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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 977: White DragonTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioA cloud of red and purple mist obscured Han Sen’s sight. Fortunately for him, he could still use his dongxuan aura to keep track of the man.With no hesitation, Han Sen stabbed the man again.He knew the time he could keep super king spirit mode activated was limited. If he didn’t take advantage of that time to heavily damage his pursuer, he’d be in dire straits when it was over.But the man used his legs to kick and propel himself out of the water. Han Sen sought to follow him, but by the time he could emerge from the stream in pursuit, the man was already one hundred meters away.“I’ll be back,” the man said, as he ran.But Han Sen did not chase him. He decided to turn the opposite way and flee while he had the chance. Even if he managed to catch up with the man in black, his super king spirit mode would have most likely ended by then.Killing that man wouldn’t be easy, not in Han Sen’s current state and with the current length of his super king spirit.Han Sen flew for a while, but he noticed he was still in super king spirit mode. He thought it should have ended far sooner.After ten seconds elapsed, super king spirit mode came to an end. And at this point, Han Sen had just reached the waterfall.“It looks like I can last around ten seconds, after achieving my first open gene lock.” Han Sen was delightfully surprised.But now was not the time to sit back and be happy over this advancement. Right now, Han Sen wanted to make his way out of this hellish labyrinth and go home.Under the effects of super king spirit mode, he was able to stab the man in his heart twice. But still, it wasn’t enough to kill him.Han Sen only wanted to get back to his shelter. If he moved his underground shelter, he did not believe the man would be able to find him, either.But before he scaled the waterfall, the man appeared out of nowhere. The man in black caught up to him with alarming speed.“You almost had me fooled. I knew you could not remain like that forever!” The man actually spoke a composed sentence, but the tone was monotonous, and there was a metallic reverb in his voice. He was not a pleasant person to hear talk.“You want to go again?” Han Sen stopped moving and floated motionless in the air.The man’s chest had already healed. It was too late for Han Sen to run right now, but he thought bluffing might be the ticket.“Quit your embarrassing attempts at fooling me. I can spy a lie, for I am Yaksha.” The man in black then jumped towards Han Sen without hesitation.“Crap!” Han Sen had no choice but to run, he thought. And so he did, summoning the snake to do its best in blocking his ravenous assaulter.The snake had already been heavily injured, but now, it was hit by Yaksha once again. It heaved blood following the blow and fell down into the black waters below.Han Sen quickly returned it, in case it actually died.Seeing Yaksha catch up, Han Sen thought, “If this wasn’t underground, I could just fly away.”Somehow, Han Sen believed Yaksha’s speed was actually increasing. The man seemed to be faster than he had been before.If Yaksha looked likely to hit Han Sen, he couldn’t use super king spirit mode to save himself. All he could do was rely on Taia.Han Sen’s speed was not as good as Yaksha’s, so the man was able to evade Han Sen’s attempted strike, spin, and try to grab him by the neck.Han Sen unleashed his strength in a fiery display, propelling himself into the water. But suddenly, an aqua dragon was coming for him from ahead.“Crap! How could I forget about this thing being here?” Han Sen now realized the waterfall in front of him was the one with a chained aqua dragon below it. Unwittingly, he had just served himself up as the dragon’s prey.Yaksha froze at the sight, while Han Sen leapt up and dove over the aqua dragon’s head to land on its body.Han Sen grabbed it and tried to attack it. But the aqua dragon ignored the human crawling on its back, and instead looked ahead at Yaksha. It roared in his direction.“I can’t believe you have not died,” Yaksha said to the dragon.When the dragon heard his words, it only seemed to be more infuriated. It splashed the water violently, as the clanking of chains echoed loudly through the caverns.The power this beast possessed was incredible, but its arms were chained up. The forging must have been exceptional, as they bound the dragon to the point it could not make use of its powers or do anything to get free.Han Sen lay on the dragon and held on tight. The ride he was in for was like a rodeo times ten.“White Dragon, I only want that boy’s life. Do not get in my way.” Yaksha jumped towards Han Sen.The dragon roared and threw Han Sen away. But then, it attempted to catch Yaksha in its mouth.Han Sen tried his hardest to keep his orientation under the disturbed, thrashing waters of the underground lake. When he breached the surface again, he saw Yaksha punch the dragon’s head.The dragon roared and attempted to fight the man, but the chains prohibited it from doing anything.Han Sen hid himself beneath the water again. Aside from the dragon, there was nothing else out there to help him.But then, hearing the chains being pulled in the dragon’s futile attempts at freedom, Han Sen suddenly had an idea. He decided to swim downstream.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1174: Passing the TestTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“How is that possible?” Dry Bone King appeared to be suffering rigor mortis. He was unable to move, frozen through sheer disbelief.When he had struck the wooden fish the ninth time, Han Sen looked damaged and under much duress. But when he was subjected to the tenth and final, most brutal pounding of all, he looked fine. He was unbroken, as Dry Bone King had not expected him to be.From the audience seats, Qiu Ping felt happiness in a way he hadn’t for a long time. The woman, on the other hand, was at a loss for words.Han Sen looked at Dry Bone King happily. He had managed to control the pumping of his heart, making it move in rhythm with the beat. With the power that flowed through Han Sen’s body, his blood roared through his veins with the freedom and ferocity of a grand waterfall. His blood vessels had almost been unable to take it.He came very close to failing. With Curse of Immortality reinforcing his heart and blood vessels, he was able to inch his way over the threshold for withstanding Dry Bone King’s wretched musical attack.Han Sen knew he couldn’t listen to it anymore, since further duress could make his heart fail. He had to stand up and take advantage of everyone’s shock to attack. He did this, though, thinking that the following strikes would continue to increase in power. He didn’t know Dry Bone King had capped out on the tenth.Han Sen redeployed his phoenix techniques and took off into the sky, speeding around Dry Bone King like a spitfire in the heat of battle.Dry Bone King frowned. He evaded Han Sen’s attack and beat the heartbone once more.Dong!Han Sen’s heart was like a fully-inflated balloon, but much to his surprise and delight, the power released by Dry Bone King was no stronger than what he had previously endured.Dry Bone King pounded the heartbone again. If it was any other person going up against Dry Bone King, their hearts wouldn’t be able to deal with the cruel sound of the wooden fish. They’d be unable to fight, and perhaps even die on the spot with a hole where the heart used to be.Even the elites who could endure his attacks be unable to retaliate. They would still end up losing.But Han Sen’s heartbeat was in sync with Dry Bone King’s malevolent tune now, and it could not affect him. Determining who the victor in this fight was going to be seemed an impossible task.“Weird. Why did Dry Bone King’s most powerful skill not work on that guy?” Baby Ghost was speaking to himself, in intense observation of the battle.Han Sen was not afraid of the heartbone, but his fitness was low and he did not have Phoenix Sword and Taia with him. Dry Bone King’s body was sturdy, and whenever Han Sen punched the spirit’s creepy skeleton, it was like throwing his fist into a pillar of steel.Dry Bone King did not have any organs to take advantage of, either. Because of this, Yin Yang Blast was useless.As Han Sen wondered what he might do next, he suddenly heard the drumbeat of the heartbone move to a rhythm. It was a proper melody, as if playing in tandem with a phantom song.Han Sen’s heartbeat was disturbed once more, and it made him unable to successfully dodge Dry Bone King’s next attack. He suffered a blow to his arm.As a result, he was sent flying a few hundred meters. He barrel-rolled through the air to try to reduce the impact, but it still hurt. And as this occurred, Dry Bone King returned to playing his drum-driven requiem. The melody was able to disturb Han Sen’s heartbeat without trouble.Han Sen used his phoenix techniques to fight again, wishing he had the xun Xiang Yin had given him. If he had that, he could possibly fight back.But as Han Sen was still in thought, Dry Bone King leaped out of the arena and spoke. “Time is up; you have passed the test.”Han Sen planned to keep fighting, not expecting Dry Bone King to keep his promise. He did, after all, seem extremely intent on killing Han Sen.The woman’s face turned green as she stood up and ran off.Qiu Ping felt great relief wash over him, like some cleansing tide. The thoughts that had gone through his mind in the past half hour were wretched, all dealing with what would occur following Han Sen’s death. He was extremely glad Han Sen had actually managed to triumph and pass the test.Entering the fifth floor meant Han Sen was a supervisor of the shelter. The woman would be unable to bully him so easily now, as he had to be treated as an equal.Everyone who was standing outside the stadium, having been chased away by the frightening heartbone, heard the sounds come to an end. They eagerly wanted to know the result.When they re-entered, they saw Han Sen talking with Dry Bone King. It took their breath away, acknowledging a human had been able to survive such manic brutality.Dry Bone King brought Han Sen up to the fifth floor. He introduced him to everyone, saying, “We are one and the same now. If there is something more you would like to know, come and find me.”Dry Bone King had gone into the test expecting an easy fight. He believed Han Sen was like vermin he could chase-off or crush underfoot without hassle. But he had great respect for the human now, and he wished to be friends with Han Sen.Han Sen took advantage of the offer immediately, and asked, “Brother Bone, do you know who signed Qiu Ping’s contract?”Dry Bone King knew it was only a matter of time before this was asked, and so he answered, “It was Qing Jun. When Mister Immortal is away, she is in charge. The super creatures only obey her. If you think of going after her now, it won’t take much for her to get rid of you. Wait a bit and I will help you soon.”“Thank you, Brother Bone.” Han Sen understood what he meant.Dry Bone King had subliminally informed Han Sen that Qing Jun was an enemy of his, as well.“Go and rest; you’ve earned it. Two days from now, we can receive Sky Fruit.” Dry Bone King was leading Han Sen to a palace.“Sky Fruit?” Han Sen did not understand.Dry Bone King smiled and explained, “Our mission is to collect the nuts from the Sky Fruit. The rest of the fruit can still benefit you too, of course. Whoever gets it first is allowed to keep it. I’ll explain more later, though.”Han Sen left the shelter after that, afraid staying there any longer would damage his body.Back in the underground shelter, he returned to his normal size. He focused on absorbing and refining his Life Geno Essences, and he was delighted to find that he now made progress much faster.

