, “Do you want to place your spirit stone there?”She shook her head and said, “This is not what I seek.”When spirits put their stone inside a statue, it was nearly impossible for them to become unbound from the place they had put it. They had to live in a shelter of their choosing, lest their stone get destroyed or claimed. As such, a shelter had to be selected carefully, and they had to ensure it met their every demand and satisfied each of their needs.Han Sen summoned Moment Queen and instead made the shelter hers.He could still use the teleporter, but he’d be unable to enable the defense systems of the shelter, control the security, and unlock doors without a spirit occupying it.Moment Queen made sure to look at Han Sen with disdain before she put her stone inside.She obeyed Han Sen, though. For better or for worse, she was stuck with him, and for whatever reason he wanted her around, he was stuck with her. And if they ever did want to move, Han Sen could always take out the spirit stone.If the chef’s allegiance was of a similar guarantee, she could have done the same.She was quite surprised to witness Han Sen summon a spirit, though. Although Moment Queen was still very weak, Dragon Lady could tell she was something special.With Moment Queen occupying the shelter, Han Sen was immeasurably happy. It was a well-hidden place that was sure to have no intruders, but better than that, the treasures of the shelter should have remained untouched without a prior occupant.The treasure possessed by the shelter must have included a silver geno core, so Han Sen eagerly went to take a look and see what he could get his mitts on.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1344: If You Are Dead, You Are a Dead SheepTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen, upon seeing the chef, thought to himself, “Has she returned for the head? But she’d have to dig into our stomachs if she wanted it back! And that would be no trouble for her.”“Oh, uh, the head? We thought you had no need for it, so we ate it.” Han Sen began stepping back, bringing Bao’er firmly back into his arms.Han Sen knew how strong she was through the Serpent Throne’s replication of her, but this was the genuine her. This was her as a demi-god now, too. If he could, Han Sen wanted to avoid a fight.Immediately, he took off running. He knew she enjoyed feeding the entity Dragon Eater, and not wanting to take a chance of getting spit-roasted for a midnight snack, he thought it best to scram.Han Sen had a fitness level of 7500. If he wanted to rival primitive creatures in strength, he’d have to get that figure up to 10,000.With her being able to topple mighty primitive creatures in one swing, though, three-horned beast king included, he’d need to be even higher. Fighting her was the last thing Han Sen wanted to do.The Dongxuan Sutra allowed Han Sen to see through the entire world, but he didn’t think it would give him much of an edge against an opponent who was that strong. The gulf of power that separated the two was too wide.Han Sen did not yet have a geno core, either. He was able to guess she probably had one, but its exact nature was a mystery.Making use of his phoenix techniques, Han Sen committed to the act of flight.Surprisingly, the chef was unable to keep up with him. She was strong, but evidently sluggish when it came to agility. Just like any other primitive creature, she could not keep up with Han Sen.Han Sen thought to himself, “Did she just become a demi-god? The man that was dead, slumped against the entrance to the underground shelter… if he was there during her reign, then she couldn’t have been in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary for longer than one hundred years. Perhaps she has been unlucky all this time, and has been unable to gain strength.”Han Sen’s deduction was not too far from the truth. When she first came to the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, she was placed in a very dangerous area where she could not do much, and she had been trapped. When the time came to escape, she barely made it out alive, and only in the past two years had she been able to start getting stronger.Han Sen kept on running until he stumbled across a thick bundle of wool on the ground. It was the sheep’s butt.The sheep spun around with a mushroom in its mouth and said, “Hey, I’ve been looking for you, bub! I thought you were dead. Come dine on this; I’ve even flavored it with soil for you. Once you’ve chowed down, we’ll go see another boss. He’s a good distance away, but he should be strong.”But Han Sen had been running like the wind, and he currently had no time to discuss anything. He simply ended up yelling, “Run!”If the sheep was unfortunate enough to remain, and was later claimed by the chef, he’d become a well-grilled hunk of mutton in no time. When the sheep saw what was tailing Han Sen, though, the solace of the ‘shrooms quickly evaporated. And in absolute horror, he froze.“Come on, man. Run! Move!” Han Sen yelled at the sheep, seeing it refuse to budge.Suddenly, the sheep began to kowtow. And it pleaded, “Please, spare my life! Spare me and I will become a servant. I will do everything you command me to. I will live for you, and you alone!”Seeing the sheep beg like that, Han Sen couldn’t help but freeze, too. But Han Sen didn’t think begging from the dirt would do him much good. He wagered the sheep would still end up cooked, forked, and eaten, one way or another.He ended up being mistaken, though. It had slipped Han Sen’s mind that the sheep was a silver-tongued cretin that could talk his way out of a paper bag.“Stop him!”“Fear not, milady! I will not let him get away.” The sheep leaped before Han Sen and launched one of his boomerang-like horns towards his friend-turned-target.“This sheep will do anything to survive. Where’d his faith and morals get off to?” Han Sen struggled to believe the sheep was more obscene than himself, but alas, it was true. This was a betrayal, as cut and dry as one could get.Seeing the sheep’s horn heading his way, Han Sen brought out one of his own horns to try to deflect it away from him. But despite using a pinpoint-precise Ghost Slash on the incoming projectile, it was not enough to break it and quell its violent approach.The impact knocked the flying horn away, but it was like a heat-seeking missile, and it rebounded mid-air to retarget Han Sen and resume its deadly approach.“D*mn; that thing is like a homing rocket!” Han Sen pulled out a second horn, planning to use Yin Yang Blast to destroy the sheep horn.He knew he had underestimated the power of the sheep’s geno core, but he had only seen it in action once before. And things only got worse when Han Sen tried to use Yin Yang Blast to take it down. The projectile absorbed his Yin power to propel itself towards him at an even greater speed.Han Sen had slowed down considerably to deal with the sheepish traitor. It had given the chef the time necessary to catch up, and now that she was in range, she pulled out her fork of doom. She lobbed it at Han Sen.Han Sen managed to evade the fork, but another sound filled his ears. With a pang, a crystal bowl had trapped him.“Bosslady, it is done.” The sheep was now like a dog, groveling obediently.The chef ignored him completely, though. Instead, she approached the bowl that domed the area around Han Sen.“It’s time to bring out the big guns. She’s just asking for a Super Spank!” Han Sen gathered up a blistering orb of Dongxuan Sutra-fueled power in his right hand.

