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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 792: A King with Seventy-Two WivesTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter Han Sen woke up, he logged into the virtual training camp. Qin Xuan was already online, and she wasted no time in inviting him to a lobby."Coach, I have decided to learn Empirical Sword," Qin Xuan told him directly."Okay," Han Sen said. The way he saw things, Qin Xuan was a woman who could do anything. She surmounted challenges of all sorts easily, and it was difficult to grasp that feeling with the other men he knew. He thought Empirical Sword would suit her just fine.They both matched against each other again, but this time, there was someone in the audience. It was a middle-aged gentleman.Qin Xuan thought her great grandfather was a strange man. He was incredibly old, but upon making his virtual avatar, he created a delicate and handsome middle-aged man. He had also taken to flirting with other online girls, something which annoyed her quite a bit.At least she was not compelled to inform others that it was indeed her great grandfather. Admitting such a thing would be extremely embarrassing.After their fight was over, Qin Xuan hesitated for a bit before talking. When she spoke, she said, "Coach, I have a friend who would like to match against you. Would this be okay?""Sure," Han Sen quickly agreed, as it did not concern him who he practiced with."Cool. I will ask him to invite you, then." Qin Xuan felt relieved, not hearing Han Sen ask her who this person was. If he had, she wouldn't have known how to answer him. She could not lie, but admitting the truth would be painful.After waiting a bit, Han Sen saw a friend request pop-up, alongside the ID of its sender. It was called "A King with Seventy-Two Wives," a name which made Han Sen laugh. He happily accepted the request.This name was one of the primary reasons why Qin Xuan did not want to introduce the person as her great grandfather.After Han Sen added him as a friend, he received a match invite. He agreed, but did not expect the person he was about to face to be a demi-god.Qin Xuan was prepared to watch the fight, but her entry was prevented."A fighter has disabled spectating. Entry is prohibited." Hearing the system announcement, Qin Xuan froze. She had no idea why she had been locked out."Great Grandpa, what are you doing?" Qin Xuan sent Qin Taixuan a message."The recipient has disabled their messaging functionality. Try again later." When Qin Xuan heard this second announcement, she began to feel awful. She had no idea what her great grandfather sought to do.When Han Sen entered the arena, his body felt a great chill. He could sense a feeling of danger encroach and swell inside him. It was the sort of feeling that suggested he was not going up against a person, but rather a monster.If he was in the sanctuary, he'd turn tail and run within a heartbeat. This scary feeling made him tremble.He was not afraid in his mind, however. His body's reaction was only natural, when faced with the potential of extreme danger. It was merely quite strange for him, since he had never suffered this reaction before.Han Sen forced his body to calm down, and after doing so, approached to observe his opponent.Han Sen knew there would be no point in running. If he ever met someone in real life who could make his body shiver like this, he knew he wouldn't be granted the opportunity of flight.Han Sen was simply glad he had only encountered this person here in the virtual Skynet, and he wasn't a real enemy of his."Why have you convinced Qin Xuan to learn that skill?" Qin Taixuan coldly asked."Because I think it suits her," Han Sen said, not looking to hide anything. Although he did not compel Qin Xuan to learn it, he hoped that she would learn it due to how well it suited her."Then let me see if you have what it takes to even think about it." Qin Taixuan stepped forward and his hands became blades. Without pause, he slashed towards Han Sen.In this virtual world, when Han Sen saw the strike come, he felt as if the world had gotten smaller. It was like the entire space was taken by this attack, and he could neither move nor dodge. He felt as if he would just have to stand and wait there, anticipating the moment he would be broken by his opponent.Han Sen knew that it wasn't the power gap between the two that prohibited him from fighting back, it was just the feelings he was suffering from, as a result of going against someone of a much higher tier. It stifled him.Han Sen's heart was tough, and he had frequently found himself triumphing over life or death moments. Thinking this over, he became determined not to lose over the strength he perceived someone else to have.He cast the Dongxuan Sutra, which resulted in his body shaking. But still, his eyes shone bright with determination, devoid of any glimmer of a desire to back out. All he did was stare at the hand that approached him.He did not move back nor forward. Instead, he moved horizontally.Pang!When the attack landed, he felt as if his chest was about to be torn open. One of his arms and half a shoulder were sliced off. The system simulated the appearance of gushing blood, as his HP bar was brought down to a sliver.But the opponent's attack did not defeat him right away, and he still had a single-digit amount of HP left.Qin Taixuan's eyes looked strange. He could tell that his opponent was not some leader in an army and was instead just a young man.But for a young man to have such a reaction towards his attack was special, and even here in a virtual community, it surprised Qin Taixuan a great amount.If Han Sen backed off, then that would mean his mind was lost. If he went forward, then that would imply he was reckless under pressure.No matter which way Han Sen went, he'd have been defeated.But under such pressure, Han Sen could still use his best judgment and heed his own advice. To this, Qin Taixuan was surprised and in great admiration of him.Qin Taixuan thought it was incredible to see a young man such as this."If you have convinced Little Xuanxuan to learn this skill, you must be responsible." Qin Taixuan merely looked at Han Sen now, foregoing a desire to attack.Han Sen was preparing to fight back, but put away his attempt upon hearing him speak. His heart could properly take-in what was spoken, so he asked, "Responsible? Responsible for what?""If a powerful sword lacks a proper scabbard, then it will inevitably harm the wielder. If you have suggested that she learn Empirical Sword, then you must be her scabbard," Qin Taixuan said with calm gravitas.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1147: Crimson FruitTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioEven more creatures were joining the fray; a dozen insects, each a meter long, began to rise from the lake.The super creatures were bee-lining for Han Sen, that much was clear.They wanted nothing more than to dine on Xiang Yin’s flesh, but they had previously been unable to disrupt her ascension. Now that Yaksha had appeared, proving formidable enough to do so and give the creatures what they desired, they had hope. But Han Sen had come along to stop Yaksha, and with only him in their way, they all thought it best to chip in and stop the meddler.Han Sen had done what he could in the time he had, but under fire from so many super creatures, he knew it would now be best to run.While he wished to save Xiang Yin and ensure her success, Disloyal Knight and the Blue Dinosaur were not enough to repel the assault of a dozen super creatures.Even if Han Sen did stay and fight, Yaksha would be free to fly towards that door while the super creatures kept his foe occupied. Remaining there would be a pointless endeavor, and stopping Yaksha any further would be silly.“Run!” Han Sen yelled back towards Queen and the Blue Dinosaur.Blue Dinosaur was no sharper than a bag of socks, but even it wasn’t dumb enough to try to withstand a dozen super creatures. It knew it was time to run, and so it did.Queen was atop it, and she rode it back into the tunnels they had come from.Han Sen tried to veil the seven senses of the creatures, so they could neither hear nor see him.But its effectiveness on super creatures was practically null, and it did not quell their raging stampede towards him. All Han Sen could do was focus on his flight out.“You had it coming!” Yaksha coldly mocked, before turning to go for the door.The nine steps Xiang Yin had traversed were brutal and endowed with a hungry fire that ravaged all who sought to ascend. She was little more than a shadow at this point, and that shadow was flickering faintly, as if it was about to be completely dispelled by a dazzling light.Xiang Yin had been aware of what was occurring outside of the door, and she had been touched by Han Sen’s bravery in trying to secure safe passage for her.When he fled from the attacks of the super creatures, she completely understood.Nearing the end of her painful journey, Xiang Yin decided to forget about Yaksha who was now homing in on her. She now had to focus on completing what she had started.She concentrated on withstanding the fire that sought to incinerate her. She could not allow her mind to waver, falter, or be distracted by the incoming threat. If her mind wandered for a second, it’d be her demise.“Maybe this is my fate.” Xiang Yin was still composed, and she didn’t feel hatred for the one who came for her.Han Sen had already fought on her behalf for a while, but she hadn’t yet been able to make that final step. Even if Yaksha wasn’t there to disturb her, she was teetering on the brink of failure.This was a life and death moment for her. This was the single moment that would decide her future, for there would be no return to the present.Xiang Yin had no choice now but to ascend. She could not return; she could only go on. Go on or fall.The jellylike fruit would vaporize shortly after becoming ripe, so she couldn’t eat it anywhere else at any other time.Yaksha had now reached the door. He could tell Xiang Yin was about to fail, even if he hadn’t come to meddle with her ascension.“It is a shame you have become my enemy, but I cannot allow you to go to the Fourth God’s Sanctuary,” Yaksha said as he watched her burn.Xiang Yin paid no heed to his words and maintained her focus on the task at hand.Although she looked like she was going to fail, just in case, Yaksha pulled out something to throw beyond the door.Yaksha had not yet opened ten gene locks, so he was not foolish enough to enter himself. If he went inside, he’d be turned into soot in a matter of seconds.So, aware of this, he had an item. If he threw this item inside, there was a high chance it would secure her demise.What Yaksha was holding was a black-metal fruit called a “Crimson Fruit.” It was attuned with the element of fire, and it had been obtained from a king spirit tree.If he threw it inside, it could pollute the holy, cleansing fire.The holy fire cleansed those who walked through it. It rinsed and burned away past sins and removed your old body to provide a new one that was spotless. It was a necessary process to become a demi-god.Once the tenth step had been reached, you would become a demi-god.Yaksha wanted to pollute the holy fire, though. The dirt of the fruit was said to warp and sour the cleansing process and provide greater damage to whoever walked through it.“Xiang Yin, I will take your place in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary and find Ancient Devil Emperor.” Yaksha smiled as he prepared to chuck the fruit inside.Xiang Yin believed there now to be no hope. Seeing the fruit leave Yaksha’s hand, she sighed.But the moment the fruit was about to cross through the doorframe, it stopped. It appeared as if something was pulling it back.In the next second, the flight of the fruit was course-corrected, and it ended up flying in the opposite direction. A hand then grabbed the Crimson Fruit.Yaksha saw it happen, and he realized that someone had just claimed his fruit.“It’s you!” Yaksha and Xiang Yin both exclaimed.Han Sen, all bloodied, now possessed the fruit. He smiled and said, “You are a noob who does not even have ten gene locks open. You’re using this to disrupt her ascension? Cheap. It’s a shame it’s mine now.”“You are dead.” Yaksha’s face turned green. He flapped his wings and soared towards Han Sen.