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注册即送70元⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 264: CrownedTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen's bow was so weak that his arrows could never hit Jing Jiwu. Even if they could, they would be much slower than Jing Jiwu's arrows, so he would still be eliminated first. In Jing Jiwu's arrows were so strong that even the two arrows from Han Sen could hit Jing Jiwu's, they would never be able to stop them. It seemed that the result was already clear. Neither of Han Sen's arrows could touch Jing Jiwu's, while Jing Jiwu's arrow traveled between Han Sen's two arrows and was in Han Sen's face instantaneously like a lightning bolt. "Damn!" Ji Yanran did not want to watch anymore. "It's over." Situ Xiang was filled with regret. How she wished she could give Han Sen a strong arrow for a fair duel. Han Sen should not have lost the game like this. "Even the emperor did not beat the monster," Wen Xiuxiu also lamented. Everyone thought Han Sen was about to lose. However, when that arrow approached Han Sen, Han Sen pulled the string when he completely lost his balance. The arrow in Han Sen's hand did not go out. Han Sen held the tail of the arrow and used its head to hit Jing Jiwu's arrow.This way, Han Sen was using the weight of his body to move the incoming arrow, which was knocked away, and Han Sen himself down to the ground. At this time, the first of the three arrows shot by Han Sen collided with Jing Jiwu's second arrow, while Han Sen's other two arrows flew toward Jing Jiwu. It seemed that the last two arrows shot lost their accuracy since they were shot when Han Sen was falling. One turned left and the other turned right, flying past Jing Jiwu's body. When the audience were sighing, Jing Jiwu's expression changed. The arrow that was supposed to be blocked by Jing Jiwu's arrow did not stop but continued to fly to Jing Jiwu. "How is this possible? How can Jing Jiwu make this mistake?" Qin Cheng suddenly stood up, grabbing the fence. "An error? How did that happen?" Wen Xiuxiu was also shocked. Someone like Jing Jiwu would never make a mistake. In his four years of military school study, Jing Jiwu had attended thousands of competitions of a wide range, in which he had never made a single mistake. "Wonderful!" Situ Xiang did not know why Jing Jiwu would have missed, but she was overjoyed. Because of this mistake, Han Sen's arrow was already in Jing Jiwu's face. And Jing Jiwu also noticed that the other two arrows from Han Sen happened to block everywhere he could dodge. Instantaneously, Jing Jiwu made the right judgment. Like Han Sen, he drew his bow string, but did not launch the arrow. Jing Jiwu held the tail of his arrow and uses the head to hit Han Sen's. Everyone was looking at Jing Jiwu's hands. It seemed the head of Jing Jiwu's arrow was about to collide with Han Sen's. Everybody thought that Han Sen's arrow would be flicked away. After all, Han Sen and Jing Jiwu were using the same method. Now Han Sen's arrow was shot from a 11.0 bow, so it was even more likely that it would be bounced off. However, Han Sen's arrow suddenly became alive and moved half an inch away from Jing Jiwu's arrow head. Like a snake, it dove under Jing Jiwu's arrow and ended up on Jing Jiwu's chest. Looking down, Jing Jiwu was dumbstruck. Qin Cheng was speechless. So was Wen Xiuxiu, Situ Xiang, every team member from the Alliant Central Military Academy and Blackhawk Military Academy, and all the viewers. Although everyone saw what had happened, they could not believe that Jing Jiwu would be hit like this. Ji Yanran and Qu Lili were cheering and jumping like a couple of maniacs. "Jing Jiwu… is out?" muttered Shi Zhikang. "I believe so…" Zhang Yang wasn't so sure about it. No one in the Blackhawk team believed it had actually happened. They could not trust their own eyes. The monster, the invincible monster, who had ruled the Military Academy League for three years, was hit like this. "Alliance Central Military Academy… Jing Jiwu… Out… Archer… Blackhawk… Han Sen…" When the voice of the AI ran in the field, everyone came back to themselves. "Ah!" Shi Zhikang hugged Lu Meng, shouting and turning around. "We won!" Xu Tianhao was still sitting there, surprise and joy filled his eyes. Zhang Yang threw away the towel in his hands and jumped over the fence, rushing over to Han Sen. And the other teammates followed him to Han Sen's side. "Coach, did we just win?" The team manager looked at Situ Xiang incredulously. "Yes, we did." Situ Xiang was answering both the manager and herself. The entire venue and Skynet were going mad. "Jing Jiwu lost…" "What's that arrow made of? Did I see it right? It dodged Jing Jiwu's arrow itself!" "An era has ended?" "The monster just lost…" "Unbelievable…" Wen Xiuxiu felt that her blood was almost boiling and her voice changing. Disregarding that, she shouted at the top of her lungs, "Miracle… Blackhawk made a miracle… Han Sen created a miracle… The monster Jing Jiwu fell under the miraculous shot. Our new emperor has crowned himself with an arrow."Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 876: They Dare Believe They Can Strike Me?Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Perhaps it is because I am not a wretched man who has committed several atrocities?" Han Sen coldly said."You..." Lui Gui was quickly infuriated by the response he was given. He pointed his finger towards Han Sen and barked, "You must have done something!""Fine, I admit it. I made the lightning keep striking you. You weren't just unlucky, okay? It was me. Are you satisfied?" Han Sen shrugged his shoulders.Lui Gui didn't know what to say. The thunder came from the sky, and Han Sen clearly didn't produce the lightning. Therefore, he didn't believe it was Han Sen and couldn't outright blame the man for doing what he had truthfully admitted to doing."Mister Han, you have misunderstood his meaning! We are wondering if you have a way of preventing the lightning from striking you. Perhaps if you share your method, we could avoid being struck as well. We might finish this adventure a little faster, too," Zhao Xuebin said."I am a giver, not a receiver. So, believe me when I say I would be willing to share a method, if I had one. I truthfully haven't a clue why the lightning hasn't struck me or my lovelies," Han Sen responded.Zhao Xuebin frowned, thinking it highly unlikely for Han Sen to try to trick them.But if Han Sen really was simply lucky, that amount of luck seemed impossible."You must have a beast soul to protect you from the lightning, is that it?!" Lui Gui re-joined the conversation with a raised finger and voice."Wow, how rude. With such a disrespectful tone, I do not believe there is anything I can do for you," Han Sen said."Well, if you don't have such a beast soul, how about you slow down and dismount, so we can all walk together?" Lui Gui firmly believed he had discovered the truth, and so he shouted out the suggestion.Zhao Xuebin looked at Han Sen, wondering what his response would be. Han Sen said, "Um, okay. Sure. That's fine by me."Everyone put away their mounts and surrounded Han Sen like penguins. If Han Sen did have a beast soul to protect him from the thunder, they believed they ought to have been close enough for its protection to extend to them, too.Two steps later, lightning struck Lui Gui's head again. He fell on the ground like a sack of rocks. From the strength of the bolt that hit him, it seemed far more severe than the earlier strikes.The silver fox, in Zero's arms, bore a sinister grin.Everyone looked at Han Sen with a queer expression, and just as Lui Gui was pulling himself back up, another person was struck by a thunderbolt.As they continued their ascent of the mountain, the thunder became worse. They were still three miles from the peak, and the lightning was already injuring the elites and making them too weary to go on."I do not believe this bullsh*t!" Lui Gui kept on walking, unable to believe that the thunder could not hit Han Sen.But the lightning kept striking the team, and most of them were injured. Han Sen and Zero hadn't suffered a single singed hair, by comparison.If Han Sen had protection, Zero should have been susceptible to the lightning strikes, too. But she hadn't been dealt any harm, and the lightning never touched her. The lightning only ever struck the Angel Gene members; it was very odd."It must be you! Aaargh!" Lui Gui was incredibly mad, and just as he turned to bark at Han Sen and start pointing more fingers, a bolt of lightning struck his head. His helmet was blown off and his face turned black. He dropped to the ground again, but this time, he did not move. He had passed out, and he almost looked as if he was going to die."I told you. If you are unlucky, it is likely karma. If you do bad things, bad things will happen to you. In this case, you'll be struck by lightning." Han Sen coldly spoke down to Lui Gui, who was on the ground."Mister Han, can you please tell us why the thunder only attacks us? Don't tell me you are simply lucky; luck of that breadth does not exist." Zhao Xuebin was starting to lose his patience now.The other people angrily stared at Han Sen, muttering mean words beneath their breath."What? You guys seriously want to fight me? If you do, come get some," Han Sen coldly said.Zhao Xuebin's people were all shocked. Although they all had Angel Gene Fluid, they had all been severely injured by the repeated lightning strikes. Fighting Han Sen, who had a super pet, would be difficult to say the least.Zhao Xuebin did not want to use the liquid until the last second, so his face suddenly changed. With a forced smile he said, "Mister Han, you have misunderstood us once again. I was merely stating it has been an unlikely string of coincidences that have left you uncharred by the lightning strikes. But we are partners for the time being, and partners