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注册即送70元⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 976: Battle on the RiverTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioBoom!The snake was knocked away by the man again. When it crashed into the nearby wall, the entire hall shook violently.Han Sen did not dare fight the man any longer. When the man turned his attention back to him, though, he swung his dagger to kick up a black flame, then leapt out of the man’s way in a fiery evasion.But the man possessed unimaginable power, and no matter how hard Han Sen tried, he couldn’t dodge.The man’s hand was like an omnipotent shadow that trailed those who sought to flee it, hovering above and ready to snatch or smash helpless victims.Gritting his teeth, Han Sen used his red dagger in an attempt to knock the hand away. But this time, the man’s hand suddenly opened to grab the red blade. And then, in a flash, it was broken in a swift clench.But the man’s hand did not stop there. It still came toward Han Sen, and the attack was not absorbed by the sacred-blood armor he wore. The wretched nails of Han Sen’s foe were sharper than any blade.If it wasn’t for the Dragon-Blood Snake, the man in black would have twisted Han Sen’s head off.When the hand came for Han Sen, at the last second, the Dragon-Blood Snake leapt in front of its master to take the hit. Instantly, the creature was knocked away again, but still, the man did not relent. And it seemed no matter what Han Sen tried, shaking this ghastly person would be impossible.Han Sen had no choice but to now pull out his Taia sword. He hadn’t used it earlier, in fear of it being broken. That belief had not changed, but it was the best blade he currently had.It was a desperate time, and Han Sen could not afford to be careful. He would do whatever it took to survive, so with Taia in hand, Han Sen swung it against the man’s incoming hand.Dong!Han Sen and the sword were sent flying, but strangely, the man let out a yelp. He shouted aloud in pain, and Han Sen noticed a wound across his hand. And from the gash Han Sen had delivered, the man bled purple.“Taia has what it takes to hurt him?” Han Sen was surprised and delighted. The man stopped moving and looked on the sword with great fear.Han Sen was happy and renewed with hope following this development. With this revelation, he might have a chance to escape. And it was all thanks to Taia.When Han Sen took this opportunity to flee, though, the man was still not keen to let him go. The man came after him, but kept a moderate distance between them. His desires to keep Han Sen there and to stay away from Han Sen’s sword seemed conflicted.Han Sen fell back to the tree, but the Red-Eye Rabbit had vanished.“My tree… you die…” The man, seeing his tree stripped bare, looked furious.No longer did he care about the sword Han Sen possessed, as a blazing bonfire of anger surrounded him in a frightful aura. The cavern seemed to tremble with his rage.“Hey, it wasn’t just me. The rabbit had some, too!” Han Sen kept on running, summoning his Dragon-Blood Snake to follow from behind.When Han Sen made it out of the tree-hall, Han Sen heard the Dragon-Blood Snake cry out behind him. Turning back to take a look, it seemed grievously injured. Han Sen couldn’t dwell on it too much, though. He summoned it back and cast Aero to glide upstream.But before he could put space between himself and the man, Han Sen found him approaching at a rapid pace and closing the gap.“D*mn it!” Han Sen cursed aloud, but he did not relent in his flight.Boom!The man stepped across the water and then leapt up into the air. He was right beside Han Sen, and there seemed no likely way he’d escape this strike.“F*ck you!” Han Sen waved his Taia madly.But the man was like the master of all, and he was obviously prepared for this. He evaded the sword and threw his palm at Han Sen’s chest.Spilling blood from his mouth, Han Sen lost control of his flight and went careening into the river. A huge splash accompanied his crash into the stream.The chestplate of his armor had been broken, and the water was dyed red. As wounded as he was, though, Han Sen was not yet willing to give up.Han Sen had practiced diving before. Holding strong against the pain threatened to drown him, Han Sen dove deeper into the water, trying to escape the evil thing that hounded him.It was a deep stream, ten meters at least. But as Han Sen kept swimming, he suddenly caught sight of a pale face with black hair swirling around it. It was like the frightening appearance of an underwater demon.“You can even beat me when it comes to swimming?” Han Sen was angered by his opponent. Realizing flight was still pointless, he decided to attack with Taia again.The man looked cold. He dodged Han Sen’s sword strike, spun, and had his arm outstretched. He was inches away from palming Han Sen’s chest.Figuring it was a now-or-never moment, Han Sen burst with a bright white light. His eyes and hair shone like white gold, signaling his transformation into a super king spirit.His power and speed increased, and an endless font of energy sprung up inside his body to fuel his limbs. Han Sen did not dodge the incoming attack, he merely reoriented his Taia sword to strike the man’s chest.Pang!The man’s hand collided with Han Sen’s chest, as Han Sen’s blade plunged deep into the man in black’s heart. Both of them bled.The man groaned and fell back into the black waters.Han Sen wasn’t going to let him get away, though. He found footing on a rock and pushed himself forward with the blade primed to strike the man’s chest once more.The man, seeing what was coming, clapped his hands to catch the incoming sword.“Die!” Han Sen’s white light burned with the fire of a sun. With the power of his first gene lock open, the Taia sword did not relent upon its capture. It plunged deep into the man’s chest once more.With this second stab, the man could not help but scream. He palmed Han Sen and the sword left his body.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1045: Strange FishTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen lowered his head and saw a fat goldfish swimming towards him.The goldfish was around the size of a hand, with a tail that was reminiscent of a butterfly wing. Its head was peculiar, almost like a lionhead goldfish.As it swam towards Han Sen, its tail wagged and fluttered behind it merrily.He scanned the creature and could not detect the presence of a strong lifeforce. If he didn’t know any better, it could have very well been an average fish.Han Sen backed away from it, but it followed him across the pool.Although he was wise to exercise caution, he knew the fish wasn’t aggressive. If it had been, it would have bitten him already.The goldfish swam behind Han Sen and circled the Phoenix Sword he was carrying on his back.“There is more to this goldfish than meets the eye. It is here, of all places, and in a pool formed by the tears of a phoenix. And what’s more, it is showing interest in my Phoenix Sword. The feather of its composition might actually have belonged to one of those phoenix’s, too.” Han Sen had a lot to think about lately.The lionhead-like fish continued to swim around and around the sword with keen interest.Han Sen decided to tap the goldfish with his finger to see how it would respond. His finger prodded the creature, but it didn’t pay any mind. It continued to circle the sword, showing no fear at his presence or attention.Han Sen decided to grab the whole goldfish and see if he could detect a lifeforce by bringing it out the water. He did this, but could not detect anything. Queer behavior aside, it really did seem like an ordinary goldfish.“Can a run-of-the-mill goldfish really live in a place like this?” Han Sen wondered.Bao’er decided to jump back into the water and swam over to Han Sen with haste. She had seen the goldfish in Han Sen’s hand, and she wanted to touch it herself.Watching the playful baby approach, the fish wriggled its way out of Han Sen’s hand, hopped back into the water, and swam behind him for cover.Bao’er looked angry after seeing its behavior, and so she tried to swim around and grab it. Fortunately for the fish, Han Sen stopped her.“Go play someplace else.” Han Sen pushed Bao’er away.The fish was an interesting little thing, and so Han Sen didn’t want her to kill it. If there was a benefit or purpose to this fish, he’d rather discover what it was before it died. A needless death would be a waste.Bao’er gave a stern look to the goldfish and then swam away.Han Sen scooped the fish back up in his hand to give it another look. He couldn’t espy anything special about it, and he didn’t think it was a sacred-blood creature in disguise, either.But appearances were often misleading, so Han Sen’s wasn’t so quick to believe it was just an average goldfish.Han Sen placed the fish down just outside the pool. In a weird display, the fish did not simply flop around like he suspected it would. Instead, it transformed into a little red bird.Han Sen’s eyes opened wide, for this was the first time he had seen something like this. It most certainly caught him off-guard.Han Sen picked up the bird and returned it to the water. When submerged, it transformed into a fish again.“Wow, that is very weird.” Han Sen watched in disbelief as the lionhead goldfish-bird-thing returned to swim around his sword.Han Sen turned to look at Xie Qing King and noticed his eyes were still closed. It seemed as if he was still unaware of what was going on.Han Sen decided to take the goldfish back out of the water. Like before, it transformed into a bird. But strangely, it did not fly. He suspected that the bird was too plump for proper flight, as all it did was take a strong hop up onto his shoulder. When there, it pecked the Phoenix Sword on his back.“This thing must be special. I wonder if I can bring it with me?” A streak of greed flashed across Han Sen’s eyes.The bird seemed resistant this time, as if it did not want to leave the shoulder nearest his sword.Remaining in the pool for seven hours would take a long time, and while he did not mind waiting, he didn’t want Xie Qing King to find out about the goldfish-bird he had discovered.But suddenly, a sharp cry echoed across the sky.Han Sen raised his head in response, and when looking up, he saw a raven circling the skies above them.