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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 524: Study the Ancient LanguageTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe members of Goddess Gang all bought some meat and beast soul set a very low price. However, people outside of the gang could only purchase the meat and beast souls at a high price. Even so, there were still many people competing for them.The resources at Goddess Shelter were so limited that if they did not compete for it, lots of people wanted it.Han Sen planned to sell some stuff like this every once in a while in the future. The money he earned would be enough for him to spend in the Alliance.However, Han Sen was not really obsessed. He did not want to waste too much time on it but want to focus on his own evolution instead.There was much meat of the golden crab left. It would take Han Sen a few days to eat them all. In addition, to eat the same thing every day was not fun, and he wanted to change to other food once in a while.Han Sen decided to take a few days off. When he finished eating the meat of the golden crab, he thought it was time for him to try to kill the berserk gargoyle in the nest.When he returned to Daphne, Annie ignored him when he went to see his girlfriend, not even glancing at him.Han Sen was happy enough that Annie did not do anything. He did not want to provoke her and ignored her as well."Han Sen, aren't you interested in the ancient language? An expert in that area has come recently. If you're interested, you could go see him."Hearing Ji Yanran's words, Han Sen was immediately excited. He quickly asked, "which ancient language expert? Why would we have one here?"Ji Yanran smiled and said, "Professor Xu is very talented in linguistics. Also, he is quite a celebrity in the Alliance. Besides ancient language, he has studied a lot of languages from other species.""If he is famous, will he ignore me if I just go see him?" asked Han Sen."I don't think so. The management asked him to come over to teach us some knowledge about Crystallizers. You could go and have a look first. If you have the opportunity, just ask him about the ancient language. That should be fine," Ji Yanran replied.Han Sen knew what had happened. Since the last incident, Daphne did not have a chance to undertake a task again. New people were recruited, and some affairs were rearranged.This time, the management asked Professor Xu to teach them about the Crystallizer culture, so obviously there will be no task in a short amount of time. This also showed that the management was paying a lot of attention to Daphne.Han Sen was naturally very interested in the ancient language. He now could read everything in Dongxuan sutra, but it did not mean he could understand them. Han Sen still did not understand many parts and he did not want to practice the martial arts before he understood what was going on.When it was time for the lecture of Professor Xu, Han Sen went to attend. Unexpectedly, he saw the fat squad leader and other cookhouse soldiers. After chatting with them for a while, he then learned that the lecture was compulsory. Except for some higher officers and guards including Annie and Han Sen, everyone needed to go to the lecture on time.The language of Crystallizer was too complicated. In other words, they were not even words, but more like images. All sorts of complicated lines were put together to make an image that looked like the inner structure of a machine. It was indeed very difficult to learn the meaning.Even with Han Sen's brain which had been strengthened, he felt it was difficult to memorize those images. The other soldiers felt even more painful. When they went to the lecture, they felt like they were not understanding anything.Although it was very difficult to learn, Han Sen was still paying attention to the lecture and tried to memorize. There seemed to be some kind of a connection between the nine-life cat and the Crystallizers. In addition, he would go to the ruins anyways in the future, so it would not hurt if he understood more about the Crystallizer language.After Professor Xu's lecture, Han Sen quickly walked to the professor and saluted to him. "Professor Xu, I have a question regarding other languages that I want to ask you. I wonder if you have the time?"Professor Xu was a general in terms of military ranks, which was much higher than Han Sen's. However, Professor Xu did not have any power."Is it about the Crystallizers? Tell me about it." Professor Xu was quite easy-going."I want to ask you something about the ancient language of the Alliance," Han Sen said.Professor Xu looked Han Sen up and down in surprise and asked, "you have studied the ancient language?"Currently, although the Alliance did not put less emphasis on liberal arts, many young people were more willing to spend time on practicing hyper geno arts. After all, that would bring them direct benefits. In addition, that would help them to survive and cultivate in the God century. Very few people would spend a large amount of time to read books and study.Professor Xu did not know whether Han Sen had really learned the ancient language or he was just trying to kiss the professor's ass."I have studied a little bit. However, I have many confusions and there are not enough materials for me to clear them," said Han Sen."All right. It is about lunchtime. Let's work together and we can chat in the cafeteria." Professor Xu was not arrogant at all.If Han Sen was indeed interested in the ancient language, Professor Xu would like to answer his questions.Han Sen was overjoyed and followed Professor Xu to the cafeteria. After they had ordered, they found a quiet spot to chat and eat.Initially, Professor Xu thought even if Han Sen had learned the ancient language, he probably only knew some superficial things. After all, Han Sen was too young.However, after chatting with Han Sen, he found that Han Sen had worked hard on ancient language. Han Sen was also quite talented and knowledgeable, which surprised Professor Xu. Han Sen's level was beyond his age."Han Sen, do you have any relatives studying the ancient language?" Professor Xu couldn't help asking."No, my family used to have an alloy factory. But it was closed later." Han Sen looked at Professor Xu, not understanding why the professor asked that."Okay, so when did you start to learn the ancient language?" Professor Xu asked again."Probably two years ago," said Han Sen. In fact, he just started before he evolved, so he had learned about a year at most.Professor Xu was even more surprised. In two years, Han Sen had achieved so much, which was very rare. Han Sen was probably extremely talented in this area, otherwise he cannot have done so well.In fact, Han Sen did not have other special talents. The reason he was learning fast was that his brain had absorbed the red crystal and developed again. Both his memory and analysis had been greatly improved. As he remembered more and analyzed more, he naturally became better in this area.Because they shared common interests, Professor Xu and Han Sen felt more and more happy as they chatted. And Han Sen impressed Professor Xu even more.Professor Xu told some things to Han Sen, which Han Sen could quickly remember and understand. He could even discuss with Professor Xu or raise a deeper question, which made Professor Xu appreciate Han Sen a lot.As the two were chatting, they forgot to eat. In the end, their food had gone cold, and they were the only two persons left in the cafeteria. When the cookhouse was about to close, they had to leave.Before he left, Professor Xu gave Han Sen some materials on the ancient language and asked Han Sen to read them. He also told Han Sen to ask himself if Han Sen did not understand.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 942: Abandon the City?Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"What are you doing out there? Get in!" Han Sen witnessed someone calling out to him.When Han Sen entered the shelter, he was able to get a better look at the people who seemed unwilling to go outside. They looked awfully glum. It seemed as if something bad had been going on.This was a small town, a knight class shelter that provided residence to around thirty people. It wasn't the worst location for people to band together in the hostile lands of the Third God's Sanctuary."Is something wrong? What's going on here?" Han Sen asked the middle-aged man who had called out to him."Hmm, I've never seen you before. Are you new?" The middle-aged man didn't respond to the question he was asked."Yes, I've only just arrived," Han Sen said."Well, that's unfortunate. You may think spawning in a human shelter is a good thing, but we're about to lose the place," the middle-aged man said with a sigh."Why?" Han Sen asked.The middle-aged man explained, "Twenty years ago, we conquered this shelter and built it up as a safe refuge for many people. A few days ago, a creature discovered our shelter. It's not your average woodland critter, either. It is a foul beast, one that came here from the north. The creature belongs to a royal shelter someplace in the mountains of that region, and we have been informed of an impending assault. The leader of that shelter is determined to lay waste to our little sanctuary.""How did you learn about all of this?" Han Sen