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注册即送70元⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1220: A Place Where Spirits GrowTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen still had a trove of questions he wished to ask, but the man had started to shine with a purple light. An ancient stone door appeared in the early morning sky, and after it did, the man approached it without hesitation.“What is your name?” Han Sen repeated his first question.The man had been kind enough to answer all his questions so far, and he had even been kind enough to give him the memory card on Xuan Men. Yet strangely, he hadn’t mentioned his name.“It does not matter,” the man said without looking back. He continued onwards toward the door.Han Sen felt that it was all quite peculiar. The man had given Han Sen so much, except the simplest of ordinary niceties: a name.The skeleton followed the man to the door. This was a surprise, and it made Han Sen think, “How can the skeleton follow behind him? Can other creatures traverse the same door? Is that skeleton even strong enough to withstand the fires of those steps?”As Han Sen pondered this, the man pushed the doors open. The typhoon-like gusts of wind began to blow through the opening and expand, blowing the man’s hair.The man pushed it open effortlessly, and then he ascended the steps with the skeleton in tow. Perhaps because there were two beings passing through the door, but the fires seemed stronger and more ferocious than the ones Han Sen had seen before.The man continued to shine and glitter like amethyst, and a purple mist warped around them like a shield against the scorching whips that lashed out. The man and the skeleton walked the ten steps without trouble, and then the door shut behind them.Han Sen was shocked. It was very different than what had occurred with Xiang Yin, Yaksha’s intrusion aside. That man walked as if he was going shopping, and the fires were nothing but bothersome pedestrians.“Awesome!” Han Sen believed if that man could do it, he could do it, too.Of course, he still had a while to go before he could attempt the feat. He still needed a fair amount of additional strength, and the timeframe for when he achieved the necessary amount of power to traverse the steps was still up for debate.The Dongxuan Sutra seemed different from Xuantian, and Han Sen did not know if their levels were the same.Regardless, he was eager to find out more about this new Xuantian he had just learned about. He had the memory card, but that could not be used in the sanctuary.Boom! Boom!Amidst Han Sen’s excitement, the sound of thunder rolled. The snaps of what seemed like lightning pummeled the mountainside, vibrating the entire landmass.“What was that?” Han Sen looked down at the chasm that had recently formed on the peak.“A man like that wouldn’t just go for a nap, here of all places, for no reason. There must be something around here worth investigating. I might find a souvenir, and it might be something that helped him. If it helped that fellow, it can surely help me.” Han Sen’s mind scrambled to keep itself composed, thinking of the treasure that might lurk in the darkness.Boom!An energy pulsed out of the hole, blowing Han Sen away a few hundred meters.Han Sen kept his body straight as he flew backward, watching a purple light stem from deep inside the chasm. It was like an eerie, purple volcano that was seeking to erupt.Han Sen was shocked, to say the least. He flew around the area, but he noticed many creatures had started to ascend the mountain. When the purple light began to beam up and up into the sky, it exploded in a dizzying array of fireworks. The purple light was soon like rain, cascading over the mountain.All the creatures on the mountain were washed with that purple rain, Han Sen included. The purple rain landed on Han Sen and moisturized his skin. The substance was warm and soothing to the touch.He used his Dongxuan Aura to absorb the warmth, and almost immediately, he felt as if his seventh gene lock was going to burst right open.Under the purple rain, a lot of plants came out of the soil, making the mountain bloom with lush plant life and an unrivaled vibrancy. The creatures that touched the rain were all shining now, as well. They too were opening gene locks.Katcha!Han Sen felt like a restrictive chain had been severed inside his body. It delighted Han Sen to confirm that he had indeed opened his seventh gene lock with the Dongxuan Sutra.As Han Sen sought to absorb more of that rain, though, the rain came to a stop.The tower below became purple as a holy presence and aura started to form around it. The tower started to grow, becoming much larger. Suddenly, the tower overtook the entire mountain, becoming one incomprehensibly large spire.Han Sen looked around and stared into the crowds of creatures that had come together, but he could not find the silver fox.“Strange. Did none of the Ghost Buddies actually come here, then?” Han Sen frowned.But then, Han Sen watched the creatures resume their ascent and hurry towards the tower. Not wanting to leave with his curiosity unsatiated, Han Sen followed them.After he entered the tower, though, Han Sen was shocked. The minuscule tower had transformed into a shelter, and a king-class one at that. Han Sen followed the creatures and reached the top. There was a spirit statue there, with a spirit stone lodged in its forehead.Han Sen realized that man had overtaken the location where a spirit could be born. The man had absorbed its energy, and when he left through the door, the spirit was free to continue its growth.“I wonder what the spirit’s level is. If it was worthy for that man to take its power, it must be a strong one.” Han Sen’s face started to turn grim as he felt the power of that stone become tangible.The lifeforce was much stronger than he expected it to be.“It cannot be an emperor with ten of its gene locks opened, can it?” Han Sen stared at the purple spirit stone in awe.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 793: Exceeding Ultimate ModeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Scabbard?" Han Sen was unsure what he meant. Qin Xuan was only seeking to learn a new sword skill; it wasn't as if she was being melted down and reforged into a blade herself. What scabbard?"The most important aspect of Empirical Sword lies in the ruler's heart. If there is no heart, there can be no sword. But this heart..." Qin Taixuan sighed and then continued to say, "The absolute power is dependent on the heart. If the heart sinks, so too does the power. She needs a person to keep her feeling as if she were in danger. She needs a person who gives her purpose to proceed and strive ever forward, not to remain where she is and be content. Only that can sharpen the sword, the sword that will be sheathed inside the scabbard you will embody.""Why me?" Han Sen asked with confusion.There were many elites in the Qin family, so Han Sen did not understand why Qin Taixuan wanted him to be the scabbard. He was an outsider, and no one else in the Qin family even knew about him."If you do not know the heart, how can you be the scabbard?" Qin Taixuan said, while staring at Han Sen. He continued, "Tell me your name, kid. I can only suppose you are someone special."Qin Taixuan believed Han Sen to hail from a big family, if he indeed possessed such wisdom. The kid intrigued him very much and so, he wanted to confirm his identity before allowing him to become the scabbard.Han Sen hesitated for a moment, and then said, "I am Han Sen. I am a subordinate of Team Qin. Now I am Captain of the Special Squad. If I can help Team Qin, I will do whatever I am able to.""You are Han Sen?" Qin Taixuan looked at him in a strange way.Qin Taixuan had heard Han Sen's name before, but not through his achievements. It was because he was the son-in-law of Ji Ruozhen, and had a blood relation with the Luo family."Yes. If you need me, give me a call." Han Sen nodded, as there was nothing else he could say. And there was nothing else he could do to prove he was indeed Han Sen."Have you joined the Luo family?" Qin Taixuan wore a serious look."My surname is Han, not Luo," Han Sen replied.Qin Taixuan's expression was complex, and after a brief time of silence elapsed between the two, he said to Han Sen, "Qin Xuan will be depending on you.""What should I do?" Han Sen was not sure what was needed to be a good scabbard."Spend time practicing with her. Beat her, but not too harshly," Qin Taixuan said this and prepared to leave."How can I contact you?" Han Sen asked."My name is Qin Taixuan," he answered.Han Sen was shocked, and in his heart, he thought to himself, "The demigod Qin Taixuan? It is no wonder he is so powerful. I am afraid he already went easy on me. If he didn't, I wouldn't be standing here with a modicum of health remaining.""Old Qin, there is something I must ask." Han Sen felt embarrassed."What is it?" Qin Taixuan looked at Han Sen."Qin Xuan does not know who I am; could you please not tell her? If you told her, I can only suspect she will become mad." Han Sen bore a wry smile."Okay." Qin Taixuan nodded."Thank you, Old Qin." Han Sen was now beaming with happiness.After Han Sen departed, Qin Taixuan looked puzzled. He thought to himself, "I hope he does not join the Luo family. A person like that, joining them? It would either be the luckiest thing or the worst thing for the Alliance.""Great Grandpa, what were you doing with my coach?" Qin Xuan finally saw him return and asked the question as quickly as possible."Nothing. I was just testing him. I wanted to see if he was sufficiently qualified to teach my cute, great granddaughter. He is alright." Qin Taixuan smiled."Why would you not allow me to see?" Qin Xuan looked as if she didn't entirely trust what he had to say.Qin Taixuan merely squinted and said, "Do you want to stand around here all day chatting, or do you want to come home with me so that I can show you the true Empirical Sword?""I can learn it?" Qin Xuan looked surprised, not expecting to be allowed to learn it so soon.The Empirical Sword she had previously learnt was just a skill. The hyper geno art was forbidden from the family, and without Qin Taixuan's permission, she wouldn't even be allowed to look upon it."Remember this; to not fight is the most oppressive thing you can do. To learn this without heeding that will only harm you," Qin Taixuan said, with an unreadable expression.