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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1145: Battling Yaksha AgainTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Little b*stard! How dare you show your face to me.” Yaksha looked incredibly angry, seeing Han Sen approach in an attempt to stop him.Han Sen summoned Disloyal Knight. The gold raven was still evolving, so he knew he couldn’t personally put up much of a fight without it. The last time he fought Yaksha, he had only just woken up. Now, he could be much stronger.Disloyal Knight cast his halo and threw a punch towards Yaksha.Yaksha did not evade, though. He fearlessly went forward to meet with Disloyal Knight and threw a punch of his own. When the two fists collided with each other, they generated a massive shockwave.But even though the halo had worked its magic, Yaksha was still stronger than Disloyal Knight. He was the victor in that first strike, hurling Disloyal Knight backwards.Yaksha’s face changed, and he said, “A halo super beast soul?”Han Sen was dismayed, seeing the effects not weakening Yaksha as much as he had hoped. It had worked on him, but not to the point that he could not fight back. This meant Yaksha had to be close to opening his tenth gene lock.“Yaksha, I knew I should have come looking for you. But today, you have delivered yourself to me, so there’s no foul. Come here, let me kill you.” Han Sen just wanted to infuriate Yaksha, which was a simple enough task.Yaksha knew this, but he complied anyway and said, “If you want to die that much, I’ll grant you your wish.”Yaksha leapt forward, but this time, it was towards Xiang Yin. That was his reason for being in this place, after all. Stopping her was his number one priority.Han Sen commanded Disloyal Knight to charge forth and stop him, but he was very slow compared to Yaksha. Han Sen knew he’d have to chip in, so he drew his Taia and Phoenix Sword. Wearing his mantis armor and dragon wings, he flew forward.Yaksha had been weakened by the halo, so with the phoenix techniques of flight Han Sen had learned, he was able to catch up. Han Sen would not use his super king spirit body unless it was absolutely necessary.His fitness was still not up to par with a king spirit. If he wanted to be a match for Yaksha, he’d need another thousand fitness levels. But it was Disloyal Knight’s halo that evened the odds.Yaksha saw Han Sen fly before him to prevent his passage, so he threw a punch and said, “Use your creepy skill. If you don’t, you won’t be able to fight me!”“You want me to use that to kill a pathetic, little king spirit like you? Pah! You’re only worthy of my bottom-shelf skills.” Han Sen, with his phoenix techniques, dodged the incoming strike and retaliated with his own.Yaksha believed Han Sen’s movements were strange, so he said, “Against my speed, I’m afraid you’ll be killed before you even know what hits you. It must be sad to know you’ll die without even knowing how.”Yaksha sped up once more. His weakened body was managing to move even faster now, and when Han Sen next saw him, his lecherous fingers were reaching forth to strike Han Sen’s eyes.He evaded the fingers by an inch, but not without his helmet being scratched.Han Sen felt the marks that had been delivered and his face changed. Only Yaksha’s nails had scratched his helmet, but even so, they had almost broken his super armor.If it wasn’t for his phoenix techniques, the scratches would have gone through and shredded his head like a rotting melon.Yaksha wasn’t looking to waste time with the distraction that was Han Sen, though. He moved forward with the haste of a near-teleportation level of speed and grabbed Han Sen.A red mist then began to envelop Han Sen as he opened the ninth gene lock of the Blood-Pulse Sutra. The red mist dyed his armor and weaponry a creepy crimson color.He cast Heresy Mantra, as well. The refined and purified blood began pumping and coursing through his body.His kidney produced a large amount of energy to fuel all this and keep Han Sen going in the struggle.But still, it didn’t prove enough to keep up with Yaksha. His chest was cut up, and the lacerations began to bleed. It was quite terrifying to see himself be delivered such wounds, despite wearing such sturdy armor.“It is no wonder he is one of the generals. He must definitely be as strong as Xiang Yin.” Han Sen flapped his wings, slipped Yaksha’s grasp, and flew forward to catch up with him. Then, he cast Dual Blade.Yaksha’s attack had not severely damaged Han Sen. Killing Han Sen would be a trivial task for him, but he knew he had to stop Xiang Yin’s ascension first.Disloyal Knight finally caught up and punched Yaksha in the back. This was all Han Sen needed to keep doing, to slow him down. With Disloyal Knight there, keeping him occupied would be far easier.Yaksha, feeling something else come towards him from behind, turned to look. There, he saw Han Sen racing towards him, prompting him to spread his wings.And the moment Yaksha spread those wings, his speed became unfathomably quick.Pang!Disloyal Knight’s fist could not catch up, and Han Sen could only see a blurry shadow speed away from him. But then, a Han Sen received a hit to his chest, which sent him flying away.Han Sen was thrown through a rock, splitting it. On his chest were five bloody holes—his heart had almost been ripped out.“You should be proud of yourself, for that strike not to have killed you. Now, go away!” Yaksha mockingly stated before turning around to resume his flight towards Xiang Yin. He did not want her to take that last step.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 521: Treasure in the SeaTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe three sails rose at the same time. The mysterious and gorgeous crystal sailboat slowly rose from the bottom of the lake and floated in the water in a magical way, looking magnificent."My girl, march toward the ocean." Han Sen was incredibly excited. This crystal sailboat was much better than a submarine. It was an interstellar warship in the water."Master, do you want to go above the surface?" Asked Mermaid Princess."No, let's march on the bottom." Naturally, Han Sen would not let the crystal sailboat to go up to look for trouble."Yes, master," replied Mermaid Princess and turned the rudder in her hand. The giant crystal sailboat suddenly sailed toward the ocean following the channel connecting the lake and the ocean.The scenery at the bottom of the sea was indeed incredible. Han Sen saw a region of shellfish, which piled up like small mountains for hundreds of miles.All kinds of corals were colorful and glamorous. Clusters of fish were playing games in millions in the ocean. giant monsters that looked like dragons were passing by, making one's heart tremble.Luckily, the Crystal Palace was indestructible. Otherwise, if it were hit by the horrendous beast, it would be ruined before long.Boom boom!A dual-headed turtle that looked like a hill hit the Crystal Palace several times before it went away slowly.The number of the creatures inside the ocean was beyond Han Sen's imagination. However, he did not know what the status of those creatures was. He could not hunt as he wished for that reason. In addition, Han Sen wanted to check out first what the ocean had to offer.All kinds of sea creatures that he had never seen before were swimming. From afar, he seemed to see a red river flowing on the bottom of the sea. However, when he approached it, he found it was formulated by numerous red-shelled prawns, each as thick as a motorcycle. They were swimming among the seaweeds growing on the seabed. At first glance, Han Sen could not see the end of them and he did not know how many there were.Han Sen's mouth was watering so he commanded the Crystal Palace to stop. Not turning on the function to avoid water, Han Sen opened up a channel that looked like a swimming pool. When one of the red shelled prawn passed by, Han Sen used the yin force to hit its head and killed it instantaneously."Primitive creature fire prawn killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 primitive geno points."Han Sen took the prawn back, shelled it to expose the meat that looked like jelly. He cut the meat into pieces and dipped it into some sauce. Suddenly, he felt the meat was so sweet and tasty."With such treasures, will I ever worry that the resources are lacking?" Han Sen was overjoyed, commanding Mermaid Princess to control the Crystal Palace to continue forward on the bottom of the ocean.The creatures in the ocean were much more than the land. They were beyond Han Sen's imagination. Many of them Han Sen has never heard of before.Humans did not have the ability to hunt creatures in the ocean yet. This might be the first time for humans to hunt creatures in deep sea.However, because most of the sea creatures were huge in size, Han Sen did not rush to hunt. He mainly came to check out the resources nearby first. When there were suitable creatures, he would do some hunting. If there were none, he was in no rush.The speed of the crystal boat was very fast inside the water. In just 5 to 6 days, it had already sailed out of the area of the ice sea. The water gradually became warm and the species of the creatures had also changed.Han Sen saw some blue balls glowing at the bottom of the sea. When he approached them, he saw they were giant jellyfish dancing in the water.Fish of different colors were swimming in groups. Some shellfish were opening up at the bottom of the sea. Han Sen saw there were several shiny pearls inside a scallop that was the size of a bowl. Feeling interested, he swam out of the Crystal Palace and tried to grab the pearls. However, the scallop quickly shot, trying to break Han Sen's hand.Luckily, Han Sen took his hand back fast enough and took the closed scallop back to the sailboat.Placing the scallop the size of a bowl on a crystal table, Han Sen hit it with the yin force and suddenly heard the voice."Mutant creature treasure scallop killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 mutant geno points."Han Sen was very happy. He did not expect it to be a mutant creature. There was not much meat inside the scallop, so he should be able to finish it in one meal. This would give him at least 7 to 8 mutant geno points.Opening up the scallop, Han Sen took out the pearls. They were three in total, all around and shiny. These would be rare in the Alliance."Is this a gear as well?" Han Sen thought to himself. He was not sure whether these pearls could be counted as gears.Han Sen took back several more scallops. However, after killing them, he found that not all of them were mutant creatures. Most of them were just primitive creatures, and only the treasure scallops with silver pearls were mutant ones.There were at least tens of thousands of treasure scallops in this region. Han Sen took a dozen back to eat himself and commanded the Crystal Palace to go forward.After traveling for a few more days and eating many sea creatures, Han Sen had gained a dozen mutant geno points, making his mutant geno points as many as thirty-three.This day, he saw from afar that in the deep ocean, there was a huge city that looks like a gigantic beast crawling on the bottom of the sea."An underwater shelter!" Han Sen glanced at it from afar and commanded the Crystal Palace to turn around, not daring to approach the shelter.Judging by the size of the shelter, it was at least a royal shelter. Han Sen was alone at this point and he was under the water as well. There was no way he could conquer the royal shelter.Because the royal shelter had blocked the way of the Crystal Palace, Han Sen could only try to sail to the side. However, the water became more and more shallow and it eventually reached the shore.Han Sen glanced at the shore from afar and found many humans, out of his expectation. There was a castle next to the shore, which should be a human shelter, to Han Sen's joy.The icefield was surrounded by ocean and blocked from other places by the royal shelter. There was no way for the icefield to contact the outside. However, now Han Sen could drive the Crystal Palace and come out from the bottom of the sea. This was a great business route. If he used it well, it was easy to make money.Parking the Crystal Palace at the bottom of the sea, Han Sen rode the silver eel to go out. He swam to the shore and planned to ask where he was at. However, when he approached the shore, he found it was different from he had imagined. The reason for there to be so many people was that they were trying to conquer the shelter on the shore.In front of the shelter, there were many creatures that looked like porcupines, covered in spikeswhich could be shot like arrows. The humans charged several times but failed to break into the rain of spikes. Many people ended up getting hurt.

