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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1015: Blood-Wing Beast KingTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen calmly observed Liu Yuxuan. Han Sen was dexterous in the arts of assassination, and when his Jadeskin had allowed him to open his eighth sense, he gained the ability to detect any hostile feelings towards him.Although Liu Yuxuan had hid it well, Han Sen could sense he meant to do him harm.Of course, Han Sen did not say anything just yet. The road they would go along together had to be safe, because schemers and backstabbers like Liu Yuxuan rarely put themselves in dangerous situations.Everyone followed him, and as he led the way, many creatures came into sight. When they saw the turtle, though, they ran off and posed no threat.“With me here, nothing for the next three hundred miles will lay a finger on any of you.” Watch the creatures run off, Liu Yuxuan puffed his chest up and spoke with an arrogant tone of voice.“It’s nice to have you here with us,” Wang Yu said.“Soon, we’ll be passing through the territory of a super creature. But again, you needn’t worry. I, Liu Yuxuan, am here to safeguard you all.” He continued to speak with the same snobbish mannerisms.Lin He and Lin Weiwei responded with simple grace, saying, “Thank you for your service.”“Well, we are friends, aren’t we? I am especially fond of you, my dear Weiwei. This is the least I can do for you,” Liu Yuxuan said.In his heart, his real emotions were actually like curdled milk. He snickered to himself, saying, “That super creature is a good friend of mine, and I often please his son. He’ll do me a favor, for sure. Once I get him to deal with the rest of this annoying congregation, I can whisk Weiwei home to my bedroom chamber.”“And I’m not letting Han Sen get off the hook by granting him a swift death. They’d all be on their way to the shelter right now, if it wasn’t for that snotty brat. He’ll die slow.” Thinking of his bestiality fetish, a pleasurable chill ran down Liu Yuxuan’s spine. Then, he looked over to Han Sen.Han Sen was, much to his surprise, was looking his way as well. He was smiling, but that smile almost felt as if he had been able to read his mind.“Has he noticed something amiss? Does he know what I’m up to?” Liu Yuxuan was spooked.He mulled it over a bit, and then comforted himself by saying, “Pah! That is preposterous. He doesn’t know a thing; he’s a noob that’s somehow fumbled his way into the Third God’s Sanctuary. I should ease up a bit.”Liu Yuxuan presented a smile back and said, “There is no need for you to worry, Brother Han. I can keep you safe.”“Gee, thanks,” Han Sen said in response.“Fool. Even if you did max out your super geno points, here you are, waltzing into my trap without a single suspicion. You numbnuts,” Liu Yuxuan thought to himself, cackling on the inside.Cliffs adorned both sides of the valley, and there were many caves dotted across them. There were many winged beasts in the area, and a few thousand of them populated the skies.The group was a little nervous and antsy, seeing that many creatures were lingering above them.“Again, there is no need to worry,” Liu Yuxuan said, then screamed into the skies.After that, all the beasts returned to the caves as if they were afraid. Then, they just watched from the darkness of their holes.“You are good,” Wang Yu said.“Later, I will summon the super creature’s son. He’ll come over and meet us. Under his protection, we can travel further along the valley. Nothing will attack us, then.” Liu Yuxuan’s tone of voice was already changing, as if he had a mouthful of plums.He had spent a long time studying the language of creatures. After much time, he had learned a fair few words, and this was a talent few people had.To his credit, he was a smart man. Few humans were ever treated with even a modicum of respect in spirit shelters. Liu Yuxuan had done well for himself, to have gotten to the position he was in. What’s more, his skills of observation were in fine shape.He let out another scream, to summon the super creature’s son. This scream was different, though, and in the language of creatures, he mentioned he had brought a grand bounty of food with him. Except for Lin Weiwei, everyone else was up for sacrifice.No one there spoke the language of creatures, so no one had a clue what to expect.After the scream, an echo of response came from further down the valley. A red beast appeared and came before them.It had blood-colored wings that were thirty meters wide, and horns decorated the monster’s head like those of a goat.Chen Hu, upon seeing this, couldn’t help blurting out, “Wow, you really are good!”Han Sen had fantastic eyesight, and he saw a small beast atop the big beast’s back.Liu Yuxuan’s face changed when he saw the big beast appear.He had only wished to summon the super creature’s son. He hadn’t expected he’d end up summoning the big one that the son rode upon.He rarely ever got to see the king, and he was only used to interacting with the son.Liu Yuxuan would have had some control over what happened if only the son had shown up, as he had planned. With the blood-wing beast king there, as well, he’d be helpless in controlling what might happen.“Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned the presence of a sacrifice. I think a simple summoning of the son would have been better,” Liu Yuxuan thought the beast king had come over upon hearing there’d be much food on offer.Whatever happened next was entirely up to the hulking, airborne monstrosity. He could only hope it’d leave Lin Weiwei alone.If the beast wanted to eat Lin Weiwei, as heartbreaking as it’d be, he knew better than to protect her. He only wanted her as a pretty toy, and it wasn’t worth risking his life for her.