must exercise completely honesty with each other.""Fine. Do you really want to know why the thunder won't touch me?" Han Sen smiled."Yes, please tell us!" Zhao Xuebin politely exclaimed.Han Sen did not answer verbally. He looked up and saw another thunderbolt, and as it descended, he threw his fist up high. Lightning came out from his fist and impacted the incoming bolt.The explosion that came as a result knocked everyone down onto the ground. They all looked pale, and many of them started heaving blood. They all looked upon Han Sen with shock, as if he was some god."They dare believe they can strike me?" Han Sen said, and then ignored them, continuing his ascent of the mountain.The people looked on in disbelief. They quickly scrambled to their feet and followed Han Sen up to the peak as if they were his disciples. No longer did anyone think about using Angel Gene Fluid to combat him.For a punch to sunder fires born on the wind was incredible, and they had clearly underestimated Han Sen's power. No matter how much Angel Gene Fluid they injected into themselves, they did not believe they had what it took to take down Han Sen.The area that surrounded them was still getting battered by lightning, and fighting a person who commanded such lightning would be a fool's errand. They knew they wouldn't stand a chance."How can Sonic-Thunder Punch be that powerful? It's stronger than what most surpassers can do," Feng Lin stated, shocked."Han Sen defeating Yu Qieland was not simply down to luck. His Sonic-Thunder Punch really is that scary," Zhao Xuebin said."What do we do? Do we just keep going?" Feng Lin had lost his nerve and was prepared to escape, and he was not alone in that thought.They knew they weren't half as strong as Han Sen, so they did not dare continue forward.Zhao Xuebin sighed and said, "Fine. We'll wait here. If the Thunderbull is on the peak, Han Sen won't be able to hide his killing of it, anyway. He can most likely do it solo."When everyone heard they would not have to reach the top to fight a super creature, they were washed with relief. They carried the dying Lui Gui away.Through the silver fox's protection, Han Sen and Zero had almost reached the top without trouble. Then, he saw something."It's a super creature, and it isn't alone." Han Sen, seeing the peak ahead, looked surprised.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 772: The Spirit ContractTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen and Zhou Yumei began crossing the mountain, and not long after, they stumbled across another human. Zhou Yumei almost leapt for joy."Bad guy! You can't threaten me anymore," Zhou Yumei said to Han Sen in a mocking tone, after asking the fellow if there were any shelters around. She then bounced up and down in childish glee."Once we arrive, prepare the sum of money you owe me. I have the stack of IOUs here, sealed and signed. Don't even think about trying to duck and dodge your way out of paying me," Han Sen coldly said."Hum." Zhou Yumei stuck out her tongue at Han Sen and turned in a huff to walk in the direction of the shelter."You're just walking off like that?" Han Sen stopped Zhou Yumei."Well, what else can I do?" Zhou Yumei asked, with apparent confusion."You can go, but if you keep Little Orange in a shelter, aren't you afraid of others seeking to kill him?" Han Sen said."What is there for me to worry about? Even I know nothing can compete with Little Orange," Zhou Yumei said, as she proudly patted Little Orange's head."You're suggesting you will allow Little Orange to go around murdering people in the shelter?" Han Sen asked.Zhou Yumei frowned and said, "Well, what else am I supposed to do?""I can establish a camp here, and you can allow Little Orange to remain." Han Sen retrieved his tent from the packs lining Golden Growler, and erected it. After setting it up, Han Sen told Little Orange, the silver fox, and the little fairy to stay inside. All those who could not be teleported would remain.Then he summoned Steel Prince and commanded that he stay behind to guard the camp, as well. If anyone drew near, the Steel Prince could parley with them to prevent their approach.If people would not heed what the spirit told them, what happened next was not something Han Sen could be held accountable for. If someone had a death wish, then that was on them.After setting up everything, Han Sen led Zhou Yumei to the human shelter.It was only a small knight shelter of little renown, but they were told that a few hundred miles past it rested another shelter that was grand in size. That one was a royal shelter. It undoubtedly served as a hub for countless other humans.Han Sen and Zhou Yumei were in a rush to get there. Without stopping anyone else for information, they journeyed to the shelter as quickly as they could, so they could teleport back to the Alliance.When he returned, Han Sen called Ji Yanran to inform her that he had been safe in his absence. They talked for a while, and during their discussion, Han Sen made sure to ask about the Third God's Sanctuary."Wait for me in your room; I'll bring Annie along with me. This is not an appropriate subject to be discussed on a communicator." Ji Yanran then hung up.Not long after, Ji Yanran visited Han Sen's room with Annie in tow.After Han Sen greeted them at the entry, and had them take a seat, Ji Yanran turned to speak to Annie. "Annie, tell Han Sen about the situation in the Third God's Sanctuary."Annie looked at Han Sen and with a muddled expression, said, "The reason why the Alliance prevents surpassers from discussing the Third God's Sanctuary is because we are the lowest tier of the Third God's Sanctuary inhabitants. The real masters of the Third God's Sanctuary are spirits, and they rule the place.""No way. Shouldn't there be a million human surpassers living there?" Han Sen was shocked at this revelation."There are a million, yes. But they are lost and scattered across the Third God's Sanctuary. Encountering another human is rare, and you'd be fortunate to encounter just one in a journey that spans the distance between ten shelters. If you ascended to enter the Third God's Sanctuary, and ended up arriving at a human shelter, it would be like winning the lottery." Annie explained the situation emotionlessly."That's pretty grim," Han Sen said with a wry smile.Annie suddenly gave a complicated smile and said, "Grim? You think that's grim? That's not the half of it! When humans enter the Third God's Sanctuary, they are all sent to a shelter. If they don't end up at a human shelter, you know where they end up, don't you?""Spirit shelters? How is that possible?" Han Sen's eyes opened wide, unable to comprehend what such a scene might look like.In the Third God's Sanctuary, even ordinary creatures could be Celestial Beings, and even the lowest tier of spirit shelters would be packed to the gills with spirits and creatures. Any human who arrived in the Third God's Sanctuary to be greeted by such horror would be doomed. It would be impossible for them to resist such power."No wonder so many people choose not to move to the Third God's Sanctuary, then. Going there sounds very much like a death sentence. The million evolvers surviving there must be fiercely strong." Han Sen had a wry smile."Strong? Again, I must tell you that you are wrong. They bring shame to the human race," Annie coldly said."Why? What is the issue?" Han Sen was too lazy to think about what she was implying, so he asked her to spell it all out."Eking out a living for yourself in the Third God's Sanctuary can only be done in three different ways. First, you might end up being sent to a bottom-tier spirit shelter. Spirits and creatures roam there, but if you can escape, then you live. Secondly, you can be sent to a human shelter and be safe from the get-go."Annie stopped for a moment, but then continued by saying, "As tough as the first option may be, the second one is by no means easy to achieve. Human shelters are a rarity. Compared to the countless spirit shelters, the number humans own is very small. It is rare to end up at ordinary spirit shelters too, due to most having been destroyed by competing spirits. When conquered, they aren't taken over. They are put into ruin and left like so. Inferior shelters are quickly overcome by greater ones.""You mentioned three different possibilities." Han Sen frowned, understanding the third had to be the most important."Yes, there is one other option. And that is to concede to the rule of spirits. You can sign a contract with them, pledging allegiance and fealty to their rule. A forfeiture of your life, as it were," Annie calmly said. Han Sen's reaction, however, was anything but. He was aghast.That was why the Alliance didn't make the situation there known to others. In the Third God's Sanctuary, humans are made slaves, more often than not."All I can assuredly tell you is, if you do end up at a bottom-tier spirit shelter, then congratulations. You'll most likely live. They are interracial, and if you do sign a contract with those, you will be treated as a fair member of their society. Only if it was a higher-class shelter might you be offered a contract to submit yourself to slavery. And if you cannot provide the resources they task you with obtaining or that they first desire upon your arrival, then you may not even be granted the mercy of being their thrall. They will slay you without hesitation."Annie didn't talk anymore, but Han Sen was beginning to get a fair grasp on the complexity of the situation in the Third God's Sanctuary.Through this discussion, one thing was clarified for Han Sen, though. When that spirit brought the rhino to the Third God's Sanctuary, it must have espied the power within Han Sen and thus marked him. In the future, it would most likely bring Han Sen with it, also.Of course, it was only a mark. It wasn't as if a genuine contract had been signed. Contracts were only signed if both parties agreed."I wonder what class that spirit is? If it can come over to the Second God's Sanctuary and give the rhino a lift home with it, its level cannot be that low," Han Sen thought deeply, not wanting to become the slave of some spirit."Still, signing a contract with a spirit is not all bad. There may be benefits to such a thing," Ji Yanran said."What benefits would there be?" Han Sen asked with surprise.