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注册即送70元⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 134: It Is Too Easy to Beat YouTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThis duel had caught the attention of the entire school. No one dared to gamble in a military school, but students were betting in private and more were betting on Li Yufeng.After all, Li Yufeng was the best player on campus and his skills were indeed amazing. For the last two years, the reason Blackhawk got good ranking in the Alliance was him. So students trusted him.At ten thirty at night, the Battlenet had a historical number of students online. Many of those who did not play this game even registered new accounts to watch this duel.Ji Yanran was also watching. When she saw Li Yufeng had a game room set up, she entered the room. In fact, eighty percent of those online were in this game room to wait for them to start. The rest saw there was still time and started gaming themselves.When it was about time, the number of people in this game room was more than ninety percent of all the students online, and more people were flooding in.In an office building of Blackhawk, two middle-aged men were also in this game room. One of them lit a cigarette and said casually, "Liu, you are too sensitive. You know what kind of students we have. Unless Ji Yanran's boyfriend is Ouyang Xiaosan, his level will not be very high.""Maybe we will have some new talent." Liu Jianguo just smiled."What kind of new talent can there be? This year's freshmen are not that impressive." Zhao Lianhua blew a smoke ring and said, "If that person is Ouyang Xiaosan, maybe he could beat Li Yufeng. If not, Li Yufeng could certainly beat him by five points or more.""Let’s check it out first. Even if he loses to Li Yufeng by five points, it would still mean that he is a strong player. Our Hand of God Society has not made much progress in the past two years, so maybe it’s time to add some fresh talents," Liu Jianguo said.Liu Jianguo was the coach of Hand of God Society, and Zhao Lianhua was the manager. After they had heard about the ins and outs of things, they also logged in the Battlenet and would like to see for themselves what level Ji Yanran's boyfriend was on.Zhao Lianhua did not care about this person, as they knew the level of all the returning students who played well and saw how the freshmen performed in their entrance exam. The good ones were either already invited to join Hand of God Society or other societies.Even if there was someone out there, that person could not beat Li Yufeng.Freshmen were just freshmen.Liu Jianguo was just trying to hunt for talent, if not, he could also check to see which level of Li Yufeng had actually reached.At ten thirty, everyone suddenly saw a notification, "My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran entered the room.""Ha-ha, finally." The crowd was overjoyed.Ji Yanran threw an angry gaze at the ID, and vowed to find him.Zhang Yang, Lu Meng and Shi were not online, but standing next to Han Sen, watching his holographic image directly, which was more interesting than viewing it online.Seeing that ID, coldness flashed in Li’s eyes. He simply sent an invite and texted, "After you lose, I want you to get rid of this ID immediately and apologize to Ji Yanran."Everyone was staring at the screen, wondering what My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran would say to that."It is too easy to beat you, so no strings attached this time. Just leave my Yanran alone in the future." Seeing this line from My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran, the screen was full in an instant."Ha-ha, shameless just like me.""He's too arrogant.""Brag if you want, our boss will not lose to you, idiot.""Ha-ha, my Yanran.""Is he really Ji Yanran’s boyfriend?""Just leave my Yanran alone...""Just leave my Yanran alone...""Now he is bragging. It would be so shameful when he got his ass kicked."..."This person is really arrogant," Wang Long said in a bad mood."Li Ze, what do you think?" Liu Ke looked at Li Ze with a wry smile.Li Ze pondered for a moment and said, "I used to play against Li Yufeng. He has beaten me many times and once by 27 points.""You mean that Li Yufeng will win?" Liu Ke looked at Li Ze and asked.Li Ze shook his head and said, "Although Li Yufeng had beaten me by more points, but Ji Yanran's boyfriend gave me more pressure than Li Yufeng. When facing Li Yufeng, I could calm down to play; when facing Ji Yanran's boyfriend, I felt uneasy and afraid."Taking a deep breath, Li Ze then said, "If I am to predict the result, I think Li Yufeng will be defeated by a lot. Don’t ask me why, it’s just a hunch.""What!" Wang Long and Liu Ke were stupefied and did not understand Li Ze’s comment.Qu Lili pinched Ji Yanran and said with a grin, "My Yanran—so intimate! Tell me the truth, is he really your boyfriend?""Of course he is not, that bastard." Ji Yanran stared at the ID angrily. If the game was not about to begin, she wanted to lash out at that guy in person."It begins!" Seeing the countdown end, the light spots lit up on both sides.Li Yufeng’s fingers danced like a snake and almost hit a spot the moment it lit up.Because he did not really know his opponent's style and this guy had won Li Ze by twenty points, Li Yufeng played safe and chose to clear up his own side and gain points as fast as he could, so as to beat his opponent in a dignified way.Li Yufeng was playing very well and he was quite satisfied with how he performed. With a glance, he saw his opponent also hitting a spot at a speed no lower than his, which made him pause.In the momentary pause, his opponent went for another spot.Li Yufeng quickly calmed himself down and hit his second spot as fast as he could.Knowing his opponent's speed, Li Yufeng did not dare to be distracted again and played with his best speed and skills.The two players’ hands were like two butterflies dancing away, hitting all the light spots around them at an amazing speed.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 732: The Devil Doesn't Believe in TearsTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was worried, as this wasn't like before. If his attackers were ordinary elites, then the Special Squad would have no issue protecting anyone. But the shura he had encountered didn't even seem human. As such, Han Sen was worried about the safety of his mother if she remained out in the shelter.Qin Xuan heard what Han Sen had to say and quickly contacted her supervisor, asking where Luo Sulan had gone. She was out in the shelter, and members of the Special Squad had escorted her on a hunt.Qin Xuan told Han Sen she had already sent people to find her, and she firmly believed it would not be long before they returned.The Blue Crystal shelter was near the Buckda Mountains, and Luo Sulan was out on a hunt under the protection of Wu Qinggang. Although she already had a lot of geno points, her combat skills and prowess were still somewhat lacking. She had not yet even been able to deal with a mutant creature. When fighting one, the frustration of watching her fight compelled Wu Qinggang to help her finish them off.From what Wu Qinggang could see, women like her were best reserved for being of the elegant sort. He thought she would be better off never touching a weapon, and instead being waited on, hand-and-foot, by men. He thought she should forego the desire for combat and stick to enjoying girlier things like flowers and romance.There was no explicit need for her to come out and hunt. With her son's power and position, he could just keep sending her the flesh necessary for her to max out her sacred geno points.But every month, Luo Sulan would request an expedition to go out and hunt. She only wanted to kill ordinary mutant creatures, and Wu Qinggang would always be fraught with the desire to help her when he watch her try to deal with the monsters she sought to fight.A woman such as her, he thought, was not built to fight. Particularly not to fight such wretched creatures.Although Wu Qinggang felt this way, he never slacked in his duty to protect her. The last thing he wanted was for her to be harmed. He was aware that her son was also a member of the Special Squad, but the protection of others was a fundamental responsibility of all those who wished to be a part of the Special Squad, anyway. Wu Qinggang would give his life to assure her security.Suddenly, a roaring sound came from the nearby woods. A black tiger leapt out of the brush, fast like a shadow."It's a sacred-blood creature; a Black-Shadow Tiger! Why has it ventured here?" Wu Qinggang's face changed. Black-Shadow Tigers tended to reside in the deeper recesses of thick forests and had no reason to be anywhere near here."Missus Han, hide behind me and do not flee." Wu Qinggang stepped in to eliminate the mutant creature, removing it from the field of play. Then, he walked in front of Luo Sulan.Seeing the Black-Shadow Tiger approach, Wu Qinggang drew his longsword and ran to meet it. Wu Qinggang could kill sacred-blood Black-Shadow Tigers, but doing so would be more difficult while having to protect Luo Sulan at the same time.But then, more roaring came from the woods. Things took a turn for the worse as another two creatures emerged from the forest. It took Wu Qinggang a moment to acknowledge what he was seeing, but when the realization struck, it