asked.He thought it was strange that they would even know about the shelter that lay to the north."We have a man in their shelter. He has risked life and limb to provide us this information. But even so, with all the knowledge in the world, there is little that can be done. We don't have the manpower to withstand an assault like the one that is said to be coming down on us. We only wonder now whether or not we should make our glorious last stand here or flee to the wilds," the middle-aged man explained.Han Sen, understanding their predicament a bit better, acknowledged the direness of their situation and their hesitance to defend the shelter against the hostilities of the north. He could tell they were weak and had no chance of protecting their home.As Han Sen retreated into thought, a loud noise brought him back. It was the tolling of a bell in the plaza."Old Huang is summoning us," the middle-aged man told Han Sen, before proceeding to the plaza.Han Sen followed the rest there, as well.Normally, many would take a newbie under their wings and treat them well. They'd be asked many things and offered an all-around welcome. Under the current circumstances, however, few cared enough to make the effort. Things were bleak for them, after all.A man with white hair was ringing the bell, a man Han Sen naturally assumed was Old Huang.For a moment, Old Huang's eyes fell upon Han Sen. Then the man's eyes moved on."The time is nigh. Now we must decide; do we fight or do we go?" Old Huang finally spoke. "Against the darkness that fast approaches, raise your hands if you wish to flee."Everyone looked at each other before making a decision, but ultimately, almost all chose to raise their hands."Then perhaps it is for the best. Let this be our final night of refuge in what has become our home. Tend to any last duties and prepare yourself for the road ahead; we leave at first light on the morrow," Old Huang solemnly spoke.After his speech concluded, everyone stood where they were. They all knew it would be best if they abandoned the shelter.But the sudden realization of this loss was difficult to swallow, and they knew once they departed, they'd have nowhere else to go. There was going to a great deal of hardship for them, beginning the next day.Some of the older community members had put their hearts and souls into securing this place, and spent the years toiling hard to make it prosper. They felt the most agony, in understanding they would soon depart the safety of its walls."Go home," Old Huang said, returning to the podium he had spoken from. They had been there many years, and it was their home. But if they didn't leave, it would swiftly become their grave.Unless they were willing to obey a spirit for what would likely be the remainder of their days, they had to flee. And even if they did decide to accept a lesser fate as thralls for a spirit, there was no guarantee the spirit would even want their service. They might have been killed even in surrender.But the majority still wanted to leave, of course. They wouldn't allow a spirit to dictate their fates, if they had the choice. They determined their own destiny, and that was how it would remain.Still, leaving their home behind was a difficult thing to come to terms with.Han Sen observed the lifeforces of the people around him, and he noticed many of them were quite skilled and powerful. Thirty such people in a group was quite impressive."Can I say something?" Han Sen broke the silence.Everyone turned to look at Han Sen, and when they did, Old Huang said, "Of course. Speak; we are all family here.""We should fight," Han Sen said.Old Huang, with a wry smile, said, "Young man, I understand the zeal of youth and the way in which you feel. But you must understand, we face the unyielding wrath of a royal spirit. They have at least fifteen mutant creatures; even if half our people went to face that wall of terror, there is little we could do.""Do you think we would leave if we had what it took to fight, grasshopper?"Han Sen wished to say something more, but a young person who stood near Old Huang suddenly asked, "Are you Han Sen?""Yes." Han Sen nodded."Little Yu, do you know who this young man is?" Old Huang asked."He is Han Sen; the son-in-law of the president. He is a great man. He is the one who defeated the royal shura," Little Yu explained.After Little Yu said this, people recalled the name and the deeds he had become known for. Even the elderly of the shelter had heard of Han Sen."If you choose to flee, then flee. But if you decide to fight, you have my full support. Not only will we defeat those who believe they can trample us underfoot, but we will strike back and claim that northern royal shelter for ourselves," Han Sen proclaimed."Little Han, we would like to, but... we don't have the power. It is a struggle to maintain our current grip on this shelter," Old Huang confessed."Do you not believe we can stand firm against the assault on this shelter with this?" Han Sen summoned his Dragon-Blood Snake.

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注册即送70元⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1243: Good Man’s StandardTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen exited the virtual community and saw Bao’er sitting in front of him. Immediately, she leaped into Han Sen’s chest, loudly proclaiming, “I’m thirsty!”“I’ll go and get you some water,” Han Sen said, heading for the water dispenser.Bao’er then stroked Han Sen’s head fondly, whispering to him, “I want ice cream, too.”“Of course you do.” Han Sen knew what she wanted before she even said it. There was no way Bao’er would hang around waiting for him if she only wanted water.Han Sen went to the Sapphire Ice Cream Store. She wouldn’t eat ordinary ice cream, only the expensive homemade ones produced there. Fortunately, Han Sen had a lot of money, so it wasn’t a strain for him to purchase her ice cream every now and again.Han Sen saw Han Yan on the street on the way there, as she had recently enlisted at the Blackhark Military Academy. Although she been invited to join many other, better academies, she had rejected them all.Han Yan had her mother’s appearance, but because she had been practicing the Falsified-Sky Sutra, she carried herself with a unique aura.Others would believe she looked incredibly holy, but to Han Sen, that was nothing new and he was used to it.There was a distance between them, and Han Sen couldn’t get to her quickly. When he eventually got close enough to bark a greeting, he saw a lot of young people around her playing instruments.There was a handsome guy playing a guitar at the center, serenading. He was singing about her, and the music was obviously being played for her as well. Han Yan was walking as this occurred, and it was almost as if the others were chasing her with the music.When the song was over, the boy put his guitar away and raced ahead to kneel in front of her. Then, he presented her a bouquet of roses. “Han Yan, I am very fond of you. Would you please be my girlfriend?”The other guys were chattering amongst themselves, in hushed chants that whispered, “Say yes! Say yes!”Han Sen felt very angry, watching this. Now he could understand what Ji Ruozhen had spoken about in his speech.“That cheap *sshole! Using cheap flowers to try to seduce my sister. I’m going to beat him up!” Han Sen was still a distance away, so he wished to fly over. Not being able to right now, though, he opted for the next best thing. He started to cross the railing, to get there sooner.He knew it was illegal to do that, and he’d be forced to study the traffic laws for ten days if caught, but that was the least of his concerns for now.When just one of the legs crossed the railing, Han Yan took the flowers in her hands.The anger that had been simmering inside Han Sen began to boil and swell, and he said to himself, “I treat you like a princess! I take you everywhere you want and give you whatever you want, how can you be tricked with just a few measly flowers?!”Everyone around was clapping, and then the boy moved in for a hug.“You dare? You dare?!” Han Sen was fuming with rage, by this point.But Han Yan then extended her arms forward, with the bouquet of flowers resting across the palms of her hands.Han Yan smiled and said, “The flowers are beautiful, but I want a boyfriend who is a good man. I want a man who can display his love and affection without the need for something material to represent it.”“My parents are noble, and I am going to max out my geno points. I will become a demi-god, one day!” the boy hastily replied.Han Yan said, “Rich or poor, strong or feeble, that does not matter to me. Only if you are a good man, will I love you.”“Then tell me, what makes a good man?” The guy asked.Han Yan answered, “It is simple, and all the requirements and standards I seek reside in the one person I myself admire the most.”“Okay, and who is that?” the boy asked.All the boys listened in, as they all secretly wished to make her theirs, too.Hearing Han Yan say she did not want money confused them. So, they each paid extra attention to learn what it would take to make them suitable suitors.Han Yan smiled and said, “It is my brother. If anyone can beat my brother as a person, then they are a good man. And such good men are men I would have no qualms dating.”They all knew who her big brother was. He was the fearless conqueror of an emperor class shelter in the Third God’s Sanctuary. Acknowledging such crazy requirements, they all felt hopeless.