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1119: Purple VineTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe lantern fish king was eventually going solo, for it had gone so fast, none of its brethren had been able to keep up. Only Han Sen could stick with it. Bao’er was still sitting atop the fish king, and as she sat there, she had a serious look on her face.Han Sen kept following the fish king at this speed for two whole days. Fortunately, the wings were a beast soul. If he was using his own energy to fly, he would have been knackered far earlier.Eventually, though, Han Sen saw the end of the long river he had traversed. It led to a big mountain, the peak of which was high up in the clouds someplace. An accurate estimation of its height could not be guessed.There was a big waterfall on the mountain, too. It descended from someplace above the clouds, as if it were a tether to hold the sky and clouds in place.It was a gorgeous sight, and before that grand waterfall, even the fish king looked small.The waterfall descended into a lake. When the fish king reached this lake, it began to stream up through the waterfall into the sky. Bao’er held onto the fish king tight, flying up with it.Han Sen shouted in her direction, but Bao’er ignored him. She remained fixated on the mountain they had come to.The fish was swimming against the waterfall, and as it cleaved its way upwards, many splashes were created.Han Sen had the power to do this, as well, but he refrained for now. And as Han Sen was lost in thought over the place he had come to, something came down from above the clouds.Han Sen stood on the shores of the lake watching. Then, he saw a purple vine descend and try to lash the fish king as if it were a whip.The fish king puffed up its belly and withstood the blow like a red sun.Pang!The fish king received that hit and bled a copious amount of blood; so much, the waterfall and lake below were dyed red.The fish king opened its mouth and did not relent in its ascension of the waterfall.Pang!The vine was still there, and it lashed the king again. Many of the fish’s scales were stripped from its body.Han Sen was frozen at the scene of this terrible sight. The fish king was incredibly powerful as it was. But the purple vine was able to nearly wreck the beast with but a single hit.“What in the sanctuaries could that thing be? Is it a plant?! Is it a weapon?! Is someone controlling it or what?” Han Sen wondered, aghast.His Dongxuan Aura was not efficient enough for him to detect what might have lurked above the clouds.What Han Sen couldn’t understand the most, though, was why Bao’er was acting the way she was. She was determined to remain on the fish king, and her face was extremely serious. Han Sen had never seen her behave this way before.“Does she know what is up there?” Han Sen thought to himself.It did not seem possible. She had never been there before, so how could she know?Regardless, one thing was for sure: she wanted something. There had to be something up there and she wanted it.Pang!The fish could not withstand this blow, and it could no longer continue its ascent. It fell all the way down to the lake below, creating a massive splash and tidal wave.Han Sen knew the fish king could fly, but it must have been too weak to do so, following its third and final strike.The fish king was not wholly defeated yet, though. It shone brightly, swimming around in circles before resuming its upwards flight.The head of the fish was now crowned with a golden horn. The moment the vine came down, the fish king was able to skewer it with the horn.The purple vine emitted a mist, following this. And it was still active; it lashed the horn.Pang!The golden horn was shattered, and the fish king fell back down into the lake once more.The fish king was determined not to give up, though. It shone even brighter than it had before, and it was so bright, Han Sen found it difficult to watch.Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to view the king, and he was able to see it regenerate. The scales around it healed, and its tail at the back was like a chipper cloud.The fish king leaped out of the water and flew upwards like a rocket.The purple vine whacked the fish again, shattering more of the scales. But the fish king did not submit to gravity this time, and it continued onwards and upwards. As it went, the obliterated scales were like golden stardust, left as a wake for its starbound pursuit.The vine was unable to stop the fish king this time, but the seeming victory appeared to be short-lived. The illusion of success looked likely to crumble, as another vine appeared.But the fish king kept going. It pushed on and accelerated, despite the loss of its scales.It was so fast that the second vine was actually unable to do anything. And witnessing its failure to prevent the fish king’s ascent, the vines retreated above the clouds.Bao’er’s face looked more dour than ever, after withstanding all that. She now held the gourd in her hands as she stared up at the clouds she was fast approaching.Han Sen watched as the bleeding fish penetrated the clouds and then, from somewhere above, the noise of thunder sounded. Purple lights appeared in the sky.The clouds were torn asunder by these lights, and the fish became a bloodfish. Its scales had all been stripped away.The moment the clouds were torn, Han Sen was able to see the peak of the mountain. There, atop the mountain, was an old vine. The two vines that had assaulted the fish were only a part of it.And the purple light that now flashed was sent out by the old vine.“What is that thing?” Han Sen looked at it in surprise.

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Yang Yinhua⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 472: The TreasureTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioFeeling the numbness in his brain, Han Sen was alerted by the coolness from his pituitary, making his brain clearer than ever."Brain crystals are indeed fantastic stuff. Unfortunately, its effect will fade gradually. In the end, the brain will only be developed slightly." Han Sen put away the rest of the brain crystals and looked to the triangular exit in the center of the room.The space inside the room was spherical. Other than the gap where they came from, the only exit was the triangular tunnel leading downward in the center of the room.Han Sen walked to the tunnel and looked down, finding the 6-foot-long tunnel was connected to another spherical room."Ji Yanran, do you know what these spherical rooms are used for?" Han Sen knew so little about Crystallizers that he had to look to Ji Yanran.Ji Yanran shook her head and said, "In all the materials that I've studied, there is no mentioning of such places. However, there are many unsolved mysteries in Crystallizer civilization, so this is normal.""Shall we go down and have a look? Maybe there are more brain crystals," Han Sen thought about it and said.Li Mingtang and Wang Hou had entered the core area. However, the guard crystal had followed them inside. Han Sen had no idea what was happening in the core area, so they might encounter the guard crystal if they followed Li Mingtang and Wang Hou, which was not ideal."I wonder if it's too risky," Ji Yanran hesitated."It's not risky." Han Sen summoned Snow Charmer and sent her down the triangular tunnel to find out what was inside the other room.Very soon, Han Sen made sure that it was an empty room. Snow Charmer also found triangular tunnels leading to other places.Han Sen hesitated and summoned the beetle knight again, making his doppelgänger hide inside the statue's ear, watching the entrance from which Li Mingtang and the rest entered the core area, while he and Ji Yanran entered the other room through the triangular tunnel.Like Snow Charmer said, it was an empty room. On the side of the room there was a triangular tunnel of the same size leading horizontally to another spherical room.Han Sen asked Snow Charmer to climb into the tunnel first to make sure there was no danger before he and Ji Yanran went inside one by one.It turned out that all the spherical rooms were empty, all connected by triangular tunnels. After traveling past a dozen spherical rooms, Ji Yanran and Han Sen ended up in a normal room.Walls of the room there were lined with black crystal cabinets that had at least hundreds of lockers. There was no telling what was inside."This is… the treasure…" Ji Yanran saw the black crystal cabinets and became surprised."You're saying this is the treasure? So, the simulating crystals, parasite crystals, and guard crystals are all stored here?" Han Sen was overjoyed he did not expect to come to the treasure by accident."These black crystal cabinets are similar to the ones used to store crystals that we had discovered before. However, this room is different from the previous treasure. Also, I'm not sure why the room is connected with those spherical rooms. Therefore, I could not make sure whether this is the real treasure." Ji Yanran was not confident."Let's open one up to find out." Han Sen asked Ji Yanran to go back into the previous spherical room and commanded Snow Charmer to open up a square black crystal lcoker.Nothing strange happened. The black crystal locker was empty. There was nothing stored inside.Ji Yanran came back to examine the inner structure of the cabinet and said assertively, "Now I am sure that this is the cabinet that holds the crystals. This should be a treasure, but it seems too small for