struck hard. His face dropped, watching two more sacred-blood creatures emerge from the woods."Missus Han, ride your sacred-blood mount back to the shelter. I will keep them busy." Wu Qinggang rushed into battle with the Black-Shadow Tiger as he bid for Luo Sulan to escape."Little Wu, please be careful." Luo Sulan summoned the sacred-blood mount Han Sen had given her and exited the area with haste.Wu Qinggang's sword shone with a blinding light as he fought to buy her the time she needed to reach absolute safety.She had reached the bottom of the mountains, not a great distance away from the Blue Crystal shelter. Once she had left that place, she would be safe.But as Luo Sulan rode her sacred-blood mount, nearing the exit, a dozen people appeared in front of her. They barred her passage and surrounded her mount."Missus Han, it would be best if you came with us." A leader of sorts stepped forward to speak, and as he finished his line, delivered a half-smile."Who are you people? And why should I follow you?" Luo Sulan asked, frightened at their sudden approach."Do not worry; we do not plan on bringing you harm. We are here to bring you reunification with your son," the middle-aged man said."What happened to Little Sen?" Luo Sulan quickly asked."You will know once you come with us," the man said, with a frosted tone."I'm not going with you," Luo Sulan said, as she nibbled her lips."Why do you even bother talking to her? Just capture her already!" another man coldly interjected."Okay, then," the other man then gestured with his hand, and the rest approached her.They knew all about Luo Sulan. She was a housewife who killed a few ordinary creatures to survive. She has been taken care of through the kindness of others, unable to fight for herself.They had already separated her from the assigned protector of the Special Squad, which meant capturing her would be an easy task to accomplish."You guys have parents; how do you think they would feel if they knew you were out here, attempting to kidnap a lone woman?" Luo Sulan sighed as she spoke."Shut up! If you refuse to come with us peacefully, take one last look at that silky-smooth skin of yours, before we cut it up and drag you away with us," Zhang Fang coldly told her."To suffer in the adversity of evil is a nobler deed than to helplessly succumb to the brutish requests of those that wish to do you harm," Luo Sulan said."Then consider our patience and politeness spent; excuse the rough mishandling that may occur next." Zhang Fang raised his hand and tried to grab Luo Sulan by her hair and pull her off the mount she was upon.Just when Zhang Fang's hand was about to touch Luo Sulan, she raised her silky-smooth hand and casually waved it in front of Zhang Fang's neck.Plop!He was only two feet away, and Zhang Fang's head was removed from his neck as if it were severed by an invisible knife. The head went a great distance, as a trail of blood followed in its airborne wake. The eyes were sullen, and seemed to suggest that what had just happened wasn't fair."Have any of you ever felt hopeless?" Luo Sulan's face was like ice. She did not look scared or afraid, at all. She looked devoid of emotion; cold. Just cold.Their hearts shivered, as chills ran down their spines."Argh!"Blood spread all about like flowers. She quickly moved around, and with each directional turn, red syrup followed."Devil. You are the devil!" Du Ruzhi was petrified with fear. All the elites around him, including Zhang Fang, and two with opened gene locks—they most likely had the power to slay or capture a super creature.If they didn't possess such power, it would have been impossible for them to shake out three sacred-blood creatures to attack and draw away Wu Qinggang.But the elites were now mercilessly slain by a woman that only had to walk ten quick steps to sever each elite's head from their neck.Yet with the claret blood that sprayed and flowed, not a single droplet stained the woman's clothing. Luo Sulan still looked as elegant and as gentle as ever.The woman stood in front of Du Ruzhi, who no longer thought she was a pretty woman. She was now the devil.The woman was about to take her last, eleventh step, when Du Ruzhi's legs seemed to crumble and almost sent him falling to the ground. He couldn't even think of running away, due to how scary she was. She was truly scarier than the devil."Don't... don't kill me... I still have my parents, and I have a wife and kids..." Du Ruzhi slobbered his plea for mercy, after dropping down to his knees."The devil doesn't believe in tears." Luo Sulan gave Du Ruzhi was one last, cold look. She swung her hand, and another head rose to the sky with an airborne wake of blood.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1247: Shapeshifting KnightTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThere was a lake before them, one that was illuminated by glowing algae that glinted along the surface. Due to it being dead water, it was too murky to see what lay below.Han Sen activated his Dongxuan Sutra and scanned the lake. At the center of the lake, he was able to detect something strong. It was almost frighteningly strong.“What was the super creature you two saw?” Han Sen asked.Dry Bone King answered, “Let me ask Ghost Eye; the eye of his namesake is better than mine.”Han Sen waited for him to ask Ghost Eye.After Ghost Eye performed a pointing gesture, Dry Bone King turned back to Han Sen and said, “He described it as being seven meters long. It carried a purple shell on its back. He wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but he was clear that it had the power of a super creature.”Han Sen noticed the lake was three miles in length, so drawing something out from the murky pool would be difficult. And if he had to bring the fight to the super creature and battle it in the water, that wouldn’t be easy.Han Sen wished he had brought Water Fairy with him, as that would have made things much easier. But then again, he reassured himself, it was just a super creature. The three of them should be able to sort it out, no problem.“Dry Bone, use your heartbone. Perhaps your musical talents can scare the fiend into leaving the water,” Han Sen said. With the water being as dirty as it was, he did not fancy dipping his toes in it.“Okay.” Then, Dry Bone King pulled out his heart and began to pound it. Shortly after, ripples began to form at the center of the lake.They waited a bit, but nothing further occurred. So, Dry Bone King got back to playing and went along with a disturbing melody.The lake continued to quiver, and eventually waves began to form.Bao’er covered her ears to block out the wretched sound.The heartbone did not actually hurt Bao’er; she was just a musical aficionado of refined tastes. She thought the music being played was downright diabolical.Han Sen frowned. Despite the increased number of waves, the super creature was reluctant to exit the lake.“Don’t you have any better songs to play than that?” Han Sen asked.“Not really. I use it to disturb the lifeforce of my enemies; I didn’t invest time in learning any more melodies. It’s not like I want my foes to be dancing the mamba,” Dry Bone King said.“I could teach you a thing or two about the musical arts, let me tell you. Look at Bao’er’s face; that is the face of a soured critic. How do you expect to draw a super creature out of the lake with that awful tune?” After Han Sen said this, he played a melody he used to like when he was small.Dry Bone King paid attention and tried to learn the melody Han Sen played for him, then he tried to copy it.“Dong! Dong! Dong-Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong-Dong!”Bao’er was slowly able to remove her hands from her ears.And suddenly, the water at the center of the lake began to whirl. A purple shadow rose amidst the turmoil.Han Sen squinted and saw that it was a seven-meter-long lobster. It waved its pincers towards the lakeshore crowd.Bao’er’s eyes were wide open, but not in fear or surprise. In fact, she looked hungry. She looked as if she wanted to eat the lobster.Seeing the lobster come towards them, Han Sen summoned his Disloyal Knight. Han Sen put the Twin Thunder Knight beast soul on Disloyal Knight, and fortunately, it did not seem limited to the thunder element.Disloyal Knight’s body immediately displayed a number of changes. His copper armor turned blue, as did the light of his halo. It was like a neon, fluorescent cyber halo now. Furthermore, the soft image of his halo had changed to look like a circular saw, with jagged edges representing the lightning that now fueled him.Disloyal Knight used his lightning halo on the lobster, and immediately after, the lobster itself started to turn blue.It was slower and weaker now, to the point where it was starting to look paralyzed. But it wasn’t enough to disable the lobster entirely, as it was still able to leap into the air and attempt to strike Disloyal Knight.Its pincers were like garden scissors, spreading wide to cut him in two.Disloyal Knight looked like a rocket immediately after launch. He kicked up a sandstorm behind him as he flew upwards.Pang!Disloyal Knight flashed like lightning himself. He soared past the pincers with ease.Disloyal Knight then returned to pummel the lobster’s head numerous times. Lightning began to fizz and crackle against its weakened carapace as the lake-emerged super creature’s movements became duller and duller, to the point that it appeared to have passed out. Unable to dodge, all the lobster could do was submit to getting pounded.With lightning powering his fists, Disloyal Knight punched the lobster over and over without reprieve. The seafood nemesis had no chance of fighting back. In the end, Disloyal Knight was able to break open the entire shell of its head and mangle the brain inside its fleshy scalp.Han Sen was shocked as he witnessed the scene. He could hardly believe Disloyal Knight was able to do that all by himself.