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 76: Holy AngelTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioJust by reading the descriptions, Han Sen was already feeling excited. Except for the ones that had high prerequisites and could only be practiced by those with evolver or higher status, Han Sen wanted every hyper geno art listed in there.Unfortunately, one license could only be used to purchase one hyper geno art. Han Sen wanted to choose one that laid the foundation for better fitness for his sister. With such a hyper geno art, Han Yan wouldn’t be inferior to those posh school students. She would even be better than them, because even posh schools didn’t offer such advanced hyper geno arts to students.Finally, Han Sen carefully selected and bought a hyper geno art named "Holy Angel." According to its description, this hyper geno art would help improve all types of genes and had been tested for a long time. Its practice was smooth and didn’t involve much risk, so it’s excellent for laying the foundation. Many who had practiced it had seen great effects.This hyper geno art fulfilled all the requirements of Han Sen. It was easy to practice and had low risk. There were many who had practiced it too. So even if people noticed that his mother and sister were practicing Holy Angel, they wouldn’t be surprised.Han Sen downloaded the tutorial of Holy Angel and checked it out. He was surprised to see that this S-Class hyper geno art was still not as good as his Jadeskin."Who was that Xue Longyan? How come he had such an outstanding hyper geno art?" Han Sen felt glad that he didn’t let anyone see Jadeskin.Holy Angel and Jadeskin were similar, so that there was no need for Han Sen to practice Holy Angel as well. If someone asked him which hyper geno art he was practicing, he could just answer Holy Angel, which was another reason why he had bought it--it would very hard for one to tell Jadeskin from Holy Angel indeed.Han Sen put away the tutorial of Holy Angel and went to Saint Paul to pick Han Yan up. He wanted her to come home to practice Holy Angel, so she would have to stop living on campus for a while.Han Yan's teacher was a twenty-seven-year-old woman in a professional suit. Under her knee-length skirt the flesh-colored stockings really showed off her long legs.She had her hair pulled back and was wearing a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. Although she looked demure and full of mature women's charm, Han Sen knew well that she was definitely already in Second God’s Sanctuary, which was the minimum standard for teachers at Saint Paul."You are Han Yan's brother?" Qu Wange slightly frowned at Han Sen."Yes, Ms. Qu, I want you to give Yan a few days off," Han Sen said.Qu Wange was displeased and said with some disgust, "Where are your parents? Why haven’t they come?""They are very busy. I have come of age and can be considered one of Yan’s guardians. You could tell me if you have something to say," Han Sen said.Qu Wange said bluntly, "What do your parents take education for? Do they think everything will simply work out if they spend the money and send their daughter to an expensive school? The school has started for quite a while now, yet your parents haven’t been here or asked about her study once. Do they know what Han Yan needs?""I’m so sorry, Ms. Qu. We have a lot going on in the family. It’s our fault. Did anything happen to Yan?" Han Sen asked worriedly.Shaking her head, Qu Wange said with some bitterness, "Han Yan is fine. She is a talented girl and would do so much better if she could use advanced nutrient solutions and care. Now, she’s only using an ordinary nutrient solution package and does not have a physician assigned to her, which has affected her grades. Since your parents have sent her to Saint Paul, are they going to allow this to happen just to save some money?"The families that could afford tuition of Saint Paul must have tens or hundreds of millions in their accounts. Qu Wange didn’t realize that Han Sen’s family might be short of money.Han Sen knew what she was saying. Nutrient solutions couldn’t improve one’s genes like the meat of creatures in God’s Sanctuary did, but it could offer all the nutrients needed by the human body. In this sense, it could also improve one’s fitness, though not as greatly as the meat would.The more advanced the nutrient solution was, the more benefits it could bring to one’s study and body. Han Sen had used some when he was a kid, but as his family went down, he had to stop.A physician was someone responsible for conditioning a student’s body. If there was any accident in the process of studying, the physician would timely condition the student’s body and use scientific methods to keep the student always at his or her best.Both purchasing nutrient solutions and hiring a physician would cost a lot of money. The several million Han Sen gave to Luo Sulan were just enough to send Han Yan to Saint Paul, so the nutrient solution package they bought for her was the cheapest type, which only cost a hundred thousand per month. Hence the result was not ideal. The physician and conditioning equipment Han Yan had been using were shared ones at school."Ms. Qu, you are right. We will buy Han Yan the premium nutrient solution package next months and please assign a good physician to her as well," Han Sen said.Fairly satisfied with Han Sen’s reply, she nodded and said, "That’s more like it. Although it costs more, Yan is an outstanding girl, so it would be a waste if you don’t cultivate her well. Now what she uses is worse than all her classmates, but she still has good grades, which goes to prove her talent."Qu Wange paused and said, "If possible, think of a way to buy her an advanced hyper geno art. The one provided here is too basic, so the result might not be limited.""OK, Ms. Qu, I will think of a way." Han Sen now started to believe that Qu Wange did think Han Yan was special.Encouraging Yan to practice advanced hyper geno art wouldn’t do the teacher any good, while she could probably earn a referral fee from recommending nutrient solutions and physicians.The most expensive nutrient solution package cost a million per month; a senior physician plus professional equipment would cost a few hundred thousand per month.Han Sen had no money before, but now he could earn a lot. Of course he would want the best for his sister.Qu Wange put away her things and rose to feet, "Let’s go. Yan should be out of class soon. Let’s pick her up and I’ll give you a ride home."Han Sen said no need, but Qu Wange clearly saw him as a teenager.Han Yan was ecstatic to see Han Sen, but she remembered to greet her teacher politely before she ran into her brother’s arms.Holding Han Yan in his arms, Han Sen followed Qu Wange out of the school. At the school gate, he saw two familiar persons waving at them.