a royalty ruin. These cabinets could not even be compared to those in some smaller ruins. It does not look like it is designed for a royalty.""It's good as long as it is a treasure. Maybe it is the private collection of the royalty." Han Sen was excited and asked Snow Charmer to open up other cabinets.However, dozens of cabinets all turned out to be empty, which disappointed Han Sen a bit.However, Han Sen did not want to accept zero gains, so he commanded Snow Charmer to open up all the cabinets. After she had opened 80+ cabinets, she finally saw twinkling light inside.Han Sen was excited and quickly walked up to the cabinet. There was a golden crystal inside the size of a snail. It was over with a complicated cut, which made it look like a brilliant golden diamond."It is a crystal?" Han Sen did not dare to move and asked Ji Yanran.Ji Yanran nodded and said, "This is an inactive crystal. Judging from the look of it, it should be the Rubik's cube that you had seen.""It will not turn itself on, right?" Han Sen was startled.Ji Yanran shook her head and smiled. "Definitely not. All the crystals stored in the treasure are dormant until they are activated by Crystallizers. However, it is impossible to find a living Crystallizer to initiate these crystals. The guard crystals are commonly seen, but normal ruins only have 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 Rubik's cubes. Even in larger runes, the Rubik's cubes are mostly 6 x 6. The 12 x 12 Rubik's cube you saw is very rare and of high value for collection and research. If this is also a 12 x 12 Rubik's cube, then it is priceless."Hearing Ji Yanran say that, Han Sen was overjoyed, took out the golden crystal, and stuffed it in his pocket. He said with a smile, "Then I will put it away first."Ji Yanran knew what he was thinking but did not say anything, just rolling her eyes at him.With the finding of the guard crystal, Han Sen was even more motivated. He told Snow Charmer to open up all the remaining cabinets and soon discovered another crystal.It was a white crystal. Han Sen looked to his girlfriend, puzzled."This is the memory crystal, containing all the data left by the Crystallizers. If one has enough mental power, one could directly sense the content of the crystal. However, human nowadays could hardly reach that level. They could only get part of the fragmented information in the crystal relying on machines. Since this crystal is left behind by a Crystallizer royalty, it might contain important information. If we are all able to translate part of it, maybe our science and technology could have another leap," Ji Yanran explained."Then I will put it away first." Han Sen unapologetically took this memory crystal as well."Did you hear something?" Han Sen suddenly noticed something and looked to Ji Yanran.Ji Yanran shook her head and said, "What did you hear?"As Han Sen was about to say something, he suddenly heard something falling. Pink crystals as big as duck eggs started to fall from the triangular tunnel from which they came down. Momentarily, there were 100+ pink crystals present."Parasite crystals!" Both Ji Yanran and Han Sen exclaimed at the same time.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 626: RavenTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"It's no good for him to continue like this. If he exhausts his strength, he'll be in danger," Xu Dongjin commented, as he watched Han Sen zip around the sky. Continuing to talk, he said, "Queen, ought we provide him aid?"Xu Dongjin's offer to support Han Sen was not out of the kindness of his heart. He saw that Han Sen had attracted the attention of countless murderous birds, and with the majority pre-occupied in the pursuit of Han Sen, he and Queen would be free to bag plenty of easy kills.While he was happy to sit and watch, the suggestion of going over there and getting free kills was incredibly self-centered. That was why he extended his offer to Queen."There is no need. Within thirty strikes, the Sky Falcon King will be no more," Queen responded coldly.To the eyes of those who watched, Han Sen was a free-spirited bird himself. He soared the skies with no formation, diving and rising on a whim. Queen was the only one who did not see things like that, however. She could see that Han Sen was calculating each movement and every time he swerved, turned, or twirled, it was at a destination he had planned. Within thirty strikes, the formation would be complete, and the Sky Falcon king would be slain."Thirty strikes? That doesn't seem likely." Xu Dongjin continued to watch Han Sen getting chased by the flock of birds. He thought he was doing okay, provided they did not catch him.Chen Ran remained quiet and motionless. He stood off to the side, watching in silent contemplation. An old man like him, unlike Xu Dongjin, was able to understand such intricate situations a lot more. That was why he was so surprised at what he was witnessing."How does this kid know how to perform Heavenly Go? Did the Huangfu family teach another? That is impossible! Huangfu Xiongcheng took a vow, so how could someone else I have no knowledge of or relation with, know how to perform Heavenly Go?" Chen Ran spoke with a strange look on his face, as his eyes continued to trace Han Sen's movements in the air.A few of the evolvers that watched were counting how many strikes Han Sen had performed, not putting much stock into Queen's claim of him being able to do it in thirty or less."Yeehaw!" After the count of twenty-four, Han Sen shouted. Without any prior indication, Han Sen performed a brutal counter-attack on the Sky Falcon king.The Sky Falcon king was flying at incredible speed, flapping its wings with a new tenacity in an attempt to dodge Han Sen's incoming strike. It managed to dodge the first sword, but upon doing so, found itself caught up in the pursuing crowd of birds. At that precise moment, Han Sen's second sword came down on it.The silver snake sword was imbued with incredible power and brought down on the Sky Falcon king with a mighty thrust. The Sky Falcon king's greatest asset was speed, but that came at the sacrifice of strength – its body was weak. When it was hit, its entire backside was sliced open to expose its organs. A hit such as that was guaranteed to ensure its death.Xu Dongjin and the others could not move. Han Sen had performed twenty-four strikes to slay the Sky Falcon king.Now, Han Sen swerved to dodge the next assault of the flock of birds. He made a quick turn and went after the falling Sky Falcon king. He hadn't yet heard the notification tone, confirming his slaying of the beast, so it had to still be alive to some degree.The Sky Falcon king descended directly into the crown of the tree. When Han Sen raced there, the branch that the Sky Falcon king landed upon rebounded.Han Sen reached out his hands to grab the near-lifeless body of the Sky Falcon king and used his Yin Force to throttle it. After a vigorous squeeze, the notification finally played."Sacred-Blood Creature Hunted: Sky Falcon king. The beast soul was not acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of sacred geno points, ranging from zero to ten."Han Sen's inability to claim the beast soul did not come as a surprise. The probability of obtaining one was incredibly low, so it would have been highly unlikely to get it on his first kill.Han Sen was prepared for this, so he wasn't disappointed. With the Sky Falcon king's flesh, he was sure to gain at least eight sacred geno points, and eight sacred geno points from a single meal was a generous amount.Han Sen circled the crown of the tree while avoiding the flock of birds that continued to pursue him. He caught a glimpse of what lay beneath the foliage, and when he saw what was there, his pupils shrank in shock.Beyond the dense dressing of leaves, Han Sen saw a bird nest that had been built from branches. The nest itself was not remarkable.But inside the nest, he saw a bird that looked like a raven. It was inky black and all it did was stare coldly back at Han Sen. Han Sen looked into its eyes and felt a chill. He figured if the raven decided to move and come after him, he'd be gutted alive in no time at all.But the raven did not do anything. It remained where it was, comfy in its nest, watching Han Sen fly past.Han Sen was soaked in cold sweat. He only looked into its eyes, but with his highly-attuned senses, he was able to determine how powerful it was. It brimmed with energy, and Han Sen just knew that it had to be a super creature.Han Sen believed he should immediately remove himself from the area and start praying to the gods above for a blessing. He had been so close to the super creature, yet it had done nothing at all. It was a miracle.The more Han Sen mulled over the situation, though, the more he felt something wasn't quite right. The raven super creature was only a few meters away from him, so there was no chance it had not seen him. But if it had indeed watched Han Sen, why would it choose to ignore a free meal?"Unless the raven cannot move?" This thought flashed through his mind. "If the raven is laying eggs, is that why it did not choose to kill me?"Aside from that, Han Sen could not think of any other reasons he would be allowed to escape from the raven. But that did not matter to him right now; what was most important was his need to leave the area and return to safety. If the raven did decide to leave its nest, he would be in trouble.Han Sen soared off in the direction of Queen, shouting, "Leave! There is a terrifying creature atop the tree! You have to leave!"After that, he swooped down to hit the ground running and return his wings.Queen, without hesitating, joined Han Sen in his hurried departure."Pah, surely you jest! If there is indeed a terrifying creature aloft in the tree, explain to me how you have returned with nary a wound upon your person!" Xu Dongjin did not believe Han Sen's words.Chen Ran only frowned, wondering whether or not he should leave and follow Han Sen's unnerving warning. But then, a deafening screech pierced his ears. It was the frightening cry of a raven.Caw! Caw!After sounding, a pitch-black raven emerged from the crown of the tree. When it flew out, the rest of the birds that were still airborne, panicking, calmed down and retreated into the tree.The raven creature spread its wings and flew down with its beady eyes peering at them."Go!" Chen Ran felt a chill run down his spine and issued his command without hesitation. He was the first to start running.Xu Dongjin and his people did not dare loiter any longer, and they took off behind Chen Ran.The raven casually glided down towards them, in no apparent rush. It coldly watched Han Sen and the others flee for their lives, its eyes viewing them all like a joke.Its eyes were sullen voids, and after it took off into the air, the mountain descended into an oppressive silence.