“Super Creature Lake Lobster killed. No beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature can be consumed, and you may also harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly.”Han Sen was delighted to hear this announcement.After combining with Twin Thunder Knight, Disloyal Knight had received a great buff. The effectiveness of his halo, in particular, had increased immensely.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 719: Scary SenseTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe Zhao family spread out and encompassed the area, but little else. Clearly, they were waiting for the adiraid to beat the super creature into a near-death state, so they could swoop in and claim an easy kill."These assholes," Han Sen swore in his heart. He looked at the super creature, then opened his gene lock and scanned its life force.The super creature's energy was all clouded. He could tell that it was a strong creature, but still, the cloudiness indicated it was a first generation super creature and therefore nothing he was particularly interested in going up against.Although the adiraid might have been a little stronger than the super creature, the power gap wasn't enough for it to dominate.The super creature was of similar strength to the adiraid, and like the adiraid, it didn't excel in any particular department. That also meant it wasn't weak in any other department, either; so it was a well-balanced monster. The adiraid went ahead to slash the monster. Even though no particularly deep wounds were wrought, the attacks were enough to surprise and impress Zhao Heng.In the past, they had tried to lay siege on the monster themselves. But every attempt was a failure, and they could never seem to deal any damage to the beast. Now here they were, watching a pet go up against a super creature, dealing lasting wounds with a greatsword. The sight led Zhao Heng and the rest of the Zhao family members present to view the adiraid with great admiration.But Han Sen's vision was drawn to the blood spring, instead. The super creature they were fighting was quite strange. He was sure that the super creature was intelligent enough to know it was fighting a losing battle, and that it should be running away rather than staying to fight.But the super creature was determined to remain, and nothing could compel it to flee. There was something strange about this place, and the blood spring, in particular.Han Sen used dongxuan aura to take a look at the blood spring, and he was surprised to see that it abounded with energy. What was coming out was no ordinary spring water, that was for sure. The center of the spring contained life, even.As he watched the crack in the rock, Han Sen suddenly felt the presence of an extremely strong life force. The power he sensed suddenly sent him into a cold sweat."Damn it! Inside that crack, a scary creature resides." Han Sen continued to look at the crack on the craggy hill, and suddenly, he felt as if he was being watched.Like the peering of an evil eye, a malevolent gaze had fixated on him. It made his heart race with uncertain panic. Quickly, he deactivated his dongxuan aura and averted his eyes away from the spring."The creature inside the crack can find my dongxuan aura. It can even find out where I am through it! Whatever is in there is something ancient, and something evil. The Zhao family have no idea what they are doing, coming here to disturb this place. For all I know, they are openly seeking suicide." Han Sen was frightened, and his continued to chill.Han Sen did not even see what the creature may have been, yet it terrified him even so. And the creature, whatever it may have been, did little else other than look back at him. Whatever the case may be, there was a super creature inside the source of the spring that was more powerful than anything he had ever encountered before.Han Sen was considering whether or not he should grab his little angel and depart. They wouldn't receive any benefits from slaying this super creature, and all the while, he feared the unknown malice was continuing to peep on him.But if Han Sen returned now, and didn't finish the job, it would be a waste of time.Han Sen gave another look in the direction of the crack, then turned his head back to watch the super creature engaged with the little angel, then gave up his idea of fleeing.The creature inside the crack did not seem as if it wanted to leave its current abode, and after Han Sen gave it some more thought, he came to the conclusion that he didn't have to escape just yet. If something were to happen, he could escape more quickly than anyone from the Zhao family, anyway. So, if the creature was hungry, Zhao Heng and his people would be the first to fill up its tummy. Therefore, there was no need for Han Sen to rush an escape just yet. When the time came, he could simply return his adiraid and get moving."Team Qin, no matter what happens, stay behind me. Do not run off." Han Sen approached Qin Xuan and spoke to her in a lowered voice."Why? What is it?" Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen with sudden surprise. The creature was already being suppressed by Han Sen's pet, so it was weird for him to suddenly say something like this to her."I feel as if something is amiss. Whatever it is, it disturbs me. It's an instinct, and my instincts are rarely incorrect. Whatever happens, do not leave my side. Stay near me. If something does indeed go wrong, we have to escape first," Han Sen told her."Okay." Qin Xuan looked around and did not notice the presence of anything out of the ordinary, but still, she agreed.The little angel's greatsword continued carving marks into the super creature. Despite blood now having dyed its entire coat, it refused to escape the area. It roared to the sky and adamantly remained to fight with the little angel.Zhao Heng, with great excitement, said, "Han Sen, tell your pet to put more effort in! Make her deal heavier damage to the super creature and prevent it from escaping, if it chooses to.""Director Zhao, this is a super creature. This isn't a scuffle between a cat and a dog," Han Sen replied coldly.Zhao Heng didn't say anything in return, acknowledging that this wasn't really something that could be rushed. And fortunately, the super creature continued to not show signs of wanting to escape. Zhao Heng then commanded his people, who were still surrounding their foe, to move a little closer. If it did want to escape, they could do their part in prohibiting its flight.But the super creature was almost behaving stupidly in its stubbornness to remain. Its inability to fight back against the little angel was plain to see, yet it continued to do what it could as the gashes and wounds mounted and caused it tremendous pain. It was bleeding heavily now, and its attacks slowed; death would greet it soon.The little angel was like something holy. It flapped its wings, flew behind the super creature, and slashed the greatly injured neck of the super creature. A deep cleft had now been made in its neck, and the spine looked as if it was ready to snap. More and more blood seeped to the surface and bled to the ground.The super creature was knocked down to the floor. It writhed and squirmed for a while but did not get up."Han Sen, do not forget your promise! Command your pet to return and we will finish it off," Zhao Heng shouted to Han Sen, as he commanded his people to draw even closer."My job is done here, yes. You can finish it off." Han Sen did not say anything in complaint and simply returned his little angel. He could feel the creature inside the spring begin to move, and a scary aura seeped through with the water. The hill now looked frightening, and he suspected the dark menace within was about to escape its subterranean home.The super creature had not yet died, and even if it was killed by the little angel, Han Sen was not willing to walk up and claim the rewards. All he wanted to do was run away as far as he could and end all involvement with these events and this place.The eight Zhao family members now ran close to the fallen beast and attempted to kill the super creature. They used all the different weapons they had at their disposal, striking the exposed wounds of the dying creature.But then a sudden scream sounded. The dying creature stood up again and leapt onto a man of the Zhao family. It tore the man's head off with its teeth, and its claws tore the rest into shreds.Zhao Heng shouted and used his lance to thrust at the most grievous of the wounds, on the back of the super creature's neck. The creature roared in pain and fell back down to the ground.The rest of the family ran up again and tried to strike the beast simultaneously. Although someone had died, they did not want the little angel to help out anymore, as they were afraid the little angel would finish it off with ease.