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注册即送70元⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 622: The Bone of the Mountain GuardianTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioDong! Dong! Dong!A lance fell, a sword dropped, and a dagger broke.Tyrant, Sky Jealousy, and Lazy Cat were robbed of their weapons. With pale faces, they now looked at the motionless Han Sen with eyes of resentful surprise.Despite their combined effort, they lost the battle. Han Sen's fitness was so strong he was barely human, they thought. His dexterity and proficiency in every aspect of combat was at the pinnacle of what they believed a person could achieve.Every sword skill Han Sen used was a raging one, blazing with an unimaginable power. None of the three could withstand the barrage of attacks cast upon them.They couldn't retaliate with a display of power remotely resembling what he had done.Lazy Cat's eyes looked lost and devoid of hope, realizing now why Queen so desperately wanted Han Sen to join. His power was terrifying and none of them were a match.Sky Jealousy's eyes were bewildered. He believed that a person like Han Sen was out of their league, and they were foolish to attempt competing with him. But still, he could not accept that Queen was abandoning them for someone who was practically a stranger."Let's go!" Tyrant did not say any more before turning around to abandon the fight he instigated. Who knew what emotions now ravaged his heart?Tyrant never would have thought Han Sen, the person he looked down upon, actually possessed such fantastic talent. And it wasn't just him who had lost to Han Sen, it was the three of them, all in a combined effort.Watching the three of them leave, Han Sen sheathed his sword. Then, he turned around to look at a thicket of trees. He called out, "You can come out now!"Queen's slender shadow appeared from behind an ancient tree. She approached Han Sen to whisper, "Thank you.""For what?" Han Sen asked with a smile. Of course, he already knew. She was thanking him for sparing the lives of his attackers.Queen did not reply. She just looked in the direction her three former compatriots had left and sighed.It was rare for Han Sen to see this woman in such a downtrodden mood. The likelihood of seeing her in such a state was far less than seeing her smile. Han Sen thought there was nothing in this world that would even prompt her to frown, but there she was, actually sighing."Sky Pillar mountain? Let's go." Queen's emotions frosted over once more."Is it really okay for you to just leave them hanging like that?" Han Sen really wanted to understand what Queen was thinking."I only require people who are useful to my cause. If one day I find out you are of no use to me, I will leave you without hesitation." Queen started walking ahead, and said without looking back, "The same applies to you. If I am of no use to you, please be rid of me.""What plagues this woman's heart?" Seeing Queen's silhouette step forward, aloof, Han Sen could not help but sigh.Han Sen had many questions weighing on his heart and mind, but he chose not to ask them. It was just like Queen said; she needed his power and he needed hers. That had to be enough.Killing a super creature solo would be too difficult. Even a person like Han Sen had to consider cooperating with others, and the same was true of elite evolvers like Queen.Sky Pillar mountain was almost like a spire in its structure and formation. It was difficult to recognize as a mountain from afar, as it resembled some sacred pillar that tethered the world and sky. This semblance had become its namesake.When they reached the mountain's foot, Queen looked at Han Sen with concern and said, "This Sky Pillar mountain belongs to the Chen family. If you encounter anyone from the Chen family, be wary of Chen Ran in particular.""Is he powerful?" Han Sen had met two people from the Chen family before; Chen Zi Chen and Zhu Ting. Han Sen had always desired to learn the Chen family's special Seven Twists skill, but he never had.Even though Zhu Ting had learnt it, being a bastard son of the family, he was tight-lipped about its practice."Eighty years ago, Chen Ran unlocked his gene lock," Queen said, and then did not say any more.Han Sen knew how frightening Chen Ran was, merely from hearing his name. The history of this world only went back a hundred years. If he unlocked his gene lock eighty years ago, he had to be an old elite. To have been able to train with his opened gene lock for eighty years, who could fathom what mighty powers he might have learnt?Even if he hadn't totally unlocked the first gene lock, the amount he had opened it must certainly be more than any other evolver.For Queen to warn him about this person was a testament to his abilities.Han Sen thought Sky Pillar mountain was huge, and it was nearly impossible to determine an optimal path up. Therefore, he picked a trail at random and began hiking. He also believed their presence would go unnoticed if they climbed the mountain in such a manner. He was wrong, for shortly after they began their trek, a group of people approached them.The leader of the group had grey hair, but his face put him in his forties. There weren't any wrinkles Han Sen could see, and his body looked toned and well-trained. He was clad in silver armor. He rode a tiger that was three meters tall and looked like a bona fide badass."You there, who has selected to ascend this glorious Sky Pillar mountain, tell me; why have you not made your presence known to us? Our hospitality knows no shortage." Chen Ran stopped before Queen, leading an entourage of a hundred in his wake."We have only come here to hunt a few Sky Falcons. It was not in