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1361: Killing a Gold DragonTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioWhen the sheep saw the drowsy creatures that were unable to fight back, it ran over to them.“Don’t!” Han Sen stopped Cheap Sheep in his hasty approach and moved closer to examine what state they were in.A while later, a three-foot-long centipede emerged out of the back of one of the creatures. It was plated in gold, like a luxurious bracelet.“The Gold Dragon!” Dragon Lady pulled Han Sen back immediately.“You know what that thing is?” Han Sen asked her.Dragon Lady nodded in confirmation, and said, “It is the mutant creature known as the Gold Dragon. Its geno core is gold-class! We can’t even hope to fight that thing.”“It’s injured by the screams; perhaps we can kill it?” Han Sen said, trailing it with hungry eyes.The Gold Dragon bit into the head of another sleepy creature and began slurping down the brain juice and mush that was inside.The creature squealed in pain, but it was unable to do anything. Having been injured the day before already, it soon gave up the ghost.When the Gold Dragon let go, the creature’s head had a massive cavity in it. It had been completely drained, leaving it like an empty coconut. Sickened and a little frightened, Cheap Sheep leaped behind Han Sen for safety.“A creature with a gold geno core that may or may not be injured severely. I know for a fact its plates are extremely hardy, but that doesn’t take much to deduce.” Dragon Lady frowned, expressing it was a foolish notion to attempt attacking the sickly insect.“Do you know what it’s made of?” Han Sen asked.Dragon Lady replied, saying, “Its geno core is Metal Robe. Once it latches onto an opponent, it won’t let go until its prey has died. The Metal Robe tightens the squeeze, so it can’t be shaken loose. No one can escape the clutch of the Gold Dragon.”Han Sen listened to her words intently, then turned back to look at the centipede and frowned.Dongxuan Aura told Han Sen it was extremely injured, and that it would be best to kill the fiend now.“You guys stand back. I’ll try.” After observing the insect for a little bit longer, Han Sen decided to try his luck and see if he could defeat the creature.This was the best chance he would get to kill a gold core creature any time soon, he reckoned. So, Han Sen summoned his Bulwark Umbrella and Butler Doll. Then, they went towards the centipede-dragon.The Gold Dragon noticed their approach and unleashed its Metal Robe, grabbing Butler Doll.Butler Doll’s eyes flashed red to petrify and turn the centipede to wood, but it was unsuccessful. It was most likely because the Butler Doll was far too weak compared to the mutant Gold Dragon.“Now!” The moment Han Sen witnessed the Butler Doll get snatched, he exhausted all the power he could in a single strike. He wanted to attack the Gold Dragon the moment the Metal Robe couldn’t be a threat to himself. It was occupied, and now there was an opening.The robe tied the Butler Doll up, but it didn’t even seem like a brain-feeding would be necessary to kill it. The Butler Doll was shattered into pieces by the squeeze.The Metal Robe was then quick to switch targets and go for the next aggressor. Turning itself into a gold beam, it shot towards Han Sen.Butler Doll had been killed far too quickly, but Han Sen was not yet ready to strike the dragon.Han Sen swung his Bulwark Umbrella towards the Metal Robe. And as he did this, Han Sen summoned his Crystal Egg and lobbed it at the Gold Dragon.As first, it seemed as if misfortune was going to strike, as the centipede was able to muster the strength necessary for a dodge and perform a clean evasion.Fortunately, luck was on Han Sen’s side that day. When the egg missed, it struck another of the creatures near the tree, then it ricocheted off that creature to ping off the back of the Gold Dragon.Han Sen returned the egg to his Sea of Soul, and then, with his horn in hand, tried to stab the dragon.The Metal Robe grabbed hold of the umbrella and tried to snap it.Han Sen knew he’d have to hurry, especially after hearing the Bulwark Umbrella creak as if it were on the verge of snapping. It was an impressive piece of gear, but it was only bronze class. It may have been stronger than the butler, but it wouldn’t last long going up against a gold-class geno core.Not sure how long the umbrella would last, Han Sen shifted into fifth gear.The Gold Dragon noticed Han Sen coming for it, and so it leaned forward, wanting to meet its target.Han Sen raised his horn and cast Ghost Slash. When the Rubberized Dragon had just about reached his face, the horn was plunged directly into the centipede’s body.Its shell had become much softer, but not to the extent Han Sen had witnessed before. The creature was still formidable.The horn was unable to plunge entirely through the centipede’s body, and after a long drive, found itself being flung back and away. Noticing the horn didn’t work, Han Sen then decided it was time to make use of Super Spank.If Super Spank worked, the body of the Gold Dragon should shatter completely.Han Sen wanted the creature’s flesh, but he had no choice now, given the situation he was in.Gold Dragon was injured and debuffed, but it was still no foe to underestimate. It was a violent, squirmy little thing, as well. With great anger, it fiercely went after Han Sen, shining with a gold light.Han Sen felt his hand get cut, but he endured the pain and tried to break a part of its sequential structure through the Dongxuan Sutra.Super Spank was able to destroy the weakest part of a foe and initiate a chain-reaction, but this enemy was so strong, it was incredibly difficult for Han Sen to do even that.Pang!Han Sen committed to the strike and tried throwing his weight into knocking over the first domino.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 775: Is That All You've Got?Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen did not move an inch. Half of his body crackled and sparked with looming thunder, whereas his other half chimed like a bell. When the invisible bladestorm was about to strike Han Sen, he threw out his fist.The combined powers of sonic and lightning channeled through his fist to form an orb of light in the palm of his hand. It grew into a silver sun and exploded out towards Luo Li with the break of deafening thunder.Crack!The invisible bladestorm was like glass, as Han Sen's power shattered its cohesion and nullified its threat.As the lightning coursed through the air, a chilling noise sounded at the same time. The energy flow of Han Sen's attacker was distorted, which disabled her from gathering the composure needed to effectively dodge the incoming danger.Boom!Right before the lightning looked set to strike Luo Li, she summoned beast soul armor. The armor and clothes underneath were incinerated by the wretched power possessed by the lightning.Pang!Luo Li's body was sent flying backwards into the wall of the reception area. Her mouth heaved blood as her burnt, tattered garments scattered messily across the room. Only a scrap or two clung to her body, smoldering.Nothing happened next. There was no counter-attack; she just sat on the floor, staring at Han Sen with a ghastly look wrought by her disbelief over what had just transpired.She never believed she could lose to Han Sen, let alone to lose so quickly and badly. She found it just as hard to accept that she had been beaten by someone who had not learned the Falsified-Sky Sutra, as well."No way... no way..." Luo Li's lips were oozing blood, as she sat there, muttering indiscernibly to herself, incapable of accepting the sudden defeat."Is that all you've got?" Han Sen looked down on Luo Li. He removed his coat and handed it to her. As he turned around to exit the reception area, he said, "Leave. Neither I, nor my mother, have any interest in being a part of the Luo family anymore."Luo Li heard what Han Sen said and her body shook. As this happened, her mind stumbled back into the past."Is that all you've got?" She had heard these words spoken to her many times while she was growing up. That proud and beautiful lady said the same thing to her every time she was defeated by her hands.Luo Li despised that sentence. And she held a further disgust for her pretty face. But now she was hearing it from someone else, and in a cruel twist of irony, that person was her son."Impossible! Impossible! He didn't learn Falsified-Sky Sutra! How can he have such power?! There is no way I can lose to someone who has not learned Falsified-Sky Sutra. And there is no way I can lose to her son!" Luo Li was screaming aloud in complete hysteria, but by now, she was in the room alone.Han Sen was unsure at what time Luo Li left, but after his encounter, he went to contact his mother about what had occurred. He wanted to confirm whether or not Luo Li truly was from the Luo family."Little Li really did seek you out?" When Luo Sulan heard, she remained absolutely