“Do you mind if I keep the flowers?” Han Yan asked.The boy, startled from out of his daze, swiftly raised his sunken head and said, “Of course, they are for you!”“Thank you.” Han Yan took the flowers and then left.Han Sen brought his leg back after witnessing all this, and he did so with great joy.“Alliance traffic law violation detected. You are in breach of law 6385, in an attempt of crossing the rail. Punishment requires a supervised study of the traffic laws for the duration of twenty-four hours. Follow the navigation beacons that will lead you to the traffic department.” The computer near the railing notified Han Sen.Fortunately, Han Sen did not cross the rail completely. If he had, he’d be locked up in study for ten days. Not even the president could get out of a jam like that.He had to start his study in three days, so he decided to carry on with his current objective, and that was to take Bao’er to the ice cream store.When Han Sen crossed the bridge, he saw someone approach. Seeing this person, he was flabbergasted.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 977: White DragonTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioA cloud of red and purple mist obscured Han Sen’s sight. Fortunately for him, he could still use his dongxuan aura to keep track of the man.With no hesitation, Han Sen stabbed the man again.He knew the time he could keep super king spirit mode activated was limited. If he didn’t take advantage of that time to heavily damage his pursuer, he’d be in dire straits when it was over.But the man used his legs to kick and propel himself out of the water. Han Sen sought to follow him, but by the time he could emerge from the stream in pursuit, the man was already one hundred meters away.“I’ll be back,” the man said, as he ran.But Han Sen did not chase him. He decided to turn the opposite way and flee while he had the chance. Even if he managed to catch up with the man in black, his super king spirit mode would have most likely ended by then.Killing that man wouldn’t be easy, not in Han Sen’s current state and with the current length of his super king spirit.Han Sen flew for a while, but he noticed he was still in super king spirit mode. He thought it should have ended far sooner.After ten seconds elapsed, super king spirit mode came to an end. And at this point, Han Sen had just reached the waterfall.“It looks like I can last around ten seconds, after achieving my first open gene lock.” Han Sen was delightfully surprised.But now was not the time to sit back and be happy over this advancement. Right now, Han Sen wanted to make his way out of this hellish labyrinth and go home.Under the effects of super king spirit mode, he was able to stab the man in his heart twice. But still, it wasn’t enough to kill him.Han Sen only wanted to get back to his shelter. If he moved his underground shelter, he did not believe the man would be able to find him, either.But before he scaled the waterfall, the man appeared out of nowhere. The man in black caught up to him with alarming speed.“You almost had me fooled. I knew you could not remain like that forever!” The man actually spoke a composed sentence, but the tone was monotonous, and there was a metallic reverb in his voice. He was not a pleasant person to hear talk.“You want to go again?” Han Sen stopped moving and floated motionless in the air.The man’s chest had already healed. It was too late for Han Sen to run right now, but he thought bluffing might be the ticket.“Quit your embarrassing attempts at fooling me. I can spy a lie, for I am Yaksha.” The man in black then jumped towards Han Sen without hesitation.“Crap!” Han Sen had no choice but to run, he thought. And so he did, summoning the snake to do its best in blocking his ravenous assaulter.The snake had already been heavily injured, but now, it was hit by Yaksha once again. It heaved blood following the blow and fell down into the black waters below.Han Sen quickly returned it, in case it actually died.Seeing Yaksha catch up, Han Sen thought, “If this wasn’t underground, I could just fly away.”Somehow, Han Sen believed Yaksha’s speed was actually increasing. The man seemed to be faster than he had been before.If Yaksha looked likely to hit Han Sen, he couldn’t use super king spirit mode to save himself. All he could do was rely on Taia.Han Sen’s speed was not as good as Yaksha’s, so the man was able to evade Han Sen’s attempted strike, spin, and try to grab him by the neck.Han Sen unleashed his strength in a fiery display, propelling himself into the water. But suddenly, an aqua dragon was coming for him from ahead.“Crap! How could I forget about this thing being here?” Han Sen now realized the waterfall in front of him was the one with a chained aqua dragon below it. Unwittingly, he had just served himself up as the dragon’s prey.Yaksha froze at the sight, while Han Sen leapt up and dove over the aqua dragon’s head to land on its body.Han Sen grabbed it and tried to attack it. But the aqua dragon ignored the human crawling on its back, and instead looked ahead at Yaksha. It roared in his direction.“I can’t believe you have not died,” Yaksha said to the dragon.When the dragon heard his words, it only seemed to be more infuriated. It splashed the water violently, as the clanking of chains echoed loudly through the caverns.The power this beast possessed was incredible, but its arms were chained up. The forging must have been exceptional, as they bound the dragon to the point it could not make use of its powers or do anything to get free.Han Sen lay on the dragon and held on tight. The ride he was in for was like a rodeo times ten.“White Dragon, I only want that boy’s life. Do not get in my way.” Yaksha jumped towards Han Sen.The dragon roared and threw Han Sen away. But then, it attempted to catch Yaksha in its mouth.Han Sen tried his hardest to keep his orientation under the disturbed, thrashing waters of the underground lake. When he breached the surface again, he saw Yaksha punch the dragon’s head.The dragon roared and attempted to fight the man, but the chains prohibited it from doing anything.Han Sen hid himself beneath the water again. Aside from the dragon, there was nothing else out there to help him.But then, hearing the chains being pulled in the dragon’s futile attempts at freedom, Han Sen suddenly had an idea. He decided to swim downstream.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1298: Fighting No GodTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen ran towards the battleground, but he felt something was amiss.The plaza looked bigger than it had earlier, and the illusion of a greater size seemed to expand until the cobbled ground stretched on for a distance that could only be assumed to be infinite.“Has the battle twisted the dimension this much? It is no wonder I couldn’t feel the shockwaves earlier.” Han Sen saw No God approaching Lotus Empress, each step a cruel and merciless stride.Han Sen hadn’t opened his tenth gene lock, so unless he used super king spirit mode and combined with Little Angel, he didn’t think he stood much of a chance.Han Sen didn’t go right up to No God Emperor yet, though. First, he approached the wounded beast with a stealthy run. When he neared it, he whispered, “I’m here to help.”Lotus Empress thought Han Sen was using the creature for cover and merely hiding. She thought that was a futile and silly endeavor.Han Sen summoned Disloyal Knight next. The halo appeared, imbuing its boons upon Lotus Empress, the drum beast, and the green vines. Lotus Empress was delighted to see him chip-in.Han Sen allowed Disloyal Knight to remain behind the creature, but he was surprised he had not weakened No God Emperor.“It looks like he’s immune to the halo,” Han Sen realized. “Great…”Still, it was better to have the halo active than not. Disloyal Knight would still be supporting Han Sen and his allies, and that was better than not having him out.Han Sen, however, knew this fight was truly being waged between No God and Lotus Empress. Without Lotus Empress there, the drum beast and its vines would have been killed in no time.Han Sen felt that, even if he did have ten gene locks active, he wouldn’t be able to defeat No God Emperor. There was a frightening aura of menace around that spirit.No God was almost indestructible, and every move it made was lethal.He thought it’d only take a disapproving look from No God Emperor to take down even the mightiest of super creatures.Where such power came from intrigued Han Sen. And further, he wondered what element No God Emperor was attuned to; which element fueled such gross amounts of strength?But amidst all this, Han Sen could tell Lotus Empress was not an unworthy opponent. Her delicate grace belied the truth of her power, and she was special in more ways than one. No matter how much power No God Emperor applied to his strikes, he could not damage Lotus Empress in the least.While the lotuses she created for protection were destroyed, replacements were created with just as much ease. The drum beast and green vines were hiding behind the lotus shields, however, hardly even attempting to attack their foe.The lotus flowers also seemed to be applying strain to the dimension they inhabited, as well, and the twisting dimension wasn’t entirely the work of No God Emperor. It made Han Sen think to himself, “If I open ten gene locks, will I be as powerful as them?”As Han Sen imagined himself carrying such power, he saw No God Emperor reach a hand up to his head.