our interest to trouble you," Queen politely said in response."You speak as if you were unknown to us. The Chen family and the Huangfu family have borne a relationship extending back many generations. You are half of the Huangfu family, which makes you a relative of mine, whether you wish it or not. There is no trouble, I assure you." Chen Ran smiled and said, "The Sky Falcons of your pilgrimage reside at the top of this mountain, and it is a trying campaign to reach them. I beseech you to allow me and my fellow elderly men to escort you.""Sure," Queen agreed. Chen Ran commanded many of his followers to remain at the foot of the mountain. He rallied ten others to his side, and with them, Queen and Han Sen resumed their ascent.Han Sen knew that it was not for their own safety that Chen Ran was willing to escort them. He was afraid they would seek to kill the super creatures that resided there.That was okay, however. Han Sen did not wish to slay the super creatures, so he was not against the company. With them leading the way, it would be a much safer journey to the peak.Out of the ten who followed Chen Ran, two had unlocked their gene locks. But they did not belong to the Chen family. After all, the Second God's Sanctuary was a big place. Even if the Chen family was large, the chances of them remaining all together in one area was incredibly slim.Han Sen raised his head but could not see the peak of the mountain, for its top was buried in the clouds. He imagined the mountain resembled a long, slender dragon reaching into the sky."It is fortunate I did not bring the silver fox. If Chen Ran didn't encounter any creatures on this outing, it would most certainly raise his suspicions about us."Han Sen came here to hunt, and thus he could not bring the silver fox. He left it in Whitesand Shelter, in a room he had rented for it to wait in.Sky Pillar mountain was easily three thousand meters high. And now, they noticed they were walking through a garden of bones. They weren't ordinary bones, as they were grand in size. They were easily a few dozen meters long, each. They looked incredibly powerful, representing exhausted powers from the ancient ages of the world. Although they were merely bones, having long lost their flesh, they were still unnerving to see."The legends say that these bones belonged to the creature that once guarded this mountain. When it reigned supreme over this place, no one dared approach for a thousand meters," Chen Ran explained.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 175: Sparring with A BeautyTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioBut Han Sen misunderstood one thing. He thought there was an operator in each SKTS in the array, and was prepared to be thrown into a group fight. Hence, he thought he should get rid of the first warframe coming at him as fast as possible, so that it would be easier for him to deal with the rest.Liu Changming and the director of the commercial Xu Wenchang were monitoring Han Sen’s practice through a monitor. Suddenly seeing a SKTS moving, they both paused.And then Liu Changming suddenly knew what was happening and his face became grave. "It must be Yu Qianxun. This is such nonsense."Ready to ask someone to stop her, Liu Changming rose up but was stopped by Xu Wenchang, who smiled and said, "Liu, it is okay. You said Han Sen is a warframe genius, so wouldn’t it be brilliant if he could just beat her so that she would play her role willingly?"Liu Changming said a wry smile, "Xu, you do not know Yu’s background. She comes from a warframe family where generations of people have been dedicated to warframe operation. She was sent to the special warframe force when she turned 16 and have been practicing with the best men ever since. Few at her age could be better than her at warframe."Having taken a deep breath, Liu Changming continued, "Han Sen is very good, but I cannot guarantee that he will be able to beat her. Moreover, she has been practicing on SKTS for days, while he is just getting started. The performance of SKTS is much worse than Silver Killer, so he must be still getting used to it.""Ugh! Let’s stop her immediately then," Xu Wenchang quickly said."It’s too late. Let’s hope for the best," Liu Changming said with a wry smile. Even if he sent someone right now, it would be too late for that person to stop Yu.Yu Qianxun’s style of operation was like her character, taking the lead whenever possible. She would fight without fear even when she was against someone much stronger than herself.Yu Qianxun drove SKTS at full speed toward Han Sen. With the power generated from the high speed, the SKTS wielded the sword from above fiercely.Seeing Han Sen raising his sword to block her strike, she felt more disdained. With the same warframe, hers had a higher speed than his, so it was predictable that his warframe would suffer more. Once his warframe fell to the ground, he would have no chance to adjust before she beat him.Yu Qianxun’s strike was so fierce that she seemed to have put all her anger in it.The swords were merely 10 inches apart and were about to collide. Considering the size of SKTS, the distance was alarming.At this time, Yu suddenly saw Han Sen’s sword had disappeared.Yu Qianxun was shocked. But at this point there was nothing she could do other than watching the other SKTS turning swiftly and briskly appearing behind her.Bang!In the blink of an eye, Han Sen controlled his SKTS to kick the other warframe on the back. Accompanied by its inertia of going forward, Yu’s warframe was brought to its knees.With the intense impact, Yu Qianxun was dumbfounded, not just because of the physical pain, but also because she could not believe she would lose like