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Ilgenjur⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 110: EscapeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioFortunately, it was a forest of pagoda-like weathered rock hoodoos. Han Sen was taking his cover behind the pagoda-like hoodoos and paid no mind which way he was going as long as he could get rid of the silver bird.However, the horrendous silver bird was still following him. Under its claws, even a car-sized stone was crushed in an instant. Its strength was almost divine.After running for a while, Han Sen was suddenly in the open and out of the hoodoo forest. He complained inwardly, "Now without the hoodoos as my cover, how could I outrun this damned bird."Without the cover of the hoodoos, the silver bird uttered a ferocious hoot and rushed toward him.Without hesitation, Han Sen summoned the bloody slayer and black beetle and turned himself into a golden centaur, running with all four hooves.Han Sen had always trusted the speed of the bloody slayer, but this time he failed to run away from the silver bird. Instead, the bird was catching up."Am I going to die here?" Han Sen complained inwardly. The shapeshifting time was limited and his current geno points would give him less than an hour. Once his time was up, how could he ever outrun the ferocious silver bird with his own feet.But now Han Sen had no time to think. He had to focus on running as fast as he could.As for the purple-winged dragon beast soul, Han Sen did not dare to summon it at all. Once he used wings to send himself in the air, his flying speed would be even lower and he would be turning himself into a meal for the bird.Looking at the endless plain, Han Sen ran desperately while the silver bird was snapping at his heels. As time passed, Han Sen started to feel a severe soreness and knew that his shapeshifting time was almost up.As Han Sen was considering whether to turn around and fight the bird head-on, he heard a rumbling of water ahead of him. It seemed that there was a wide river there. Suddenly, his eyes lit up.Without thinking any further, he ran at his full speed toward the sound and used Jadeskin fully so that he could shapeshift a bit longer.Han Sen soon saw a wide river with roaring waves more rapid than the Yellow River.Seeing this river, Han Sen was overjoyed. Now he only wished that this silver bird did not know how to swim so that he could take refuge in the water.Running desperately with four hooves, Han Sen felt his body muscles were being torn apart as he had exceeded his shapeshifting time limit.But the only thing left to do was to hang on and keep running to the river. Giving up shapeshifting now was equal to giving up his life.Six hundred feet away from the river, Han Sen’s eyes were bloodshot and the pain in his body almost made him scream. Yet he had to run.Five hundred feet... Three hundred feet... One hundred feet... Ten feet...As Han Sen thought his body was about to explode, he had finally made it to the river. With acute pain, he threw himself into the water.Thump!Han Sen heard a loud noise behind him, and then felt a burst of pain on his back that almost made him black out.His heart froze, knowing the silver bird had followed him into the water. The desire to survive made him muster what was left of his energy and try to dive deep into the river.At this point, Han Sen could no longer keep up shapeshifting, or else his body would break down. The moment he turned into himself, he felt he was pushed downstream at an incredible speed.He tried not to faint, as he could drown in such torrents before he was eaten by the bird.He summoned the mutant black barracuda, and a mutant mount more than four feet long appeared next to him. Holding tight on the mount, Han Sen controlled it to dive to the bottom.When Han Sen could no longer hold his breath, he sent the mutant black barracuda to the surface.Finally getting a little break, Han Sen was glad to find the silver bird was nowhere to be seen. It seemed that it did not know how to swim and just clawed his back when he jumped into the water.His back was still in great pain, and his whole body felt like it was falling apart with spasms in his muscles. He felt like he was made into a plate of sashimi with his flesh being sliced off.The consequence of shapeshifting overtime made Han Sen helpless. Fortunately, he had his black beetle armor for protection, or else the creatures in the river that had sniffed the smell of blood would have torn him apart.Groups of strange fish more than two feet long hovered around him and tried to bite his body from time to time. The sacred-blood armor had thwarted all their attempts.Withstanding the maddening pain, Han Sen grabbed the Z-steel dagger in his sleeve and stabbed it into a strange fish next to him. The fish was gutted as he pulled the dagger fiercely, and it died without struggling."Primitive creature black lantern fish killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten primitive geno points randomly."Seeing other black lantern fish hurrying over to the dead one, Han Sen quickly cut off a large chunk of fatty meat from its belly and threw the rest of the dead fish aside.Watching groups of black lantern fish chasing the dead body away, Han Sen took a bite at the meat in his hand. It tasted fishy and bitter, but Han Sen could not afford to be picky. When he jumped into the water, his back was clawed by the silver bird and his backpack was lost. With no water or food left, he could only rely on this creature’s meat to gain some strength.If he wanted to live, he must have enough strength.But the fish meat was so unpalatable that Han Sen only ate half of it and threw the rest away. He would throw up otherwise.With some physical strength recovered, Han Sen started to observe the surroundings. Although it was already at night, the starlight and moonlight were so bright that he could still see mountains and forests along the river. But he still had no idea where he was.Gathering his strength, Han Sen commanded the mutant black barracuda to swim up to the shore.His luck was not too bad. Next to the shore was a grove of trees. He looked around and found no trace of creatures nearby.With a long sigh of relief, Han Sen climbed up into a tall tree’s crown. When he was about to take a good rest and treat his wound, a beast roar rang in the mountain near him."How bad can my luck be?" With a wry smile, Han Sen vigilantly looked in the direction of the roar.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 816: Holy SpiritTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"I am me; I that swallowed the seed of the Holy Empty. I was reborn. My genes advanced and took me to the Third God's Sanctuary but now... I do not know if I am truly myself." The female voice sounded heavy and solemn.Han Sen's heart leapt at the words, and he asked, "Are you the same as these super creatures?"Han Sen was referring to the black-flame phoenix and the rest that were under the influence of the parasitic force.The fruit moved, and then the female voice spoke again. "After thousands of years, the Empty Vine bears fruit. They are reborn and their genes have improved. But who knows if they are still themselves right now?"Han Sen thought to himself, "The emotions of this Empty Fruit don't seem too stable. If I play my cards right, maybe I can escape."Thinking this, he told the Empty Fruit, "If you feel this way, why do you force others to swallow the Holy Seeds?"The woman responded, "If I am born, I can open the gate to the Third God's Sanctuary. And then, I will leave the Second God's Sanctuary and the Empty Vine will die. If I do not leave behind seeds, there would not be any Holy Vines.""I am me, and I am also the Holy Vine. Even though I exist here, it is difficult for me to control my natural function of producing offspring."Han Sen did not know what to say. Right now, she wasn't completely herself. She was once a super creature but now, half of her body was composed of the Empty Vine's genes.It was a super creature that was created through the union of animals and plants. It was difficult to imagine it being in the Alliance."What were you before?" Han Sen couldn't help but ask, as a super creature such as this was sure to have some history."I was an Empty Spirit Witch. I am still an Empty Spirit Witch." The voice spoke with assuredness, and it went on to say, "I have already answered your questions. Can you give him over to me now?""I have to be honest with you, I really don't know what it is that you want. If you told it to me straight, I could have given it to you much earlier," Han Sen tested."I want your Plant of a Holy Spirit. There is nothing else you can provide, that I see value in," the Empty Spirit Witch said."Plant of a Holy Spirit?" Han Sen's heart jumped and he presented her his gourd. Then he asked, "Is this it? Is this what you want?""Yes," Empty Spirit Witch confirmed. And then, the vine moved to take the gourd from Han Sen."Hang on." Han Sen pulled back his hand and then said, "At least tell me why you want it."The Empty Spirit Witch seemed upset by the question that was posed and said, "For some reason, it did not grow as it should have. I am going to help it grow again, this time to its fullest."Han Sen froze, not expecting her to feel this way about it. When he first received the gourd, the gourd and the vines it clung to were dry and had almost died. What she said sort of made sense, and it didn't seem as if she was lying."Are you saying the gourd is like you? There is a super creature inside?" Han Sen recalled the giant, vine-wreathed bones that lay near the gourd. If the gourd created a giant creature similar to that, things would surely prove interesting.She denied Han Sen's thinking and said, "It's different. It is a pure Plant of a Holy Spirit. It is special and it cannot be compared with me.""Where is it from?" Han Sen asked.He wasn't willing to give up the gourd, as it was something he played with almost every day. He had grown quite attached to enigma. And if it was truly a Holy Spirit that was still growing, it wasn't something he'd be quite willing to just hand over.Han Sen had always been a greedy person, and unless death was certain, he wouldn't hand over his treasure."I don't know, but I can sense its holy presence. I cannot tell where it is from," the Empty Spirit Witch said."If it is not the same as you, then why do you want it?" Han Sen asked, looking at Empty Witch Spirit.She seemed to be annoyed by the barrage of questions and no longer answered him. Instead, she said, "That is none of your business; just give it to me!"After that, the vine came again at Han Sen's hand. In response, he took two steps back and evaded it.This infuriated the Empty Spirit Witch, and now her vines came out of the ground like dragons. They netted the sky once more, attempting to deny Han Sen any chance of escape."Didn't you say you would enter the Third God's Sanctuary once you are born? How can you help this grow? It is not something you can do in a single day!" Han Sen shouted, and readied himself to summon the little angel.If he couldn't talk his way out of this, then fighting his way out was the only option. He wasn't willing to hand over the gourd.If Han Sen was willing to put up a fight and beat her, then there'd be no stopping him. Furthermore, if he did destroy the super creature, he'd be defeating one that was on the precipice of entering the Third God's Sanctuary.But Han Sen was afraid of the four other super creatures that were nearby. The Holy Seeds were growing inside them, and although they were rooted down on the peak, there was no telling whether or not they could join the fight.Even so, Han Sen steeled himself for battle. But when the Empty Spirit Witch heard what he said, she quelled her aggression and said, "What you say makes sense. I will be born soon, and it will be difficult for me to stay here. I can't take care of it."Han Sen quickly replied by saying, "Then how about you let me take care of it? I have already been taking good care of it; in fact, I treat this gourd as well as I would my own son. I keep it fed, and it has even had the opportunity to drink up countless gallons of super creature blood."Han Sen painted himself in the most positive light possible, as if he wanted to adopt a poor child into a wealthy family.She seemed touched by his words, and then, the baby inside the fruit opened its eyes. Emerald eyes peered right at him. She looked at Han Sen and the silver fox that rested on his shoulder, and then looked at the fairy inside his pocket. After a while of examining his person, she said, "Okay. You will take care of him. But he will be born with an incomplete gene. It will be difficult for this thing to be born, regardless of how much super creature blood it drinks. Wait here. When I am born, I will provide it with Empty Spirit blood. By doing that, I will repair its flaws."