…...Han Sen practiced with Qin Xuan every day, and when he wasn't practicing, he spent his time playing Hand of God. Playing Hand of God actually aided the training of his perception.And especially so, since he was going up against bots. Highly-advanced AI posed a far greater challenge to him than humans did. The primary reason for this was because of the AI's reaction speeds, which far exceeded that of ordinary humans. The AI always knew when the next lightspot was to appear.With AI as your opponents, you would need brilliant abilities of perception. You would have to accurately predict where the lightspot was before the AI itself became aware, and then react before they did.Han Sen chose to compete against the hardest level of AI, one which other humans had great difficulty going against. In the beginning, Han Sen's success rate was low, only managing to get two lightspots out of every hundred. And even those times were through guesses.But as Han Sen became more powerful, the number of lightspots he managed to obtain increased. After all, the AI was programmed and scripted, adhering to rules established by the creators. Over time, Han Sen began to get a feel for the AI's rhythm, and as he did, his success rate grew.After two months of constant practice, Han Sen's perception with his dongxuan aura only continued to improve. By that time, it had almost wholly caught up with Jadeskin's eighth sense."Congratulations! You have beaten Hand of God's super mode." After getting the final lightspot, the announcement played to congratulate Han Sen.At the same time, the whole community of Hand of God played the announcement."Evolver-class player 'Win A Girlfriend' is now the first player to complete super mode and has been granted the title 'Hand of God.'"The announcement played three times across the entire community, and brought everyone to a standstill."Holy smokes! Is that for real? An evolver finished super mode?""Who is that powerful? They must be cheating; how can an evolver finish super mode?""He must have been single for fifty years, willing to do anything to win a girlfriend.""I don't think the system can make mistakes. But I'll echo your sentiments and ask how an evolver could possibly pass this difficulty?"Many people believed the feat to have been impossible. A lot of the professional Hand of God players went to search for the identity of the player only known as "Win A Girlfriend." They added him as a friend and invited Han Sen to play many times, to see how good he truly was.When Han Sen saw the first request, he accepted it. But later, the friend request tone was like a fire alarm. Unable to cope with the number of requests he was suddenly receiving, he simply decided to turn on his "busy" status.The only person he accepted sent him a match request. "Player 'God's Third Hand' has sent you a match request. Will you accept?"

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 774: It's Not That GoodTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was preparing to go out when he received a message saying he should expect another visitor.When Han Sen heard this, he frowned. Visitors weren't permitted there, so he thought it was strange to hear someone was coming to see him."Who might it be, I wonder?" Han Sen had a few guesses, but he couldn't count on any.Ordinary people were not allowed to enter the base, so he made his way to the reception area. There, he saw a beautiful woman sitting. He couldn't tell her age, but he knew this was a woman he had never seen before."You are Little Sen?" When the woman saw Han Sen, she greeted him with great enthusiasm and a warm smile."I am Han Sen. Who are you?" Han Sen frowned when he heard the woman call him "Little Sen.""I am your aunt." The woman seemed surprised at Han Sen asking this."Aunt?" Han Sen was shocked, never before hearing that he had aunt."Didn't Sister Lan tell you that she has a little sister? That is heartbreaking for me to hear. I was just an orphan, picked and raised by my grandfather. I treated your mother as a true sister. I can hardly believe she never mentioned me before." The woman looked genuinely upset, almost as if tears were ready to burst from her eyes."Who are you?" Han Sen frowned. Understanding her identity in the family meant nothing to him.His mother said she never wanted to get involved with the Luo family. She wouldn't even let Han Sen learn the Luo family's skill. Although she never explained why, Han Sen trusted her and the reasons she must have had. As such, Han Sen never bothered trying to contact the Luo family."You are so cold. It is no wonder you are Sister Lan's son." The woman smiled, and the sadness in her eyes had vanished. The change was sudden and quite jarring."If there is nothing else for you to say, then I'll be leaving now." Han Sen turned around and prepared to make his exit.But the woman's hands were like lightning. She threw her finger in Han Sen's direction.Before it reached Han Sen, he felt its great power suddenly approaching his body. It was thinner than a needle and sharper than a blade, and its power was so great it instantly broke Han Sen's combat suit.Han Sen was shocked, not expecting the woman to attack him here, of all places. It was fortunate Han Sen reacted quickly. He fired his Elephant-Disc Punch to collide with the incoming hit.Dong!Han Sen took a few steps back and hit the wall. His finger was cut so deep, the bone inside was on display."Eh? You didn't learn Falsified-Sky Sutra?" The woman looked at Han Sen with great surprise; if he had learnt it, he would have been able to counter her attack.Han Sen was about to get angry, but upon hearing what she asked him, enquired, "What Falsified-Sky Sutra?"Han Sen racked his mind as if to recall something. Then, he asked, "Wait, are you the one who gave me that unknown hyper geno art?"The woman shook her head and said, "I sent it to you, but it was a gift given to you by your great-grandfather. Why did you not take the time to learn it?""I am not learning something from an unknown source," Han Sen coldly replied."Well, it is no longer an unknown source. I hope you take the time to learn it in the near future." The woman felt awkward, coming here to test Han Sen's progress with the skill. She had not expected him to have not bothered with it, at all."If it's from the Luo family, then that means I'll definitely not learn it," Han Sen coldly said."Why?" The woman frowned, looking at Han Sen. His answer had actually surprised her."Because my mother wants no involvement with your family. You have received the answer to your question, now you can leave." Han Sen gave her a stern, cold look. If his mom did not want him to engage with the Luo family just as she herself didn't, then going against her wishes was the last thing he would do. He didn't want to worry her.And Han Sen didn't think it was necessary to learn Falsified-Sky Sutra, anyway. Dongxuan Sutra and Blood-Pulse were better than it, after all."Do you have any idea what you're missing out on? There are only five hyper geno arts that have ten gene locks available to open. Falsified-Sky Sutra is one of them." The woman stared at Han Sen."So what?" Han Sen asked her.The woman laughed in response, saying, "It looks like you really don't have any idea what you're missing out on. If you don't practice Falsified-Sky Sutra, then you aren't a member of our family. You don't have the necessary qualifications to join Godslayer Shelter.""Oh, I'm sorry. Did you not get the memo? My surname is Han. And Godslayer Shelter has nothing to do with me. I have no interest in joining there. And to add to that, I don't think Falsified-Sky Sutra is all that impressive," Han Sen told her coldly.Hearing Han Sen's last few words, the smile quickly vanished from her face. With a chilling voice she said, "You are just like Sister Lan. You are so selfish and conceited. You don't care about anyone else, do you? As your aunt, I should really teach you a lesson.""Do you have any idea where you are?" Han Sen raised his lips."Wherever I am is a place of my own," Luo Li said. Then, she moved her body to begin attacking Han Sen.Her fingers were like razor blades, shredding the very air. An invisible force was headed Han Sen's way, moving at a blisteringly quick pace.Han Sen saw it coming, so he simulated the Bone-Elephant's energy flow. Elephants trumpeted inside him once more, and his body turned the color of jade. He