this, to someone that she despised.For a moment, she did not move. She knew her opponent could have used his sword instead of foot, which would ruin her and her SKTS.Liu Changming and Xu Wenchang were also dazed. They had never thought that she would lose so fast."This young man is really good," commented Liu Changming gladly. He had had enough of Yu Qianxun’s festering these days. Now she had no reasons to complain.Xu Wenchang also smiled and said, "Indeed, it is wonderful for an unevolved person to have such performance."Trying to taking it from other SKTS when Han Sen got rid of Yu Qianxun, he found the other warframes remained still. It seemed that it was the only warframe that he was supposed to spar with.When Han Sen was confused, a beautiful girl in white uniform came out of the SKTS on the floor.She was breathtaking and even comparable to Ji Yanran, although Ji was sweet, while Yu Qianxun was valiant. They were both gorgeous in their own style."The real warframes have too much constraint. We should fight again using the holographic simulation machine," Yu said aloud, walking toward Han Sen.She was not convinced and thought her loss must be because she had underestimated her opponent.However, at this time, she had to concede that Han Sen was a great warframe operator and not someone she could beat easily.After all, it was not the battlefield and SKTS was quite expensive, so she wanted to ask him to use the simulation to fight, where they would have less constraints.Han Sen thought she was an opponent arranged by the company and followed her lead to the simulation machine.As he was walking, Han Sen thought, "Digang is so thoughtful to have arranged such a beauty to spar with me. I was being so rude to her and have to act like a gentleman later."Han Sen was, of course, not thinking about losing on purpose. He only intended to wait longer before he won, letting the girl show her strength.Digang had paid for his operation skills, and why would they do that if he could not even beat the girl they had arranged?

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 118: Fairy Queen Beast SoulTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Sacred-blood creature shreeky beast killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten sacred geno points."Han Sen had little interest in listening to the voice. He was staring at the meat cooking in the pot with his mouth watering. His stomach was rumbling as he was starving.But Han Sen was still being patient. He waited until the meat stew was ready and started to gobble directly from the pot."Meat of sacred-blood shreeky beast eaten. One sacred geno point gained.""Meat of sacred-blood shreeky beast eaten. One sacred geno point gained."...Han Sen gorged himself silly and devoured nearly 20 pounds of meat and soup altogether, which even scared himself.But as the warmth spread in his body, he felt so comfortable as if he was a sponge that was filled with water. He lay on the ground and almost moaned out loud."Sacred-blood meat is indeed wonderful. If I could have such a pot every day, I would be so healthy and strong." Han Sen licked his lips. Unfortunately, he only had such a blessing every three months.With the five sacred geno points gained from eating the shreeky beast, he now had 34 sacred geno points. It had only been half a year and he had one third the maximum count of sacred geno points. No one would believe him even he told people the truth.He went to the plaza and bought a primitive creature the size of a chicken and fed the black crystal to it. While doing this, Han Sen had something else on his mind.He could finally claim his beast soul reward from the contest. No matter what kind of beast soul he got, it would be a sacred-blood one, what many people could only dream of."What is the best? A bow? A mount? Or a humanoid beast soul?" Han Sen thought it would be difficult for him to choose, because he wanted everything. However, he had only one chance and it was not even up to him.At midnight when there was no one around, Han Sen quietly entered the martial ring, which had been closed after the contest. Except for him, no one could enter before next year’s contest started. After he had claimed his prize, he would not be able to enter either.Standing in front of the sacred stele, Han Sen placed his palm on the stele and suddenly all kinds of images of beast souls started shifting rapidly on the stele.Han Sen removed his palm and the images were still changing and slowed down after a while.Han Sen's heart was racing with the images. When the image froze on one beast soul, Han Sen was completely attracted by it.A seductive blonde woman with hourglass figure and scarlet pupils in red fitting armor and a ruby crown, walked out from the stele and smiled at Han Sen, almost stealing his soul away.Then she became a shadow and entered Han Sen’s mind. He suddenly heard the voice say, "Sacred-blood beast soul fairy queen gained."Han Sen was ecstatic and quickly checked the details of fairy queen.Type of sacred-blood beast soul fairy queen: shapeshifting."Shapeshifting!" Han Sen almost cheered, but on a second thought, it was a shame that such a beautiful beast soul could not be summoned to stand alone, but had to be integrated in his body.But a shapeshifting beast soul was undoubtedly the most expensive beast soul type, not to mention it was a humanoid.Han Sen could not wait to summon the fairy queen beast soul and turn into a fairy.Suddenly Han Sen’s body was wrapped in red armor, and a ruby crown was worn on his head. His pupils became scarlet like the fairy queen and his dark hair turned blonde. Basically he turned into the male version of the fairy queen.Han Sen felt all aspects