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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1341: Doctor SexyTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“I have a lot of different powers,” Han Sen started by saying.Associating himself with a sheep would be strange, but this was a chance for Han Sen to be part of a crowd, he believed. Strength in numbers was a legitimate concept, after all.If he could become an ally of the sheep, the current dangerous circumstances might not be so grave for Han Sen.The sheep seemed peeved by the vague response he had received, though.Han Sen caught this, and he wanted to fix the mood between them. So, he boldly proclaimed, “I can destroy stuff!”With the ten gene locks of the Dongxuan Sutra firing on all cylinders, it wasn’t exactly a lie.The sheep grimaced, and with disappointment slumping its limbs, it turned to leave.“Don’t go yet! Talk to me.” Han Sen wanted to learn what the sheep had expected of him.“A weak *ss creature like you probably doesn’t even have a geno core. I need someone special, bub. I need someone who can heal or support others. Finding a random creature that can take pleasure in destroying stuff is easy, and I can assuredly find one stronger than a scrawny kid like you, bub.” The sheep then ran off.Han Sen was confused by this, and so he turned his head to ask Bao’er, “Did I just get insulted by a sheep?”“Yes, Dad. I told you to eat more,” Bao’er said.Han Sen could hardly believe he had been condescended to by a sheep. Han Sen could tell it was an ordinary creature. But he could also tell it was as good as an ordinary creature could get.“Brother Sheep, don’t go! I was wrong. I’m good at healing!” Han Sen yelled, going after the wooly mammal.It was rare to find herbivore creatures, so Han Sen didn’t want to miss the opportunity to follow the sheep if the rest of its herd were of the same kind. He’d have the benefit of being in a herd, and he wouldn’t have to share the corpses of creatures they slew.“You can heal, bub?” the sheep asked, turning around to see Han Sen panting in the chase.The powers of healing were rare, and the sheep did not like Han Sen. It never expected him to possess the powers of healing, and the sheep had only said what it said to hurry the dialogue along so it could leave.“Yeah! Where I come from, they call me Doctor Sexy.” Han Sen puffed up his chest and danced his pecs.The sheep did not believe Han Sen. Suddenly, one of its horns departed the seat against its head and went twirling towards a nearby bush. A squeal sounded from the undergrowth, as a rat had unwittingly found itself impaled.The rat struggled to get itself free, and when Han Sen went to take a look, he saw that the rat was actually being held in place by a scimitar.Han Sen was surprised. The black steel scimitar must have been the sheep’s geno core.“Okay, Doctor Sexy. Show me what you can do.” The sheep gestured towards the rat that seemed to be dying.Han Sen then knelt down beside it and started the healing process that he had learned from the Holy Rhino. Perhaps it was because he was in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, but it took an uncomfortably long time to heal the creature.“Well, I can’t lie. You really can heal, but… whiskey, tango, foxtrot! Why is it so slow?! Ugh, it’s fine for now. Come on, bub,” the sheep said.Han Sen followed after the sheep and came to a forest with many creatures in its eaves.Han Sen saw a big black bird staring at him with pinprick eyes that almost burned holes in him. There were four creatures with six legs that had to be as big as tanks. And on the left, there was a spirit sitting against a tree.In front of Han Sen, there was a beast that seemed to half-resemble a boar. Its rear was just a mangled-mesh of bones, though. The creature was mainly black, but its eyes were red, like bright rubies embedded in coal. It was as big as a train compartment, all in all.If he had to guess, he’d go out on a limb and assume that fearsome beast was the leader of the motley crew.“It looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!” the spirit shouted, eyeing Han Sen like he was food.The sheep did not answer the spirit, and merely spoke to the boar. “This is the man you’ve been looking for.”“He doesn’t even have a geno core! What’s the point?” that same spirit said rudely.The boar looked at the sheep, and the sheep quickly said, “He’s weak now, but he can heal you. He will only improve and become stronger.”The beast looked at Han Sen and groaned. The noise he made was hefty, and Han Sen could imagine the power it possessed even from that.“Hurry up and heal him, bub!” the sheep said.Han Sen then noticed a wound on the boar’s chest that was bleeding profusely.Wanting to impress and not disappoint, Han Sen hurriedly simulated the powers of the Holy Rhino. He got to healing the mighty beast, but his performance was even worse this time around. The process was slower than it had been for the rat.Han Sen guessed it was because of how powerful the creature was. He imagined it had to be primitive-class, at the very least.The spirit started laughing until he was out of breath. When he found composure, he wheezed out, “Pah! You call that healing? Haha!”The sheep blushed and told the spirit, “Any healing is better than no healing.”The beast Han Sen was healing did not say or do anything. He ignored their bickering and just focused on accepting the healing and trying to rest. The healing process was going to take a while, and Han Sen was able to have a home amongst the collective. All he had to do for them, each and every day, was tend to the wounds of the boar.Although Han Sen was not interested in being a healer, he was able to learn a lot by residing amongst them.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 825: Beat Me and You Can Fight DollarTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe four of them returned to the plaza in a glum mood. Although they did not really know Huang Xiao, they felt awful upon learning what had happened to him."Please, fulfill your obligation and bring me Dollar. He is your strongest young one, after all."Han Sen, upon his return, heard Yu Qielan speaking to the receptionist."F*ck! If I was a surpasser, I'd kick his ass so hard!" Tang Zhenliu said, angrily. He wished he was a surpasser, for in his present state, he could hardly lay a finger on Yu Qielan.With Shura Change and Blood Injection, Yu Qielan was already able to beat a surpasser that was a celestial being. The hidden power he possessed was something not even Huang Xiao had the ability to overcome.Lin Feng was calm and did not say anything more. The people who knew him well, however, could tell he was suppressing a great fire of anger inside.Han Sen suddenly stood up and walked towards the stage. He was fuming mad, and although he did not know Huang Xiao, he despised Yu Qielan enough to know what he had to do. Furthermore, he had repeatedly asked for a fight against Dollar.Han Sen laughed in his heart and thought to himself, "You want to fight Dollar, do you? As you wish. Prepare to get spent.""Han Sen, what are you doing?!" Seeing Han Sen approach the stage, Ji Yanran became incredibly worried."Old Han, do not be reckless! We can kill him together, once we become surpassers!" Tang Zhenliu called out."It's only a royal shura. There's no need for me to wait that long," Han Sen said in response, as his fingers glided across Ji Yanran's face. He then told her, "Sit right there and wait for me to kill this asshole."After that, Han Sen continued his approach to the stage.Tang Zhenliu still wanted to prevent him from doing this, and Ji Yanran's worry was not alleviated."If he wants to go that much, he must be confident," Lin Feng calmly said, stopping the two from any further attempts to change Han Sen's mind.As Han Sen neared the stage, Yu Qielan was still requesting that someone find Dollar so that they might fight."Yu Qielan, right? Do you have to fight Dollar to feel good about yourself?" Han Sen said, as he ascended the stage and looked directly at his soon-to-be enemy.Everyone's attention now turned to silently focus on Han Sen, unsure what he was planning to do."Aside from Dollar, what other challenger can I fight who is worth my time?" Yu Qielan proudly stated.There were others aside from Huang Xiao that were willing to fight him, but Yu Qielan declined them all."Okay, then. You can fight him. But first, you must beat me," Han Sen calmly said."You? And who are you exactly, chump? I tire of you humans attempting to stall my true desire. How long do you expect me to fight scrawny worthless beings before I can go up against Dollar?" Yu Qielan looked at Han Sen with disdain."I lost to Dollar once. Dollar took me out in one-and-a-half punches. If you beat me, I can call upon Dollar to come over here and whip you like a dog. How does that sound?" Han Sen looked at Yu Qielan."One-and-a-half punches, huh? Is this guy for real?" Yu Qielan ignored Han Sen and spoke to the receptionist directly."Of course, he is my fiancé! He only ever speaks the truth." Ji Yanran stood up and said."President Ji's daughter? Fine, I'll believe you once more." Yu Qielan looked at Ji Yanran and then returned his gaze to Han Sen. He continued by saying, "If I win, and I am still unable to see Dollar, then tonight's fighting is over. I have no interest in fighting noobs any longer."Han Sen then coldly said, "Humanity is graced with a desire to uphold their word. Furthermore, we are polite. You allowed Huang Xiao to strike first in the last match, so allow me to return the gesture. Yu Qielan, I want you to make the first attack.""Good. If you can withstand one-and-a-half Dollar punches, we can quickly determine whether or not you