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 791: Empirical SwordTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioQin Xuan let loose a flurry of attacks towards Han Sen, who remained in a defensive position, allowing her to do as she could. He was able to block each and every strike.The dongxuan aura allowed him to sense all things, but Han Sen had previously stuck to only using it to observe lifeforces. As he shifted his focus on the skill, it began to feel more and more like the eighth sense.Han Sen used his feelings to block Qin Xuan's attacks, and did not actually watch her with open eyes. The more he practiced, the greater his abilities of perception became. It wasn't quite on par with the eighth sense yet, but he wanted to get it there.Although fighting with others was a fine aid for practicing, Han Sen soon discovered it was difficult for him to trace the attacks of others in the virtual community. While the virtual community felt real enough, everyone was just data. They weren't inhabiting a physical space, and as such, it was difficult for Han Sen to learn exactly what he needed. Most of the time, he was just guessing where to deflect."In these conditions, I can still predict the attacks of an opponent. This means I have been successful, on the whole." Han Sen was not a person who shied away from difficult tasks. Instead, the prospect of performing something tough, and then coming out on top, excited him.When they first started practicing together, Han Sen used his vision as a secondary support to completely block her attacks. The longer he practiced, the more he could lax on his need for vision and rely solely on perception without eyes.Although progress was slow, even a tiny bit was enough to bring Han Sen much joy.As for Qin Xuan, she was holding back when she attacked during the early stages of their practice. It was only as time went on that she noticed her inability to deal any damage to her sparring partner.No matter what attack she performed, Han Sen seemed able to block it flawlessly. When she noticed his unwillingness to fight back, she realized she had no need to hold back. Then, she committed all her focus and power into attacking without restraint. Despite her best efforts, she could not break or bypass his guard."Coach, will you be here again tomorrow?" Qin Xuan asked Han Sen, when she had to leave."Yes, I'll be visiting here for a while to come," Han Sen answered, with certainty. Until his dongxuan aura was as efficient as his eighth sense, he wasn't going to return to the sanctuary.When Qin Xuan received this answer, she looked incredibly happy. After leaving the virtual training camp, she returned to her room and brought out a hyper geno art.The hyper geno art was titled "Empirical Sword." This skill was focused purely on attack and saved nothing for defense. It was extremely powerful, but also extremely risky to perform during the heat of battle.The Qin family had been in possession of the skill since ancient times, but due to the risk involved in its usage, few bothered learning it.Once you committed to this strike, there was no going back. If your attack was ineffective, and the opponent on the receiving end was able to fight back, you'd most likely end up dead. In the ancestral book of their lineage, many family members were recorded to have died while using Empirical Sword.The Qin family did have many other powerful skills, however. She didn't have to only use Empirical Sword, and adding to that, she had not spent any time learning it before. But she thought of giving it a go while going up against an opponent who never attacked back: Han Sen. Qin Xuan could not once break his guard, so she thought of using this skill to surprise him. Gaining some casual experience and practice with the skill could only be a boon for her, as well.Qin Xuan then took to learning it, and the next day when she and Han Sen fought, it surprised him a lot. Her intimidating approach was vastly different than it had been the day before, which excited him, too.After Qin Xuan used Empirical Sword, she realized she quite liked it. So, she dedicated more time and research into its intricacies. After doing a deep-dive to learn it better and better, she became very proficient with it. This excited her a lot, but the grief-driven history of the skill ever gnawed at her mind."Are you okay?" While Han Sen battled with Qin Xuan in a merry mood, her talent with the new skill only continued to improve. This was good for him, as the added pressure forced him to get better and better. It was exactly what Han Sen needed, but before long, he noticed Qin Xuan withdrawing a little bit. The zest and intimidating momentum she wielded at the beginning of the day's session had all disappeared."Coach, this sword skill can only strike. There is no defense, at all. I fear that it is too risky, and I should hold back from learning more of it." When Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen, she appeared to be lost. It was obvious how much she sought and valued advice from him."What is the skill called?" Han Sen asked."Empirical Sword." Qin Xuan did not hide this and told him directly."'The power of grand empires is to secure victory without bloodshed. Their presence compels obedience.' When your sword skills reach a level that does not require battle, then you will have truly learnt it. If you never have to fight, then there is no risk," Han Sen slowly said."Not fight?" Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen."Yes. To not have to do battle is to reach a zenith of your being." Han Sen nodded, and then continued to say, "We will stop here for now, while you mull my words over for a time. Listen to what your heart tells you; if you want to learn it, continue. If you harbor doubt, then give it up now. You cannot be half-and-half with this skill. It will get you killed, if so.""Thank you, Coach. I will indeed think this over." Qin Xuan left the virtual training camp, deep in thought over what Han Sen had told her.Qin Xuan thought things over for a long time, and her mind was wracked with indecision. Eventually, she reached out to call someone else. On her communicator, the image of an old man appeared on screen."Little Xuanxuan, you have actually reached out to me. 'Tis a rare happenstance." The old man sipped tea, as a certain of bitterness tinged his words."Great Grandfather, I want to practice Empirical Sword," Qin Xuan said, with seriousness in her voice.The old man's head shook, and he looked back with seriousness, too. He observed his great granddaughter for a while and eventually asked, "Tell me why you seek to practice it."Qin Xuan told him what had been happening, and then she said, "So, after much consideration, I wish to learn it. And I want to reach a level where fighting will never be necessary.""To not fight is the great oppression, and I have much interest in meeting this person you speak so fondly of," the old man said, instead of answering Qin Xuan directly."Great Grandpa, if you would like to meet him, that can be arranged for tomorrow in the virtual training camp. But tell me, should I learn Empirical Sword?" Qin Xuan asked, with a girlier voice.She barely showed her more ladylike side to anyone, not even her parents. She would only do it before her great grandfather."Don't you have the answer, residing deep in your heart? For what purpose are you asking this old man?" The old man laughed and continued to say, "Remember to call me tomorrow, so that I can see what sort of person this fellow is, to have told you such profound things. If something happens to my great granddaughter in the future, over the words spoken to her by this person, then I will go after him and not relent.""Great Grandpa, this has nothing to do with my coach," Qin Xuan pleaded, with a cute and higher-pitched voice."Of course it has. If he did not tell you that not fighting is to reach the zenith, then you would not know the way of the Empirical Sword. If these words were not spoken, then you would not be so keen on learning this skill," the old man coldly said.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1467: Another Geno BattlegroundTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe minor issue mentioned by the green-clothed woman was a berserk super creature guarding the spirit statue.The green-clothed woman could send Han Sen to the spirit hall with ease, but Han Sen would have to slay the beast in order to grab the stone that was embedded in the statue’s forehead.According to her, the berserk super creature had resided in the shelter since before the Elysium elders perished.Over the years, the berserk super creature had only become stronger and stronger. Its power was immense, and with that thing guarding the spirit statue, Han Sen didn’t fancy his chances.Even after inquiring about the berserk super creature’s powers and abilities, he wasn’t entirely sure whether or not if he should agree.“Let me think about it.” Han Sen didn’t reject the offer outright.“You don’t have much time to dwell on this. When Gu Qingcheng returns, this opportunity will be gone,” the woman said.“Just let me think for a moment.” Han Sen was still not convinced.Han Sen was smart. He knew the limits and extent of his own capabilities well. He knew squaring-off against a berserk super creature for a spirit stone was a fool’s errand for someone of his strength.The only way Han Sen would be able to grab the spirit stone was if he entered the spirit hall completely undetected and remained out of sight.The green-clothed woman did not rush Han Sen to make a decision. “Do you know what Gu Qingcheng went to do?”“Do you know?” Han Sen knew she was being rhetorical.The woman said, “You have entered the geno core storage, haven’t you? Do you know about the geno core battleground?”“Of course.” Han Sen nodded.“There are two different types of geno core battlegrounds. You have only seen one. There is another type that requires a special geno core storage to enter,” the woman explained.“Are you saying Gu Qingcheng went to another geno core battleground? What is she doing there?” Han Sen asked.The woman quietly told him, “It is called Geno Battleground, but this one is a battleground for combatants to claim the geno cores of others.”“What does that mean?” Han Sen frowned.“The demi-gods that enter this battleground can kill their opponents and claim their geno cores. Geno cores grow quickly in that place, and they can level up quite fast,” the green-clothed woman said.