“Strange. What in the sanctuaries is he doing? It’d be nice if he wanted to kill himself.” Han Sen watched him in curious confusion.Lotus Empress seemed to understand what he sought to do, though. And when she saw him lift his hand up, her face turned grim as she and her subordinates took a step back.No God Emperor unsheathed a sword. Out of his head.The sword was dull, sullen, and almost unremarkable to look at it with its lack of sheen and reflection. It was as if it chewed up all the light that sought to rest on it. When the sword was fully drawn, a new power seemed to manifest inside No God Emperor. It made Han Sen feel queasy when he tried to comprehend it.If what had just transpired was the image of a calm sea, now it was one in a typhoon of epic proportions.Han Sen now knew he had made a mistake by trying to join in. Looking back, he thought it’d be obvious that No God wouldn’t show all his cards and reveal the true extent of his power at the beginning. But now he was, and Han Sen knew they were all in peril.No God Emperor swung his sword towards the drum beast.More accurately, it was aimed at Han Sen who was still crouched behind it.Han Sen saw this attack, but he could not sense any power in its weight. If anything, that just added to his concern.Suddenly, the creeping of pain began to overwhelm his shoulder from behind. The pauldron of his armor was cut-off. Han Sen then saw what had happened to the drum beast: it had been cut in two. It died.But strangely, even after understanding the extent of such power that had been unleashed from that one strike, Han Sen could not feel it.“I can’t believe he killed a ten gene lock super creature with one strike.” Han Sen was in utter disbelief.“Go!” Lotus Empress grabbed Han Sen and placed him on her lotus platform and then took off in flight, abandoning Evil Lotus Shelter.Before Han Sen could understand what had happened, he woke up as if he had been restored to consciousness. He was in the mountains someplace.Han Sen saw Lotus Empress and asked, “Was it okay to just leave like that? Can’t he take your spirit stone?”Lotus Empress responded by saying, “It’s not my shelter. It is a copy of my mother’s shelter that I occupy for show.”Han Sen felt relief, knowing they had gotten away. He didn’t want Lotus Empress to get killed on his behalf.“I wanted to help you, but I just made it worse,” Han Sen told her.Lotus Empress comforted him and brought ease to these thoughts, saying, “It wasn’t your fault he wanted all the fruit for himself. I wouldn’t have allowed him to take it, anyway, and a battle such as that was bound to take place, no matter what.”“All that poor fruit,” Han Sen said.“That’s fine. No one can eat more than nine, anyway. After that, your body doesn’t receive any benefits,” Lotus Empress explained.Han Sen patted the silver fox, telling him, “I might not have been able to eat them, but this guy could.”As they spoke, the space before them cracked. Like a vortex that had just opened in the fabric of the dimension, No God Emperor came stomping out.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1408: Who Will Open the Coffin?Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Outer Sky and Sacred Shelter want us to find out what is inside that coffin. That has been our primary objective since setting foot in this place, so turning back now is not an option,” Mister Li explained.Wang Zhao and Zhong Sanxiao both looked at each other, and after a moment of silence, the latter spoke. “We have to open the coffin, that much is certain. But it is a needless risk for us all to approach it. Surely, it won’t take the strength of more than one person to go over there and open it alone.”“What are you trying to say?” Mister Li asked.Zhong Sanxiao looked at Han Sen and said, “Only one person made it out alive when folks from Sacred came here. And the reason he made it was because of his distance from the coffin. He said he was the furthest away from the coffin when the sh*t hit the fan. So, we should get one person to open the coffin while the rest of us hang back where it is the safest.”“Sh*t! I see it in his eyes; he wants me to be the one to prod the hornet’s nest!” Han Sen quickly realized.Although Han Sen wanted to be the one, he wanted to maintain his innocent look and not be forced to open it at the behest of others.“Brother Han, your luck has carried you on shielded wings thus far. How about you test the mettle of your luck one last time with the coffin. We will satisfy your every desire, if you do. No request will be too outlandish.” Zhong Sanxiao phrased his request carefully, and made sure to make it sound pleasant, but he was well aware that it was a tall order.Mister Li cut across before Han Sen could respond, though, and said, “How could you even think to place him in such a position? There’s a red creature of some sort on the coffin already. You know the danger of this situation, and no volume of luck can change the odds of him opening the coffin without issue.”Han Sen had come to like Mister Li a lot. The old man had looked out for him a lot throughout the length and extent of the expedition.“Thank you, Mister Li. Only an animal could suggest I be the one to go up there.” Han Sen said a whole lot more than this with the icy, dagger-like eyes he gave Zhong Sanxiao.But Zhong Sanxiao was not happy with this, and he blusterously stepped forward to say, “Do you really think a bronze geno core human could survive everything we’ve been through? Do you all really think he survived a solo chase with the wolfpack without a scratch? This guy is up to something, I’m telling you. All is not what it seems with him—or with you.”Mister Li came to Han Sen’s defense again, saying, “Now listen here; I haven’t known Han Sen for very long. And I agree, he keeps to himself; but if there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that he’s a good man.”“Remember when he pushed the door open? He didn’t even hesitate. Even if you are a lucky sod, you’d still wince when pushing it. He just touched it, fearlessly. He knew it would open, and he knew there’d be a bunch of hungry, slobbering wolves waiting for us behind it. He tried to get us killed!” Zhong Sanxiao was getting a little ahead of himself.“I do not fondly seek to look ill on others, but there is something off about Han Sen,” Wang Zhao confessed his own feelings.“I’ll throw my hat into that ring, as well. Something is not right with that dude,” Xu Yanmeng chimed in to say.“If that is how you all feel, then nothing I say can change that. But, if you want Han Sen to be the one to open that coffin, I will be by his side when he does.” Mister Li was stalwart in his defense of Han Sen.Mister Li gave Han Sen a pat on the shoulder, and he told him, “Little Han, don’t sweat a thing. I won’t let you face danger alone.”“Mister Li…” Han Sen felt touched by Mister Li.“Mister Li, you don’t have to…” Zhong Sanxiao said.“Well, no one else is volunteering. I have made my decision; I will go with Little Han. And you lot can stand back, just in case something happens.” Mister Li was firm in his decision.“Well, if you’re going, so am I!” Xu Yanmeng puffed his chest in a display of newfound courage, and he marched forward to stand beside Mister Li.“We have to find out what is inside the coffin,” Old Qiu said.Wang Zhao said, “Fine. Let’s go, then. All of us. Mister Li saved our lives once before. If that hasn’t earned him our trust, nothing will.”“If you agree, then come. But on anyone who goes with us, no oath or bond is laid. You don’t need to go any further than you wish,” Mister Li said.“Don’t say that!” Xu Yanmeng gave Han Sen a firm gaze, and went on to say, “But if I find out Han Sen is some worm-tongued snake that plans to harm Mister Li, I’ll kill him.”Han Sen replied, “I’d only hurt you guys if you did something that would warrant a hurting.”“Bold words.” Xu Yanmeng wasn’t going to trust Han Sen quite so easily as the rest.Han Sen had pushed open the door earlier to earn himself geno fruit and save everyone from a possibly fatal incident. He hadn’t expected his kindness to be rewarded with suspicion and ire.Without Mister Li, a fight would have broken out between them already.Everyone summoned their geno cores next, and when Xu Yanmeng brought out his spear, he pointed it at Han Sen and said, “You’re up-front. If I catch you doing anything dodgy, this’ll be rammed up where the sun doesn’t shine.”Mister Li was as chummy as ever with Han Sen, and this speech made him walk side-by-side with him. He patted Han Sen on the shoulder again and told him, “Let’s go together.”Han Sen could not be bothered to explain anything. If he told them what had occurred during and after the wolf chase, it was highly unlikely they’d believe him.They all approached the coffin with bated-breath. The creature atop it did not move or make a sound, but everyone remained as silent as they could. You could’ve heard a pin drop.But Han Sen’s Nine-Life Cat pendant began to burn when they neared it. And the closer Han Sen got, the hotter it burned.