raised his fist and punched the incoming force.Pang!It sounded like glass being shattered. Luo Li's expression turned to one of shock in response, not expecting Han Sen's fist skills to have develop so strongly. She never expected him to be able to dwarf the power of the Falsified-Sky Sutra.It was just a random punch of hers, but Han Sen had managed to crush it. And this surprised her.Luo Li was strangely confident in her Falsified-Sky Sutra, however, and she wouldn't allow Han Sen to resist her powers.They were both evolvers. Luo Li did not believe herself to be invincible, but she didn't believe anyone could beat her if they had not learned the Falsified-Sky Sutra.In Luo Li's eyes, she thought only Luo Lan had sufficient power to beat her. She always considered her sister to be her greatest opponent and greatest target. She could not allow herself to lose against her son, and she would not allow herself to lose against someone who had not even bothered to practice the Falsified-Sky Sutra.An invisible power burst forth from her. Her hair waved like a madwoman's, floating in the air. Her hands became like blades, swinging towards Han Sen.The invisible power was like an indestructible blade. It sliced through the air as it traveled towards Han Sen.Luo Li's hands did not stop moving, as if she were a frenzied witch. Her hands became the invisible blades, attacking Han Sen without a single glimmer of restraint.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 830: Transparent Little FishTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioIn the pool, in the direction the silver fox was looking, swam a fish.The fish wasn't very large. In fact, it was only about ten centimeters long, and it was semi-transparent. The bones were transparent, as well, and the only way you could properly catch sight of it was by spotting its blood vessels. If you didn't peer at the water carefully and look for it that way, you wouldn't notice it existed at all.Because of the water, Han Sen was unable to sense its lifeforce.Instead, he summoned his devil-eye mask and managed to espy the presence of a flame on the fish. It was its lifeforce, and it burned as hot as any other super creature's did."That little thing is a super creature?!" Han Sen felt a mixture of shock and confusion.The energy inside the little fish was blurry, so it was only a first-generation super creature. And since the fish did not appear to possess the elemental properties of thunder, Han Sen wondered why the silver fox seemed to show so much interest.The silver fox lay down near the pool and did not move. After a while, it began circling the pool as it had when it first arrived. The little blighter almost seemed to be lost in thought."What does he want?" Han Sen said to himself, as he observed the silver fox.If the silver fox wanted to kill the fish, then it could have very well done so. The pool wasn't very deep, only about three feet deep at the very most. He could even effortlessly electrify the water with lightning, without a single worry about aquatic retaliation.Plus, Han Sen was there. If the silver fox wanted to attack and felt that it needed backup, surely it knew its master wouldn't sit idly by watching it tussle with the fishy wretch all by itself.But, all the silver fox did was lie down near the pool again. It watched the little transparent fish swimming around and did nothing at all.Han Sen was very curious what was going on, but there was nothing he could do. He could only wait. If he got close to the pool, the silver fox would approach Han Sen and make a fearsome face. Understanding how powerful his pet had gotten, Han Sen wasn't willing to take any chances with somehow invoking the ire of the silver fox.Not long after, a sheep entered the cave the silver fox had dug. It didn't seem to be afraid of people, and it strutted right over beside Han Sen.When the sheep saw the pool, it baa'ed. It walked towards the pool as if it were thirsty and fancied a drink.Han Sen thought the silver fox was going to stop it, but it didn't. It continued to lie where it was, watching the sheep quench its thirst at the pool.Han Sen thought the fish might have been angry at this intrusion, but it didn't have any negative reaction. In fact, it didn't look as if the fish cared at all. It continued to swim as mellowly as it had the entire time.The sheep drank quite a bit, and once it was done, it turned around and prepared to leave.But what Han Sen saw next was a most terrifying scene. The sheep's mouth began to rot, and bits of sizzling flesh fell to the ground below.To make it all the more unnerving, the sheep acted as if it had not noticed a thing. It wasn't in pain or anything, and it merely continued to trot back towards the outside as casually as it had entered.While it walked, more of its flesh fizzled away from its face, coating the cavern floor in blood. It began to happen elsewhere on its body, as goopy chunks of its flesh slid free from the bones of the sheep they once composed. It wasn't long until parts of its skeleton were exposed.The sheep continued walking to the exit, and by the time it left the cave, it was nothing but a skeleton. In a grizzly, horrific mess, its organs lay scattered and strewn all about.Seeing the sheep walk outside alive, with only its bones to indicate what it was, Han Sen could hardly believe his eyes.Han Sen was given a cold sweat, seeing this. And now, he quickly understood why the silver fox did not want him to approach. The liquid in that pool was by no means a consumable refreshment.For the fish itself to survive inside there, it had to be a miracle.Then, from outside the cave, a chorus of baaing could be heard. Han Sen quickly ran out and saw that all the other sheep were frightened and trying to avoid the sheep that was now just a skeleton. But it really did seem as if the skellysheep hadn't noticed anything amiss, and it continued to believe it was the same as the rest of its fluffy companions. It tried following the other sheep around, unaware of why it was being avoided.As the skellysheep followed them around, however, it wasn't long before Han Sen heard something snap. Several of its bones broke, and it collapsed on the ground."What the h*ll is the water in that pool?" Han Sen thought to himself, in utter disbelief at the ghastly sight he had just witnessed. When he returned to look at the creepy pool, his heart pounded with fear.Han Sen sniffed the air and did not notice anything that smelled amiss, so at the very least it wasn't a natural acid.It seemed as if the water came from the stalactites above. A pool had formed from the constant dripping.Han Sen looked up and noticed a number of cracks inside the stalactites, indicating the water must have leaked out from inside them. But the amount of water coming from them was very little. There were ten stalactites, and there was only one drop every few minutes. God only knew how many years it would have taken for the pool to be created."Little Silver, if you keep waiting here, it'll all be for nothing. If you want this fish out of the pool, don't expect it to do so by itself. Perhaps we should bang our heads together and think of a way in which we can get it out ourselves, eh?" Han Sen spoke to Little Silver as he continued to lie prone, watching the fish.The silver fox then turned around and looked at Han Sen, as if he was expecting Han Sen to suggest a plan."Use your thunder. Electrify the water, spook it out, and then grab it." Han Sen suggested after a short period of thought.The silver fox looked at Han Sen with disdain. It cast lightning out onto the surface of the water, but it didn't seem to do anything. It appeared as if it dissolved when it came into contact with the curious liquid of the pool.Now Han Sen understood the look he had been given, realizing the lightning could not penetrate the surface of the water."What is this water, then? What makes it behave like that?" Han Sen was shocked. "Well, that's okay. If the thunder is absorbed by the water, I'd like to see it absorb this."As Han Sen's dialogue came to a close, he quickly summoned his peacock crossbow, loaded it with raw Z-steel bolts, and took aim at the fish in the pool.The silver fox's eyes opened wide and it retreated a few steps, expecting Han Sen to kill the fish.Approaching the pool a little closer, Han Sen corrected his aim to obtain perfect accuracy on the fish. He predicted its movement and then pulled the trigger.But when the bolt pierced the water, he somehow missed. The surface of the pool was mirror-like, giving a reflection far clearer than average water would. Therefore, the fish's position in the water was different than it appeared. The bolt missed and lodged itself inside the rocky bottom of the pool. This made Han Sen feel pretty bad.The water was terrifying, and Han Sen didn't think he could retrieve the Z-steel raw bolt with any modicum of ease.But he didn't dwell on it too much, but instead retrieved another Z-steel bolt and took aim at the fish once more. Han Sen calculated its path and took into account the refraction of the water.Pat!The bolt pierced the water and the fish's body. Its body did not resist the flight of the bolt in the slightest, and all it did was twitch a little before flipping over dead. It died, as simple as that.Han Sen froze. He did not expect the creepy fish to die so easily. There was no struggle, and it was killed with a single shot.