of his fitness had been greatly improved. Although the improvement in speed and strength was not as great as with the bloody slayer, all aspects were very balanced.This beast soul also came with a suit of armor, which was not as strong as the black beetle armor, but would be comparable to a top mutant armor beast soul. The fairy queen beast soul had enhanced his abilities in all aspects in a balanced way. To Han Sen’s surprise, his eyesight seemed to have become very strong after shapeshifting into the fairy queen. He could even see the fine lines of a rock very far away from him. He was also feeling odd about something—as if everything has slowed down in his eyes. Han Sen did not know whether it was just his illusion.The only pity was that when using fairy queen, he could not use bloody slayer or black beetle armor.But this did not matter much, because fairy queen's own armor was also quite good.The best part for Han Sen was that he could use this beast soul and shapeshift when using his real identity and no one would know it was Dollar’s prize.Therefore, as Han Sen, he could also use a powerful beast soul and did not have to turn into Dollar to use bloody slayer and black beetle armor.Fairy queen was just what Han Sen needed now. He did not want to be considered weak by the world forever."All the fairies in myths and legends are with wings. If fairy queen also has wings, it would be perfect," Han Sen thought greedily.After the excitement, Han Sen sneaked out of the martial ring. The day after tomorrow was the first day of school. He had to go register and then go to his dormitory.Blackhawk was a military school, so the rules followed military standards. Once enrolled, a student could not go out of the school and had to stay in the dormitory, except for holidays and special occasions.Although Blackhawk was large enough to assign each student his or her own room, four students would have to share a room in the dormitory so as to enhance team awareness and collective sense of honor. Han Sen’s roommates were all specially enrolled archery students like himself.Han Sen was the last one to arrive in the dormitory. The other three had moved in for several days."Brother, why are you so late? we cannot wait." When Han Sen had moved into the dormitory, his three roommates surrounded him like a bunch of hooligans trying to tease a maiden."What do you want?" Han Sen subconsciously protected his chest and looked at them with vigilance."Brother, do not be afraid. We just want to discuss with you who our leader should be. I think we should go by age. The oldest should be the leader. As you all know, wisdom grows with age. So, I will make a great leader." The speaker was a big man more than six feet tall. The rolling of his eyes suggested that he might not be so trustworthy, unlike what was suggested by his muscular body.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 970: Red-Eye RabbitTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioRustle. Rustle. Rustle.As the bushes rustled, a white shadow leapt out.Han Sen was frozen. From the red eyes, he believed a horrid monster had been watching him. But that wasn’t the case at all; all that emerged was a white rabbit. Aside from its ruby eyes, it mostly looked like an ordinary rabbit… save for it being about three-feet-tall. It was like an oversized teddy bear.Still, Han Sen knew not to drop his guard. He had seen many cute creatures in the past, ones that had turned out to be cruel, vile, and terrible beings that only sought to do him harm.Han Sen could tell that it was a mutant creature. How many gene locks it had opened, however, he hadn’t a clue.Han Sen’s fitness had yet to reach even the heights of his Dragon-Blood Snake. To compete with this rabbit, he knew he’d have to rely on his super king spirit mode.The rabbit used its hind feet to jump over to Han Sen, and Han Sen immediately readied himself to summon the Dragon-Blood Snake.But curiously, the red-eye rabbit only nabbed the food Han Sen had been cooking. It opened its mouth and began gnawing and nibbling on whatever it could get.Han Sen then thought to himself, “How dare you eat my meat! And on that note, when in the sanctuaries did rabbits decide to start eating meat?! And you’re only a lowly mutant creature; how dare you.”The rabbit’s actions infuriated Han Sen, and he quickly turned his fist into a fiery phoenix. Without delay, he swung it towards the mischievous critter.Pang!The rabbit seemed to have an aura of protection around it, like a crystal-casing that was invisible to the naked eye.When the phoenix flame came into contact with it, the fire spread out everywhere, all along the orbish-aura. Not a single hair of the rabbit was singed.Han Sen was shocked. He was incredibly strong when it came to the use of fire, so he was taken aback to learn that he could not shatter its protection.He sat up again, and saw that the rabbit was totally unfazed by what Han Sen had attempted to do. Because of its lack of concern, it continued eating the food Han Sen had worked for. And for this, his anger only increased.“You bastard!” Han Sen’s body became enwreathed in a black flame. Repeatedly, he punched the glass-like casing that protected the rabbit from harm.Multiple phoenix’s shattered against the protective casing that housed the rabbit, but it was all in vain. The ground around the rabbit was somewhat sunken, due to the deflection of fire, but this charred, upturned soil was the only result Han Sen was achieving.Han Sen’s shock continued to heighten. He thought to himself, “Has this thing opened six gene locks, as well?”The red-eye rabbit continued to nibble the food without interruption, but at this point, Han Sen realized there was something very wrong with it.The glassy-aura that protected it was entirely transparent, but if you looked closely on the side, you could see a layer of shimmering light.It was kind of like a halo, and Han Sen counted seven of them. That must have meant the rabbit had opened seven gene locks.