can withstand one-point-zero of my punches." Yu Qielan did not waste any time and immediately swung his fist.As he swung, he used Shura Change and the wretched power-boosting method of Blood Injection. He planned to one-hit-kill Han Sen.Han Sen had started this match, so he couldn't allow himself to immediately get punched and defeated.If the demi-god stepped in now, it would be humiliating not only for him, but for humanity as a whole.Such a tale would be laughed about by the shura for many more generations. It would be a jest, the story of a proud human that sought to start a fight but was knocked out by a single punch in a single second.The demi-god was ambivalent, and wasn't too sure what to think. They couldn't rightly save him, but they did not want him to be killed. As such, they were unsure about what to do."Han Sen is still an evolver. Is he going to be okay?" A middle-aged man frowned while watching the video."Unless he is close to the rank of Celestial Being, even if he was from the Luo family and had learned the Falsified-Sky Sutra, I do not believe he can beat the shura. And I say this in the knowledge that the Falsified-Sky Sutra is an evil and murderous talent. It is truly wicked, but without the necessary power, it won't yield the results he desires. He will die." The old man looked glum as he spoke. He hated Yu Qielan's behavior, and despite his dire prediction, he wanted Han Sen to win.But the power gulf was very wide, and for Han Sen to win, it would require nothing short of a miracle. That was why even this old man's predictions were miserable.On another planet, Luo Haitang watched the fight through a video stream while Luo Li made tea for him.Luo Yin had not found Han Sen, but Luo Haitang believed Han Sen carried the blood and genetic qualities of the Luo family. As such, he didn't think Han Sen had what it took to deny the allure of learning the Falsified-Sky Sutra."Show me how far your practice of the Falsified-Sky Sutra has come along." Luo Haitang looked at Han Sen through the video stream intently, earnestly hoping he would retaliate with the deadly skill.Ji Yanwu and Ji Ruozhen were watching the scene, as well, and they looked nervous. Although they had faith in the Falsified-Sky Sutra, they knew Yu Qielan had Blood Injection, and they believed the shura was devastatingly more powerful.The Ning family, the Qin family, the Wang family, the Dong Lin and Zhao families were all watching the same match. They wanted to see what path Han Sen had decided to follow. They wondered if he'd be more like Luo Haitang, doing so in a bid to impress everyone.Ji Yanran and her friends were extremely anxious. They knew Han Sen was strong, but they were still worried. The power Yu Qielan possessed exceeded the possible power of an evolver by a great extent.As everyone watched with bated breath, Han Sen did not choose to dodge the punch. Instead, he swung a fist of his own.Han Sen aimed for Yu Qielan's head, electing to risk his life to deliver damage just as Huang Xiao had.

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注册即送70元⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1266: Aqua FruitTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen now knew it was too late to stop what had been put into motion, so he quickly tried to think how he might best help the fish king.The light of its presence was rapidly approaching, and the water was in turmoil as it came."Do you need to step away?" Yaksha asked the empress.The empress said, "I will watch.""Are we killing it?" Yaksha thought they would go and kill the flying fish once it arrived."Not yet. We will let the fish and vine do battle first. When things look dire for either of them, we will swoop in and clean up the mess." The empress relayed to them the plan of action.Yaksha did not say anything, but he clearly seemed to be agitated by the presence of the human sitting comfortably beside the throne.The empress had wanted to hunt down the flying fish originally, so he thought the human must have done or said something to change her mind.Yaksha did not know who the man was, and although sirens blared in his head urging him to do something, he didn't do anything. He did not want to upset or invoke the ire of the empress at a time as crucial as this.The fish arrived at the lake and looked at the empress.The fish king eyed the audience warily, and he seemed upset with their presence there. It began to circle the lake, and not much more.The night was starting to fade by this point, and the sun was soon to raise its head above the horizon. When it did, the Night Cloak would be rendered useless. Han Sen hid in the forest and tried to mask his sense, instead.When his seven gene locks of the Dongxuan Sutra were open, Han Sen could simulate the energy of small plants. Han Sen had initially thought it to be a pointless boon, but in a time like this, he realized how handy it could be. Unless someone could see him with their naked eyes, Han Sen was just another shrub in the dense undergrowth of the forest floor.Han Sen was afraid that when the fighting began, the cave he had previously taken refuge in might collapse. Thus, he wasn't willing to hide there.Hiding in the forest was a far better option, and even if trees were toppled on top of him, they wouldn't hurt.The rising orb from the east began to bathe the land in the orange light of a new day. The waterfall was like a silver dragon, but then, curiously, it ran dry.And as the sun rose, the clouds in the sky began to disperse and fade away."Strange. Last time I was here, even during the daylight, the clouds could still be seen. And why has the waterfall now stopped?" Han Sen frowned, concerned with the curious turn of events.On the peak of the mountain, Han Sen saw a purple dragon-like vine wriggle.The vine was massive, and it was surrounded by the bones of creatures it had drained the life out of through its leeching.Han Sen noticed there were seven vines in total, each bearing an Aqua Fruit. The fruits looked like bells, and when the wind blew, the chiming of these bells could be heard. Each one was big, as well, not too unlike a grinding wheel.When Han Sen paid attention to each sounding bell, he noticed they each played a different note.Han Sen suddenly saw fairies begin to fly around the fruits. The fruits looked incredibly holy with the fairies that surrounded them like little angels.The flying fish could not resist the temptation, so it leapt into the sky, up towards the purple vine. The purple vine then swiftly moved. Like a lashing whip, it cast itself towards the flying fish king.The flying fish king seemed to have improved since it last tried to do battle with the vine. Its body shone brightly with the color of gold and its head was crowned with a glorious horn. In a flash, it leapt to the side and avoided the incoming attack.The flying fish managed to evade each lashing vine that tried to get it as it made its daring ascent.The empress and the human watched the fish king intently.Han Sen watched the fish king evade the vines with ease, and noticed it was now only ten meters away from grabbing one of its fruit.Suddenly, though, the fairies began to fly towards the fish like a swarm of angry bees.Han Sen was shocked. He initially believed the presence of the fairies to be some sort of an illusion. The fairies were real, and they were now all around the fish king.The fairies carried a ribbon, and they seemed intent on wrapping the ribbon around the fish to capture it.More and more ribbons appeared in the hands of the fairies to tie the fish king up. But the scales on the fish king became spiky next, proving just enough to tear through the ribbons and escape.The fairies were not dismayed by this, though, and they looked happy to take things up a notch. Their gracious appearance was cast aside, as each of them turned into a mini skeleton. Then, they all leaped towards the fish king.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 400: SurrenderTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"If I was not afraid of his family, I would never have let Hai Yun taken the two beast souls of Dollar. I should have bought at least one…" Qing couldn't stop complaining after the auction was concluded.Han Sen felt shocked. It turned out the price was not high enough in the rich kids' eyes. They gave up only because they did not want to cross Hai Yun.Han Sen knew that the two beast souls were expensive because of the fame of Dollar instead of their real worth."Han Sen, you should have purchased the armor or the shapeshifting beast soul. Although the pet was strong, the other two items were the signatures of Dollar…" Qing lamented."Brother, would you like to sell the pet?" Hai Yun still did not want to let it go. He was obviously a perfectionist who had to have the whole set."Hai Yun, I am so sorry. I need that pet and do not plan to sell it for the moment," said Han Sen."If you would like to sell it in the future, you have to come to me first. I am easy on the price," Hai Yun said and left with regret.When Han Sen, Qing, and Yuan just walked out of the venue, a dozen people laid siege to them."Are you looking for trouble?" Qing frowned and exclaimed.Ning Yue walked out and said calmly, "Qing, Yuan, this has nothing to do with you. It is personal between Han Sen and me. Feel free to leave and I will apologize to you later.""Ning Yue, what did Han Sen do?" Qing and Yuan both frowned."Han Sen snatched our creature," Ning Yue said quietly."It is just a creature. Name the price and I will pay for him," Qing said immediately."It is not about money, but about getting things straight. I hope you can understand," Ning Yue said with no emotions.Qing and Yuan felt they were in an awkward position and both looked to Han Sen."Han Sen, what had happened?" Su Xiaoqiao rushed out with his men from Steel Armor Gang. The special squad and the steel armor gang were closely connected and could be considered a family. Seeing Han Sen in a siege, the gang members came to his rescue."Are we bullying them with number? Count me in.""Look at where you are. How dare you try to cross Han Sen here?""You must be blind. This is Steel Armor Shelter and you should go back to where you are."