“So noisy,” Xie Qing King said, before the raven exploded in a messy puff of feathers. A weird spectacle, considering the spirit did not even move.Han Sen thought that would be it, but more ravens came.The bodies of these ravens were on fire.Han Sen’s Dongxuan Aura had mostly recovered by now, and he was able to feel them approach before they actually did.He could also tell that these ravens were mostly mutant class, but were stronger than the sheep he had encountered earlier. Furthermore, there were at least a thousand of these black, fiery birds.Xie Qing King looked annoyed by the raucous cawing of the ravens that had suddenly appeared overhead. He stepped out of the lake and flew up into the skies in a rage to begin murdering the murder.He pummeled them into oblivion, and blood and feathers rained down around him.The strange situation only became stranger. When the blood and feathers reached the water, an invisible force pushed the mess away, to avoid polluting the place. Nothing spoiled the tears of the lake.Han Sen donned his armor and flew up as well, to aid Xie Qing King in killing the birds.As he had expected, the announcement confirmed that they were indeed mutant creatures. Their official name was “Fire Raven,” and like the other creatures he had killed in this weird location, they were inedible.Han Sen suddenly heard the cry of another raven. This screech was different from the others he had heard, so he looked around to see which bird had made the noise. And when he turned around, the sky was ablaze with a fierce red fire.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 567: The Battle with SpiritsTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioWhen Han Sen left the beast soul shop, he walked out with his desired Purple-Copper Ancient Sword and an additional Armored sacred-blood beast soul.They were both top-of-their-kind in the sacred-blood league, the ancient sword in particular. It was the best sacred-blood sword a person could get and being able to swap the berserk Inferno Bull for both of these was absolutely worth it. Han Sen was more than happy with the deal.Han Sen had even expected to make a loss when visiting these shops for a decent sword, having not expected to make such a decent trade."Friend, how about we go and have dinner together? It would allow us to get to know each other." After he had left the shop, the curious man from earlier caught up with Han Sen and invited him out."Sure," Han Sen agreed. If it wasn't for this man, he may not have been able to make the exchange and get the sword. It was he who asked to trade initially, and if it wasn't for his own interest, the merchant may not have seen the Inferno Bull and later settle for the bargain he did. Thanks to this man, Han Sen got the perfect deal and it was because of this that he did not wish to turn down the man's invitation for dinner.The man brought Han Sen to a restaurant and quickly ordered two meals. Then, he began talking with Han Sen.The man's name was Zhang Xiang and he said he was the organizer of an arena designed for the combat of pets and spirits. He gave Han Sen his contact details, telling him that if he ever had a pet or spirit he fancied putting in the arena for battle, all he had to do was call."You sell tickets?" Han Sen asked, confused.Zhang Xiang smiled and said, "Sort of, but we mainly trade in the physical transaction of pets and spirits, with some gambling on the side."Han Sen's curiosity was piqued, as Zhang Xiang sold the idea. As little as he made it sound, however, Han Sen knew it was the 'side gambling' that made the big money."If you have the time, you can come with me to play. There is a challenge arena, and if your pet or beast soul can overcome the trials, you'll get a lot of money and fame. Any fights following that will only increase the money you could make," Zhang Xiang said.Han Sen was interested. He wanted to take a look at the Second Shelter's range of pets and spirits and learn what level they might be at. He knew he wouldn't be lacking in spirits in the future, but if he wanted to sell them for a hefty price, he'd have to establish a relationship with this place first.Zhang Xiang brought Han Sen to his arena. It was much bigger than he had expected. It was quite shocking that the little arena Zhang Xiang was referring to was actually the arena for the entire Demon Shelter. It could easily seat 100,000 people.The arena was split into several different battlegrounds, with each hosting a number of assorted pets and spirits battling it out. They were mostly pets, though, with few spirits fighting at all. Even at this time, however, there were around 10,000 people watching.Han Sen then caught sight of Son of Heaven, sitting in the rafters. There was a number of beautiful women around him, watching the biggest battleground of the arena in the middle. Inside, spirits were fighting.These spirits were the only spirits in the arena fighting; the rest were just pets.Han Sen took a look and noticed that both of the spirits were male. One was a giant Cyclops, the other was a warrior clad in heavy armor. As impressive as they looked, they were only knight class spirits."Why are there only knight class spirits fighting? Aren't there any royal spirits?" Han Sen casually enquired."You must be joking! Spirits are not that easy to come by. The higher-class spirit it is, the harder it is to recognize the owner, as well," Zhang Xiang explained. "The whole arena has only ever had one royal spirit, and it has never found an opponent for it go up against. Our arena put down a substantial bounty in search of another royal spirit that could do battle with it in the arena, and the winner of such a fight would earn for themselves a free sacred-blood beast soul. But we've still had not any takers"What kind of sacred-blood beast soul are you offering?" Han Sen was interested, for what reason would he decline a free sacred-blood beast soul?"Brother Han, are you suggesting that you have a royal spirit?" Zhang Xiang's eyes sparkled."Yes, I have one," Han Sen said."What kind of spirit? Are you really looking to put yours to the test?" Zhang Xiang looked at Han Sen excitedly."I would first have to see what manner of sacred-blood beast soul I'd be getting," Han Sen said."It's a four-winged thunderbird. It is a rare, flying and mountable beast soul." Hearing this, Han Sen quickly pulled out his beast soul booklet to take a look at what it was exactly."Brother Han, can I take a look at your royal spirit first?" Zhang Xiang was rubbing his hands excitedly as he asked."Of course." Han Sen then summoned Snow Charmer.Zhang Xiang looked at the Snow Charmer and then his eyes almost popped out as he screamed, "A royal female spirit!"Han Sen frowned his eyebrows. Fortunately, they were in a private room. If they hadn't been, Zhang Xiang's grating scream would have drawn the attention of everyone."Brother Han, I knew from our first encounter that you are a very special person! I can't believe you have such a beautiful royal female spirit in your possession. It is so very precious - are you ever going to sell it?" Zhang Xiang was nearly leaping with excitement, his eyes not leaving the Snow Charmer for one second. It was as if she had frozen his gaze upon her."No." Han Sen had never thought spirits were suitable for trading as they were extremely intelligent. To him, it would be no better than human trafficking. Han Sen wasn't lacking in money, either, so there was no reason for him to ever sell it.Zhang Xiang looked disappointed, but he still happily arranged the Snow Charmer's challenge with much excitement.Shortly after two other spirits had ended their battle, the host drummed up excitement by saying, "Our Demon Arena is heating up, as we're getting set to a host a battle between two royal spirits. It has been a long time coming, but our royal spirit demon has finally received a challenger!"From the audiences, noise and chatter quickly erupted."Another royal spirit actually showed up?""Is it true? Another?""I wonder what kind of spirit it will be; I hope it's a pretty woman. Man, that would be awesome!""Hmm, look at the list of challengers. It's listed right there as 'Snow Charmer'. That sounds like a woman to me. I'm not sure what she looks like exactly, but that doesn't sound like another ugly cyclops!""Right! Just by hearing the name I know that it will be a beautiful female royal.""Place your bets people - who do you think is going to win?""Of course it will be the demon - just hearing the name you can tell which of them is the strongest!"…After Son of Heaven, who was sitting in the rafters, heard the speech by the host, his eyes looked strange. He said to himself, "A royal female spirit, huh? Well, I suppose it doesn't matter. It's impossible for it to beat my demon."The demon spirit belonged to Son of Heaven. The entire Demon Arena belonged to Son of Heaven, as well.Yet the demon spirit did not come from the Demon Shelter - it was something he had spent a great deal of money procuring. Its original name wasn't 'demon', either: this was just a title Son of Heaven had bestowed upon it to match the arena.Son of Heaven wasn't worried that the demon spirit might lose, however. His demon was one of the top royal spirits one could possess, and he had equipped it with a few high-level beast souls. He refused to believe another spirit might ever possibly beat his own.But this was not just a fight between two spirits: it was a show of one's power and wealth. After all, spirits could make use of beast souls, when they were provided them by the owner of the spirit. But Son of Heaven did not believe anyone had the talent to achieve victory over him.