“Is it a sacred-blood creature?” While this might have been so, Han Sen had sensed that it was weaker than a sacred-blood creature.The rabbit was clearly an enigma, and so Han Sen decided to lay off the punching for a bit and contemplate the curiosity that was stealing all his food. Without knowing how strong it was, and whether or not it might turn hostile, he knew he had to calm down somewhat.All Han Sen had seen of its power was the protective shield it possessed, and yet he was already amazed by the strength of it. It’d be foolish to push the creature further.Not willing to punch the rabbit anymore, Han Sen could not do much of anything. He stepped back and merely gave it a stern look.Survival of the fittest was the number one rule when it came to life in the sanctuaries. The rabbit was clearly the fitter one between them, so there was nothing Han Sen could do to prevent it from taking his food.Han Sen decided to walk the perimeter and scope out whether or not there were other creatures nearby.After traveling briefly, he stumbled across a canyon. He was at the top, and when he leaned over to take a peak, he saw many more red-eye rabbits.“Why are there so many of them?” If all of them were sacred-blood class, the power they’d have was sure to be insane.Using his dongxuan aura, though, he was able to determine that they weren’t sacred-blood creatures. In fact, they were quite weak.They must have been the weakest critters Han Sen had ever seen during his time in the Third God’s Sanctuary.Han Sen believed their fitness had only reached three hundred, or thereabouts. Whilst they might have dominated the Second God’s Sanctuary, here, they were nothing but creatures of prey.“No way! Even if my food thief is a rabbit king, there can’t be such a clear difference in strength between it and its kin. Can such weaklings have a sacred-blood king?” Han Sen snuck down the ravine to get a closer look, as he mulled the strange scenario.He did not alert the rabbits; he merely walked down and observed.The red-eye rabbits there were far smaller than the one that had stolen his food. In fact, they looked like regular rabbits you’d see scurrying about farmlands. They did not look like creatures hailing from such a dangerous sanctuary.Han Sen walked an additional ten miles, following his descent. The number of rabbits was incredible, and he had easily seen a thousand of them in that time. And not a single one of them was hostile, or even of primitive class.Han Sen did not believe they could hide the truth about their energy flow, so he decided to attack one rabbit with all his might.This rabbit also had an invisible barrier of protection. But this rabbit was weaker, and Han Sen was able to break through the forcefield and kill it.“Ordinary Creature Red-Eye Rabbit killed. No beast soul gained. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten ordinary geno points randomly.”

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Nangong A⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1201:DestructionTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioCountless shura ships were exploding like northern lights. The blooms of destruction spread like wildfire as star-class ship after star-class ship exploded.The weaker ships, such as the planet-class and satellite-class ships, were immediately disintegrated into nothing more than an eye-searing haze. The entire armada was crippled and destroyed, blown up like a glittery fireworks display.Like a supernova, the brightness saturated the sight of everything outside the windows. If the glass hadn’t been designed to filter ultra-bright lights, they’d have all been blinded for sure.And while the glass might have filtered the light, it could not filter the shockwaves that soon followed. They rattled the ship, rocking it backwards and forwards, terrifying them all.Fortunately, they were at a distance where the shockwaves did not deal any lasting damage.One person fell over and hurt himself, but that was the extent of it. When the rocking had calmed down, and they all looked back outside, the armada was gone. Only wreckage and a vast amount of space debris were left behind. It was a graveyard now, and nothing more.“What happened?” The captain’s head was bleeding as he struggled to stand up, looking out the window.No answer came, as everyone was too fixated on the sight of that destruction. Their minds had been numbed.“Are we saved? Did the Alliance send in the cavalry?” a woman asked.“We are safe now, yes. But there is no cavalry,” Old Xu said.Their radar had been broken, and they couldn’t see any other ships, so they wondered what had occurred. All they could see out the window was a distant planet.If it was the Alliance that had destroyed the ships, there should have been a large-scale fight.“Oh my days! What happened?!”“God himself gave us a hand, didn’t he!”“God punished his red-headed stepchildren, mwahaha! That’ll teach them to misbehave and threaten us, the favored creation.”The passengers were overjoyed. They might not have understood what had happened, but the mere fact they were safe again, gave them much relief and happiness.Even the captain couldn’t stop smiling. Still, his eyes couldn’t keep away from the window, as if they were searching for something.Sadly, though, all he could see was trash.Turning around to get the ship back in order and command the people on board, he then saw Han Sen standing in the corner with the box.