…Very soon, the gang members had besieged Ning Yue's men."Thank you so much. I will always remember how good you are to me. If you ever need me in the future, I'll be there. However, this matter is between Ning Yue and me, and I will take care of it myself," Han Sen quickly stopped the Steel Armor Gang.Although others cannot tell, Han Sen had known evolvers very well and could tell that the men Ning Yue had brought were all evolvers with their sacred geno points maxed out.If they were really in a fight, although there were more people in the gang, the gang would still suffer a greater loss."Qing, Yuan, let me handle this myself," Han Sen said to his two friends."If you need anything, just say the word. I will never see you being bullied," Qing raised his voice and said."Han Sen, what do you say?" Ning Yue paid Qing no mind and asked Han Sen with a smile. Thirteen evolvers with sacred geno points maxed out plus himself, he was determined to capture Han Sen, no matter who was present.He was constrained by rules and laws in the Alliance, but in God's Sanctuary, no one could do anything as long as he did not kill Han Sen in public. In addition, Ning Yue did not plan to kill Han Sen anyway.He had so many doubts about Han Sen that he had to figure out."Let's find another place to have a talk," said Han Sen calmly."So brave," Ning Yue said and commanded the evolvers to force Han Sen out of Steel Armor Shelter.The Steel Armor Gang, Qing, and Yuan were trying to follow them. However, Han Sen asked him to go back. On one hand, Han Sen did not want them to be injured. On the other hand, Han Sen had his own plan.When they had reached a desolated spot in the mountains, Han Sen stopped walking. The group of people were still surrounding him, not giving him any chance to escape."Han Sen, what do you plan to do?" Ning Yue looked at Han Sen."I'll let you capture me. What do you think of this plan?" Han Sen said calmly.Everyone was dazed. Even Ning Yue was surprised. After a while, he looked at Han Sen and asked, "Are you sure?""So many evolvers with sacred geno points maxed out. I don't think anyone else could gather so many talents in the First God's Sanctuary. I don't think I could escape alive. Rather than taking some beating, I would surrender myself." Han Sen reached out his hand, looking like he had given up.Ning Yue was still suspicious and ordered his men to tie Han Sen up. Han Sen did not resist and let the guys lock him down with special locks."You're not afraid that I'll kill you?" Ning Yue looked at Han Sen with his brows knitted."I know you will not kill me, at least not before you have your answers," Han Sen said while thinking, you really think you could kill me if you lock me down? If I am not trying to fish information from you, I would have summoned my two super pets to teach you a lesson."You still had an opportunity to run away while you were in Steel Armor Shelter," Ning Yue said."I am a member of the special squad after all. My mission is to protect others, not to let others sacrifice themselves for me. Even if I could run away, I would be too ashamed to live." Han Sen said calmly."Give me your dagger, and I will let you walk free." Ning Yue pondered and said."If it was the first time, I might consider your words. However, I am certain that if I do not give you my dagger, I will not necessarily die. If I gave you my dagger, I will die for sure," Han Sen said with a smile.Bang!Liu Lin threw a hard punch at Han Sen's face, knocking him down on the ground. Blood started to flow from Han Sen's mouth."I will show you what it's like to pray for your death." Liu Lin sounded cruel. He took out a dagger and slashed it at Han Sen.Liu Lin did not push the dagger into Han Sen's vital organs, but where it hurt most. He was also doing it as slow as possible and dragging the blade back and forth.Han Sen's face became pale immediately, covered in cold sweat. However, he managed not to make a sound."I don't believe you are made of iron." Liu Lin took a black leather bag at his waist and opened it. There were many odd-looking utensils. Liu Lin picked one and tried to use it on Han Sen."That is enough. Take him to No. 107," Ning Yue stopped Liu Lin, gazed at Han Sen, and ordered his men.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 359: Seven TwistsTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Clear!" Chen Zichen shouted and summoned a spear more than 6 feet long. He stepped on the cliff and stabbed the spear at the bird.The rest of the group quickly dodged. They dug their fingers into the rocks and quickly climbed up.Han Sen was surprised. Although they had high fitness levels, they must have practiced special martial arts in order to achieve this. It was not hard to drive one's fingers through the rock, but it was difficult to do that repeatedly even for evolvers.Chen Zichen made his first strike with the spear, but the bird had already risen higher. When Chen Zichen started to fall, the birds then clawed at him.Initially, Han Sen thought Chen Zichen must have sacred-blood wings to make such a daring move. However, Chen Zichen did not have wings. As the bird was about to get him, he suddenly turned his body around in the air and moved 3 feet away from the bird's claws without touching anything. Then Chen Zichen raised his spear and stabbed at the bird's wing again.The bird was cunning enough to dodge the spear one more time.Watching Chen Zichen fighting the bird in the air and stepping on the air repeatedly, Han Sen felt he was looking at two birds.When Chen Zichen stepped on the air the third time, he started to fall. However, he only landed briefly before he threw himself into the air again.Han Sen was more than surprised. The footwork that allowed Chen Zichen to step on the air three times was incredible. Without wings, Han Sen could not achieve that.The footwork was not even recorded in Panorama. Han Sen wondered who Chen Zichen was to be a master of such footwork.Suddenly, the birds screeched and landed on the top of the mountain. Next to the bird stood a person."Seven Twists of the Chens is impressive indeed," the person said, watching Chen Zichen who had landed on the ground.The entire group were shocked. Chen Zichen stared at the person and asked, "Since you know about Seven Twists, you should be a family friend of the Chens. Why did you attack us?"It was obvious now that the bird was not a wild creature, but the man's pet."It was not really an attack. I was just wondering about Seven Twists," said the person, stepping on the bird's back. The birds landed shortly and hovered next to the cliff where the group was standing.Han Sen then saw what the person was wearing. He was in black armor which covered his face as well."Who are you? Tell me who you are, otherwise I will not be polite," Chen Nanxing exclaimed at the guy."My name is Ye Yufeng. I don't think you have heard my name. I am a student at the headquarters of Ares Martial Hall, and I know your family well," said the guy in black armor."So you are from the Ares Martial Hall. No wonder you dared to attack us. I need to question Huangfu Xiongcheng when I get back," Chen Nanxing said, annoyed.Ye Yufeng said calmly, "Ares Martial Hall is the Chens' friend. I did not mean to attack you, but to appreciate Seven Twists and to save you.""Save us?" Chen Zichen asked."You must be going to the nest. To be honest with you, I have already been there. Unfortunately, the creature inside was too strong. I almost lost my life and gained nothing, which is why I am giving you a reminder," said Ye Yufeng."We appreciate it, but this is our business, and has nothing to do with Ares Martial Hall," Chen Nanxing snorted and walked toward the entrance of the nest.Chen Zichen glanced at Ye Yufeng and followed Chen Nanxing. They did not know if Ye Yufeng was really a student at Ares martial Hall, but there was no way they would give up on a nest.In addition, they were six evolvers after all, so they believed they could cope with any creature inside the nest."What kind of creature is it?" Han Sen did not follow the group but asked Ye Yufeng standing on the bird's back."I did not realize the famous Dollar belongs to the Chens." Ye Yufeng checked Han Sen out. Their faces were both covered in armor, so neither of them could see the other."If that is the case, you better not enter the nest. Otherwise, you might lose your life for some money," Ye Yufeng smiled and said."I'm afraid you don't know that all six of them are evolvers. Do you think the creature could hurt six evolvers?" Han Sen probed.Ye Yufeng smiled and said, "No need to probe. Even if I tell you, you would probably not believe me. Evolvers like the Chen brothers could never hurt the creature even if there were sixty of them. If they were slower, maybe they would lose their lives there.""As for you, you better not go in. The creature would not recognize Dollar," Ye Yufeng said and controlled the bird to fly toward the entrance of the nest.However, he was just standing outside the entrance and did not mean to go inside. It seemed he was waiting for the group to come out.When Han Sen arrived at the entrance, the group of people had entered for a while. They walked very fast. It seemed that they were worried Ye Yufeng would break the egg before they did.Han Sen looked inside and sat on the rock next to the entrance along with Ye Yufeng."Aren't you going inside?" Ye Yufeng looked at Han Sen in surprise."Didn't you say it's dangerous and I'd better not go?" Han Sen asked.