“There’s a place like this? How can I get there?” Han Sen asked with shock.“To enter a Geno Battleground, you first need an access point for the geno core storage. But it has to be a special geno core storage access point. Gu Qingcheng left so she could modify her own geno core storage to allow this. When I wake up, she will force me into this battleground and make me level up quickly.”“Does this benefit her in any way?” Han Sen asked quietly.“I don’t know, but you are my priest and you must go with me. There is a high chance you will be killed in such a place,” the woman said.“Why? I think you’re weaker than me.” Han Sen laughed.The green-clothed woman rebutted, “If I die in there, I can revive via my spirit stone. If you die, you die. How’s that for a comparison?”“I understand.” Han Sen bore a wry smile and shook his head.“If you don’t want to be forced into the Geno Battleground, this is the only way to avoid that. If you take my spirit stone, I will help you escape Elysium Shelter,” the woman said.“But there is a berserk super creature there. Even if I did grab your spirit stone from the statue, getting out would be a different matter entirely. When I take the stone, you won’t be able to control the shelter anymore. You won’t be able to zap me out, and I’ll have that berserk super creature breathing down my neck.”“Who said I can’t? If I can’t do something that simple, what’s the point of me being referred to as a holy child?” The volume of her voice dropped then, and she said, “I have an escape route. Grab the stone, and I’ll get you out of that hall.”“Let me think about it.” Although Han Sen was tempted, he didn’t entirely believe her. They were still practically strangers, and Han Sen didn’t know her too well.“Wimp,” the woman said, then stopped talking. Her mood soured, and she looked mad.Han Sen cared little about upsetting her, though. He would rather go to the Geno Battleground to level up his geno core than risk his life by infiltrating the spirit hall.Over the next few days, though, she tried many times to convince Han Sen to change his mind and get the spirit stone for her. He eventually ignored all mentions of the subject.She knew Han Sen was not willing to risk this for her, and her attitude eventually took a turn. After a while, she ignored him completely.When Gu Qingcheng returned and noticed that Han Sen had actually stayed in the garden, she smiled. “You didn’t disappoint me. You really are the heir of Han Jinzhi. You two might always lie to others, but you never allow yourselves to be tricked, either.”“My grandfather is Han Jinzhi, but he was only a small officer. He’s not the one you keep referring to.” Han Sen sighed.Han Sen had picked up on one thing for sure; something had happened between Han Jinzhi and Gu Qingcheng. That was why Gu Qingcheng didn’t like Han Sen very much. It probably boiled down to him being a descendant of Han Jinzhi.Gu Qingcheng looked at Han Sen with disdain and said, “Don’t talk crap. That old fox might be able to fool others, but I’m the only one he never could. You didn’t get tricked by the holy child into doing something stupid, however. Not bad.”“You know she is awake, don’t you?” Han Sen asked Gu Qingcheng.She nodded and said, “It is best not to believe anything she says. Otherwise, you’ll end up dead before you know it, without a clue how it came about.”“Then, what were you doing while you were away from the shelter?” Han Sen asked.“Modifying the emperor class geno core storage. I required a rare geno component. I was the only one in Elysium Shelter who could retrieve it.” Gu Qingcheng actually looked happy. “The geno core storage’s modifications should be finished soon. Then, you may enter with the holy child.”“At least the woman in the painting didn’t lie about this,” Han Sen thought to himself.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 10: Bloody SlayerTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was hiding on the stone hill when the sacred-blood creature charged in his direction. As he was deciding whether to retreat, he saw Son of Heaven shoot down the sacred-blood creature.Anger surged and Han Sen rushed down the stone hill while summoning the bronze crescent spear. He shot the spear at the monster and hit it in the wounded chest, killing the dying creature."Sacred-blood bloody slayer killed. Sacred-blood beast soul bloody slayer gained. Eat the flesh of bloody slayer to gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly."The voice in the back of his head brought him intense joy. He had just gained another sacred-blood beast soul! His luck was too good to believe.However, Han Sen did not have time to celebrate. The body of the bloody slayer was too large for him to take away, but what he could take away was the giant golden axe.The creatures in God’s Sanctuary could produce certain treasures through special means. People called these treasures "gears". Although gears were just like solid items and could not be summoned like beast souls, they could perform as well as beast souls if they were produced by advanced creatures.The bloody slayer was peerless when holding the golden axe, and the axe could easily break normal beast soul weapons and beast soul mounts, so it proved to be an excellent sacred-blood gear.Han Sen's goal was to get the golden axe, and the beast soul of bloody slayer was completely unexpected loot.Watching Han Sen running on the mountain with the golden axe, everyone was stunned."Motherf*#ker!" Son of Heaven let out a raging roar when he realized what had happened. With a black wildebeest summoned as his mount, he rode madly in Han Sen’s direction. Behind him, his gang all raced off on their own mounts to chase Han Sen, roaring and rebuking him.Han Sen did not expect the golden axe to be so terribly heavy. With eight sacred geno points, he was already lot stronger than before, yet he could still barely walk with the axe, not to mention run."The bloody slayer made it seem so light! How could I run off with such a heavy weapon?" Hansen looked back and could already see Son of Heaven and his gang only half a mile from him.Although it was too heavy to carry, Han Sen would never leave behind such an excellent sacred-blood gear. He suddenly thought of his newly gained beast soul of the bloody slayer, took a look at it and suddenly cheered up.Type of sacred-blood bloody slayer’s beast soul: Shapeshifting.Without thinking, Han Sen summoned the beast soul of bloody slayer and a majestic shadow galloped out, looking just like the monster, only missing the giant axe.The beast soul ran towards Han Sen and was instantly integrated with him. His body was transformed into a bloody slayer and the black-beetle armor changed its shape accordingly, still fully covering Han Sen's body as a bloody slayer.After all, beast soul armor was not as rigid as man-made ones and could change according to the shape of the body.After shapeshifting, Han Sen felt so energetic that the golden axe was now nothing to him. Running with four hoofs, he also became incredibly fast.Han Sen surged up the mountain at full speed and disappeared, far outpacing the gang.Everyone was speechless, as everything happened so fast. Many smirked as they watched Son of Heaven and others who were still chasing Han Sen."S*#t! Who was that guy? He’s got some nerve jumping into the boiling pot! And what loot! In addition to the golden axe, he gained a sacred-blood beast soul! Can you imagine how much it must be worth?""You think you could buy a sacred-blood beast soul just with money?""Ha-ha, Son of Heaven must be so mad. A sacred-blood beast soul! It would have been his but was taken away.""The arrow he used seemed like a one-off sacred-blood beast soul. And what did he get in return for such investment… LOL…""I’m just afraid Son of Heaven will lose his mind.""Didn’t expect there to be a sacred-blood beast soul! How lucky that guy is! He could never have killed the monster alone. And a dozen sacred-blood creatures may not even render a single beast soul. It just happened that he gained everything with the last hit.""Who was that guy indeed? Is there such a person in Steel Armor Shelter?""I heard someone call him Doll, but not sure.""Doll! Interesting name."After less than an hour, Son of Heaven returned gloomily with his gang, but people already knew it was impossible to find someone on the winding mountain trails.Son of Heaven immediately questioned Su Xiaoqiao when he got back. His exclamation "Dollar" had been a mistake.Su Xiaoqiao had no choice but to tell him everything about how he met Han Sen, which wasn’t very helpful since all he had was a name, Dollar.Son of Heaven didn’t fully believe him, but couldn’t do much as Su Xiaoqiao was in Qin Xuan’s gang. He bitterly led his gang back to Steel Armor Shelter and locked down the shelter, swearing to find Dollar and cut him into pieces.Most people did not learn the name Dollar, while "Doll" became popular. For a while, Doll, Son of Heaven, sacred-blood creature, and sacred-blood beast soul became the most popular topics in Steel Armor Shelter.