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Shen Tuohong⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1158: Night TreasureTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen could not wrap his head around it, which was disappointing to him.He thought the rock would be a tangible treasure he could take with him and somehow utilize, but as far as he could tell, it was just a large slab of rock hewn from an even bigger slab of rock. After a three-year investigation of its origin piece, Han Sen had not discovered anything inherently special about it, either. It was just a tough stone, for all the intents and purposes he could fathom.Not content with what he had found thus far, he decided to dig deeper. And so he did, swinging his shovel in a near-manic fashion.The little Metal Eater remained there with him, staring. Its cute face suggested it was trying to figure out what Han Sen was doing and what drove him to behave in the way he was.As long as the little creature did not squeal or bring other members of its family over, Han Sen did not mind its presence there. Perhaps being in its good books would help, even.With his Devil Pill and his strength, Han Sen was like a human backhoe, and he was a few meters deeper into the earth in no time. Eventually, he found something else.It appeared to be a rag, buried deep in the soil. Unfortunately, his shovel had pierced right through it.Han Sen pulled it out of the soil and was surprised to see it was fairly long.It was shaped like a flag or banner, but it lacked any designs or symbols."Can someone explain to me why I keep on digging up useless stuff?" Han Sen was getting disheartened by the constant stream of lackluster results. Regardless, he decided to summon Dragon King and ask him, "Do you know anything about these two thingies?"Dragon King briefly examined the rock and shook his head, but when he looked at the flag in Han Sen's hand, he said, "Oh, you've found a Night Flag! It bears the symbol of the Night Empress.""Don't bullsh*t me! Why would an empress make a flag out of a flimsy material that tears with such ease?" Han Sen said.Dragon King frowned and said, "You don't know anything. Do you see this? It was stitched from Night Silk; it just seems to have lost its energy, that's all.""Because it was buried for too long, maybe?" Han Sen asked."Night Silk comes from the root of an emperor tree. Even if you threw it in a fire and kept it stoked for a thousand years, if you removed it, it'd come out undamaged." Dragon King seemed confident, and he went on to say, "Night Empress' bannerman, upon waving the flag, could even change day into night on a whim, if commanded to.""Well, this can't be it. This has to be some cheap, back-alley knockoff created by some wannabe cosplaying spirits. Look." Han Sen pulled the fabric in both hands and tore it even more.Dragon King just shook his head, indicating he did not know why it was so weak, either.Han Sen tossed the flag away and went back to digging. After a while, the hole started to collapse.Han Sen flew up quickly to avoid being buried. When he peered back down to where he had been digging, the ground had opened up to reveal a cave.Han Sen poked his head inside and discovered the cave wasn't too big.The place was semi-circular, like half a giant bowl buried far beneath the surface soil of the sanctuary. Upon further examination, Han Sen learned it really was a large bowl. And by his digging, Han Sen had unwittingly broken a part of it.There, also, Han Sen discovered human remains. The clothes had almost wholly decomposed, and only the skeleton remained.Dragon King was shocked to see this, and he blurted out, "I was half-expecting to see a king spirit, not a bannerman.""How do you know it's a bannerman?" Han Sen asked."His clothes, see? It's a uniform that appears to have been crafted from Night Silk; it was custom for bannermen to wear such garments." Dragon King flew over to the body and continued, "This is a Night Bannerman. His forehead has an eye socket, see? Night Bannermen were Dark Cyclopses.""Weird. You told me she gave thirteen coins to her favorite people. Why would a bannerman be given one?" Han Sen frowned.Dragon King explained, "When she ascended to the Fourth God's Sanctuary, the faction she had established collapsed. Lotus Queen worked her hardest to achieve what she has a hold of now, and as for the thirteen king spirits... they went missing. I, nor anyone else, know what became of them."Han Sen approached the body and started to poke around it, seeing if there was anything he could loot. He was more than fine with looting the corpse of something that was non-human.It was indeed Night Silk, but again, Han Sen was able to break the cloth with ease. The uniform was in tatters by the time Han Sen was done rifling through the pockets.He was able to discover a few things.There was an empty stone bottle, an old cloth, and a black cloak.Everything was rotten there, except for the cloak. It appeared to have been created from basic linen, despite its spotless condition suggesting it should be something else.Dragon King, when he saw the cloak, continued to be on the observative ball. He shouted, "Oh my days! Why in the Sanctuaries would the Night Cloak be here, of all places?!""Is this good, then?" Han Sen asked."Night Empress wore this cloak herself. It was one of her favorite treasures." Dragon King couldn't keep his eyes off the garment."Really? I can't see anything special about it, personally." He wasn't quite willing to believe Dragon King's outlandish claim."If you could tell what this thing does, then it wouldn't be the Night Cloak." Dragon King paused to compose himself, and then explained, "Before she became an empress, she wore this cloak to go to Sky Palace. There, she assassinated Nine Emperor and achieved the title of empress for herself."

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 236: More or LessTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"We can only know after a match," replied Han Sen with a smile.The senior team members cast odd looks at him. If the comment was from any other freshman, they would definitely tell the person all about the bad performances of Blackhawk in history.However, it was Han Sen who said it, so they remained silent. After all, Han Sen was the genius on campus and had achieved great success in other items. Deep down, they still felt contemptuous about what Han Sen had said.Situ Xiang was satisfied with Han Sen's remark. She was glad to see that at least one person had morale on her team. Blackhawk had been a loser for so long that it was natural for the senior team members to lose confidence."We will watch another video, also from an unevolved person." Situ Xiang played another video, the background of which was a virtual gaming platform."It is the White Birds Forest from Sagittarius." Someone suddenly recognized that.When the video started to play, Han Sen was surprised. It was the video of him taking the White Birds Forest test."Who is this person? That's so impressive!" Shi Zhikang stared his eyes wide."This must be edited.""Is he really an unevolved person?""Is that also Jing Jiwu?""I have seen that. It is a real video and has been recognized by Sagittarius.""I've also been to the scene, and was no match to that. Who is he?""It is not important who he is. Do you think he's weaker than Jing Jiwu?" asked Situ Xiang."It is hard to say without a match." Everyone started to ponder. Jing Jiwu was indeed strong, but the person in the video was equally good. It was very hard to tell who was the better archer."Since someone is Jing Jiwu's match, why can't that be you?" asked Situ Xiang.No one replied. The teammates were all thinking, "How is it possible that we have that kind of skills?"Although they all understood Situ Xiang's intention, they became even more depressed after seeing how good other people were."Han Sen, do you think this person is stronger than you?" Situ Xiang asked Han Sen. She wanted Han Sen to lead the team in this tournament. If he did not have the resolve to win, she would have to reconsider despite his good skills."I should be on more or less the same level." Han Sen cleared his throat and answered. It was him in the video, so of course it was the same.Han Sen was still wondering who had leaked the video. Fortunately, his facial features were blurred, and no one could tell it was him.He did not think it was Qin Xuan, but who else would watch his test and record it?Han Sen did not mind either. It was fine if someone found out it was him.Han Sen's comment sounded arrogant to others. The level of the guy in the video was clearly beyond that of a monitoring school student. Although Han Sen did well in warframe and black and white boxing, he rarely went to archery classes.Like what Situ Xiang was thinking before, his teammates felt unsure about Han Sen's archery skills and were reluctant to believe that he had the same skill level.Situ Xiang was satisfied with his answer. She thought he was confident, which was a great quality for someone to lead the team. The senior team members were also good players. And they often lost because of their lack of confidence."Fantastic. This year, our goal is to beat the Alliance Central Military Academy. So, let's work toward that." Then Situ Xiang announced the training plan and asked each player to follow through."Han Sen, do you really think you can do the same?" Zhang Yang asked Han Sen on their way back to the dormitory.Shi Zhikang and Lu Meng also looked to Han Sen, interested to hear his reply."Which video are you talking about?" Han Sen asked."How about Jing Jiwu's?" Zhang Yang widened his eyes. It sounded like Han Sen thought he could match both."Jing Jiwu's skills are hard to match. His fitness index is too high. And I lack in physical strength compared to him." After watching Jing Jiwu's video, Han Sen also thought he was a formidable opponent.His techniques did not seem fancy, but were extremely practical. In addition, he had an outstanding physique. Therefore, no one would be his match.Han Sen's physique was among the top in the unevolved category, but compared to Jing Jiwu, he was not as good.Currently, Han Sen's sacred and mutant geno points were not maxed out yet, and his Jadeskin had not even reached the first phase. If he could improve on those two aspects, he should be able to beat Jing Jiwu."Han Sen, are you really as strong as the person in the White Birds Forest?" Shi Zhikang couldn't help but ask.As a student in the archery department, Shi Zhikang knew how difficult it must be. It was the ultimate goal of any archer."More or less," Han Sen shrugged and said helplessly."If you will, we should go take the test here on campus, so that the senior team members would stop their bulls," Shi Zhikang said with anger.Although the senior team members did not say much at the time, secretly they commented on Han Sen's arrogance, which pissed Shi Zhikang off."It is unnecessary to prove anything to strangers. At the time of the match, the truth will speak for itself," said Lu Meng reasonably.Zhang Yang also nodded, "We should ignore them now and practice hard. If the school sends us, we will show them Lu Meng is not impossible in the tournament."Shi Zhikang had to give up the idea of taking Han Sen to take the test."Han Sen, do you have a minute?" A sensual female voice sounded when they were going back to the dormitory.