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 662: The Red PonyTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Holy smokes! I escape the territory of the wolves only to end up in the realm of horses?" Han Sen was glum as he watched the winged-horses – the pegasi – approach. He wanted to slap himself, thinking, "Why did I even come here in the first place? I should have stuck to searching for solo super creatures!" "Trying to take advantage of others will get me killed," Han Sen sighed. Fortunately, there seemed to be a no man's land between the pack of wolves and the soaring pegasi. They didn't come his way, which gave him the opportunity to rest for a brief while. Han Sen did not dare fly in the sky. There'd be no advantage up there, considering that pegasi were flying creatures. He landed on the grass and took a good look around. There was nothing remarkable about the place, as it was just a grassy field. For dozens of miles around, there was no sign of the pegasi or wolves. After Han Sen took a closer look, the grass was shorter than elsewhere. Some of the grass was even yellowish in color. It was very different than the fresh, long, green grass that was in the fields to the left and right of the one he currently stood in. Aside from that, there was nothing special. There wasn't even a lake or pond, just a grassy field. The wolves and horses stared at him but kept their distance. They weren't leaving, so Han Sen decided to stay put while he was safe. He didn't think the wolves or horses could be bothered watching him like that for a long time. But quickly, Han Sen realized something was wrong. The horses and wolves really did stay there, taking turns with others in their own groups to watch Han Sen. Luckily, Han Sen had brought many provisions with him, including nutrient solutions. He could remain in this field for two months, if need be. But even if he did stay where he was for the next two months, what was the point? The wolves and horses did not want to leave. Two weeks passed and they still remained outside the field watching Han Sen, not allowing him to leave. "Silver fox, you're going to have to do something and help me find a way out of this mess. You're not going to wait until I'm dead before you run off, are you?" Han Sen put the silver fox in front of his face and said, "This is not right! There's not much difference between a fox and a wolf, is there? Can't you go and talk to the wolf king on my behalf, and tell him it was all just a big misunderstanding?"Han Sen put him down and the silver fox lay on the ground, blinking at Han Sen.Han Sen felt as if he'd be better off talking with a rock. So he circled the entire field multiple times, evaluating what options there were for escape, but did not discover anything viable. "If escaping won't work, then so be it. I'll have to fight my way out! I definitely can't leave through the pegasi side, as their numbers seem greater than that of the wolves. They can fly, too. That'll surely be the more dangerous way." Han Sen then looked at the wolf side. He observed the wind blowing through the grass, which revealed the grey backs of hidden wolves. Heaven knew how many lurked in the tall grass, waiting for Han Sen. Han Sen could only watch their movements, waiting for the right moment to slice his way through the hordes and make a daring escape. It would be best if he could confirm the location of the wolf king, so at least he would have a chance of taking a shot at it. But alas, he could not spot it and such a move could not currently be made. After a while, Han Sen saw the horses in a state of mild unrest. In the group of horses, a red pony appeared. They parted and formed a path for it, not daring to touch it. "Is that the child of a super creature?" Han Sen took a look and was surprised. The red pony did not seem to have been born very long ago. It looked rather curious, and even the sacred-blood class pegasi avoided its approach. "If I kidnap the red pony, could I use it to escape the crowd of horses?" Han Sen's heart birthed this evil thought, wondering if he could put a knife to the red pony's neck and broker a deal with the horse king. But Han Sen quickly dropped the idea. Creatures were not humans, and if they saw Han Sen threaten the red pony, they'd probably opt to kill Han Sen rather than negotiate. Although the red pony was small, it was a super creature. Han Sen was not entirely sure he could deal with it solo anyway. The red pony seemed curious about everything. It opened its eyes wide and looked at Han Sen and the silver fox with great interest. The red pony tried to enter Han Sen's field on numerous occasions, but each time, the horse king stopped it and sent it back. Before the red pony was taken away, it looked back and almost seemed upset. "That's a shame. If that red pony came here on its own, perhaps I really could kidnap it!" Han Sen thought, disappointed. That night, Han Sen lay on the grass observing the night skies. He counted the stars that glistened above. It was quite boring, so he summoned the angel and Princess YinYang to talk. As they were talking, they heard noise from the horse crowd. Looking over there, Han Sen saw the red pony sneak his way, with its eyes fixated on him. Han Sen was happy when he saw it, but it caused a commotion in the horse crowd. They neighed repeatedly, as if they were trying to convince the red pony to return to them. But no matter how much noise they made, they did not dare to enter the area like the red pony had. The horse king was nowhere to be seen, however, and Han Sen did not know why. The red pony ignored its brethren and continued to approach Han Sen. It looked to its left and right up until it was about twenty meters away. Then, it stood where it was and just watched Han Sen and his companions. "Come here, little child. Come here." Han Sen's face was crowned with a strange smile. He reached out both arms to the red pony, as if he was calling for a baby to crawl to him. But the red pony took a few step backs, and its eyes looked alert. It didn't trust Han Sen. Han Sen noticed that his behavior was like any old, creepy uncle that wished to kidnap a child. Quickly, he put away his grinning face and put on his look of innocence as if he were swapping masks. As he did, he thought of how he might be able to attract the red pony towards him. Han Sen threw some jerky on the ground and bid for the pony to eat it, but it was ignored. "Do horses only enjoy eating grass?" Han Sen's heart felt bad. He looked in his pockets and there was nothing he could use to attract the red pony, so he wasn't sure what to do. But the red pony, after a while longer of looking, seemed to drop some of its apprehension. Slowly, it began to walk closer and closer to Han Sen. The crowd of horses was in a frenzy, as countless horses surrounded the area, crying repeatedly. It was like they were pleading for the red pony to return and for Han Sen not to hurt it. Han Sen suddenly thought something had to be wrong. If the wolves and horses were avoiding each other, maybe that was why they did not come any closer? But now that the red pony was inside, why did the other horses not come?

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Guo Xunxue⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 327: Absolute ChampionTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioQian Hezhen had spent a lot of time on Gladiator recently, but he was feeling more and more pressure. It was more and more difficult for him to defeat Han Sen.In the beginning, Qian Hezhen was only intrigued by Han Sen's unexpected tricks.However, it took him more and more effort to beat Han Sen. These two days, he had to use all he got and seek new breakthroughs in order to win.The main issue was that Han Sen's fitness was getting better and better, which made Qian Hezhen lose his advantage.In fact, it was not due to the actual improvement of Han Sen's fitness, but the progress he made in practicing Overload. Now, Han Sen could perform better under Overload, which made Qian Hezhen feel Han Sen was getting a better physique.Under Overload, the combat was dangerous to Han Sen. Once Overload surpassed his limits, there would be dire consequences.However, at this point, Han Sen's body had not reached that limit.No… Not fast enough… This speed is not enough for me to dodge the turtle bite. Han Sen's body was moving at a dazzling speed in his feet almost became a blur with Sparticle deployed.Although Han Sen spent most of his time on Gladiator, he would train one hour per day without the holographic device.In the virtual combat, he could not sense every single detail, which made the one hour training a must.The location Han Sen chose to use for his training was the venue of Heavy Warframe Society, which continued to be an unpopular society. After Fatty and Skinny graduated, only Han Sen and his friends remained in the society.Because of Wang Mengmeng, the school allowed them to keep the society and their warehouse. However, no one would come here normally. This time, however, someone was watching Han Sen train from afar.Jing Jiya watched Han Sen train with complex emotions. Since he lost to Han Sen last time, Jing Jiya had studied the spinning arrow even harder for a long time. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not be as good as Han Sen.Hearing about Han Sen's training, Jing Jiya decided to wait for Han Sen there and talk to him. However, Han Sen directly started training since he came here, so Jing Jiwu watched and waited.After watching for a while, Jing Jiya's look had changed.Although Han Sen was simply doing a shuttle run practice, Jing Jiya was shocked by Han Sen's speed. He had only seen such speed among evolvers. In all the unevolved person he knew, Jing Jiya had never witnessed such speed, not even with his big brother Jing Jiwu.Han Sen had not even used Heresy Mantra, otherwise he would have even higher speed."Do you need me for anything?" After training, Han Sen sat down on a chair, wiped his face, drank some water, and looked to Jing Jiya. He had noticed Jing Jiya since the beginning."You said you would teach me spinning arrow. Is that true?" said Jing Jiya, chewing on his lips.For someone as proud as Jing Jiya, it was not easy to plead."Of course, if you want to learn, all you need to do was to pay me tuition, and then I would feel happy to teach you," said Han Sen with a smile."Aren't you afraid that I will learn from you and then defeat you?" Jing Jiya stared at Han Sen and asked.Han Sen had finished the bottle of water, threw the empty bottle into the trashcan, and said, "As long as it is something I have learned, I will be the best at it. If you want to learn, I could teach you any time, but you will never be able to beat me."Looking at Han Sen's, expression, Jing Jiya gritted his teeth and said, "I want to learn. When can you start to teach me?""If you pay me, we can start now," Han Sen smiled and said.Jing Jiya immediately paid Han Sen what he asked. He did not believe he would lose to Han Sen. With his talent, all he lacked was Han Sen's tricks. As long as he learned Han Sen's tricks, he would never lose to Han Sen again.After taking the money, Han Sen started to teach Jing Jiya spinning arrow. Since Jing Jiya had already practiced hard on that, it was easy to teach him.Han Sen did not reserve anything when he was teaching. He taught Jing Jiya everything he needed to know about spinning arrow, and all that left to do was for Jing to practice.Like Han Sen had said, he was not afraid that others might learn from him, because he would still be the absolute champion using the same technique.In addition, spinning arrow was only one lead in a his knowledge system. Although tricks were important in martial arts, what was more important was to use the right trick at the right time.Application was the key to all types of martial arts. Jing Jiya had only learned how to shoot spinning arrows, but did not have his own style.Since Jing Jiya was willing to pay, Han Sen did not mind earning some money. Although he did not need money at this point, more cash did not hurt.Jing Jiya was afraid in the beginning that Han Sen might have some reservations and only teach him part of the tricks. However, he discovered very soon that if he had learned everything that Han Sen had taught him, he would be able to shoot spinning arrows like Han Sen did, if not better.Is he that confident? Why does he believe he would always defeat me? Watching Han Sen leave, Jing Jiya did not know what to think.After returning to his dorm, Han Sen received a call from Gambler, who told him that there was a new mission assigned by the management.After reviewing the information Gambler sent him, Han Sen was surprised that there was such a person in God's Sanctuary. Han Sen pondered and told Gambler that he would like to take on the mission himself.On one hand, the mission was too dangerous for most of the other members in the special squad; on the other hand, Han Sen wanted to meet that person himself, which was why he decided to take on the mission.More importantly, that person was currently in Glory Shelter.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1517: Han Sen’s ReturnTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen’s body was filled with power. He looked at Tina, whose face had now become drawn and pale. He clenched his fist and drove it right at her.She didn’t want to try to fight against a power that could break a planet. She didn’t run, though; she just remained transfixed at the sight of that horrendous power coming right for her.Just as that power was about to turn her into dust, an elegant middle-aged man appeared next to her. His hand pressed against her shoulder, and in a second, the middle-aged man and Tina vanished. The scary power was exhausted into space.Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to search the vicinity, but Tina and the middle-aged man appeared to no longer be on Planet Fantis.In another quadrant of the galaxy, Tina and the middle-aged man appeared again.Tina was still shocked at what had just happened, but she was happy to see the middle-aged man. “Uncle Qingyu, why are you here?”The middle-aged man smiled and said, “If I wasn’t watching over you, you’d have been killed.”Tina was still frightened over what had transpired, and she said, “That human is too scary! I thought father said only those of our blood can use that geno armor. Why was the human able to use it too, and exude an even stronger power with it?”Uncle Qingyu flicked her on the head with his finger. “Ouch!” she said, reeling back. “Uncle Qingyu, why did you hit me?”“You deserved that,” Uncle Qingyu said. “You snuck out of here, stealing the chairman’s armor in the process. Now, that armor is gone. It was taken. How are you going to explain this?”Tina looked upset. She tugged at his arm and pleaded, “Uncle Qingyu, you will have to say something nice to my father. If you don’t, I’m sure I’ll be dead!”The man sighed. “I will do what I can. But you will have to fess up to your mistakes; otherwise, no one can help you.”He then touched her shoulder again, and they both disappeared. When they appeared again, they were in an airship outside the galaxy.***Planet Fantis was like an apocalyptic hellscape. Yi Dongmu got a grip on his pain and stood up, looking at Han Sen with a conflicted expression.He thought Han Sen had been in the Barrens for ten years, so he’d had the chance to catch up. But there was still a big difference between the two of them; the gulf that separated their powers seemed to be ocean-wide.Han Sen forced the armor into his Sea of Soul. While he was using The Story of Genes, the crystal armor had become a part of Han Sen. Now, he could make use of it whenever he liked.But when he stopped running it, that feeling would be gone. He would no longer feel a connection to the armor.“Big Brother!” Han Yan and everyone else emerged from the ruins of the hotel. Seeing Han Sen standing tall, she was shocked, and she immediately began running toward him. Her face was wreathed with dried tear-tracks, indicating that she had only just been crying.“Where are those two horrible women?” Hong Lianshun looked afraid, unable to see hide nor hair of Shafei or Tina anymore.After the signal got cut off, they had no clue what was occurring on the outside. When they exited the safe zone, all they knew was that Shafei and Tina were gone.“The shura woman is dead, but the other one ran off. It is safe now.” Han Sen smiled.Zhao Mingze and the others were shocked to hear this. It made sense that Shafei had been killed, but before the signal got cut off, they saw Tina’s power. It wasn’t something a human could defend against. They couldn’t imagine how strong Han Sen must have been to be able to block the woman’s attack and make her run off.The mere fact that they had survived was cause enough for merriment. They didn’t have the mental energy to think about an alternate ending, right then.They waited there for over an hour, and after that, the ships of the Alliance and the Zhao family began arriving at Planet Fantis. They explained what had occurred.Han Sen asked Yi Dongmu to cover for him about what had actually happened, but even so, the soldiers of the Alliance were in absolute shock.Seeing all the sword marks that had swept across Planet Fantis, they knew how terrifying the battle must have been. Han Sen and Yi Dongmu had managed to beat back the enemy, when the day was done, the soldiers were looking at them both in profound admiration.Zhao Mingze quietly retrieved the video in the safe zone, though. He kept it private, and he sent it to Zhao Seventh when he was able to.Zhao Seventh watched the tape and replayed it a few more times before speaking. He said, “Find out who that woman is and find out what her armor is, as well.”“Father, do we still need to investigate Han Sen?” Zhao Mingze couldn’t help but ask.Zhao Seventh said coldly, “No. If he can beat a woman like this, it’s proof enough that he is abnormal. This exceeds all our expectations. He is stronger than us. It is pointless for us to continue investigating him. You make sure to look into the woman in the meantime. Find out who she is, but don’t draw attention or invoke the ire of any potential new enemies.”“Yes, I will get right on it.” Zhao Mingze was a demi-god, and Zhao Seventh was still only a surpasser. But even so, before Zhao Seventh, Zhao Mingze felt like a child who did not know too much.After Zhao Mingze left, Zhao Seventh began speaking to himself. “It looks like our research has developed too slowly. To think that such strength exists in our world… It far exceeds the capabilities of the average demi-god. We have to quickly produce a greater Angel Gene Fluid.”Because of what had happened on Planet Fantis, Han Sen returned to the Alliance’s spotlight for the first time in ten years. Everyone was talking about how powerful he had become, but no one was really able to guess correctly.Based on the state of the planet and the things people said, it was determined that Han Sen had reached super-class. But he hadn’t entered the sanctuary for ten years, and he hadn’t been there for very long before his disappearance. The fact that he had been able to reach a super demi-god status in such a short amount of time was incredibly difficult to believe.Han Sen didn’t care about what others thought of him, though. To keep the New Community from trying something again, he asked his family to avoid going out or to stay inside the sanctuaries.Ji Yanran and Littleflower were safe in the Ji house. The Ji family’s planet had countless airships and defensive systems. It was not like Planet Fantis.But Han Sen was still worried about Ji Yanran and Littleflower. They could be targets, and there were too many elites in the New Community. It would be difficult to defend against such numbers. And the man who took Tina could obviously teleport freely through space. He had to be someone of some renown. It couldn’t have been some random nobody.Somehow, Han Sen thought the man looked familiar. Despite that, he was certain he hadn’t seen the man before.