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Xi Nanyan⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 232: SagittariusTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter going back to school, Han Sen went to the holographic equipment hall and entered the virtual training field designated by Qin Xuan.Qin Xuan did not ask them to have the competition in the training field of the shelter, for she did not want anyone else to find out about the result.No matter who lost, the person would suffer in his or her honor, which was not something Qin Xuan was willing to see, because they were both future leaders that she had hand-picked.Han Sen logged into the platform called Sagittarius, a virtual archery community. After logging in, he was assigned to the unevolved section.Qin Xuan and Yang Manli were already there and Han Sen quickly sent friend requests to both of them.Qin then invited Han Sen to enter the game room."This is one of the classical game rooms on Sagittarius. It is called White Birds Forest. You will see a path in the forest 2 miles long. When you go through the path, there will be black and white birds on the trees. You cannot shoot the white birds, but only the black ones. If you mistakenly shoot a white bird, you will be out. And we will decide who the winner is based on the number of the black birds you shoot. If your numbers are the same, the winner will be the one who finishes faster. Do you have any questions?" After explaining, Qin Xuan looked at them."No," answered Yang Manli and Han Sen at the same time."Okay, you shall begin now."Han Sen and Yang Manli started their test respectively and entered the White Birds Forest.Although Qin Xuan did not want anyone to know the results of this competition, an acquaintance happened to see both of them when they entered Sagittarius.Su Xiaoqiao often went to Sagittarius to practice his archery, despite his carefree appearance. Sagittarius was obviously more fun than shooting at a target. When Su Xiaoqiao had just finished his practice, he saw Qin Xuan, Han Sen and Yang Manli at the same time and was very shocked."How come the three of them would log in on Sagittarius at the same time? What are they trying to do?" Su Xiaoqiao suddenly became curious and followed them into the game room.The game room was open to everyone, but after one entered the scene it would become a unique experience for the player. Su Xiaoqiao saw Han Sen and Yang Manli had both started the White Birds Forest test and hesitated.He could use the observing mode and pay to watch one of them. However, he was alone and it was impossible for him to watch both.Su Xiaoqiao only paused for a moment before he chose to watch Han Sen's test.It was not because Su Xiaoqiao thought Han Sen was the better archer, but because everyone in Bullseye knew how great Yang Manli was. Su Xiaoqiao was not sure how well Han Sen could do, so he was intrigued to see Han Sen's test.After entering the observing mode, Su Xiaoqiao saw Han Sen waiting to begin the test.Su Xiaoqiao was familiar with this game room and had trained here before as well.This was a scene easy and difficult at the same time. Anyone could easily pass the challenge by running through without shooting any white bird. However, if one was fast but did not shoot many black birds, one's score would be very low. And if one killed the black birds slowly, one would still get a low score. Also, the scene was set in the nighttime and the forest was very dark, so some black birds would blend in the darkness and it was easy to miss them.Some black birds flew very fast and sometimes in different directions, which was very challenging for the archer's reflex time.In addition, many white birds would suddenly appear to increase the difficulty. Once a white bird was shot, the game would be over, and the archer would not even get a score.According to the system setting, there were a thousand black birds in the White Birds Forest, and their location and direction were all random. There was no pattern to follow.Therefore, it was almost impossible to guarantee the accuracy and the speed at the same time.Luckily, in this game room, the arrows were unlimited. In real life, carrying a thousand arrows alone was tiring enough.Su Xiaoqiao would normally get a D rating and occasionally C. If one could kill more than 90% of the black birds and guarantee one's speed, one could be rated A.As for the highest rating, S, almost no one could achieve that. No white birds allowed, and all black birds must be killed, no miss and fast; one would have to satisfy all these conditions to get an SIn the entire history of Sagittarius, only one person had gotten an S in the unevolved White Birds Forest. That person was a professional archer trained since childhood and was now the best archery coach in the military."Although Han Sen is much better than me in archery, I don't believe he could get A. His level should be a B." While Su Xiaoqiao was calculating what kind of score Han Sen could get, he started to record this test.At this time, the countdown ended, and Han Sen embarked on the path of the White Birds Forest.The moment he started walking, he had already shot an arrow. It seemed like he did not even look.Also, he was shooting nonstop while walking. There was barely any interval between his arrows, which went in all directions.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1264: EmpressTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen now understood Yaksha had been playing Blood River King like a fiddle. His co-operation had been a complete lie all along. He had only wanted Blood River King’s super creatures, and he had gotten them successfully.“Poor Blood River King. To think he actually believes he owes Yaksha his life…” Han Sen now knew not to underestimate Yaksha’s cunning.The cold female spirit responded to Yaksha now, saying, “I acknowledge and appreciate the help you have given, but three super creatures are not enough to satiate the hunger of the Serpent Throne.”“Blood River King was very hesitant, and despite pressing him all that time, I could only manage to convince him to bring three,” Yaksha said in his defense.The female spirit responded, saying, “Understood. Still, you have brought me many over time. And when the flying fish comes, once I have killed it, I should meet the requirements for challenging the Aqua Vine. If I am successful, you will receive your reward then.”“Thank you, my most gracious lady.” Yaksha kneeled, as if in her service.“Scour the stream for the fish’s location. Until it arrives, I must return to rest,” the female spirit said.“Yes, milady.” Yaksha bowed and then went off downstream.Han Sen was shocked over what he had just witnessed. If what she said was true, it seemed Yaksha had managed to obtain for her more than just those three super creatures.“But who is this female spirit? She must be an empress, if Yaksha so willingly obeys her.” Han Sen had no clue who he was now looking likely to deal with.Han Sen reflected over his dealings with Yaksha, and he thought the spirit was a remarkable nemesis. Yaksha was clever and deceptive, as much as he was strong and mighty. He had even managed to trick Xiang Yin. If his past behavior was anything to go by, Han Sen thought it was unlikely Yaksha had the lake’s female spirit’s interests at heart. It was likely he was just using her, too, and his kneeling and kind words were just for show.“I don’t like the fact that they’re going to kill the flying fish king.” Han Sen frowned.Han Sen had planned to wait until they started fighting the Aqua Vine before intervening. But now, if he wanted to save the flying fish king, he’d have to expose himself earlier than he wanted to.After all, there was no chance Han Sen could make battle with the pest Yaksha, an empress, and whatever goliath the Aqua Vine was, all by himself.Fighting alongside the fish king was his only chance. If he wanted the fruit, or whatever other treasure might have been waiting, he’d need the fish to be his ally in the endeavor.Han Sen then wracked his mind, going over the many ways he might be able to save the fish king from the trap that was waiting for it. But as he thought, he noticed one of the serpents moving the throne to the shore.It did so in a short amount of time.The empress went to sit on the throne, and her expression and posture suggested her mind was elsewhere, and she was deep in thought.The serpents moved around a lot, but the throne was stable as she sat. They were wriggling around like lecherous tentacles.The throne was being brought further past the shore, up the cliffside of a mountain.“The fish king is on its way. Where is she going?”Han Sen, still in the Night Cloak, ventured forward to see what she was up to.The Empress was going up the mountain the fish king would inevitably head for.“Is she tricking the trickster? Has she tricked Yaksha, getting him out of the way so she can nab the fruit all for herself?” As Han Sen followed, the more he saw and the more he reviewed this curious happening, he realized he was incorrect.The throne stopped before the mountain. Then, she stood up and said aloud, “Are you really going to remain guised in shadow? You should come out and greet me like a man.”This came as a sudden shock to Han Sen, and he thought to himself, “She knows I’m following her? I thought nothing could notice me while I wore the Night Cloak!”Fear became the prevailing emotion Han Sen felt right now, but just as it settled in, a stone door revealed itself on the cliffside. Beyond it seemed to be a fairly deep cave.Han Sen felt major relief wash over him like a tide, and he comfortingly said to himself, “Whew! She wasn’t talking to me. This Night Cloak helped me assassinate an emperor before, so I suppose it makes sense even she would not notice me.”Han Sen looked into the cave and noticed it was pitch black inside.The throne was still in front of the cave, and on it, the empress said, “Have you come to a decision regarding the offer I presented you?”A weird noise came out of the cave, like metal been scraped against rock.Han Sen envisioned a being chained up in the darkness. And whatever it was, it was rattling the chains and beating them against the stone.The empress did not say anything more. She waited outside the cave in silence.The sound of chains grew louder, suggesting it was coming closer.Han Sen leaned forward, eager to get a look at what was coming out of the cave. He really wanted to see. The noise of chains was now near the entrance, and something was ready to step out and make an appearance.When the moonlight revealed what had been kept from sight, Han Sen was given a shock.It was a man. His clothes were in tatters, and his hair was long and filthy. It masked much of his face, denying a view of his true identity. There were cuffs attached to each of his limbs, and the chains made a sordid sound when he moved.The chains drifted behind the man, reaching back into the dark recesses of the cave. They had been created with the same material that composed the empress’ throne. But the most shocking thing about this entire affair was that the man was a human.