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 681: Killed the Bone ElephantTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter using Jadeskin to unlock his gene lock, Han Sen had achieved super senses. For the bone elephant in particular, it allowed him to see through its head. He could faintly watch and trace the movements of the pink snake that swam around in its brain. Han Sen could feel the bone elephant's life force, and with this ability, he gauged the precise time he should cast his powerful attack. Suddenly, Han Sen's pupils shrunk. His body burst with power, like a raging scream. He struck the bone elephant's head with his fiery palms. Pang! The powerful Elephant-Rex Strike was sent directly into the elephant's brain. It was like a torpedo in the deep sea, detonating the brain from the inside. "Super Creature Hunted: Saint-Bone Elephant. The beast soul has not been acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of super geno points, ranging from zero to ten. You may also collect the Life Geno essence." As the announcement played in Han Sen's head, the pink snake launched out of the dead elephant's ear. It was like a star, falling into the forest. It disappeared. Han Sen saw traces of pink blood sprayed across the floor, so it looked like his palm had dealt it some decent damage. He was overjoyed. Because his fitness was not as high as it could be, the Elephant-Rex Strike was only enough to mop up an easy kill. It wasn't strong enough to kill a super creature at full health. But Han Sen had damaged the thin pink snake, which prompted it to fly away. It was fairly obvious that the snake was heavily damaged. Perhaps it had already been injured during the scramble to get into the elephant's brain, or being in there the entire time. Regardless, it seemed to have run off for good. After all, the bone elephant was a second-generation super creature. Even if it did drill inside its body, the pink snake must have exhausted a lot of effort and strength to do so. Han Sen was just glad that the pink snake was spooked. The snake must have had no idea such a strike was coming. Only being able to perform such a strike once, it was fortunate the hit was as effective as it was. Otherwise, Han Sen might have had trouble making his escape. Han Sen quickly summoned his angel. He wanted to see if she'd eat the bone elephant, for perhaps this would be what it needed to evolve. Han Sen did not take the retrieval of beast souls as seriously as he used to. Obtaining them was no longer as important to him. His biggest priority lately was figuring out how he could consume the Life Geno essences. Angel saw the body of the Saint-Bone Elephant, and when she saw it, her eyes glowed red. With a ravenous appetite, she leapt onto it. She grabbed its bones and began munching on them with a rabid hunger, the sounds of snapping cartilage ringing through the air. Snap, snap, snap—she broke the bones, sucked on the marrow, and crunched on the tusks like glass. Han Sen was frozen. He thought that the angel's teeth were a bit too hard. Watching her nibble her way through a mound of super creature bones was a little frightening. Han Sen summoned his Flaming-Rex Spike and hit the elephant's skull with it, hoping to crack it open and obtain the Life Geno essence. That was all he personally needed; nothing else mattered to him. But surprisingly for Han Sen, the bones were not as hard as he expected. It seemed that after the bone elephant's death, the bones softened somewhat. The rex spike broke the top of the skull open like a pinata, letting out the run of white, creamy brain juice. Han Sen was rather shocked, but at least he understood how the angel was able to eat it so ferociously. After death, the elephant's bones really weren't all that hard. Han Sen drilled inside the brain for a while and rummaged through the muculent brain juice. After a fair amount of time, he managed to find the bone-like Life Geno essence he had been looking for. Han Sen was so happy. But during this happiness, he heard a sound from all around him. A sea of snakes were slithering towards him. It looked like the pink snake was not too fond of Han Sen's theft, and it seemed as if it had rallied its brethren to kill him. The pink snake was riding the back of another snake. This mount-snake was a large titanboa. The pink snake was hissing at Han Sen with obvious anger and frustration. Han Sen felt bad, seeing the angel munch upon the bone elephant. It would probably take a long time for her to eat it all. But with Han Sen's current weakness, if the snakes attacked, he'd have no hope of repelling them all. He considered whether or not he should quickly grab the angel and escape, leaving behind the bone elephant's flesh in the process. But suddenly, he heard a bear roar. Looking to the top of the hill, he saw two bears, one big and one small, roaring in his direction. They rushed down the hill towards him, tearing up the legions of snakes in the process. Nothing could withstand their rabid claws. They stopped near the body of the bone elephant. Not entirely sure what was going on, Han Sen thought he should summon his wings and fly away. But the big black bear seemed really human; it nodded to Han Sen. And then the bear turned around and roared at the pink snake. The pink snake hissed in response. They both groaned and made noises to each other, staring one another down. After a while of this, the pink snake gave Han Sen one last jealous look before turning around and leaving alongside the rest of its snakes. The tide of snakes washed away. The big bear then roared to Han Sen. It picked up the cub, put it back on its back, and returned to the woods. Han Sen was shocked, not entirely sure what had just happened. How and why would the two bears come all the way over here just to repel the snakes that had threatened him? "Did they think the reason I fought the bone elephant was because I wanted to help them? Was this them returning the favor?" Han Sen didn't know for sure, but this was what he hypothesized. But regardless of why it had happened, it was a good thing. He had already decided to fly away with the angel and escape. This unexpected turn of events allowed the angel to munch on the elephant in its entirety. Han Sen sat on the floor and rested, observing the surrounding area. He wasn't simply taking in the view, though. He wanted to make sure the snake was gone for good and didn't plan on backstabbing Han Sen by coming back once the bear had left. But Han Sen was just being paranoid, and the pink snake made no plan to return. Han Sen's energy was also nearing complete recovery, without the sight of a single other creature around. The angel was still eating the bone elephant, and by now, she was almost halfway through her meal. "The super creatures of the Second God's Sanctuary are so... human. The children, especially so. They are appearing more and more intelligent every time I see them. What will things be like when I reach the Third God's Sanctuary?" Han Sen was in deep thought, as he tossed the bone elephant's essence in his hand. It was a curious thing, like a fusion of bone and jade. But it was slightly transparent, too. This Life Geno essence did not look violent and red, and it was a whole lot more like the peaceful bone elephant he had once witnessed sitting beneath a tree, meditating. It wasn't at all representative of the ordinary bone elephant he was used to seeing. "I hope I can eat it this time. If I can't, I'm really out of solutions for how I might collect the super geno points I need." Han Sen gave the Life Geno essence a good lick. The result was disappointing. The Life Geno essence did not change. It was still as solid as ever; it did not melt and it continued to look like bone.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 474: EfficiencyTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioSimulating crystals were an impressive creation, which many human scholars called a miracle.It was impossible for a human to become a rock, let alone a gun. However, simulating crystals were beyond their limitations.As crystals, simulating crystals could mimic the characteristics of different matters, which was miraculous and amazing.When turning into mechanics, the simulating crystals were like machines. However, when turning into creatures, they had the features of creatures. In addition, simulating crystals' abilities were similar to the simulated items.As miraculous as it was, the simulating crystal had a fatal flaw, which was that the stronger its target was, the stronger it would be. That meant if the target was not strong enough, the crystals would be weak.Of course, because of the material itself, the simulating crystals would not be too weak. If it was simulating an ant, because of the toughness of the crystal, it was still a thousand times stronger than an ordinary ant.Currently, the simulating crystals became Han Sen and Ji Yanran. In fact, they acquired the data of their bodies by scanning them. Data could be imitated, but there were certain things that simulating crystals could not imitate, such as the martial arts they practiced and their understanding of those martial arts.Therefore, when Han Sen saw a large number of simulating crystals turning into Ji Yanran and him, he was not too appalled but became more relaxed. If the simulating crystals became warframes or weapons, even if they could dodge the attack, the crystals around them would expand