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1058: The Strongest Genius in HistoryTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Turn off the stream,” Lou Lan quickly said.Lian Chan agreed. She hastily turned it off, with her face drained of all color.She had planned to allow everyone to watch a shura prince destroy a petty human to raise morale, but clearly, her plan had backfired.With the stream turned off, the people who had tuned in to watch now wondered whether or not what they had seen was real.They couldn’t believe a shura prince could have been bullied so cruelly by a young human like that.Zhou Ping and his people could hardly contain their excitement, though, as it had been a long time since they felt such pride in their human brethren.“I’ll beat you next time,” Yu Tuoshan wheezed, as he was carried out of the arena by paramedics. He was looking poorly, drenched in green blood.“Power is not everything. You should work on the finesse of your skills. Just so you know, you lost to Yin Yang Blast,” Han Sen said.“Yin Yang Blast? I’ll remember that.” Yu Tuoshan coughed. He was determined to remember the name of that skill, in case the shura were ever able to learn it.When Bai Yishan heard Han Sen say this, he was happier than ever.“Teacher Zhao, take care of Han Sen,” Ji Hailan ordered.“Hmph.” Zhao Yongo scoffed.Ji Hailan was utterly delighted, following what they had just witnessed. He quickly brought Han Sen over, for personal introductions with the other members of the expedition.Ji Hailan introduced Bai Yishan, who was the strongest of the team and a professor.Bai Yishan said, “There is no need for an introduction with me. I’m closer with Han Sen than any of you lot are.”Everyone looked at Han Sen and Bai Yishan, and Ji Hailan was prompted to ask, “Really?”Han Sen nodded and explained, “The skill I used was devised by Professor Bai. He just never took me as a formal student.”Professor Bai had tricked Han Sen into learning Yin Yang Blast, but he still took his time with Han Sen seriously. He taught him many things, and although it wasn’t an official teacher-student relationship, it felt like one.Bai Yishan, with a wry smile, said, “I can’t accept you as a student. Whenever we meet, something bad tends to follow. Many of my Saint Hall licenses were taken by you, after all.”Ji Yanran was the official team leader, but Bai Yishan was the authoritative figure amongst them.Ji Hailan was more than glad their relationship was this good.When the introductions were over, someone came over to ask about Yin Yang Blast.They were shocked, learning Han Sen was able to defeat the shura prince by using it.If Han Sen had created it, they wouldn’t have asked him to learn it, out of respect.But they had now learned that Professor Bai had invented it, and as such, they were keen to ask about it. They all believed it should have been on sale in the Saint Hall.Who wouldn’t want a hyper geno art that powerful, right? But Bai Yishan explained that it had been banned. Han Sen was just fortunate enough to learn the skill before it was forbidden.This disappointed everyone. While it was good to learn more about Han Sen’s technique in beating the shura prince, it was pointless if there was no chance of them ever being able to do the same.Someone then started to wonder what it might take for the skill to get unbanned.Bai Yishan had helped out Han Sen a good deal, so if there was anything Han Sen could do to return the favor, he would have jumped at the chance. And if there was indeed a way to get Yin Yang Blast unbanned, Han Sen would have relished the chance of making this happen.With Bai Yishan there, though, there was no need for him to explain to the crowd why the skill was as powerful as it was.If anyone asked, Han Sen could just tell them, “You want to know why? Unban the skill and you can find out.”With Bai Yishan there to explain the skill’s intricacies, everyone’s desire to learn this skill only continued to increase.Still, Han Sen was being misleading. The reason Yin Yang Blast had been so useful in defeating the shura prince was due to Han Sen’s simulation of Bao’er’s energy flow. Without that, even Yin Yang Blast wouldn’t have stood against the might of Yu Tuoshan.The close-quarter combat skills of the shura were incredible. Using Yin Yang Blast the way Han Sen had would fail for all the others.After Yu Tuoshan was healed, they all went off to the crystallizer ruins as planned.But the word of their battle spread quickly throughout the Alliance.Zhou Ping had made sure to record the stream, and he distributed the highlights of the fight to his close friends in the Alliance.He hadn’t wished for it to be widely distributed, but the fight was so amazing, his friends couldn’t help but share it as much as they could. It didn’t take long at all for it to go viral. And what made it even more sensational was the fact that it had originally been recorded by a shura and had leaked from a stream in shura territory.Because of confidentiality agreements, humans weren’t supposed to leak this.But someone had the balls to, and once it was uploaded to Skynet, there was no chance of recovering it. Needless to say, everyone in the Alliance was shocked.The two fighters in the video were recognizable, too; the human, in particular. That was Han Sen, and most people were familiar with him.What made the video so shocking was Han Sen’s age, not just his already-prestigious identity.A young human had beaten a third-rank shura. It was all so very glorious.Han Sen’s reputation was now even higher than a number of demi-gods. He was given a new nickname: The Strongest Genius in the Alliance.

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Flyjet⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1405: Killing HezhiTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was not worried at the thought that someone might come to steal his geno fruit. Mister Li, Old Qiu, Xu Yanmeng, Wang Zhao, and Zhong Sanxiao already had gemstone geno cores and would not need his geno fruit.Only Hezhi would need the sacred fruit Han Sen possessed, so it might not have come as an absolute surprise for him. And indeed, Hezhi had been waiting for this opportunity. He was a bit of an outsider himself, and he wasn’t closely associated with the others who were on the expedition, anyway. Now that he had caught Han Sen alone, it was his time to strike.Han Sen looked at his metal wolf geno core and said, “You used this to get away?”Hezhi said, “Yes. My geno core is called Ditto, and it can take on the form of any creature it wishes to.”“That’s a fairly brilliant geno core you have, but it’s a shame…” Han Sen stressed an exaggerated sigh.“What’s a shame?” When Hezhi said that, the wolf slowly began to approach Han Sen.“Upgrading that geno core to the best it could be might yield some impressive results, but it’s a shame your ascension will come to an end here,” Han Sen said, his threat made clear.“I was going to leave you alive after taking your spoils; I’ll take that as permission to silence you for good.” When Hezhi said this, the wolf immediately jumped towards Han Sen with its maw open.Han Sen used his Gold Dragon Lock in response, immediately tying up the airborne wolf.The wolf was quickly bound, and it dropped to the ground like a stone. It did its best to squirm free, but it was clearly having trouble.“You have a gold geno core?!” Hezhi’s face swiftly turned sour.“Yeah, but it’s no big deal,” Han Sen said.“Yeah… you’re right. It isn’t,” Hezhi suppressed the sudden flash of fear he had been stricken with, and he summoned a purple sword.It was three-feet-long, and many strange writings had been inscribed across the length of its blade.Hezhi waved his sword, which sent beams of light shaped like the characters on the sword shooting towards Han Sen like a number of lasers.Han Sen opened up his Bulwark Umbrella to block the barrage of plasma rounds. All the lights exploded against the protective shielding of the umbrella.Han Sen had eaten a great many sacred geno fruits, so gold geno cores weren’t able to deal half as much damage now.“How have you managed to obtain so many gold geno cores?” Hezhi thought the umbrella was a gold geno core, too.It was only bronze, but that spoke volumes about its efficiency. Han Sen did not respond, though; he simply summoned his Crystal Core and tossed the egg at the unsuspecting bandit.“You were lying this whole time. You are a liar; a big fat liar! You are a demi-god with gold geno cores.” Hezhi was angered by his mistake, and he swung his sword towards the egg that was headed his way.The crystal egg was able to dodge each and every plasma round headed coming towards it, prompting Hezhi to swing his sword directly at it.Pang!The sword beat the egg down to the ground, but it ricocheted off the floor at an even greater speed. It walloped his body with the might and swiftness of a bullet.He had been unable to dodge, and after it struck his leg like lightning, it bounced right back to Han Sen.Han Sen had become very proficient in wielding the egg, and when the egg was returned, Han Sen went back to wielding his umbrella. Then, he began walking forward towards Hezhi.Feeling nothing occur when he was hit by the egg, Hezhi still possessed his confidence. He stepped forward, swinging more and more plasma rounds at Han Sen.The light-bullets exploded in a haze of sparks against the umbrella, though, and he was still unable to deal damage to the opponent he once thought would be a cakewalk.Hezhi gritted his teeth and continued trying to attack. But this time, Han Sen did not even use his umbrella. He simply stood where he was and let his foe try his best.Hezhi brought his sword down directly on Han Sen’s body, but the results astounded him. It did nothing, and the sword itself began to bend like rubber.He stared at his sword in disbelief, unable to grasp why this might have happened. So, next, Hezhi used his fist to strike Han Sen.And again, Han Sen did not dodge. He simply stood where he was and allowed Hezhi to do his worst.The moment Hezhi’s fist came into contact with Han Sen’s skin, however, chills shot through his body, and cold sweat poured from his forehead. He watched as his own fist bent upwards against Han Sen, as if he was made of sponge.Then, like an eerie ghost, Han Sen reached out his hand towards his once-pompous opponent. Han Sen was too close, and with a futile reaction, Hezhi brought up his arm to deflect Han Sen’s hand.But Han Sen simply grabbed the man’s arms and ran his hand down to Hezhi’s clenched fist. Han Sen latched on and did not let go, as if he was sucking Hezhi’s soul dry.Sha!Hezhi’s body was delivered one strike, and then it shattered and crumbled into fertilizer for the wretched garden.As this occurred, the geno core was also destroyed. The sword he was wielding, however, dropped to the ground with a heavy clanging sound.Han Sen swiftly moved to pick it up. It was a gold geno core, and Han Sen needed a replacement for his horn. He quickly pocketed it by placing it in his Sea of Soul.Just as Han Sen was about to turn and leave, he heard more sounds.When Han Sen turned to take a look at what lay ahead, a human-shaped tree was shambling its way over to him.