“Why has a human been chained up here? What could she possibly want with him?” Han Sen frowned, looking at the disheveled man.“What is your decision? Will you help me?” The empress seemed to be giving the prisoner an ultimatum.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1316: One Versus the Whole SanctuaryTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioIt took Han Sen four days to return to Moving Star Shelter.By the time he got back, the fight was already over and the crisis had been averted, or at the very least met head-on during his absence and resolved in a massive battle he had missed out on.When Han Sen returned, though, he wasn’t exactly delighted at the results. Before him lay the ruins and remnants of what was once a glorious and immaculately conceived and constructed shelter. And in the midst of the ruins was Xie Qing King, who seemed to be enjoying a nice, cold beer. Still, he was glad the place had been saved and his companions had pulled through.“Good job.” Han Sen gave him a high-five.Han Sen had heard what had transpired through Thorn Queen, especially what Xie Qing King had managed pull off in order to kill Gold General.“I am Xie Qing King, not Xie Qing Emperor,” Xie Qing King said.“I thought you were a super emperor now!” Han Sen said, in hysterics.Fortunately, no one had died during the siege. An incredible thing, too, given how hairy things became. Having the silver fox and the Holy Rhino around to heal was a brilliant thing, and they had both proven themselves to be invaluable assets to the composition of Han Sen’s primary force, despite Xie Qing King’s personal feelings towards Little Silver’s shock therapy treatment.The talent of healing was quite rare, overall. Individually, such creatures had a hard time surviving due to their weakness in attacking.And because of that, it was difficult for them to level up.Nine gene lock creatures like the Holy Rhino were an extremely rare find, and it was no wonder its original owner had gone to such lengths to procure it.Saint Fan himself made sure to use the Holy Rhino a lot, too, and it had proven a great asset for him, before his death.Han Sen, Thorn Queen, and Xie Qing King were having a merry chat when Moment Queen exited the spirit hall, heading in their direction. Moment Queen didn’t seem like her usual self, though. In fact, she was looking quite grim. It prompted the interest and concern of those talking.“Can someone tell me who Godslayer Luo is?” Moment Queen asked.Moment Queen was in the Second God’s Sanctuary when Godslayer Luo was in the third, so it wasn’t too surprising to learn she did not know much about him.“A human elite; why? What’s wrong?” Han Sen thought her asking such a question was strange. Something was amiss.Moment Queen pointed at Zero and said, “I just returned from the spirit base. All the spirits there are saying she is the heir of this Godslayer Luo guy, and that they’re all planning to kill her as revenge or something.”“Define the all that is planning to kill her.”Han Sen knew this was going to happen, one way or another. Spirits were quite vengeful creatures, but none had yet learned he was the true heir to Godslayer Luo.He didn’t expect this to become an issue this far down the line, though, prompted by a misunderstanding.Still, he wasn’t too afraid. Han Sen was an incredibly mighty person now, and he’d do whatever it took to protect Zero, provided she even needed protection—the wild and wonderful thing she was.Moment Queen went ahead to say, “All the spirits want to kill Zero. They know we are in her company. We’re on our own out here. This is bad!”“Well, what can we do about it? We’re not feeding Zero to the dogs, if that’s what your poisonous heart is contemplating,” Han Sen mused.Moment Queen suggested, “We go into hiding. We go underground, like, literally. We give this dump up for now. Go to the underground shelter, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all this to blow over.”“And what about the humans we’ve ensured the security of?” Han Sen asked.Han Sen had asserted control and assured the safety of many shelters by this point. There were many humans, far more than the underground shelter could offer refuge to.“Maybe they can go hide in that Alliance place Xie Qing King likes to drone on about?” Moment Queen offered.Han Sen rejected the idea, saying, “No. If we lose the shelters, we might as well off them ourselves.”Moment Queen said, “I fear you are having difficulty grasping the gravitas of the situation here. There are at least a dozen emperors coming, all looking to plant Zero’s head on a pike. She’s a remarkable fighter, I’ll give her that, but this is a threat that is too much for any one person to even dream of defeating.”“I’ll help her fight, and fine: tell the humans to return to the Alliance while we sort this out,” Han Sen conceded.“And how do you hope to stop this enemy force? It’ll only take one punch off one of them to end our lives,” Moment Queen thought Han Sen was overestimating his own talent. He was jeopardizing everything by being so cocky and boisterous, she believed.Moment Queen composed herself and then said, “The second, fourth, fifth, and seventh Son of Gods are on their way. We hide or we die, it’s that simple!”“Let them come. I will kill them all,” Han Sen said, casually.“Yeah, what are you fussing about? Back in the day, when I had to face a siege, I didn’t have any fancy-schmancy super creatures to heal. We had sticks! Two sticks, and a rock for the whole shelter—and we had to share the rock! Buck up, girl, you are one very lucky spirit!” Xie Qing King said, chucking the remainder of his beer away. It was difficult to tell if he was being serious or not.“This is madness!” Moment Queen had no clue what was going through their minds anymore.“Madness? This is the Third God’s Sanctuary! Have some godd*mn faith, Moment Queen. I have a plan! So, for now, go and tell humans to return to the Alliance. Things are going to heat up, of course, but we’ve weathered worse storms than this. They will not crush us,” Han Sen said.Moment Queen was unable to convince them to change their course of action, so she ended up having no choice but to abide by their decision. She notified the other shelters as she was told to.Han Sen then got deep into planning out how he was going to defeat what was coming and turn the tides in his favor. He wanted to take over the entire sanctuary, anyway.Han Sen had opened ten gene locks with Jadeskin, and with Little Angel by his side, slaying emperors should prove no problem, he thought.With Zero and the silver fox’s help, he wagered he’d be able to take on thirty emperors without even breaking a sweat.Thorn Queen came to Han Sen in a bit of a rush, and then she presented the snake egg. There were cracks running along the shell, suggesting it was about to hatch.Not long after, it all came apart as a red-scaled dragon emerged, saying, “Oh yeah! I’m back.”Han Sen smiled and said, “Well, you just remember to keep your end of this bargain. We made a deal, remember?”“Of course! A hundred years is nothing. You are too kind!” Dragon King was starting to talk more like a human now.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 2: Ass FreakTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was stunned by the sudden voice in his head, and he could hardly believe it was true. Sacred-blood creature and sacred-blood beast soul: were those even real?The creatures of God’s Sanctuary were divided into four parts: ordinary creatures, primitive creatures, mutant creatures and sacred-blood creatures. Different geno points could be gained by eating flesh of creatures of different types.At that time, there were four God’s Sanctuary phases known to men. With each physical evolution completed, access to the next space would be permitted. The more powerful the geno points used in evolution, the higher the likelihood of surviving in the next space.Sacred-blood beast souls were without any doubt the best beast souls. Any sacred-blood beast soul could be sold at an enormous price.When Han Sen finally realized what had really happened, he was almost trembling. Holding the dagger to pick open the shell of the black beetle, he filled his mouth with meat as tender as jelly."Flesh of black beetle eaten. One sacred geno point gained."Feeling the flesh turn to energy and hearing the voice in his mind almost brought Han Sen to tears.He grabbed a claw and sucked out all meat from it, feeling waves of energy hitting his body and boiling his blood.There was not much difference between eating a sacred-blood black beetle and eating a crab. After sucking the meat clean from all six claws, Han Sen started to cut the meat inside the shell."Flesh of black beetle eaten. One sacred geno point gained.""Flesh of black beetle eaten. One sacred geno point gained."The strange voice continuously sounded in Han Sen’s mind and made him feel on top of the world.As Han Sen was cutting away, he felt his dagger cut into something hard that made a sound like metal. Han Sen stopped.Black beetles and crabs are alike: They looked tough, but inside their shells there would be nothing but boneless meat, so how could there be metal?He removed the dagger, pulled aside the meat that had been cut, and saw a corner of black metal. Han Sen cut open all the meat surrounding it, and soon the black metal was completely exposed.At first he thought it was metal, but taking it out, he discovered that it was a black crystal the size and shape of a pigeon egg.Han Sen took the crystal in his hand and didn’t feel anything abnormal. The crystal was just like a beautiful, rounded black pebble.But with a closer look, there seemed to be millions of stars shining in it, creating incredible beauty."Here is the easiest area in God’s Sanctuary," Han Sen thought. "Even primitive creatures are hard to find here, let alone sacred-blood creatures. How did this sacred-blood black beetle suddenly appear? And I’ve never heard of a sacred-blood black beetle before. Black beetles are such low life after all. And this sacred-blood black beetle is so outrageously weak. Is its appearance related to the crystal?"There was no clue, so he simply ate all the rest of the black beetle meat and was stuffed. He gained a total of seven sacred geno points.Seven sacred geno points were beyond his wildest dreams. With his background, he