calm as if this was expected. There was a distinct lack of surprise in her voice."She really is my aunt?" Han Sen had been suspicious of her claims."Yes. Your great-grandfather believed I would be too lonely growing up on my own, so he adopted her. I haven't seen her since I abandoned the Luo family." Luo Sulan sighed."I can't learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra?" Han Sen asked."You can learn it if you want, but by doing so, you bring upon yourself family business you won't be able to escape from." Luo Sulan sighed, thinking her son had been tempted by the Falsified-Sky Sutra after seeing it in action and witnessing what it could do."Well, if it really would bring me trouble, then forget it. I was just idly wondering, that's all," Han Sen said casually.Luo Sulan, with much surprise, asked, "You really aren't tempted to try it?""Not really. Auntie had learned the Falsified-Sky Sutra, and yet I was able to defeat her in a single punch," Han Sen casually relayed.Luo Sulan was even more surprised now, asking, "You really managed to defeat her in a single punch?""Yeah, it was easy." A cocky smile crept upon Han Sen's face.Luo Sulan, with a wry smile, said, "It looks like you have developed further than I expected. And, I will say this; do not underestimate the Falsified-Sky Sutra. Although Little Li works her hardest, she isn't bound to the family through blood. That separation means she cannot learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra in its purest, most authentic form.""How strong would the real Falsified-Sky Sutra be?" Han Sen's interest in the skill had now increased. Although he managed to defeat her, he actually believed Luo Li to be one of the strongest evolvers he had ever gone up against."It has the power of a shura. If you ever end up going against someone who has learnt that skill, remember this; do not defend. Pitting yourself against a person who has learnt it can only lead to two outcomes. You either end up killing that person quickly, or you die. Be quick or be dead." Luo Sulan said this, but it didn't quite explain enough."Mother, what happened to the Luo family?" Han Sen could no longer hold his desire to know, so he asked."If you do not belong to the Luo family, there is no need for you to know. Knowing would needlessly burden you with greater troubles. If you did enter the Luo family, however, you would quickly come to know." This was a subject Luo Sulan had no desire to talk about.By this point in their conversation, Luo Li had already dragged herself out of the base. On a ship, she spoke with Luo Haitang.Luo Li did not refrain from telling the complete truth, and she told him exactly what had happened.After Luo Haitang heard this, a strange look came across his face. He asked, "He didn't learn it?""No." Luo Li surely answered."He unleashed powers of thunder?" Luo Haitang asked."Yes." Luo Li answered."This is interesting. It is no wonder he is Little Lan's son, then. He has indeed adopted Little Lan's excellent genes; the ones required by our family." Luo Haitang coldly continued his speak, "Tell Luo Yin to meet him in the shelter. Let the boy see the true form of the Falsified-Sky Sutra. He has the Luo family blood coursing through his veins; it will be something he will be unable to resist.""Yes," Luo Li said, as she lowered her head.Han Sen entered the shelter once more and wanted to get a better grasp of his surroundings. He needed to learn exactly where he was and where he had to go next."Oh, no! Oh, no! There is a spirit attacking the shelter!" As Han Sen sat in the plaza, contemplating his next move, a screaming person came running through. Immediately, everyone became nervous."A spirit attacking a shelter?" When Han Sen heard them yell this, it surprised him a great deal. It had been a long time since he had last heard of a spirit attacking a shelter.Han Sen curiously went to the city's wall. He wanted to see what manner of spirit had decided to attack the shelter. If the owner could not withstand the siege, then perhaps he could lend a hand."Han Sen?" As Han Sen walked towards the gate, someone called out his name.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1011: Killing the Wolf KingTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioLightning was tearing the battlefield asunder, and it sapped the fighters of their hope of triumph. But suddenly, from the corner of their eyes, a red flame danced.Han Sen was standing there, a red flame encompassing his being. He raised his hand and a thousand firebirds shot out, hungry for murder. There were so many of them, they covered the skies like a veil.At first, the firebirds went for the leaves. Their touch incinerated the leaves effortlessly.The fire still raged around Han Sen, and he generated more and more firebirds.When each leaf was destroyed, a blood-bird spawned out of its ashes, as well. Where there was once lightning, now there was fire. The forest had become a raging inferno, all answering to the whims of the one who controlled it: Han Sen.The fire quickly overwhelmed all it came into contact with, and everything that it touched was turned to ash. From that ash, firebirds arose. It was like the spreading of a violent, parasitic infestation.The firebirds did not extinguish, either. They went on ceaselessly, incinerating the wolves with a ravenous appetite for the act.The wolves whimpered and cried out for aid, but nothing could save them. The squeals were like those of tortured souls wailing from the pits of hell. Countless wolves fell in a short amount of time.Aside from where they were standing, everything around them was ablaze.Everyone looked at Han Sen, who had become a fire-casting monstrosity.“Phoenix? But Phoenix is not that powerful!” Lin He struggled to speak. He was too overwhelmed by what he was seeing.Howl!The five wolf kings howled to the skies once more as the lesser wolves started to scatter and run away in fear. A hundred wolves and a dozen trees had been burnt to a crisp in a matter of moments.The wolf kings were not going to flee, though. With an aura of blue light surrounding them, they raced towards the travelers, all from different directions.Han Sen was not going to waste any time, and he was surely not going to wait for them to close the gap. He transformed himself into a phoenix and flew forward to meet one of the kings.Hooooowl! Seven bolts of lightning were fired towards Han Sen.That meant the wolf had opened seven gene locks. It was a scary thing, considering the wolf had a much higher fitness level.Pang!Lightning and fire collided into a dizzying array of fireworks that exploded against each other.Han Sen did not relax his attack. He fearlessly flew towards the wolf king, Taia in hand.The wolf king bared its fangs to Han Sen in response, and lightning flickered across them. The beast reared its head, ready to sink its teeth into Han Sen’s neck and rip out his throat.The wolf king’s mouth reached its target, and the monster brought its hungry maw down on Han Sen’s neck. Strangely, not a single mark was left. The wolf king, however, had been cut.Boom!The wolf king twitched as blood gushed from the wound Han Sen had inflicted. It looked ready to collapse and die.Everyone was shocked, having seen Han Sen kill a sacred-blood wolf king with seven gene locks active with a single hit.Lin Weiwei thought her eyes were playing tricks on her, and she found it difficult to believe what Han Sen had accomplished in the single year he had been in the Third God’s Sanctuary.“It looks as if he managed to max out his super geno points before choosing to become a surpasser. But still, he has only been here for a year. Where has all this additional power come from?” Lin Weiwei retreated into her mind, as a complicated look consumed her face.“Sacred-Blood Creature Lightning Wolf killed. No beast soul gained. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly.”Han Sen heard the announcement and did not relent. He went straight for another wolf king.The Blood-Pulse Sutra was quite simple. It did not matter how many gene locks it had open, it imbued the power of blood onto every skill its user performed.The more gene locks that had been opened, the stronger this boon of blood-power would become.Without this skill, even with Taia, Han Sen would not have been able to take down the wolf king in a single hit.Everyone was shocked, and even the wolves were taken aback by what had just occurred. Without hesitation, they chose to flee before any more of them became victims of the ruthless man.Han Sen caught up with one of them, and try as the wolf king might, it was unable to avoid Han Sen’s assault.His phoenix flames annihilated the seven lightning bolts the wolf cast, as Taia was plunged deep into the furry fiend’s throat. It was killed in one hit, once again.“Sacred-Blood Creature Lightning Wolf killed. Beast soul gained. Consume its flesh gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly.”The rest of the wolves managed to get away. They were terrified of Han Sen, and they scrambled wildly in their attempt to flee.To be honest, it wasn’t only the wolves who were scared. Even Lin He and his people were unnerved. The power they had just witnessed was too shocking for them to comprehend.Lin He could have fought against one wolf king, but it would have been a lengthy battle. The victor of such a fight would be difficult to determine, as well.But Han Sen was able to one-hit kill a wolf king. Rarely had he ever been in such a state of speechlessness and shock.“Oh my God! Brother Han is that strong? Weiwei, didn’t you tell us he had only just become a surpasser?” Chen Hu was flabbergasted at the ruthless spectacle he had just witnessed.( Updated by NovelFull.Com )“I told you that because it’s true…” Weiwei wasn’t sure what to say anymore.But Han Sen did not have time to revel in the glory of victory, because the wolves now stopped running.