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 441: Under the Ice CliffTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen did not want to run away anyway. When he used all he got, his fitness index was also more than eighty. Even if the two sacred-blood creatures were both equipped with physique more than 100, they did not have the absolute advantage.Unfortunately, the situation was too risky, so Han Sen did not dare to summon the desert bird, afraid that it might be killed by the two sacred-blood creatures. Otherwise, his fitness level should be even higher.Even so, under the siege of two sacred-blood creatures, Han Sen moved left and right, but did not seem to be too awkward. He managed to dodge all the attacks from the two sacred-blood creatures without getting hurt.If Yang Manli was there to witness that, she would probably stare her eyes out. Among evolvers, maybe only those who had a fitness index above 100 could achieve that.Although Han Sen did not have the physique as strong as the creatures, he was a human equipped with intelligence and techniques. As long as the difference was not too huge, it was not hard for him to face these creatures.Han Sen had used Sparticle to its extreme. More importantly, the kiting skills he learned from Queen turned him into a Go player, leading the two stronger sacred-blood creatures into his traps.Ever since he had learned kiting skills from Queen, Han Sen had been studying it in-depth. Although his skills were not as good as Queen, he had achieved something and become more and more skilled at it.Every step, every turn, and every pause were made with a strong sense of purpose. Although it might be too early to tell, the benefits were becoming more and more obvious.The spider silk did not touch Han Sen, but caught the claws of the blackbird. Flapping desperately with its wings, the blackbird did not manage to hit Han Sen, but hit the giant snow spider which was led there by Han Sen instead. There had been more and more coincidences like this. The two sacred-blood creatures did not manage to hurt Han Sen, but injured each other quite a lot.Gradually, the two sacred-blood creatures became mad at each other and ignored Han Sen. As they were fighting themselves, Han Sen took the opportunity to run away, watching the two creatures fighting from afar, while thinking contently, if Queen could see my kiting skills, she would probably compliment me on that.At this point, Han Sen was in no rush to run, but observed the two creatures fighting it out. Their fitness levels were definitely both over 100. With their fierce movements, the ice walls and rocks were smashed as they went, with crackling and booming everywhere.The blackbird was entangled with the spider silk everywhere and became slower and slower. The giant snow spider was also pierced in several places by the black bird, its transparent blood flowing nonstop."Go on, go on. You better kill each other so that I can have some free geno points. Although you two are big in size, I don’t mind have some extra meals." As Han Sen was cheering for the two creatures, he thought, the meat won’t get bad in such low temperature, right? I can even store it up for a couple of days.Initially, Han Sen thought the black bird would be more fierce, while the spider silk was so tough that the blackbird gradually lost its ability to move around when it was covered in the spider silk. Very soon, it was about to be devoured by the giant snow spider.As Han Sen was hesitating whether he should give the black bird a blow, the blackbird quickly plunged into the ice cliff.Because the snow spider had expended too much spider’s silk on the bird, it was dragged along down the cliff.Han Sen was dazed and quickly ran toward the edge of the cliff. It was foggy down the cliff, so Han Sen could not see what was happening there. Nor did he know what had happened to the two sacred-blood creatures.He waited for a while but did not hear anything fall. There was no screaming either. The fog was not moving."What is happening?" Han Sen could not decide what to do, looking at the cold fog.The two sacred-blood creatures should have all been injured seriously, so there was an opportunity for him. However, Han Sen was not sure whether they were alive or dead, nor did he know what was underneath, which was why he did not dare to go down. However, some godsent fortune would be lost if he did not go."That’s it. One needs to be daring to survive. These are two sacred-blood creatures, so there is no way I should miss this. In addition, I am quite capable myself. Even if there was still a sacred-blood creature remaining, I could at least escape even if I could not kill it." Han Sen gritted his teeth and summoned the golden rock worm king, flying down the ice cliff on the back of his pet into the cold fog.Even Han Sen who had practiced Jadeskin could not help shivering. The fog was chilling and moist, even worse than ice. If he were an average guy, he would probably need to lie down for a couple of days after traveling through the fog.Luckily, Jadeskin had special effects when it came to resist the cold. Han Sen sat still on the back of the golden rock worm king with his eyes fixed on the bottom of the cliff. However, the fog was so thick that Han Sen could not see what was underneath.After a while, the thick fog began to disperse. Han Sen could vaguely see something was down there, but he was not sure whether it was the giant snow spider or the blackbird.Han Sen ordered the golden rock worm king to fly down a hundred feet more and he was eventually able to tell what was underneath. Han Sen stared his eyes wide.Both the snow spider and black bird were almost dying, but it was not because their previous opponent. Under the huge ice cliff, there was a pond of iced water, from which emerged a monster that looked like a squid with lots of tentacles. Both the snow spider and black bird were caught by the tentacles. Although they were struggling, because of their previous injuries or the fact that they were weaker than the monster, they were not able to get rid of the tentacles. Instead, the tentacles were getting tighter and tighter. Very soon, the creatures were about to be killed.Fortunately, the monster did not seem to have any other means to attack other than tightening its tentacles. It could not strangle the two sacred-blood creatures immediately. However, it was still just a matter of time.Han Sen was dumbstruck by the fact that there were three sacred-blood creatures, each scarier than the last.It seemed that this area of ice and snow was far more dangerous than Han Sen had thought.Initially, Han Sen thought if he could take down the aristocrat spirit shelter, he could do whatever he wanted to this area. However, it seemed that he had been too naïve.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 889: Absorbing Geno PlantTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen walked to the banks of the river under the guise of fetching water, but he really wanted to perform a test.He still had two waterdrops left to use, but the tree had spent its first waterdrop over the course of two days. Using the two waterdrops directly wouldn't be viable long term.Han Sen wanted to look around for a few geno plants, to see if the black crystal would be willing to absorb their lifeforce.The geno plants that could be found in the lands around the shelter were already owned, so he couldn't use those.But Qu Lanxi said that the river was called Jade-Scale River, and its source resided someplace in Thorn Forest. Geno plants would most certainly live on the banks of such a river.That being said, they'd only be normal geno seeds. And since they weren't cared for by others due to their lack of fruit, they wouldn't be missed.Han Sen pretended to go get water so he could take a look at the wild geno plants.Han Sen took the bucket and kept walking. He was still injured, though, and he knew he'd have to be careful to avoid exhausting himself too much. For company, he summoned Meowth.It wasn't long before he found himself standing on the banks of the jade-like river. The Jade-Scale River was four meters wide, and its water flow was mellow. There were many plants skirting its banks.Most of these were just everyday, natural plants, and not geno plants, however.Although Han Sen was unsure which ones were geno plants, he was still able to use his senses to identify them by their lifeforce signatures.Even the lowest tier geno plants were far more lively than normal, wild plants.Han Sen followed the river up, with Meowth down by his feet in pet status."Meowth, if I knew things were going to be this tough, I would have brought Princess YinYang. They may not be able to fight very well, here in the Third God's Sanctuary, but they could at least chat with me. They could even massage me!" Han