“Is this thing alive?” Han Sen asked himself, as he stepped back in caution.The tree was not that strong, and it gave the illusion of being an ordinary plant like all the rest.But it came to a stop near the mound of dust on the ground that was once Hezhi.Han Sen realized the tree was coming for the man whose sequence structure he had just destroyed. The roots of the tree moved atop the mound of dust, and then, it all got absorbed.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 153: The Hilarious DestroyerTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioIn Blackhawk Military Academy, many students were also watching the live show hosted by Fang Mingquan. No one could be in all the match venues at the same time, so some students in other venues were watching warframe games through Fang’s program.But most of them watched because of the fame of Fang Mingquan. Military school students were mostly in First God’s Sanctuary and all knew of Fang.Ji Yanran was in the match venue of Hand of God, also watching warframe games through Fang Mingquan’s live show."Fang Mingquan is so dramatic. A star? Our school does not have anyone like that," Qu Lili protested.Ji Yanran smiled. "Journalists are all like that, and Fang Mingquan is no exception."Ji Yanran then started to search Han Sen's figure in the frame, but Fang Mingquan’s introduction caught her attention."Freshman, archery, Heavy Warframe Society… these all seem to fit that cheating guy. Fang couldn’t be talking about him?" Ji Yanran felt a little uneasy.But she did not find Han Sen in the image since she did not know which warframe Han Sen was in. And her gaze fell on the Destroyer like the rest.With the intense discussion of the audience, the first match in warframe items had begun. It was the most straightforward 30,000-feet ring race.All the warframes were at the starting point, awaiting the order to start.Everyone thought Fang Mingquan’s introduction was about the driver of the Destroyer. Ji Yanran also watched the Destroyer with her heart racing.A whistle sounded, and under the crowd's watch, the Destroyer took the first step with the rest and all were waiting to see its performance.But in the next moment, the Destroyer which was only one step away from the starting point fell to the ground with a thump. A strange silence fell on the venue."This is what Fang Mingquan calls MVP?""Is this supposed to be funny?""Ha-ha, hilarious!""Fang Mingquan, you should do standup comedy instead.""It was a Destroyer!"...Ji Yanran could hardly believe her eyes. She had seen bad players, but not this bad. Tripping at the start point in a race. It was difficult to imagine that someone like this would dare to come to the competition."Ha-ha, this is what Fang Mingquan called a star! A star indeed, but a comedy star." Qu Lili laughed herself into a state of helplessness.But suddenly they heard the smart machine announcing the results, "Warframe ring race, first place, No. 69, Han Sen from Archery Department and Heavy Warframe Society; second place... "Everyone was shocked and found a gorgeous silver warframe standing on the finish line. When they were laughing at the funny Destroyer driver, the game had ended. And the champion was someone fitted Fang Mingquan’s description.Ji Yanran was also a little dumbfounded. She had clearly heard Han Sen was the champion of the Warframe ring race.The Starry Cup covered a wide range of schools, and within the Blackhawk Division, the games were rather straightforward. The ring race, for example, did not involve any pre-finals."S*#t! So the driver of that silver warframe was whom Fang was talking about. I know that Fang would not joke like that.""How did he win just now? I didn’t even look.""I do not know. I was just laughing too hard.""Ha-ha, they are both in Heavy Warframe Society and are so different.""This live is so interesting. Fang makes much better shows than others.""Fang is the best host.""Who is the driver of the silver warframe?"...Fang Mingquan clenched his fist and was so excited that he almost called out. Han Sen was even better than he had thought. It seemed that he had made the right bet again.Everyone watched the silver warframe walking on the podium and raising the trophy and prize for the ring race champion.The advanced players from the Warframe Society were rather mad. They thought that the only reason Han Sen could beat them was the performance of his warframe.Looking at the Heavy Warframe Society cheering, some members in the Warframe Society sneered, "Lying back on his warframe isn’t worth bragging about. We will see how he does in the items that test operational skills.""Yes, the next one is hurdle race, and we will kill it.""Exactly!"Luo Xiangyang gazed at his students in silence. He did not mention Han Sen to them on purpose, to humble them so that they would focus more on improving their skills than bragging about themselves.Soon the hurdle race began, which took place on the same ring, only with many obstacles. The players had to keep the speed while avoid the obstacles, which called for more than a strong engine.When Silver Killer stood on the starting point again, all eyes were focused on it, and Fang Mingquan’s live was gaining popularity.More and more people had heard about Fang Mingquan's prediction and wanted to see for themselves the person Fang Ming had called a star in the alliance.Ji Yanran was gazing nervously at the Silver Killer in the holographic image. She was a little scared because she could not imagine what she should do if Han Sen really got five championships.The players from the Warframe Society vowed to show Han Sen their strength this time.As the whistle sounded, all the warframes took off like arrows leaving the string, and that silver figure was obviously faster than the others by a body-length, pulling away from them."So fast!" Qu Lili could not help exclaiming."At this speed, he had no time to avoid the first obstacle wall." Ji Yanran slightly frowned. Han Sen’s silver warframe was too powerful that it was now within 30 feet from the first obstacle wall. He had no time to run around the wall with such speed and distance.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 692: Absorbing the Life Geno EssenceTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen tried simulating the Saint-Bone Elephant's flow. Suddenly, he felt his pulse consist of a hundred elephant cries. An infinite cosmos of power brewed inside his body, filling his entirety like a mad flood. It was much stronger than before, when the gene lock hadn't been broken. Han Sen picked up the bone elephant's essence. Under the strong energy flow of the bone elephant, the Life Geno essence vibrated in his hand. It suddenly flew out of his grasp and assimilated with his body. The essence melted into his body and he didn't even need to eat it. The Life Geno essence simply entered, blending into his person. "Essence Absorbed: Saint-Bone Elephant. You have gained one super geno point." "Essence Absorbed: Saint-Bone Elephant. You have gained one super geno point." … The familiar voice rang in his head. Han Sen almost released tears of joy. After all his hard work, he had finally discovered how to absorb a Life Geno essence. After Han Sen absorbed the entirety of the Life Geno essence, his bones immediately felt stronger. It was as if they glowed with a certain strength. In the end, Han Sen's super geno points increased by ten. "Finally... finally I can continue my evolution and ascension." Han Sen wished he could just shout it out to the sky. In the past, Han Sen worked as hard as he did to provide a better life, not just for himself, but for his family, also. He became stronger and stronger to uncover the truth behind his father's accident. This was his purpose. But being an evolver was almost like an addiction. If an athlete who trained tirelessly each and every day were to immediately quit training, they'd feel uncomfortable. Han Sen had grown used to getting stronger and earning new abilities. He was desperate to grow, and the reasons that may have fueled his ascension in the past didn't mean anything anymore. Strength was the only thing that mattered now. Han Sen's heart jumped, having simulated the silver fox's energy flow. The crackle of silver lightning sparked across his body. He smiled in happiness. Pang! Han Sen threw out his fist and a snap of lightning burst from his hand. It wasn't how the silver fox did it, however; it could cast lightning bolts as if they were magical arrows. But this was expected. The fitness of humans was limited in the Second God's Sanctuary. Even if a person opened their first gene lock, it wasn't truly opened in its entirety. Humans couldn't commandeer and utilize powers in the way super creatures did. To unleash such wondrous powers, he'd have to wait until he became a Celestial Being. Han Sen then simulated the bear cub's energy flow. When he did so, his body suddenly became stronger. His muscles hardened like a freshly inflated tire. His arms were bigger than his thighs and his whole body became tougher than ever.His entire body and the organs within became as sturdy as steel. His strength increased by a substantial amount, but