under the impact of explosion and bury Ji Yanran and him alive.At this point, simulating crystals turned to Ji Yanran and Han Sen, and Han Sen knew absolutely everything about his own body. Ji Yanran was a weak evolver. That was why Han Sen thought it was the best consequence.Ji Yanran, on the other hand, was scared and became pale. Just out of a trap, they were trapped in a bigger crisis. It would not work if they blew up the tunnel again. If they blew up another tunnel, they might be trapped here for good without any possibilities to escape."Protect yourself." Han Sen pulled Ji Yanran behind his back and rushed out.Shortly, Ji Yanran stared her eyes wide, and her jaw dropped.Han Sen threw himself at the group of red crystal humans and beheaded one of them with bare hands. He threw the crystal head on the face of the next red crystal human and smashed its chest with his knee.The entire process was so smooth and unexpected that it was wonderful to watch.As many as the simulating crystals were, all of them were broken up by Han Sen. The red crystal humans did not have any power to fight back, as if they were dogs in front of Han Sen.Ji Yanran did not believe that the rest crystal humans were too weak. After all, the simulating crystals imitated Han Sen and herself. Those looking like her notwithstanding, the ones that looked like Han Sen should theoretically have the same physical abilities as him.The only explanation for such a huge gap in strength was that Han Sen used his own force very effectively.Having the same force, different people would have different applications. It was the same as playing chess. Although all the players had the same number of pieces, an advanced player would play very differently from a beginner.Without a doubt, the percentage of force Han Sen could tap into made him a super master, which was why the red crystal humans looked like him but could not fight back at all.With Ji Yanran's background, she had seen a lot of talents, including quite a few surpassers. And demigods were nothing rare in her eyes.However, in terms of the effectiveness of using the force, Han Sen was definitely among the top five in evolvers.In addition, those evolvers were all celebrities and progenies in the Alliance, with great background and reputation.Ji Yanran had only seen one person with a humble background who could achieve this level, which was Han Sen.Ji Yanran was completely impressed by Han Sen's moves and became very proud of both Han Sen and her choice.With her family and status, it was easy for her to choose any talented young man, but she chose Han Sen and did not second-guess herself even during the period of time when Han Sen was missing. Although her choice was mostly out of sentimental reasons, she was very happy with Han Sen's performance. There was no lady in the world who did not wish her man was the best, and Ji Yanran was no exception.Boom boom boom!Broken red crystals fell all over the floor, turned into red liquid and evaporated. Han Sen made a solid punch each time and blew up hundreds of red crystal humans.Boom!He used Seven Kill to turn his leg into axes, kicking the head of a red crystal man into its guts, blowing up its entire body. Pieces of crystal fell on the floor."Han Sen." Ji Yanran blushed out of excitement and hugged her man, not knowing what to say. She felt as long as she was around Han Sen, she had nothing to fear and nothing to worry about.Han Sen thought Ji Yanran was worried about him, patted her on her bouncy butts and smiled. "Just a few red crystal men. It's going to take way more than that to hurt your husband. No worries."Ji Yanran hugged him tight without speaking or letting go, burying her head in his chest."Ahem, this is not the right time. Even if you're in the mood, we must find somewhere safe first." Seeing how charming and tempting Ji Yanran was, Han Sen was burning up with passion."I'm in no mood." Ji Yanran blushed and hit Han Sen with her small fist, rolling her eyes at him."Isn't it nice to be young? You have the mood to flirt in such a place." A voice sounded with the worst timing, surprising Han Sen and Ji Yanran. They quickly turned to look.The crystal door on the side of the hall was pushed open. Li Mingtang entered from outside, looking at the couple with a grin.Han Sen looked behind him and did not see Wang Hou. Li Mingtang was injured in multiple places and did not seem to be in good shape."Han Sen, you surprise me. I have only seen three people at your age who could use their own strength so effectively." Li Mingtang looked at Han Sen with approval and continued to say, "However, this is in a Crystallizer royalty ruin. So, from now on, you have to follow my lead.""And why is that?" Han Sen stared at Li Mingtang coldly and said.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1293: The Light Is DarkTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen looked at Moving Star Emperor and said, “Are you saying those that don’t understand are filthy? Why don’t you go ahead and explain what the Luminous Stone is, then?”Moving Star Emperor rebutted with, “Pah! You don’t deserve to know.”“Wow, now you look like some pompous idiot who is only pretending to be superior. You shouldn’t go around telling people you’re an emperor, much less a spirit. Even talking to someone as thick as you has me feeling embarrassed.” Han Sen wasn’t willing to let this go so easily, and so he said a lot of mean things.Before his enemy, he’d never concede.Moving Star Emperor was notorious, but he had quite the reputation, though. Between spirits, disputes were often settled through battle. The opportunity to sort things out through discussions, as most humans did, rarely arose.Knowing he might be at a disadvantage made Moving Star Emperor extremely angry.If he wasn’t in Evil Lotus Shelter, he’d already would have been trying to kill Han Sen through the tried and true method of a pummeling. He wanted to provoke Han Sen and get the human to attack him first so he could feign being the victim. But now, he found himself being the one ready to instigate a fight.Moving Star Emperor managed to swallow that big, bitter pill and reversed the dialogue instead. He said, “If you think it is that simple, then why don’t you tell me?”Han Sen explained it succinctly, “The Luminous Stone is a path of light.”Moving Star Emperor addressed that hypothesis with disdain. “Nonsense! Night Empress practiced the path of darkness. It is a geno treasure attuned with the element of dark. Dark is the complete opposite of light. Pah! What a cheap race, only capable of talking crap.”Han Sen was not mad. Humans knew a lot, and the Alliance possessed swathes of knowledge. Spirits could not understand things beyond the surface, and they could not understand things on a deeper level. Their development was in a whole different ballpark.Perhaps no human could beat Moving Star Emperor through physical means, but giving him a verbal beatdown was nearly child’s play.Han Sen smiled and told the emperor, “You are ignorant. Light and Dark are two sides of the same coin. They both exist at the expense of each other. Light is dark, and dark is light. She may have practiced along a path of darkness, but she could also use the Light element. It’s simple.”“Light is light, dark is dark. How can the two exist together? If she was still here, she’d kill you for talking such drivel!” Moving Star Emperor rebutted.Han Sen pointed at the lotus plants which were bathing in the soft glow, then he pointed to the darkness the light did not reach. He said, “Now tell me, which is dark and which is light?”Moving Star Emperor said, “Of course the area with the Luminous Stone is light.”“Are you sure it’s light?” Han Sen asked, with a smile.“Of course, do you think I’m blind? I’m not!” Moving Star Emperor said with frustration.Han Sen then cast fire and lit up the other side of the lake. The Luminous Stone could glow, but its glow was rather faint. The light it emitted was not very strong. But Han Sen’s fireball was so bright, it made the stone’s side dark.“Now you tell me; which side is dark, and which side is light?” Han Sen smiled again.Moving Star Emperor gave an ugly look, and it prompted Han Sen to explain, “Dark and light are one-and-the-same, see? Light is the absence of darkness, and darkness is the absence of light. They are two sides of the same coin, but both are dependent on each other. Night Empress sought darkness, but used light to guide her practice. She sought darkness through the light she possessed. A dumb*ss like you would never understand, my boy!”Moving Star Emperor’s face turned green. He was not an expert when it came to analyses like this, and so he had no clue how he should respond.Clap! Clap! Clap!Han Sen turned around and saw a spirit clapping her hands gently. It was Lotus Empress herself.Lotus Empress spoke, saying, “Seeking darkness through the light? If my mother was still here in the Third God’s Sanctuary, she’d be very fond of you. She’d relish the opportunity to meet someone else who understood her.”Empty Witch flew close to her master and said, “Miss Lotus! The Luminous Stone really is of the Light element?”Due to the fact the Luminous Stone was blackened and charred by the fires of Holy Door, and its lifeforce had been depleted, and it looked to be of Dark.Lotus nodded and said, “This was her only Light-element treasure. She left all the dark treasures here, but she only wished to take this one. It was once called the Stone of Light. The light was merely drained due to its incineration.”When Moving Star Emperor heard this, he looked even worse. He looked as if he was going to faint. He didn’t expect her most important treasure was not of the element of Dark.“I thought it was pretty simple, really. I was just bringing it up in idle chit-chat,” Han Sen said.Han Sen really was just saying it simply, without meaning for it to come across as a lesson. His knowledge was vast, and so it made him go above and beyond a simple explanation. Still, he couldn’t really learn much from observing the stone.It wasn’t that Han Sen was stupid, it was just that he hadn’t reached that level of genius yet.Many Dark and Light emperors had visited this shelter in the past, but they only learned a small amount. The melody and rhythm of the pulsating light came from the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, so not being able to understand it was normal for someone who wasn’t a demi-god.