Sen spoke to Meowth because Meowth was the only person that could talk to him, right now."Meow." Meowth answered Han Sen, and seemed to agree with what he said.Han Sen was surprised by the response he received, and he felt as if Meowth was smarter than before. Previously, he had never given a single response.But Meowth was from the First God's Sanctuary, so its strength and intelligence was severely limited.The reason Han Sen brought him was not because he was powerful or smart, though. It was because of his sentimentality towards the pet. Meowth had been with him for so long, and he cherished his company more as time went on. He couldn't ever imagine leaving him behind.Before long, Han Sen was able to find a plant that looked especially strong. He squatted to give it a better examination.It looked like a vegetable, growing near the river. It had eight long, serrated leaves coming out of its top. The roots were short, but stout. Across its middle, a few pretty flowers bloomed."This must be a normal geno plant," Han Sen thought, as he brushed the leaves with his finger. Then, he looked at the black crystal in his Sea of Soul. "Black crystal, perform your miracle once again. Everything depends on you now, after all. You got me into this predicament, so you can get me out!"As Han Sen prayed, the black crystal moved. It became a black hole, and it absorbed the lifeforce of the plant without reprieve.Within a second, the plant had dried up entirely. It was like it had been uprooted and left to wilt under the scorching sun for a few days straight."It works!" Han Sen was glad, as he looked at the black crystal's changes.When the black crystal returned to normal, its body formulated another drop of water. Unlike before, though, this waterdrop was much smaller than the others. It was only one-third the size of the others, and energy it absorbed seemed to correspond with that, also.Han Sen, however, was merely satisfied in the knowledge that this seemed to work. It did not matter how much energy he received right now.In a joyous mood, Han Sen carried on his search for more geno plants. No creature or spirit needed such plants, so there were plenty for the taking.Han Sen walked three miles and managed to find five plants, all in all. The black crystal absorbed each of their lifeforces and created five waterdrops.Their sizes were all different, and the biggest was only half as big as the one from the Ink-Sword Tree."Strange. What is going on? The lifeforces of all these plants are similar, so why do the waterdrops differ in size?" Han Sen was unsure.It was still early in the day, so Han Sen continued his search for more plants.He walked another three meters and found a watervine near the river. It was purple in color, and it was about one meter long. When the wind blew, the water would submerge the vine.The watervine was by no means outstanding in appearance, but Han Sen could sense its lifeforce. It was far stronger than the other five plants he had discovered, and it was special, too."Is this an ordinary-class geno plant?" Han Sen was thrilled at this discovery. When he approached the vine, however, Meowth suddenly engaged its battle mode. He meowed towards the water, as if he was warning Han Sen.Han Sen took the warning and stopped moving. Then, he stared at the watervine. He had been injured, and his senses were weaker than they should have been. But after careful observation, he noticed another lifeforce near the vine. It was more powerful than any super creature he had seen in the Second God's Sanctuary.Han Sen, seeing this shadow near the watervine, saw that it was about the size of a fist. If you didn't look closely, you'd believe it was the shadow of the watervine itself.He noticed it was something alive, and judging from its shape, it was like a toad that was hiding in mud.But Han Sen was very alarmed by its lifeforce.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 271: Super GeneTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe spear was from the beetle knight and could be compared to any sacred-blood beast soul weapon, yet it did not even break the fur of a baby lion. How could that be? Even if the golden lion was a strong creature, the baby was just born and already had such a strong physique. Han Sen did not manage to hurt the baby lion, but irritated it. Stimulated by the pain, the baby lion opened its eyes. Although its eyes were not completely open, a fierce look had appeared in its golden pupils. Managing to stand up, the baby lion let out a tender roar, throwing itself at Han Sen. Although it was not steady, the baby lion was rather fierce. Han Sen clenched his fists and poked at the baby lion's eye with the spear. Han Sen was using the spinning force this time, and the spear head was jabbed into the lion's eye like an electric drill. "Roar!" The baby lion let out a painful cry and rolled over. Han Sen became even more shocked. The spear carried all his strength and was targeted at an eye, which was the most vulnerable part of the whole body. Even so, the baby lion's eye was still intact. "S*#t! It is impossible to hurt it." Han Sen fought the baby lion using the spear, which was like a toy in front of the baby. Although it could bring the lion pain, it could not really hurt it. Han Sen almost doubted that the spear was a fake, and changed to the diamond sword and the three-blade harpoon. However, no matter what weapon he used, where he attacked, the golden lion would only suffer a bit pain. The golden lion, on the other hand, became more and more fierce. Gradually, it's could steady itself and became stronger and faster. Although the baby lion could not threaten Han Sen yet, it would be able to very soon. Since Han Sen could not harm it, the baby lion was undefeatable. When the baby lion got tired, it would lie down and rest. When it got hungry, it would feed on the golden blood. As time went by, the baby lion grew stronger and stronger. Han Sen felt terrible. He had used everything he got, but there was no way he could kill the baby lion. Eventually, Han Sen decided to take off with the golden crystal when the baby lion was still little. It was not because he did not want to kill the baby lion, but because he has no way to do that. He had tried everything but could not even break its fur. There was little point in staying there. Han Sen flew into the sky holding the golden crystal, with the baby lion roaring and jumping underneath. Unfortunately, the baby lion was just a baby and could not perform at the same level as its parent. Although it could jump 3 feet high, there was little it could do to Han Sen. "What a freak!" Han Sen glanced at the baby lion, left the golden mountain, and landed on the island. There were many creatures in the ocean, so Han Sen could not fly far with the golden crystal. If he happened to encounter some strong creatures, it would be a lot of trouble. On the island, there were just the dead golden lion and the baby lion, so he should be safe temporarily as long as the baby lion could not come down the mountain yet. Han Sen planned to eat the golden crystal first and then leave the island. Racing against time, Han Sen licked the golden crystal the first chance he got. As he drank the golden liquid until he was full, he suddenly heard a voice, "Life essence of super creature golden growler consumed. One super Geno point gained." Han Sen suddenly widened his eyes, as if he were struck by a lightning bolt. He almost thought there was something wrong with his ears. As he recovered from his surprise, he quickly checked his own data. Han Sen: unevolved Status: none Lifespan: 200 Requirement for next evolution: 100 geno points Geno points gained: 100 ordinary geno points, 100 primitive geno points, 84 mutant geno points, 61 sacred geno points, 1 super geno point. Han Sen was dazed for a long while, and suddenly let out a laughter. He laughed so hard that tears came out. "Super gene… Super gene! Ha-ha, it turns out there is super gene beyond sacred gene. Sacred genes are not the end…" Han Sen could not begin to describe his excitement. Humans had discovered God's Sanctuary for almost two centuries, and had been constantly growing. In the beginning, it was very difficult for humans to survive here. It was difficult for the beginners to kill even a mutant creature, let alone a sacred-blood creature. However, with the development of hyper geno arts in the evolution of more and more people, it became easier to hunt advanced creatures. In recent decades, in First God's Sanctuary, there had been more and more people who evolved with every type of Geno points maxed out. However, until now, no one had come up with the concept of super genes, which probably meant that no one had really killed a super creature before. Even if one had seen a super creature, it was not likely that one had the ability to kill it. Han Sen had witnessed how strong the golden growler was. Even the baby golden growler was quite frightening. Han Sen was already among the top of those who were in first God's Sanctuary, but even he could not hurt a newborn super creature. It was easy to imagine why human had never learned the existence of super creatures and super genes.Even if the entire Steel Armor Shelter came to attack the adult golden growler, Han Sen believed the result would still be the death of every human. It was the same as when there was no one who had maxed out on sacred-blood geno points or gained a sacred-blood beast soul, no one could kill a sacred-blood creature. When Son of Heaven killed the bloody slayer, he still had to use a sacred-blood beast soul arrow. Now, human did not have super geno points or super beast soul, so it would be almost impossible to kill a super creature.