unfortunately, this came at the cost of speed and mobility. Han Sen was having fun with this. But he then recalled that the gourd had an energy flow of its own, too. He wondered what might happen if he simulated it. His heart jumped, and the Dongxuan Sutra's energy began to change. It was following along with the gourd's energy flow. Suddenly, a peculiar power began to blossom inside him. Pang! Pang! Pang! Han Sen's body became magnetic. Everything inside the room was magnetized to Han Sen, and everything flew in his direction. He was unexpectedly battered. They were like homing missiles, and he had no chance of dodging the now dangerous furniture. Left and right he weaved, but to no avail. Everything in the room was now being glued to his person. The crystal chair, the lampstand, and even table was a threat. And they all piled against Han Sen. There was even a crystal bed, which was now looming over him, ready to fall on top of him. At the ghastly sight, Han Sen was utterly shocked. In haste, he ended the simulation of the gourd's energy flow. Crash! When Han Sen cut the energy flow, everything that was sticking to his body crashed down to the floor. It was like he had switched on some magnetism mode inside him; he was quite confused. "What the heck is this energy flow. Did I just turn into a magnet that can pull everything towards me? What possible purpose could something like that serve?" Han Sen did not understand and was not quite sure what to think. But that was fine; Han Sen did not need this energy flow. Right now, he had finished his first tier of the Dongxuan Sutra, and now he could use it to secretly learn the energy flows of second generation super creatures. Each Qi Gong was like a different key, where different keys could unlock different chests, and each chest contained a different treasure. The powers he had obtained from opening the first gene lock of Jadeskin were vastly different than the powers he had obtained by opening the first gene lock of the Dongxuan Sutra. Abilities always had their pros and cons, very much like the differences between fire and water. They weren't stronger or weaker than one another, they were just different. But when Han Sen unlocked the Dongxuan Sutra's gene lock, it felt stronger than Jadeskin. His actual body felt stronger, at least. The Dongxuan Sutra's dongxuan aura and the Jadeskin's seventh sense were different abilities, but they were kind of similar at the same time. Neither was stronger than the other; it was just that his perception of the Dongxuan aura's nature was more substantial to him. It was not stronger than the seventh sense, it was just different. Han Sen tried to absorb the Life Geno essence of a first generation super creature, but with no success. He needed to learn the energy flow of a second generation super creature, slay it, and absorb its essence. In the past, this task would have seemed insurmountable to Han Sen. But having now unlocked the Dongxuan Sutra's first gene lock, he didn't think it would be a problem. He could steal the super creature's energy flow whilst they were in battle. "If I cannot absorb the Life Geno essence of a first generation super creature, maybe it's best that I sell it to a big faction and earn some dosh." Han Sen then took to wondering how and where he might sell them for the most money. But he then suddenly heard a voice coming from someplace within the Crystal Palace. "Announcement: The Second God's Sanctuary's Battle Arena has opened. Join the battlegrounds, for the holy battles begin in thirty-three days." The voice of a cold woman echoed throughout the Crystal Palace, which spooked Han Sen. Hearing what she had to say, however, put a strange look on his face. The holy battles in the Second God's Sanctuary were different than the holy battles in the First God's Sanctuary because, aside from humans, spirits could also take part in the combat. It wasn't purely human versus human. But what was more, this wasn't an annual event like it was in the First God's Sanctuary. The holy battles only took place every ten years in the Second God's Sanctuary. In the past, no human had been able to win and achieve the title "Son of God." The previous nine "Son of God" titles were all won by spirits. They never failed once. No human knew what the reward for being the tenth Son of God was.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 83: One-minute FightTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Dollar of course. Right, Manli?" Su Xiaoqiao asked.Yang Manli nodded, apparently agreeing with Su Xiaoqiao.Liu Hongtao commented on the side, "Even Dollar is strong, he is just one person, without anyone behind his back, while Luo Tianyang was supported by Son of Heaven. It is still hard to tell who will win.""One person is enough. Dollar fought a golden-horned Shura alone. Even with a gang behind him, I don’t think Luo Tianyang could do that," Su Xiaoqiao said with disdain."Young man, you are too young to understand." Liu Hongtao acted as an elder."What don’t I understand?" Su did not take that comment well."Think about it. If Son of Heaven and his whole gang all let Luo Tianyang use their beast souls, who do you think will win? Don’t forget that Son of Heaven has a sacred-blood shapeshifting ape beast soul, and god knows how many mutant beast souls he has. If Luo Tianyang use them all, do you still think Dollar will win? "Liu Hongtao said confidently."It’s just an ape beast soul. Dollar has a bloody slayer beast soul, wings and sacred-blood armor. It would be easy for him to win Luo Tianyang. I don’t think Luo Tianyang could last a minute." Su Xiaoqiao said disapprovingly."This kid sure knows how to speak." Han Sen was pleased with Su Xiaoqiao’s words."Well, you just said Luo Tianyang couldn’t last a minute, so let’s make a bet. If Luo lasts less than a minute, you can have my mutant beast soul of red-hoofed beast. If he lasts longer than that, your mutant nocturnal wolf beast soul will be mine. Do you dare to bet against me?" Liu Hongtao looked at Su Xiaoqiao and said.Su Xiaoqiao suddenly got nervous. One minute was just a figure of speech. How was it possible for one to end the match in a minute after all?Like Liu Hongtao had said, Son of Heaven had Luo’s back. With some beast souls here and there, Luo Tianyang could definitely stay on the stage longer than a minute.The nocturnal wolf beast soul was a lucky gain of Su Xiao’s when he shot an arrow at the nocturnal wolf king in a recent campaign. He had been bragging to everyone about it. Yet Liu Hongtao had proposed to use this beast soul as the stake in a bet that was less than fair."Liu, we were just chatting. No need to get serious.""Yes Liu, Xiaoqiao was just saying.""Yeah, figure of speech."Several Bullseye members tried to smooth things over, but being unreasonable, Liu Hongtao said with a mean tone, "I’m trying to teach him not to comment on things he doesn’t understand. He could say whatever he wishes at home, but in the society, a wrong comment could get him killed.""S*#t! You insist? A bet is a bet. I’m game. Don’t be a deadbeat when you lose." Although Su Xiaoqiao was usually joking and messing around, he still had his pride as he was from a wealthy family. Even at the cost of a beast soul, he wouldn’t be a doormat."Xiaoqiao, just suck it up." The teammates next to him all tried to stop Su Xiaoqiao from getting involved in this unfair bet. He would be basically giving the beast soul away.Liu Hongtao didn’t have the best personality and not many liked him except for a few henchmen of his. Almost everyone was on Su’s side."Well, I appreciate a young man that can stick to what he believes in. If you don’t trust me, we can both transfer our beast souls to Manli and let her be our witness. So that we could both reassured," Liu Hongtao said and gave his beast soul of red-hoofed beast to Yang Manli."Liu, it’s just a small difference. We all are in Bullseye, and there is no need to do this." Yang Manli frowned."Manli, I’m doing this for his own good. If he keeps being insolent like this, he might get into bigger troubles elsewhere in the future." Liu Hongtao gave Su a contemptuous glance and said to him, "If you apologize to me right now, I’ll let this go. And remember to watch it in the future."Everyone thought Liu Hongtao was just shameless. If these words came from another person, Su Xiaoqiao might apologize; but Liu saying this himself made an apology an impossible option for any guy with dignity.Everyone knew there was no going back at this point. Su gritted his teeth and raged, "Liu Hongtao, cut the crap. I’m down."Su Xiaoqiao then transferred his mutant nocturnal wolf beast soul to Yang Manli, "Manli, keep this for me. When I win, I’ll treat everyone to barbecue.""I like a young man who doesn’t know any better." Liu Hongtao was overjoyed. A mutant beast soul was very rare and he had just gained one with a few words. Also, the mutant nocturnal wolf was a shapeshifting beast soul which was worth even more than his mount beast soul, red-hoofed beast.Yang Manli frowned. She had wanted to mediate the dispute with a few words, but Liu Hongtao said those words first so that Su Xiaoqiao had to bet against him now."The young man is too impulsive, maybe a loss could be considered a lesson for him." Yang Manli sighed. Things had come so far that there was nothing she could say to turn it around.Su Xiaqiao felt upset after accepting the bet. Although he was confident in Dollar and believed he could win, one minute was simply too short. Even the exchange of pleasantries could last that long—not to mention Luo Tianyang did have many resources. If he had really borrowed the ape beast soul from Son of Heaven, the match could easily last longer than ten minutesThe match between Luo Tianyang soon began and Su Xiaoqiao murmured his prayers, "Dollar, it was me who spread your name. Please help me. I haven’t had the nocturnal wolf beast for long and don’t want to give it to Liu."Sitting next to Su and hearing everything, Han Sen was mad, "Help you! In the beginning, everyone was calling me Doll, and it was all because of you!"