You Shiruide2020-5-7 03:15:16

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1350: First Self Geno CoreTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioIt was different than the typical flow of energy. This time, Han Sen’s body was generating a strange substance that was new to him. It came out of his cells and went to sit in his Sea of Soul. And as this transparent substance gathered together, he was able to see it clearly.The substance was a little like water, but thick like a gel. It was like a non-newtonian fluid, but different, as well. It was difficult for Han Sen to determine what it was, exactly.Han Sen already knew different hyper geno arts could produce different geno cores, and because he’d been using Jadeskin, that was what he used to generate his first.The substance that was bleeding into the Sea of Soul continued to amass and compose its form, all as one.Unfortunately, Han Sen had no time to watch the process. He was still under fire and had to fight back the army of creatures, but there at least seemed to be a light at the end of that very long tunnel. All he had to do now was hold them back and allow the process of the geno core’s production to finish.Furthermore, Han Sen could not control the shape or form the substance was building. The finished geno core was not something sculpted by the person’s desire; it was constructed through the host’s genes under the influence of their hyper geno art. They themselves had no personal hand in it.As Han Sen battled his way through the tide, he felt something amiss in his Sea of Soul. Something else was occurring.Han Sen took a peek back inside his Sea of Soul, and there, he saw his Black Crystal glowing. It was generating another substance; something black. And this substance was mixing in with the geno core that was currently in production.The geno core was transparent, but the black substance was darker than dark. It was blacker than ink. It was concerning.When the two mixed together, though, the overall substance looked like cream. But this intrusive substance did not enlarge the form of the geno core that was being built; instead, it was acting like a light tincture that altered its color.Han Sen wished to stop the Black Crystal from interrupting or possibly damaging the process, but he found himself unable to. And from this Black Crystal, more and more liquid began to ooze. Han Sen then noticed a change in the crystal’s form. It had become smaller, somehow. Throughout its time in three sanctuaries, it hadn’t once changed its shape. But now, it was. Whether that was a good omen or a bad one, he could not tell.Han Sen was unable to play any part in the formation of the geno core, and all he could do was allow the events transpiring in his Sea of Soul to play out. But once the Black Crystal had shrunk by ten percent, it stopped shrinking.The creamy geno core began to look like an enclosed flower, on the precipice of opening in full bloom.This was also the point Han Sen acknowledged to be the most crucial moment. He eagerly anticipated the reveal of the geno core, and the effect the Black Crystal had had on it.Han Sen was unable to watch it constantly, though. He feared he might miss the initial reveal due to the constant pressure the four silver-winged apes were putting on him.And then, a vibration, like a violent tremor, sent shockwaves through his body and Sea of Soul. It was like a high-magnitude earthquake.When Han Sen popped his head in to take a look once more, he was shocked.“What is this? What is it?” Han Sen wondered.Sitting inside the Sea of Soul was a cream-colored item. It looked like a ceramic object. Its shape was very strange, however. It was oval, not too far off the shape of an egg.“Has it not finished yet? Do I need to fetch a spoon and break the top off?” Han Sen wondered.Leaning in for a closer look, Han Sen checked out its basic info.Self Geno Core: Bronze Crystal CoreHan Sen was frozen. He was not expecting to receive something special, but he didn’t expect to receive something so inherently dull and basic as that, either.A lame name didn’t always mean something was poor, but something as horrendous and plain as Crystal Core was awful. It was as uninspired as its shape.Han Sen thought he’d receive a weapon like the chef possessed. He thought he’d get something that would help him out of his current predicament.But all he had received was an egg.Not wanting to remain a pessimist, though, Han Sen decided to look on the bright side and say, “Well, looks can be deceiving! Never judge a book by its cover; never judge a geno core by its shape. It might actually be really powerful.”Han Sen decided to summon the egg geno core.The creamy, egg-shaped crystal appeared in front of Han Sen. It hovered in the air before him.Han Sen commanded it to strike one of the beasts near him.Seeing the egg go for the creatures, Han Sen wondered to himself, “Hmm, I wonder if this will strike them like a bullet? Or better yet, work like a grenade and explode?”Han Sen didn’t want to be so negative, so he remained optimistic and hoped for the best. After all, the crystal had been generated by Jadeskin. Perhaps it was just the appearance of the item that was lame.The egg struck the head of one of the monsters as Han Sen crossed his fingers and waited for a miracle to happen.Bao’er grasped Han Sen’s neck so she could lean forward and squint, equally excited to see what might happen next.Then, a second later, their eyes opened wide as if they had just encountered a ghost.But it was all for the wrong reasons. The egg hit the forehead of a creature and… that was it. There was no explosion. The ape did not even reel back in pain.Like a bouncy ball, it bounced back.Han Sen could not believe he had generated something so useless.And due to the item’s oval shape, it bounced off in a different direction and drifted off behind Han Sen.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1121: Beast VineTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe clouds only remained open for a second, but in that time, Han Sen was able to discern that the vines were not growing from the mountaintop. They were actually the appendages of a monster.In the space of that brief look, the image of the monstrosity was seared into Han Sen’s mind. The vines had a mind of their own, but they grew out of a living creature. This was something he had seen before.The gourd Bao’er came from had brown upon vines that had writhed around the ancient bones of creatures. The vines were almost completely similar.The only difference was the absence of a gourd on the vine.“That vine can’t be a relative of Bao’er’s, can it?” Han Sen wasn’t so sure whether or not these things could bear gourds. Perhaps it one day would grow one.But there had to be some connection between the vine and Bao’er. If there wasn’t, she wouldn’t behave in the manner she currently had been.During Han Sen’s thought, the fish king blitzed through the pain it had endured and dove through the clouds with its tail, breaking it like a thick mucus to provide passage. Once it was through, it went for the vine.The purple light shone again, but it was not like a blade. It created a swarm of purple bees that rushed to surround the fish king.Bao’er finally moved. She slapped her gourd, which allowed it to suck and ingest all the purple bees.Pang!The fish king’s body was sent crashing down the mountainside. But it was not content to stay there. It jumped up and headed for the vines, again, as if it were in a desperate rush.It looked as if the fish was hungry to consume the vine, but before it could, the monster stood up. Its hideous head knocked the fish king away, making it bleed even more.Roar!The monster let out a fearsome roar as it raced towards the fish king with its vines lashing wildly.The fish king shone gold and was unfazed by its gruesome foe. Quickly, it went to clash with the fell beast.A purple and gold light mixed together in mid-air.Han Sen flew up above the clouds to watch the fight unfold. Even with super king spirit mode, Han Sen did not believe he was a match for either of the creatures. For now, he was content to just watch.Han Sen noticed the monster was different from the skeleton of the one in the Second God’s Sanctuary, where Bao’er’s gourd had grown.Although only the bones had remained, he could immediately tell.This monster was like a ghost with horns. Its body shape, he could tell, was different from the one in the Second God’s Sanctuary.“Does Bao’er have something to do with these vines?” Han Sen watched the vines with ardent curiosity. The vines were quite frightening. They were like tentacles, growing from the raging monster that fought with the fish. But Han Sen could not see any fruit or gourds growing from them.Perhaps the vine fed on the monster’s energy, or empowered it. If it was just the monster fighting the fish, it would have been killed.The monster’s vines kept hitting the fish. Their brutal powers were proving too much for the fish, though, and it was clearly going to be the loser in this battle. Despite having been ravaged and despite oozing gallons of blood, the fish was not willing to give up. It did not relent in its combat.The fish king was getting weaker and weaker, and eventually, the vines managed to grip the fish and begin strangling it. The fish was made unable to move.The beast’s horns managed to skewer the fish, and with the fish drained of its health, it was tossed crudely down to the lake below.The lake turned completely red after this happened. And unlike before, it did not immediately spring back into action. After a while, it slowly resurfaced.It wasn’t dead yet, but the light was dim and fleeting.The wounds across its body were massive, and most of its body had been stripped of scales and flesh. Much of its skeleton was exposed. The fish struggled to regain its composure. It tried jumping up, but it got no further than a height of ten meters, before falling back down.Bao’er looked at the sky, looking as if she did not wish to give up just yet.Han Sen, seeing the fish king die, went to pick up Bao’er.After the fight, Bao’er did not appear to have suffered a single scratch. Perhaps the vine did not want to injure her; he did not know.“Bao’er; what do you want up there?” Han Sen hoped she would answer his question.Bao’er continued looking up at the mountain, and said, “Dad, I want vine.”“For what purpose?” Han Sen asked.“I just want it,” Bao’er said.Han Sen kept asking her for more details, but she did not elaborate. He suspected she didn’t even know herself, but there was some phantom urge compelling her to go.Han Sen stopped asking, but resolved to finish the fish king off. He grabbed his Phoenix Sword and readied himself to plunge it deep into the creature. It was a super creature, one that might have opened ten of its gene locks.It was dying, and now was his opportunity.“Don’t kill it,” Bao’er said.“Why?” Han Sen was confused, as she had never stopped him in such a way before.Bao’er looked back to the mountain, saying, “It is not our enemy. We need its help.”

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