needed to risk everything even to kill a primitive creature, let alone a sacred-blood creature.The shell of the sacred-blood black beetle was also precious material, so Han Sen picked up all the claws and stuffed them into his pocket, together with the upper and lower shells.The shell of ordinary black beetles almost had no value, but the shell of a sacred-blood black beetle would probably make a soup that could give him one or two more sacred geno points.It was the first time Han Sen had eaten a sacred-blood creature. Technically he could max out and get ten sacred geno points: he already had seven from the meat, and the other three should be in the shell.If he were to sell the shell, he could probably afford a nice private aircraft in Levo Interstellar Alliance with the money he received.On the way back to Steel Armor Castle, everyone was pointing at him, gloating and laughing, and no one would come near him.Everyone in the Sanctuary was looking at him as if he were a monster.Normally, when an ordinary person went to the Sanctuary, even if he were poor, if his martial skills were not too bad, he could always find some companions and kill a few primitive creatures together, and he would be nowhere near as miserable as Han Sen.However, in the entire Steel Armor Castle, no one was willing or had the courage to have anything to do with Han Sen.More than three months ago, Han Sen had entered God’s Sanctuary for the first time. The moment he stepped outside Steel Armor Shelter, he saw a giant white wolf unicorn standing with its back towards him around the corner of the rampart.Without hesitation, Han Sen grabbed his dagger and fiercely stabbed the unicorn in the ass.This stab turned Han Sen and Qin Xuan together into the biggest laughing stock in Steel Armor Shelter.Yes, the white wolf unicorn was not a beast, but a human like Han Sen himself. She was just transforming using a beast soul.Qin Xuan was also the most powerful woman in Steel Armor Shelter. She was likely to finish her first evolution with sacred geno points and embark on the path of evolution.A new guy stabbing Qin Xuan's rear end became the biggest joke in Steel Armor Shelter. Although no one dared to mention this to Qin Xuan's face, secretly everyone was laughing their asses off.And "Ass Freak" became Han Sen’s well-known nickname in Steel Armor Shelter.Then Qin Xuan declared that whoever spent time with Han Sen would become her enemy. In Steel Armor Shelter, few people could afford to be Qin Xuan’s enemy. Even if they could afford it, no one would risk antagonizing Qin Xuan for the sake of a nobody and Ass Freak.That was why Han Sen had such a difficult time, but he didn’t really blame Qin Xuan. It was his fault in the first place: He was too nervous the first time he came to God’s Sanctuary, plus he had never seen creatures in his previous world or transformers before, which all led to the unforgivable mistake.Han Sen was already grateful that Qin Xuan did not kill him in anger.The only lucky thing was that the teleportation into God’s Sanctuary was always random, and there were no familiar faces in Steel Armor Shelter, so no one knew his real name.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 166: Lucky GuyTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Say it." Yang Manli did not want to spare any words on this lucky yet shameless guy.If soldiers had the chance to endorse any Digang products, they would probably even do it for free. Not to mention Digang’s offer had been very generous considering Han Sen’s identity.Such an offer was more than enough to hire a big unevolved star such as Tang Zhenliu. Now Han Sen was getting this great offer as a student and he even dared to ask for more."I have a warframe from a Digang lab and wish that Digang could install a weapon system to it and give it the same free lifelong after-sales service." Han Sen knew that although his was a prototype, the military standard was applied during its making.And the ones that he would endorse would be for civil use and not as great as Silver Killer.The only beef Han Sen had with Silver Killer was the lack of a weapon system. Using independent weapons was not convenient and he did not want to carry the weapons around, which would defeat the purpose of portability.Also, once Silver Killer was damaged, ordinary repair stations would not be able to fix this super biological warframe. Hence he really needed Digang’s service."Any other conditions?" Yang Manli asked mechanically."Not at this time," Han Sen said with a smile.Yang Manli got up and said, "I will submit your request and the leadership will negotiate with Digang. Go back and stay in Blackhawk so that I could notify you with the result."Yang Manli turned to leave, not wanting to spend one more second with this guy."I am finally rich! Twenty million endorsement fee per year and the latest warframes to use. If Digang could agree to my conditions, it would be perfect," After Yang Manli left, Han Sen excitedly shook his fist.Han Sen naturally would never have turned down such a good deal in the first place.Little did he know that Ji Yanran was simmering with anger at this point.After that night, Ji Yanran had quite complex feelings, not sure what she wanted to do—to become Han Sen’s girlfriend, or turn him down.But how could she make him give up? He had shown her that he would not easily let go.Ji Yanran thought about all kinds of possibilities for the entire night and was expecting hot pursuits from Han Sen to follow. However, she never even saw him again.The first day she did not see Han Sen, Ji Yanran curled her lips and thought, "Playing hard to get? I’ve seen this trick before. I will ignore you and see what kind of excuse you’d come up with to see me tomorrow."But on the next day, Ji Yanran still did not see him."You do have some patience, but this would never work on me."On the third day, Han Sen was still nowhere to be seen. Ji Yanran became a bit impatient."He must have been in an accident. Was he hit by an aircraft? Is his leg broken?" Ji Yanran thought.On the fourth day, still no Han Sen."That bastard must feel that he doesn’t deserve me who is gentle and pretty, regal and sexy. That must be why he did not dare to approach me. Certainly, that must be the case."The fifth day, the sixth day, the seventh day... after ten days she still had not seen him. And she lost her temper."Han Sen you bastard, what do you take me for? You want to kiss and run? There is no such thing in my world." Ji Yanran was mad.And at this time, Hen Sen had just come back to school and did not even have the chance to find her."Sen, you have come back just in time. Come with me to Professor Yan's class." Han Sen met Zhang Yang in the dorm room, who took his hand and dragged him away."How come you are going to Professor Yan's class?" Han Sen was puzzled.Zhang Yang was a hot-blooded guy. He learned everything fast, but when it came to boring theories, he would feel tortured.Professor Yan's new course, Modern Theories of Martial Arts, was one of the courses that would give Zhang Yang a headache. The professor himself also had a dull style and expression and was not Zhang’s favorite.But Modern Theories of Martial Arts was a compulsory course, and Zhang Yang had to go for fear of failing. This time however, he seemed excited to go, which was odd for Han Sen."You have not heard? Two of the Chosen, Ding Zhiming and Tang Zhenliu have been invited to do a teaching demonstration today at Professor Yan's class." Zhang Yang was filled with excitement.Han Sen then suddenly realized why the he was so excited. Tang Zhenliu was Zhang’s idol. It was a poster of Tang instead of a hot girl that Zhang was hanging next to his bed.Zhang Yang's ideal major was not archery, but martial arts. Because his fitness index was not high enough, he had to take the special enrollment program.Han Sen had also wondered why someone like Zhang would study archery which needed patience, and learned the reason later.Tang Zhenliu’s fierce style was Zhang’s favorite. No wonder he was so excited.Han Sen was taken to the classroom by Zhang Yang. For an unpopular class, the classroom was overcrowded on this day.There were no seats and even the stands on the second floor were full.A lot of girls were chatting excitedly about Yu Mingzhi and Tang Zhenliu."Han Sen, you have also come to see Yu Mingzhi and Tang Zhenliu. Come here and have a seat." A student saw Han Sen and offered him a seat very enthusiastically.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1403: The Man That Opened the Wall of DestinyTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“If you can promise me one thing, I can go,” Han Sen said.There was a certain sternness in his voice, to the surprise of the others in the expedition. They all turned to look at him, confused why a person with only a bronze geno core would and could say such a thing.“Little Han, these are no joking matters,” Mister Li said.“You are correct, but if you can promise me this one thing, I will try it in his stead.” Han Sen paused, having achieved the focus of everyone’s ears, before proceeding to explain, “It’s because I’m lucky. I always have been, and I believe I have what it takes.”“Okay, then what would you like to get promised? We can do what you ask, provided it’s nothing ridiculous,” Wang Zhao said, willing to give the boy a chance.He would also prefer risking the life of another, if it meant his best friend might have been spared.Han Sen responded, saying, “The shelter must have offered you a lot to come here. If you can pool together to provide me sixty sacred geno fruit, I will go.”Sixty was not a small number. There were seven others in the expedition, and each of them had around ten.“I have sixteen right here with me. I’ll give them to you,” Xiao Liuyu immediately answered, seeing as it was his life currently on the line. Then, he presented the fruit.Discussions broke out amongst the rest, as they all wondered and tried to gauge whether or not it was a worthy bargain. They eventually decided to go along with it, and they amassed the tally of sixty geno fruits they could give Han Sen upon his completion.