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 98: An Interesting PersonTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen approached Tang, holding a dagger backhandedly, a way he had learned from Yi.Two feet away from Tang, Han Sen suddenly wielded the dagger and stabbed it at him from an unexpected angle.Fang Jingqi was shocked, and the quiet man’s eyes lit up. Tang was covered in cold sweat and it was too late to parry that attack with his broadsword. He abruptly turned sideways but was still stabbed in the waist."S*#t! Your strike was not that different from his," Tang called out, staring at Han Sen.Fang Jingqi looked at Han Sen with a strange look and the quiet man’s eyes also fell on Han Sen’s hands.Hen Sen was surprised himself as well. He was practicing Jadeskin madly these days. And practicing Hand of God had also enhanced his speed.In addition, he just saw Yi’s way of fighting and had some new insights. Now his strike was so powerful that he couldn’t believe it himself."Ha-ha, God loves me. With you sparring with me, Yi will be no big deal." Tang laughed out loud.For a whole night, none went to bed, but the only one who was practicing with Han Sen was Tang. Fang Jingqi didn’t register in the contest and the quiet man was just watching and did not meant to join them.Having practiced for a night, Tang could not avoid Han’s dagger as long as Han Sen was within a foot from him. Tang didn’t develop a way to defend himself, while Han Sen was getting better and better."S*#t! I give up. There is no way to parry your attacks. Maybe I’m doomed," Tang said sullenly, as he saw it was about time to go to God’s Sanctuary for the contest and there was no point in going on."Now you are able to deal with Yi," Lin Feng who had been watching in silence suddenly said."Lin, what do you mean?" asked Tang, sitting up straight and staring at Lin Feng."Yi Dongmu is not as good as him. You can’t parry his strikes, but with Yi you would be able to avoid being stabbed in fatal parts. If your luck is not too bad and run into Yi in a few days instead of today, you could block Yi’s strikes at a very small price." Hearing this remark from Lin Feng, Tang and Fang all looked Han Sen, appalled.They knew Lin Feng well and was shocked that he would speak so highly of Han Sen by saying that Yi Dongmu was not as good.Han Sen’s background was much inferior to Yi and Yi was probably also older, yet Lin Feng said Yi Dongmu was not as good as Han Sen.If the remark was from another person, they would certainly have scoffed, but they knew Lin Feng and he was never wrong. Last year, the only reasons he was not the first place were that he hadn’t broken the bottleneck in his hyper geno art and that he entered God’s Sanctuary two years later than his opponent."No need to look at him that way. I’m just saying his style is better than Yi Dongmu’s, but his fitness was still inferior to Yi of course." Lin Feng smiled, and reached a hand out to Han Sen. "I am Lin Feng. Very pleased to know you. You are an interesting person.""Han Sen. A pleasure," Han Sen shook his hand, smiled and said."Well, it is late. Let’s shower and teleport." Tang interrupted the eye contact between Han Sen and Lin Feng. He turned to ask Han Sen, "There is a teleport device here. You want to join us?""No, I did not register so I will not go," Han Sen declined and left.Watching Han Sen leaving the villa, Tang asked Lin Feng, "Is he really so good?""He’s better than you think. If he had the same background as Yi, he would be 100 times more impressive than the latter. He understands the essence of assassination, while Yi only has some skills. His growth was limited by his background but he will be well-known in a few years," commented Lin Feng."Such high praise from Lin. He must really be something," Fang Jingqi said."In a few years, will he surpass you?" Tang was interested."In First God’s Sanctuary, I am invincible," said Lin Feng casually, exuding confidence.This time Han Sen had gained a lot. Not only did he get an S-Class license from Tang, he also enhanced his advantages in sneak attacks. As pointed out by Lin Feng, his strikes were more threatening than Yi’s.But no matter how powerful his strikes were, he had to first get close to his opponent, which was not easy.In practice, he started from the proximity of Tang, who would never let him get so close in a real match. After all, the art of assassination was better used in the dark.Yi had practiced a kind of footwork that allowed him to easily approach others even from the front, but Han Sen had never learned it so it was hard for him to get close.That footwork was also a hyper geno art and involved special techniques. Han Sen was never good at footwork and could not imitate from watching the videos. Even if he tried, he couldn’t get the essence of it. Therefore, it was essential that he should learn his own footwork."Maybe I should consider using this on my footwork." Han Sen squeezed the S-Class license in his pocket.But now he had no time for that--practicing a new hyper geno art took time. Han Sen went to the teleport station, entered God’s Sanctuary, dressed himself as Dollar and entered the martial ring.In the middle of the martial ring erected a giant sacred stele that was a hundred times more magnificent than the martial stele. Under the watch of people from Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen marched into the sacred stele and was teleported to a huge martial ring--Chosen Martial Ring.In all the shelters of God’s Sanctuary, there was a similar sacred stele from which the image of Chosen Martial Ring was projected. At this moment, champions from all the shelters were entering Chosen Martial Ring from the sacred stele.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1280: DollTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo StudioThe Serpent Throne became a physical manifestation of light, and then it entered the slot that used to contain the spirit stone. When the blinding light dimmed, the statue's forehead was revealed to now contain a brand-new spirit stone. This one possessed the image of a snake."I thought this was a doll type beast soul. Hmm, so why did it just become a spirit stone?" Han Sen was confused.As he mulled the oddity, he noticed another image inside the spirit stone. It was hazy, like little more than a reflection, but its faint outline suggested the shape of a human."Blood River King?" Han Sen was quickly given a shock, as the human image cleared to reveal it was actually Blood River King.It was different, however, and it seemed to be a replica of the spirit that used to preside over the shelter. But it was a replica built from copper, and it had a texture that mirrored the Serpent Throne itself."Master, I am Serpent Throne." The copper Blood River King appeared before Han Sen and knelt, as if in service."What are you?" Han Sen wasn't sure what to respond with, as this was all new to him."Master, I am a copy of Blood River King's genes. I am his replica, a doll in his image and being. I possess his powers, to their full extent. I am him in every way, save mind," the Serpent Throne elucidated the curious happening.Han Sen asked, "So you'll look like this forever?""You can put me inside any statue. Do so, and I will reflect the image of the last spirit to occupy that shelter," Serpent Throne said.Han Sen was delighted. It was a powerful berserk super creature. This meant, even though it could make use of Blood River King's powers, the output would be greater than the original spirit's.And what's more, it was a beast soul. There was no danger or fear of betrayal; it would do Han Sen's bidding without question.Han Sen needed to take down Saint Fan's Shelter, and now he couldn't help but imagine the prospect of having a Saint Fan copycat bow before him."Can you resurrect like a spirit?" Han Sen asked."I am just a clone. Even after death, I can produce another copy of your chosen spirit, but it can take a while. That is the only restriction," Serpent Throne said."Very good." Han Sen escorted the doll to the battleground so he could test its strength.It really did have Blood River King's powers, just at a greater level. For all intents and purposes, it was now a faster and stronger Blood River King.Han Sen was now dying to locate an emperor shelter he could take over, so he could have a copy of an emperor. The copy had no fixed power limit, and the power of the shelter was what dictated the power of the copy.Han Sen currently had Thunder Hell Shelter for an emperor shelter, but first, he wanted to try it out in his underground shelter. Han Sen was super duper curious who the last master of the underground shelter was.Although it was not able to copy the mind of the previous lord, he'd at the very least like to get a good look at their appearance.Han Sen went to the underground shelter's spirit hall and summoned Serpent Throne. It entered the spirit stone's slot, like before. However, generating the doll took much longer this time.After a while, a copper light was cast into the hall right before Han Sen. The image was materializing.Han Sen examined the doll with great curiosity, as its image was completely different than Blood River King's. This new presence was quite astonishing.It was a female spirit; one with horns and draconic wings. She had armor scaled like the hide of a dragon, and she looked like a Valkyrie."Who is this spirit?" Han Sen asked, with his jaw agape."Apologies, but I only copied the genes that form their person. Identities and former knowledge are impossible to replicate," Serpent Throne said."Then, how many gene locks do you have opened?" Han Sen asked."Ten," the Serpent Throne answered."This really is an emperor-class shelter." Han Sen wasn't very surprised. With the abilities the shelter possessed, it was difficult to believe it could have once been owned by anything less than an emperor. It was unique and special and far beyond any other shelter they had seen before.After this, he took the Valkyrie doll to the battlegrounds, keen for a showcase of her powers. He expected great things from an empress that once ruled his OG shelter in the Third God's Sanctuary.After entering and readying themselves, Han Sen expected to be greeted by a multitude of explosions and flashy lights. What actually transpired subverted his expectations, and all he could hear was a low rumble, accompanied by the formation of what could best be guessed to be a black hole.But soon after, the head of a black dragon appeared out of the dark, swirling vortex. It came out of the fierce pit, roaring with its intimidating teeth on full display. Drops of saliva accompanied the visible exhaust of breath, which was, admittedly, not the sweetest smelling...And then, the body and wings of this magnificent beast emerged. Valkyrie then leapt atop the glorious beast and rode it as if she was a Dragon Knight from an old storybook.Strangely, it didn't look as if she herself could fight, though. Instead, she just rode the beast, commanding it to attack in her stead. She had to be some sort of summoner or beastmaster; Han Sen imagined her to rely solely on the support of a creature in her command.The black dragon's power was not too different than that of the fish, all in all, in terms of might and strength.While this wasn't what he expected, Han Sen was still happy with the results. All-in-all, this just meant Han Sen had acquired the service and powers of another emperor that had ten of its gene locks open."Master, can you allow me to display to you the full extent of my might and strength? I believe it will be to your liking," the doll asked with a bubbly attitude, as if eager to impress her master."Wait, you mean you can do something aside from summoning and riding a dragon?"