Ru Hongda2020-0-1 07:18:12

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1194: The Fourth Person in the AllianceTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Time King Spirit Geno Point +1; Time King Spirit Geno Point +1; Time King Spirit Geno Point +1.”Han Sen, seeing his spirit geno points increase, looked delightfully happy.Moment Queen wasn’t feeling quite the same way, as could be imagined. She was fuming.She had managed to amass many time geno points, but they were incredibly difficult to come by. And now, to see half of them go to Han Sen, she felt as if her heart was physically bleeding.“It looks like she managed to get herself a load of goodies in my absence. If she managed to open five gene locks, that means she must have received at least five hundred self geno points. I doubt ordinary king spirits could achieve such a feat in such a small timeframe,” Han Sen thought, as he pondered Moment Queen’s situation.It was a shame they had signed a contract, though. This meant she could not give him any more than one hundred geno points. If Moment Queen was the one who held the contract and owned Han Sen, then there’d be no limit.But, for obvious reasons, Han Sen wouldn’t place himself under contract with her. And for the time being, one hundred of such geno points were more than enough.When Moment Queen looked at Han Sen next, there was a fire of murder in her eyes.Now that he had managed to obtain one hundred time king spirit geno points, Han Sen was able to start producing his own skill.The Dongxuan Sutra was able to simulate Sky King and Moment Queen’s powers.But the Dongxuan Sutra had only six of its tiers open. There’d be a limit to the efficiency of his creation, and if he wasn’t careful in the combination of those two volatile powers, there was a chance he could hurt himself.When Han Sen created Saving Money, it was a long and laborious job that took him many years to complete.Returning to the Alliance, Han Sen hopped onto Skynet. He wanted to increase his knowledge and learn all he could about space and time. He even consulted Bai Yishan about the subject.“I focus on the human body. Space and time, well… That isn’t exactly my forte. I suggest you go see Professor Long; he’s an expert on the subject.” Bai Yishan then provided Han Sen with a slip of paper, before going on to say, “He holds lectures regarding hyper geno arts that deal with space and time, primarily.”Han Sen filled out the application form, then Bai Yishan helped him fast-track the registration process. It was then that Han Sen realized Professor Long was the creator of Hyperspace: a tidbit of knowledge that greatly amped up his excitement.Due to this class being private for members of the Saint Hall, it was held in their base. The knowledge to be shared there would undoubtedly be secret. As such, Han Sen had to travel to Lie Men Planet.It was a great distance away from Roca Planet, so to pass the time on the journey, Han Sen decided to practice combat in the virtual community.“Are you Han Sen?” Someone recognized him.Han Sen turned around to see a modern-looking couple, both of whom were in their twenties.The girl happily ran towards Han Sen, saying, “Can I just say how much I love you and Ji Yanran. Would it be boorish for me to request your signature?”“It’d be a pleasure.” Han Sen smiled.“Here, on this sheet of paper. Could you address it to Little Lan?” The girl had quickly lifted a notebook out of her pocket.Han Sen wrote, “To cute Little Lan, Han Sen.”The girl thanked him and quickly left.“I didn’t know I had female fans.” Han Sen was pleased after this, so he trotted around with a spring in his step. But then, he overheard a conversation.“Why did you ask for his signature? You do know he cannot fight anymore, right?” the boyfriend told her.“So? I think he’s a lovely person,” the girl said.“Childish.” The guy clearly didn’t approve.Han Sen, hearing this, did not mind too much. He wasn’t a saint, and he knew he couldn’t get everyone to like him.Han Sen entered the holographic machine to practice combat and pass the time.Lie Men was on the outskirts of the Alliance’s system, so it was going to take half a month of travel for him to reach it. A lot of that time was spent in virtual fighting.But Han Sen soon lost interest in it. Each fight was a cakewalk, and after winning every single match with the greatest of ease, he grew numb and bored. He wouldn’t have spent time there if he had he anything better to do.Just as Han Sen was going to go off and watch the news, he was matched with someone a little out of the ordinary.Han Sen was impressed by the fellow’s name.“Fourth Person in the Alliance; interesting.” Han Sen smiled when he saw the tag.If it was “something-something number one,” Han Sen wouldn’t have been impressed. This, though, gave the impression he wasn’t someone who was talking nonsense. This person exuded a feel that was real.“Let me just see how strong this person is.” Han Sen chuckled to himself.Han Sen was in social matchmaking, but there were rankings in play. He would only be able to match up with others of the same level, so in this case, other surpassers.When Han Sen entered the arena, he did not hesitate to rush towards his opponent and unleash a flurry of attacks.When the dust settled, Han Sen was shocked at the result. The opponent had successfully blocked each of his strikes. This person had to be special, as no one else could block Han Sen’s attacks like that.Han Sen spent the next ten minutes on the offensive, but he was surprised to see his opponent successfully defend against every attack.Han Sen was surprised, and he thought to himself, “This guy really is something!”Han Sen’s hands did not slow down, though. Instead, they just sped up.

Wen Sujuan2020-2-8 05:13:17

  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 924: Super Creature?Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe barbed bushes that encircled the tree shook, until something emerged.When Han Sen laid his eyes on the beast before him, he started to immediately sweat bullets. He could feel the wretched sense of the creature that was headed his way from fifty meters away.A metal dinosaur, composed of what seemed to be blue steel, is what came out from the obscuring thickets of the trees. The suffocating feelings of dread were a direct cause of its approach.The blue dinosaur was not large, by any means. In fact, it was no larger than Han Sen himself, but he was able to sense that its power dwarfed his own by an unfathomably large margin.As sweat descended his forehead, the dinosaur laid eyes on him and drew closer. It stepped directly into the shelter's surrounding, where other creatures always feared to go.Han Sen quickly turned around and tried his hardest to return inside the tree.He had encountered many powerful creatures before, but this one was in another league. Never before had he seen a creature not heed the bones that offered sanctuary to such places. Bold as brass, the metallic dinosaur lurched forwards, step-by-step.As Han Sen started running, he heard a boom. The dinosaur leapt a great distance and landed in front of him, leaving to two crater-like footprints in the soil. Its speed was incredible.Casting his Dongxuan Sutra, a vast amount of energy began to generate inside his kidney. Then, he used Aero to try and fly away from the menace.Just as Han Sen moved, the dinosaur opened its mouth. And then, a horrible power came into contact with his back; one that pulled him back down to the ground.Fortunately, the dinosaur only took hold of Han Sen's armor. The creature did not injure him.He stood up and fell back a few steps. Then, the dinosaur jumped behind Han Sen and bit the back of his armor again, keeping him close.Strangely, it did not hurt Han Sen. All it did was pull him back and keep him close."Is this thing playing a game with me? Will it devour me when it gets tired?" Han Sen tried his hardest to run away and escape, but every time he did, the dinosaur stayed his flight.Han Sen knew he had to continue hiding his super spirit mode. And if he had to use it, it would only give him three seconds. If he decided to use it, he had to ensure he would not miss any strike he sought to deliver.With the dinosaur engaged in its game, Han Sen was first going to wait and see how long this would go on before doing something. He'd bide his time and when that time was right, he'd use his super king spirit mode to ensure an escape.Han Sen was currently unsure whether or not it was a sacred-blood or a super creature he was facing, but regardless of what it was, he knew he lacked what was necessary to triumph over it.Getting pulled back over and over again, the dinosaur seemed to be getting annoyed. It grabbed Han Sen and did not let him go this time."Is this it? Is the fun over? Is it going to eat me this time?" Han Sen prepared himself to cast super king spirit mode.But the dinosaur merely reached out its talon-laden hands and presented a green fruit to Han Sen.The dinosaur seemed as if it wanted to give it to Han Sen.Han Sen froze, unsure whether or not he was reading the situation correctly. This was not the time to be making mistakes, after all. All he did was stare, alternating his gaze between the fruit and dinosaur.Seeing Han Sen not have a reaction, the dinosaur roared. It really did seem as if the creature wanted to give it to him for free."Is that for me?" Han Sen pointed at the green fruit and then himself, using gestures to illustrate his vocal question to the queer beast.The dinosaur roared. It was obvious it desired Han Sen to have it."You're not going to try and fatten me up first, before dining on me, are you?" Han Sen gave a side-eye to the dinosaur.But the dinosaur, getting frustrated with Han Sen's mistrust, pushed him."Um, thank you." Han Sen accepted the green fruit from the dinosaur.The dinosaur, seeing him take it, let out a happy cry. It put its head in front of Han Sen and then licked his face.Han Sen wasn't sure what to think, having been drenched in its saliva. He was at least comforted by the fact the creature looked happy. It rolled on the floor in exuberant joy."Did I just meet a newly-born super creature?" Han Sen wiped away the saliva and continued to look at the excited dinosaur.Han Sen, in his time in the sanctuaries, had encountered many different creatures that did not want to hurt others. If this was a super creature, Han Sen thought things would most certainly take an interesting turn.Han Sen looked at the blue dinosaur, and observed its appearance as a small t-rex. Its body gleamed like blue metal. It wasn't big but that mattered little upon Han Sen's sensing of its power."It must be a super creature. Normal creatures wouldn't dare come this close." Han Sen then tried walking closer to the tree, but he was bitten and pulled back again.Han Sen could tell that the blue dinosaur did not want to go any closer to the tree."You don't want to go that way? You can come with me." Han Sen tried pointing at the tree, but still, the dinosaur did not dare get any closer. It seemed as if it wanted to remain there, playing with Han Sen.Seeing this, he tried many different methods to get the dinosaur to enter the tree. Nothing seemed to work, but Han Sen was at least happy that the dinosaur did not want to hurt him. Sitting down on the grass, he merely got to thinking what else he could try.Qu Lanxi then suddenly exited the tree. Han Sen had been gone a long time, so she came out in search of him, wondering if they could go out and collect food together.The blue dinosaur, upon seeing Qu Lanxi, angrily growled at her. It looked ready to jump on top of her and rip her to shreds.Han Sen grabbed the dinosaur's neck and shouted at Qu Lanxi, "Go back!"Without a second wasted, Qu Lanxi immediately returned inside the tree. The dinosaur was too strong for Han Sen, though, and it jumped forward with him still hanging onto its neck. The door did not close in time, and it seemed as if it would land on Qu Lanxi.

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