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 266: Aegean SeaTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioBlackhawk's opponents in the next few rounds were not strong teams, which gave them more opportunities to practice. With their newly gained confidence and Han Sen's incredible spinning arrows, Blackhawk became the champion of this year's archery tournament. Every media was crazy about the new champion team and used all kinds of words like "Blackhawk miracle,""new emperor," and "incredible archery skills," making Han Sen the new star among all the military school students. Now, all the military schools knew that Blackhawk had an archer as good as Jing Jiwu. When the archery school team returned to Blackhawk, they received the utmost welcome and the school rewarded them handsomely. Their performance was also recorded in the school yearbook. This was the first time Blackhawk had won a championship in the Military Academy League. If the current rules allowed one player to participate in multiple items, the President of Blackhawk would want Han Sen to sign up for each and every item. The individual game in the archery tournament was not a real competition, but an exhibition match among the 10 most popular archers. With Han Sen's fame and spinning arrows, he won the first place without any doubt. Although this glory was much less than winning as the team, it gave Han Sen extra academic credits. The spinning arrow was a creation by Han Sen using the reference of the beetle knight' s spinning spear, and the theory of Yin Yang Blast. During the three months when Han Sen fought the beetle knight, he learned nothing other than this skill, which led to his victory in the duel against Jing Jiwu. Even so, he was very lucky to win. If he were to do it again, Han Sen was not sure if he could still beat Jing Jiwu. The championship of Blackhawk was the one and only miracle. The sky was blue and the beach was warm. A beauty with skin as fair as milk, long legs and beautiful curves were dipping in the water wearing nothing but bikini. Lying under the beach umbrella, Han Sen could not move his eyes away from Ji Yanran in bikini. "Life is good!" Watching Ji Yanran's alluring figure, Han Sen felt that God loved him. Ji Yanran really kept her promise and took him on a vacation, which was beyond Han Sen's expectation. Ji Yanran even took care of asking for leave from school. "I'm such a charming guy." Han Sen took off his sunglasses and looked at his own reflection in the lens, appreciating his handsome look. "Why don't you go swimming?" Ji Yanran returned to the beachside and asked Han Sen. Harry pulled her into his own arms, held her tiny waist, and whispered into her ear, "We have four days and three nights, for which I need to save some energy." Ji Yanran suddenly blushed and pinched Han Sen's waist. While Han Sen was complaining, she ran away to another chair. "Why is no one here? You didn't rent the entire beach, did you?" Harry looked around and was curious why he never saw other tourists here. "When have you ever heard such a thing as renting a beach?" Ji Yanran rolled her eyes and said, "This is a private beach, so of course there is no one here." "You own the beach?" Han Sen was surprised. "I don't," Ji Yanran grinned and said, "but this planet belongs to my uncle." Han Sen choked on the water he just drank. He knew that Ji Yanran was from a rich family, but did not imagine they would be so rich. "Wonderful! As long as I'm with you, I would not need to work ever," Han Sen smiled and said. "You wish! In my family, only sons can inherit family businesses. Now I can still use the family resources, but when I am married, it's all up to you," Ji Yanran curled her lips and said. "You have such a strong desire to marry me! I haven't even decided if I want to do that yet." Han Sen pretended to be surprised by her. "Hah!" Ji Yanran suddenly became angry from embarrassment and threw herself at Han Sen. With a sly smile on his face, Han Sen grabbed her hand and pulled her back to his arms, kissing her alluring lips. Ji Yanran struggled a little and gave up, enjoying the kiss as well. Han Sen's hand moved between Ji Yanran's waist and butts, as he hesitated if he should have this gorgeous girl right here on the beach. Suddenly, with the sound of a whistle, Han Sen saw an ancient yacht sailing over. Han Sen had only seen such a thing in movies. Ji Yanran immediately stood up from Han Sen's arms. As the yacht came into the pier, a young man of about 25 years old came down with a few bodyguards and walked towards the couple. Smiling, the young man waved to Ji Yanran from afar, "Ji Yanran, it's been awhile since you visited us." "Brother, I'm a military school student now and don't have too much time." Ji Yanran introduced Han Sen to the young man, "This is my schoolmate Han Sen. Han Sen, this is my brother Ji Lingfeng." "Brother," Han Sen called Ji Lingfeng directly. Ji Yanran blushed. Ji Lingfeng paused and smiled, "Han Sen, are you the one who beat Jing Jiwu in the archery tournament?" "Yes, that's me," said Han Sen casually. "So impressive! No wonder Ji Yanran would bring you back." Ji Lingfeng cast a glance at his sister. Ji Yanran blushed and pouted. "Brother, did you come to pick us up or did you come to chat?" "We'll talk on the ship then." Ji Lingfeng took the couple on board, and then the yacht sailed away into the ocean. "Han Sen, do you know any drinking games?" Ji Lingfeng sat down in the lounge and put two bottles of wine in front of Han Sen. "Some," Han Sen said with a smile.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 883: Third God's SanctuaryTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe gourd was trembling in Han Sen's hand. At its tip, a black hole-like distortion had manifested, warping the very dimension around it."Is something going to be born from the gourd now? Did the Evolution Pool really help it?" Han Sen was excited, looking at the gourd.While he was thinking, a black light burst forth from the gourd to sunder the atmosphere like a blade.A lesion was torn in the fabric of space, and a powerful force of suction came from it. Before he could react, Han Sen and the gourd were both sucked inside.Boom!Han Sen felt as if the world was spinning, or as if he had been tossed into a tumble dryer. He felt a crushing force descend upon him, and amidst his rolling, he felt as if he wanted to throw up but could not.He wanted to scream, but no voice came out. He felt his body being forced into the painful, compact shape of a ball.Time did not seem to exist in the place he had ended up, and the pain he suffered felt as if it had lasted an entire century, despite truly lasting only a few seconds.Pang!Han Sen was suddenly released from that agonizing pain, and he was dropped to the cold comfort of the ground. After the fall, he could not help but yell, "Ouch!" His body was in anguish, and when he moved, he could feel a number of broken bones about his body, in addition to his torn organs.A slight movement was all it took to make him feel as if a thousand knives were stabbing him all at once.It was fortunate Han Sen was as powerful as he was; any ordinary surpasser would have died at first contact with this place.Han Sen wanted to cast his Dongxuan Sutra, to simulate the holy light and heal himself, but he couldn't. The blood flow of his entire body was messed up, and he was unable to cast a single skill."Oh, no! Am I going to die like this?" Han Sen felt as if his organs were bleeding. His entire body had been battered and broken, and if he did not receive any remedial aid, he'd soon die.Being unable to cast a single skill, he could not heal himself. And with the pain that came with moving, he couldn't do anything but wait to die."Gourd! You got me killed!" Han Sen spoke to the gourd beside him, as his heart sank.But then, Han Sen realized that despite all the wounds he had incurred, and the lesions that had opened up across his body, he wasn't bleeding externally. All the wounds had scabbed.And as for the internal bleeding he could feel, nothing ill was coming of it. The blood that came from the organs did not swell up someplace, but instead managed to flow around his body even without the pumping of his heart or blood vessels."Blood-Pulse Sutra?" Han Sen was delighted at the sudden realization, and so he cast it. As he did, he prayed and hoped, "This must work."He easily cast the Blood-Pulse Sutra, and his messed-up interior did not seem to prohibit his usage of the skill.A strange power burst from his blood and went to every cell, fixing and restoring every part of his body.His organs, his bones, his torn flesh; every inch of his being was recovering.Han Sen noticed he did not need to focus on the Blood-Pulse Sutra, as the energy from his blood was recovering his organs by itself."No wonder it is a Blood Legion skill; it really is quite powerful." Han Sen was very happy. Although the recovery of the sutra was slow, and it wasn't as fast or efficient as the holy light, it was enough to save his life under the dire circumstances. It would take a while before he fully recovered, so he made the most of it and laid down as comfortably as he could.Han Sen now thought it was a good idea to look around, but unfortunately, he could not move his head. Therefore, his vision was limited.The air was pure where he was, and he had a feeling that he had never felt during his time in the Second God's Sanctuary. In comparison, the Second God's Sanctuary's air quality seemed poor and dirty."Am I in the Third God's Sanctuary?" As Han Sen thought this, he tried looking up.All he could see was the color green. When the sunlight flickered down through the foliage in his sight, the graceful light blinded him.Han Sen noticed he was beneath a tree that was around five meters tall, and its leaves were entirely circular. The leaves knitted together like a parasol, shielding him from the sunrays.But from the branches, Han Sen noticed many crosses hanging down.As Han Sen wondered who had hung so many crosses on the tree, he realized what they actually were. They were shortswords.Every shortsword looked identical, and they were about two-feet-long. Each blade was approximately the width of two fingers, and they were pitch-black in color. That was why Han Sen first mistook them for crosses. All-in-all, there had to be around thirty of them."Who was bored enough to hang this many swords from the tree?" Although Han Sen had this thought, he was actually extremely happy. It also meant someone had to be someplace in the vicinity.But then, Han Sen realized it might have been a spirit that did this. Spirits were, after all, renowned for doing weird things. If he was discovered by a spirit, he wagered no good would come of it.But Han Sen could not look around and examine more of the surroundings, due to his inability to move his head. All he could see was the tree and the black shortswords.Han Sen then noticed something was wrong. The shortswords didn't look as if they had been hung on purpose. The swords were connected with the branches, as if they were a sort of fruit."Geno seeds. This must be the Third God's Sanctuary." Han Sen realized he was beneath a geno tree. The black shortswords were geno weaponry. He didn't know if he ought to be glad or worried. In this place, spirits, creatures, and humans grew geno seeds and now, he was directly underneath the fruit of one. He wasn't sure what he was going to meet.If the geno tree's master was a beast, Han Sen would likely become its afternoon snack, since he couldn't move.Han Sen looked at his Sea of Soul, planning to don his Devil-Ant King armor for protection.But when he looked inside there, he froze.

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