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 874: Thunder MountainTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen made plans to travel to Thunder Mountain, but before he left, someone came looking for him."Mister Han, we are from Angel Gene. We would like to request your aid in slaying a super creature. Provided you have the time, we are happy to discuss the price for such an appeal." Zhao Xuebin was one of Angel Gene's managers, and he smiled as he made the request."The Zhao family are indeed shameless. First, they want to kill me; now, they want my help." Han Sen could not help but laugh in his heart. His words told a different story, however, and he responded, "That depends on what super creature you're asking me to kill, and of course, the price as mentioned.""If you are willing to help us with this task, then rest assured, the price will bring a smile to your face." Zhao Xuebin spoke softly and paused. After a brief while, he continued on by saying, "We want you to help us kill the Thunderbull that resides on Thunder Mountain."Han Sen couldn't believe such a coincidence could transpire, as the Thunderbull was his target, too."Sure. It'll cost you one hundred high-class Angel Gene Fluids," Han Sen said, with a puffed-up chest."Oh, Mister Han! Don't you think that price is just a little bit unreasonable? You know high-class Angel Gene Fluids require royal shura blood for their formulation. Our relationship with the shura is bad enough, and so the procurement of this blood is difficult. One hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid is too steep. Besides, we have our own team. We only require your assistance; we are not asking you to take on the super creature all by yourself." Zhao Xuebin blushed, undoubtedly feeling rather awkward over the proposition he had to decline."You said your offer would bring a smile to my face; one hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid is what that would take. If you can't oblige my price, then go ask someone else," Han Sen said sternly.It was true that the number of vials of Angel Gene Fluid in circulation, and available for purchase, was low lately. Rarely could anyone afford to buy them, even if they could be found. Han Sen's request for one hundred of such vials was quite ludicrous, and it would eat out an entire month of Angel Gene's revenue."Mister Han, your price is far too high. As much as I would like to, I cannot strike you this deal right now, but I will return to the Alliance and consult my supervisor," Zhao Xuebin suggested."I am leaving the shelter one hour from now," Han Sen said.Zhao Xuebin nodded and said, "I'll be quick, so please wait!"Han Sen thought the outrageous price he had suggested would be enough to scare them off and have them quit their intrusion. But unfortunately for him, Zhao Xuebin came back with a grin. He said, "Our company accepts your price. I have the vials with me, but we'll require you to sign this contract."Han Sen was surprised, to say the least. He looked over the contract's contents and everything seemed to be in order. He looked at the crate of Angel Gene Fluid, and noticed it had been stamped with their proper, official seal. If what was included within was not what he had requested, or if the Angel Gene Fluid inside the vials was a cheap knock-off or a diluted variant of the liquid, he would be able to sue them."Okay." Han Sen signed the contract and accepted the hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid.When Han Sen left, a middle-aged man approached Zhao Xuebin and said, "Manager Zhao, one hundred vials of high-class Angel Gene Fluid is far too expensive."Zhao Xuebin shook his head and replied, "It's not as expensive as you think. We are unable to kill the bull ourselves, unfortunately; so, we have no choice but to ask him. He is the only person who owns a super pet right now, after all.""But again, this is one hundred high-class vials of Angel Gene Fluid. Couldn't we use those ourselves to kill the Thunderbull?" Liu Gui pleaded.Zhao Xuebin laughed and said, "This Thunderbull can unleash AOE strikes. Even if we did manage to kill it, we'd incur far too many losses of personnel. We can lose the liquid, but we cannot lose our people. Asking Han Sen to do this, regardless of the price, is better for our future prosperity. We can always synthesize more of this liquid; it is only material."Lui Gui nodded and did not say anything further, as it wasn't his place to make such decisions, anyway."Go and get yourself ready; we will depart alongside Han Sen soon. The slaying of this Thunderbull will be good for us, and if the boy does happen to fail, then he'll have to return the vials of Angel Gene Fluid to us, anyway. It will be even better for us, if he ends up grievously wounded." The dark light of murder flickered from Zhao Xuebin's eyes.Han Sen sent the Angel Gene Fluid back to the Alliance, allowing Ji Yanran to hold onto it. There was no chance he'd be returning that crate.And in regards to the Thunderbull, he did not believe Angel Gene would make an honest deal. But if he could slay the creature, obtain the loot, and walk away with the fluid he had been offered, it was worth going with them.Anyway, Han Sen did not feel bad about doing bad things to the people of Angel Gene, if push came to shove.With Zero in tow, Han Sen went to rendezvous with the members of Angel Gene who were going to accompany him."Mister Han, we are off to hunt a super creature. Are you sure it is appropriate of you to bring along a beautiful little girl?" Zhao Xuebin mockingly suggested, upon laying eyes on Zero."It is only a super creature; she'll be fine." Han Sen said, as he stroked Zero's head.When Zhao Xuebin and Lui Gui heard what he said, they choked on their words of rebuttal. They believed Han Sen was far too arrogant for his own good, but they held their tongues.They brought eight people to accompany Han Sen on their journey to the mountain where they'd fight the bull.Zero followed Han Sen from behind as usual, and it didn't seem as if the events that transpired in the Dark Haunted Forest had affected her in the slightest. She just continued to follow him, with greater accuracy than his own shadow.It started to rain, and the road grew muddy and tough. But to the collective that scaled the lands past the safety of the shelter, it was nothing.Han Sen, riding Golden Growler, summoned Spirit Owl to fly above them and shield Zero from the rain.The area was stuffed with dark storm clouds, and thunder rolled unceasingly. It was so loud that it muffled the sound of all else. And behind the clouds, the distant lightshow of flickering lightning bolts played out rhythmically.The silver fox seemed very excited, and he jumped on top of Golden Growler's head. He looked off into the distance, peering at Thunder Mountain. His eyes surveyed the lands, as if it was looking for something in particular.Boom!A lightning bolt streaked across the skies like the forming of a spider web, illuminating the wet, darkened land.Han Sen used the light to view the black peak they were headed towards. It was higher than any other mountain in the area, and it was so tall it was as if it connected to the very sky itself.All of the lightning seemed to come from that mountain, as if it was some natural, rocky lightning rod."Mister Han, that is Thunder Mountain, home of the Thunderbull," Zhao Xuebin said, as he pointed towards the craggy peak.

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