Zhou Yulong2020-5-4 05:12:16

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 942: Abandon the City?Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"What are you doing out there? Get in!" Han Sen witnessed someone calling out to him.When Han Sen entered the shelter, he was able to get a better look at the people who seemed unwilling to go outside. They looked awfully glum. It seemed as if something bad had been going on.This was a small town, a knight class shelter that provided residence to around thirty people. It wasn't the worst location for people to band together in the hostile lands of the Third God's Sanctuary."Is something wrong? What's going on here?" Han Sen asked the middle-aged man who had called out to him."Hmm, I've never seen you before. Are you new?" The middle-aged man didn't respond to the question he was asked."Yes, I've only just arrived," Han Sen said."Well, that's unfortunate. You may think spawning in a human shelter is a good thing, but we're about to lose the place," the middle-aged man said with a sigh."Why?" Han Sen asked.The middle-aged man explained, "Twenty years ago, we conquered this shelter and built it up as a safe refuge for many people. A few days ago, a creature discovered our shelter. It's not your average woodland critter, either. It is a foul beast, one that came here from the north. The creature belongs to a royal shelter someplace in the mountains of that region, and we have been informed of an impending assault. The leader of that shelter is determined to lay waste to our little sanctuary.""How did you learn about all of this?" Han Sen asked.He thought it was strange that they would even know about the shelter that lay to the north."We have a man in their shelter. He has risked life and limb to provide us this information. But even so, with all the knowledge in the world, there is little that can be done. We don't have the manpower to withstand an assault like the one that is said to be coming down on us. We only wonder now whether or not we should make our glorious last stand here or flee to the wilds," the middle-aged man explained.Han Sen, understanding their predicament a bit better, acknowledged the direness of their situation and their hesitance to defend the shelter against the hostilities of the north. He could tell they were weak and had no chance of protecting their home.As Han Sen retreated into thought, a loud noise brought him back. It was the tolling of a bell in the plaza."Old Huang is summoning us," the middle-aged man told Han Sen, before proceeding to the plaza.Han Sen followed the rest there, as well.Normally, many would take a newbie under their wings and treat them well. They'd be asked many things and offered an all-around welcome. Under the current circumstances, however, few cared enough to make the effort. Things were bleak for them, after all.A man with white hair was ringing the bell, a man Han Sen naturally assumed was Old Huang.For a moment, Old Huang's eyes fell upon Han Sen. Then the man's eyes moved on."The time is nigh. Now we must decide; do we fight or do we go?" Old Huang finally spoke. "Against the darkness that fast approaches, raise your hands if you wish to flee."Everyone looked at each other before making a decision, but ultimately, almost all chose to raise their hands."Then perhaps it is for the best. Let this be our final night of refuge in what has become our home. Tend to any last duties and prepare yourself for the road ahead; we leave at first light on the morrow," Old Huang solemnly spoke.After his speech concluded, everyone stood where they were. They all knew it would be best if they abandoned the shelter.But the sudden realization of this loss was difficult to swallow, and they knew once they departed, they'd have nowhere else to go. There was going to a great deal of hardship for them, beginning the next day.Some of the older community members had put their hearts and souls into securing this place, and spent the years toiling hard to make it prosper. They felt the most agony, in understanding they would soon depart the safety of its walls."Go home," Old Huang said, returning to the podium he had spoken from. They had been there many years, and it was their home. But if they didn't leave, it would swiftly become their grave.Unless they were willing to obey a spirit for what would likely be the remainder of their days, they had to flee. And even if they did decide to accept a lesser fate as thralls for a spirit, there was no guarantee the spirit would even want their service. They might have been killed even in surrender.But the majority still wanted to leave, of course. They wouldn't allow a spirit to dictate their fates, if they had the choice. They determined their own destiny, and that was how it would remain.Still, leaving their home behind was a difficult thing to come to terms with.Han Sen observed the lifeforces of the people around him, and he noticed many of them were quite skilled and powerful. Thirty such people in a group was quite impressive."Can I say something?" Han Sen broke the silence.Everyone turned to look at Han Sen, and when they did, Old Huang said, "Of course. Speak; we are all family here.""We should fight," Han Sen said.Old Huang, with a wry smile, said, "Young man, I understand the zeal of youth and the way in which you feel. But you must understand, we face the unyielding wrath of a royal spirit. They have at least fifteen mutant creatures; even if half our people went to face that wall of terror, there is little we could do.""Do you think we would leave if we had what it took to fight, grasshopper?"Han Sen wished to say something more, but a young person who stood near Old Huang suddenly asked, "Are you Han Sen?""Yes." Han Sen nodded."Little Yu, do you know who this young man is?" Old Huang asked."He is Han Sen; the son-in-law of the president. He is a great man. He is the one who defeated the royal shura," Little Yu explained.After Little Yu said this, people recalled the name and the deeds he had become known for. Even the elderly of the shelter had heard of Han Sen."If you choose to flee, then flee. But if you decide to fight, you have my full support. Not only will we defeat those who believe they can trample us underfoot, but we will strike back and claim that northern royal shelter for ourselves," Han Sen proclaimed."Little Han, we would like to, but... we don't have the power. It is a struggle to maintain our current grip on this shelter," Old Huang confessed."Do you not believe we can stand firm against the assault on this shelter with this?" Han Sen summoned his Dragon-Blood Snake.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 848: Rushing into the ShelterTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen leapt into the shelter, and before he reached the ground, he espied a red whip lashing towards him. He quickly dodged it, before turning to see more headed his way.It was a super creature that looked like a lion, but it's mane was a nest of red snakes. Those snakes were the vines that lashed towards him.Han Sen's movements were quick, and he used Aero to dodge each attack. Like a sparrow on the breeze, he gracefully evaded each strike. Returning to the ground, he sprinted forward, bewildering the red whips.Following his evasion of the whips, the ground suddenly began to rise. Directly in front of him, the very earth rose to form a wall and prohibit his passage.Pang!Han Sen was not willing to bend to the will of the phantom wall. He summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and drilled directly through the earthen clumps.But as he drilled through one, another arose directly behind it, determined to prevent Han Sen from continuing. The red-haired lion had not given up on Han Sen either, and now, it was closing in on the intruder and the walls he drilled through. Han Sen continued to drill as the walls continued to rise. It wasn't long before his drilled holes began to resemble a cave, but soon after, the snakes of the lion's mane began slithering inside.Han Sen gritted his teeth and cast Toxic-Dragon Drill in a bid to drill through the wall and escape their trap.Boom! Boom! Boom!After quickly drilling through the next set of earthen walls, Han Sen broke through into a vast emptiness. Soon after, he noticed that he was standing inside a behemoth's mouth.The mouth was lined with a number of fangs, and it smelled like rotten blood. It was the mouth of something not unlike a hellhound, and Han Sen was aware of what he had just walked into. He felt the jaw of the monster move, and the roof of the mouth began to close in and come down to crush him. It was too fast for Han Sen to contemplate an escape, so he straightened his rex spike to act as a sort of pillar.When the monster bit down, it bled and produced a strange noise at its inability to close its mouth.Han Sen took this brief opportunity to drill his way out of the wretched maw, but upon escaping, he found that the lion was already waiting for him. The mane of snakes lusted for Han Sen's blood, and they barred his way.Suddenly, spikes pierced through the floor below in a bid to impale Han Sen.But Han Sen was quick to react, and he took off airborne once more. Like a bird, he was able to evade both the spikes and the lashing of the red vines.In the next second, the crying of a baby sounded in Han Sen's ears. He turned to look and saw a black bat, bigger than any human, come flapping towards him with its claws raised.Han Sen clutched his Flaming Rex Spike and blocked the slashes of the bat's talons.Dong!The Flaming Rex Spike had three dent-marks in it, and the force sent Han Sen falling back down to the ground.The hungry maw, the red-maned lion, and the black bat were now descending upon him simultaneously. Han Sen cast Aero in a bid to evade each of their attacks and used a formation skill to plan his route. He managed to fly past the three creatures and realign his course for the Spirit Hall.If Han Sen managed to reach that hall, he would no longer have to fight. All he would have to do was secure the spirit stone.The three super creatures that followed him were horribly powerful, and each were vastly stronger than Han Sen. But with the grace of Aero's movements, they could not do anything to stop Han Sen from racing towards the Spirit Hall.Han Sen combined the Dongxuan Sutra and Aero, and for as long as he had space, no super creature could stop his passage.Wang Yuhang's movements were different than Han Sen's, as they were all random. He never knew where he would step next, unable to focus and calculate an appropriate target of where he should place his foot.In comparison, the Dongxuan movements and Aero were very different. Each move had a purpose. There were no unnecessary movements, and each step worked towards a common goal. Everything was under the user's control.In the next second, however, Han Sen frowned. A beautiful woman appeared; one with bat wings and a scimitar—a bladed weapon that curved like the fangs of a wolf. She quickly came to block Han Sen's way.The woman was not wearing anything, and she had no armor. She had the tail of a monkey, and with her red hair, her appearance was a perplexing sight.The woman used her scimitar to prevent Han Sen from nearing her. She was so fast, Han Sen's passage was instantly halted.Han Sen had already used Aero, but still, he was unable to dodge the witch. She moved so quickly, she was like a sudden shadow that was determined to block Han Sen, and one that was keen to leap right into close-quarter combat with him.The sword emitted a distracting fragrance of dried blood, and it lusted for more. Madly, it slashed towards Han Sen repeatedly. And as this happened, Han Sen's aggressor pulled out another sword in an attempt to strike him down.It was fortunate Han Sen had already summoned his Devil-Ant King armor, for one of the two swords she wielded connected with his belly. Blood was immediately drawn.It was lucky that most of the damage was spared, due to the hardy strength of his armor. He was knocked away, but at least his organs were still intact.The other three creatures had now caught up, as well. With his wild, beating heart, Han Sen's kidneys kicked into overtime as they imbued him with constant energy. A weird noise hummed from within him.While his body was operating like mad, every step he took left a shadow. Under the thumb of four cruel super creatures, he was still able to march forward. He might not have been the absolute fastest, but he had what it took to dodge each and every attack. None of the creatures could stop him now.If Han Sen wanted to enter the Spirit Hall, it would take him another two hours. He was afraid that by then, the creatures Wang Yuhang had drawn away would have returned.Han Sen spoke to Moment Queen telepathically, and he learned the Devil-Blood King had summoned the creatures to return. They weren't following Wang Yuhang any longer; they were already on their way back.Moment Queen attacked the host of creatures from behind, in an attempt to slow their return. Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain."One hour. I have one hour to enter that hall. If I fail to nab the spirit stone, at least I'll still be able to run. If I take any longer, I'll be a dead man." Han Sen looked upon the giant Spirit Hall ahead of him in awe; it looked like a cathedral.

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