“Little Han, I must repeat; this is no laughing matter. The stakes are high, but there’s always the chance we might find an alternate route,” Mister Li pleaded. He had come to like Han Sen, and he was worried about the young man’s wellbeing.Han Sen smiled in return, telling him, “It’s nice of you to be so considerate, Mister Li. But me and Lady Luck have tangoed a number of times. The fortunes frequently smile on me.”Han Sen accepted the fruit and approached The Wall of Destiny; their door and way forward.He had everything to live for, even a baby on the way. Han Sen wasn’t going to risk everything unless he was 100% certain he’d succeed.This wasn’t because Han Sen believed himself to be stronger than the others, or because he actually had more luck. It was because he had a theory he had kept private.Han Sen had examined the text on the tower and mulled over it well. He recalled that there was no mention of explicit instructions, and no statement that in order to tackle the door you’d have to be the luckiest.Everyone had luck, but good luck and bad luck were all tinged measures coming from the same pool.Han Sen had already read the text of Life Door, and that gave him a keener insight into the words he had espied on the mural. It helped him understand one thing that was the crux to this entire issue.To open the door of destiny, one must have already opened their Life Door.Han Sen had secretly cast Life Door previously, and he felt his body metaphysically connect with The Wall of Destiny. It beckoned to Han Sen, calling out for him to come forward.It brought ease to Han Sen’s mind, and without an urgent need to open it, he thought of a way in which he might net a few extra goodies in the service of others. He really wasn’t risking his life.Han Sen believed that those who had ventured into the shelter before hadn’t even seen the wall.And Han Sen believed that was because no one in the previous expedition possessed Life Door. If the wall had shown up, they would have been trapped there forever; it at least proved the shelter wasn’t a deliberate gauntlet meant to torture and slay all intruders. Or at least, that’s what Han Sen now hoped.But this also led Han Sen to believe that they’d end up elsewhere, once the wall was removed. Perhaps the others, without Life Door, had been led to their doom. With Han Sen amongst them, they might make greater progress than the other team did.Han Sen did not hate the people on his team, and he would prefer to help them rather than not. He just didn’t see a problem with extracting a few gifts while doing so.His connection to the door increased and became more voluminous as he approached The Wall of Destiny. He could sense its tangible aura, and it tingled Han Sen’s fingertips.Han Sen then summoned his Bulwark Umbrella, as he drew near it.The Dongxuan Sutra did not tell him there was any danger ahead, but he still summoned it on the off-chance there was.Everyone watched Han Sen, and their attention was particularly drawn to his left hand, with which he pushed against The Wall of Destiny.His hand was brimming with the power of Jadeskin, and when it came into contact with the wall, electricity suddenly surged through him.Han Sen quickly pulled his hand away and took cover behind his umbrella.Everyone summoned their geno core for protection, expecting a fight or some sort to have been initiated.Boom!The Wall of Destiny let out a deep sound, as if something had been unlocked beneath the earth. And then it began to sink, receding into the ground it had originally emerged from.Nobody there had expected the process to be that simple. They had half-suspected that Han Sen wouldn’t be alive to enjoy the fruit they had all given him.“Brother Han, you are a man of good fortune indeed!” Xiao Liuyu proclaimed, upon witnessing his success.The others all looked at Han Sen differently. More than anything, they were just bewildered to see it was he the weakest of their team, yet he had solved and sorted out their biggest issue in the shelter thus far.There was the sneaking suspicion amongst a couple of them, though, that the entire wall obstacle had been a bluff. And that guts, rather than luck, were needed to near it, touch it, and open it.“Yeah, it was all luck,” Han Sen said, as he marched forward to the exit of that maze.Han Sen wasn’t going to tell them the true reason he was able to remove the wall.The electric shock he had received from the door, however, seemed to have a lasting effect. It did not hurt, but he sensed it had modified his Life Door somewhat. Han Sen checked out his body, and he confirmed there was no permanent harm, but still, it was a strange sensation.Everyone followed Han Sen towards the exit, which was somehow obscured by a blinding white light. What awaited them, none could guess.Han Sen was not concerned with this, having been in situations similar to this in the past. His feet did not relent, and onwards he went. When he breached the veil of white, his eyes cleared to reveal what lay beyond.But what he saw sent chills down his spine. He immediately wished to retreat, but an invisible barrier prevented him from doing so.The team could no longer see Han Sen, but thinking the way was safe, they followed in after him.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 940: Frightening GloryTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe Disloyal Knight cried out. Its copper armor glistened in the midday sun, as it teleported in front of Han Sen and tried to strike his stomach.The Disloyal Knight moved too quickly, and Han Sen took the punch. The force lifted Han Sen from his feet and sent him hurtling a couple dozen meters, toppling several trees as he went. When the arc of his launch led him to the ground, a deep crater was left in his shape.His sacred-blood armor was dented, and its metal was cracked.Blergh! Han Sen spat out blood."D*mn it! Why did I react so slowly to that strike? I should have been able to dodge that!" As Han Sen reflected over what had just happened, the Disloyal Knight did not relent in its pursuit of Han Sen. It came over to where he lay and tried to strike him again.Han Sen commanded his four Dragon-Blood Snakes to writhe together and protect him like a shield.Pang!The Disloyal Knight struck the barricade, with the fist landing firmly on the head of one of the snakes. The snake was pulverized immediately, as a squelching noise greeted the knight's closed fist. The beast soul had been killed just like that.The Dragon-Blood Snakes unfurled and leapt towards their aggressor in an attack, but the Disloyal Knight dodged.One snake aimed for the knight's helmet, but just as it flew close, an open hand was raised. The gauntlet captured the airborne snake and then closed hard, turning the wriggling creature into jelly. Another snake was killed.In a short amount of time, the Disloyal Knight had managed to damage Han Sen and kill two of Han Sen's mutant class pet beast souls."Moment, what are you waiting for? If I die, you die with me!" Han Sen called for Moment Queen to act.If this had happened any earlier, she would not have cared for his plight, and instead would have opted to die alongside him.But she had recently been given hope, and the promise of a brighter future not locked inside the Sea of Soul. She had to do something; she was not willing to watch Han Sen die.Moment Queen gritted her teeth and raced towards the Disloyal Knight. She would do what she could, but she had only recently started to gain strength through the collection of geno points in the spirit base. She wasn't in her prime, despite her willingness to aid Han Sen the best she could. Her body was little greater than a young king spirit's.Her speed was exceptional, but overall, her fitness level was lower than the snake that had its sixth gene lock opened.This speed of hers was no trivial factor, however. Her genes allowed for the control of time, and she could slow down the Disloyal Knight with it.Han Sen commanded the other two snakes to strike, while Little Wind cast Windblade and Aircannon.But this didn't yet suppress or put the Disloyal Knight at a disadvantage. It managed to kill another snake, effortlessly. The only one left alive now was the one with its sixth gene lock open."D*mn it! Its halo weakens others," Moment Queen called out, as she evaded an attack that came for her.Her long hair was given a trim by the Disloyal Knight. Had she moved any slower, it would have been her head that was cut off."I see that! So, what can we do?" Han Sen briskly asked, as he observed the two copper halos above the Disloyal Knight's head.The reason Han Sen had been unable to dodge the initial attack was clear now. It was all because of those halos.The Disloyal Knight's halo did not just slow people down, it also weakened their very bodies.Pang!The Disloyal Knight punched the last remaining snake. It was not killed, but the attack was so strong that it sent the snake reeling backwards, squealing as it spat out blood.The Disloyal Knight was not powerful enough to one-hit-kill a sixth gene lock snake.This knowledge comforted Han Sen to a certain degree, and it made it look increasingly likely that the Disloyal Knight had dislodged from the tree too early. It wasn't ready for primetime, and it wasn't a berserk sacred-blood class creature yet.Han Sen clutched his red dagger and cast his dongxuan aura.Now Han Sen was able to observe just how the halo worked, and he was able to calculate how much it weakened others. With the snake and Moment Queen's kiting, Han Sen would be able to get behind the fruity fiend. Unfortunately, though, they'd still be at a disadvantage.Little Wind fired its blades of wind and finished casting its Aircannon. Unfortunately, they did not help all that much. The attacks were little more than a stiff breeze to the Disloyal Knight.The knight had a great level of fitness, and its halo was strong. Its punches were mighty and destructive. When the red dagger cut the copper light of its fist, no damage was done.So, Han Sen resolved to watch its movements more and get a firmer grasp on how the opponent acted.Previously, in grievous times such as this, he'd activate his super king spirit body mode. Using it in such a dire situation would usually ensure a victory, but alas, he couldn't.Pang!Moment Queen teleported directly behind the Disloyal Knight and tried to punch the bloody, torn place in its armor where it had prematurely ripped itself loose from the tree.But all of a sudden, the Disloyal Knight's body shone brightly and blocked her attack. It was close, but no cigar.Moment Queen's fist bled after punching the light-imbued protection that now coated the foe's armor.The Dragon-Blood Snake roared and attempted to sever the knight's head from its body.But the knight was able to move away, turn, and wallop the snake's head. The snake fell to the ground."Now!" Han Sen appeared behind the Disloyal Knight and threw a punch.He had used a stealth skill; one that didn't allow the Disloyal Knight enough time to notice and deflect the punch. Still, its body glowed in order to better absorb the damage that would come from the incoming fist.Han Sen knew there was much power in that glow, but he was not afraid. His left arm was raised as it gathered frost and lightning, and his right arm bore the dagger.

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