…Han Sen, box in hand, went to the command deck. All the soldiers saluted him. Han Sen did the same in return. He wasn’t a soldier anymore, so it was a sign of massive respect for them to salute him in unison.Inside the command deck, the captain and Old Xu approached Han Sen. The rest of the personnel stood up in respect, too.The captain gave Han Sen a salute, prompting the rest to do so, as well.Even the young couple looked serious. Han Sen did not say a word. He merely returned the salute again.“You saved us all,” the captain excitedly said.“I was just saving myself,” Han Sen replied.“Let us discuss this further in my office.” The captain brought Han Sen to his office, while Old Xu followed from behind.“Did you destroy the shura fleet?” The captain didn’t want to beat around the bush, and he asked Han Sen directly.He could not see another reason why all the shura ships were destroyed, so the logical conclusion was for it to have been Han Sen’s doing.Of course, Han Sen was one person and he was alone. Even if he was to believe it was his doing, it’d be a mighty struggle. But with no other alternative explanations, who else’s doing could it have been?Han Sen answered, “You think too highly of me. Even if I was a demi-god, I could not destroy a whole shura fleet by myself.”The captain thought he was right. Han Sen was just a human surpasser, after all. But still, it was too strange of an occurrence for him to write it off completely.Han Sen was annoyed, though. He drove the black beetle to the enemy and spent five purple crystals in nuking the fleet. The power was enough to wipe the entire army out of existence, and then some.Although Han Sen had many purple crystals, he couldn’t get more whenever he wished. He had to be careful in their use.“Brother Han, can you give that back to me?” Old Xu asked as he pointed at the box.Han Sen placed the alloy box down on the table, but he wasn’t giving it back. He said, “You can have it back, but I almost died to save it. If you tell me what’s inside, I’ll give it back to you.”The captain said, “Old Xu, maybe it would be best if you told him.”Old Xu said, “Okay, since you saved my life.”Old Xu accepted the alloy box and opened it. He then examined the bottle of some tincture. Han Sen only wanted to know what it might have been. He didn’t actually want or need it.Old Xu said, “Have you heard of Angel Gene fluid? I am in charge of it. And my team and I created it… Well… Not quite. I suppose it is more accurate to say I copied it.”

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1068: Scary WeaponTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen could not wait to sleep on a bed of those purple crystal cores. Doing so would be better than rolling on a bed of cash.Ji Yanran and Han Sen were not professional scientists, so the correct terminology escaped them. What they did know was that the purple crystal cores were anti-material weapons. They were explosive devices that released obliterating energy upon detonation.The Alliance had similar weaponry, but nothing that came close to the sheer devastation the purple crystal cores could unleash. If they were ever to be used, though, they’d need a detonator.It took only one core to blow up an entire battleship.Scanners could not detect their presence, and no known weapon could work as a deterrent. They were always primed for use, so they couldn’t be disarmed or disassembled, either.As for the previously mentioned need for a detonator, that was where the humans and shura now turned their focus. They had to find a way to use the crystal cores, because no one in either government had figured out a way in which they could be triggered to explode.Han Sen, however, had.The beetle he had come into possession of could load up the purple crystal cores as a manner of artillery. They could be fired from the machine with ease.The beams Han Sen had fired before also used an energy that was not too different from that of the purple crystal cores. Put simply, the cores contained something very similar, but condensed.The beetle could either fire the purple crystal cores in one shot, or refill the energy lasers for a more controlled and precise method of annihilation. With the lasers, you could use as much or as little of the energy as you wanted and make it last.If the energy of the core was unleashed all at once, the explosion was enough to destroy a Star-Class Super Battleship.The thought of such destruction, all residing at his fingertips, made Han Sen shiver. It was no wonder why the humans and shura worked so hard to obtain these purple crystal cores. Which species would shy away from the greatest weapons of mass destruction they had ever seen?Han Sen, having obtained a thousand of the weapons, figured he could dominate the galaxy.Not that he wanted to. He wasn’t interested in controlling many people, or later having to focus his attention on suppressing rebellions. It’d all be too much hassle.Still, with the beetle, Han Sen was a force to be reckoned with. He could go up against any faction in the Alliance and come out on top—no sweat.If Angel Gene sought to provoke him once again, he could promptly blow them all into smithereens.Unfortunately, the beetle could not be used in the sanctuaries.But that was the only downside. It was a shame, though, considering he spent so much time there. Opportunities to make use of the beetle would be extremely rare, if they showed up at all. For this reason, Han Sen was secretly hoping a band of Alliance brigands and cutthroats, or corporate bigwigs, would suddenly try to kill him. It’d give him a nice reason to make use of the beetle.Since this was unlikely, though—considering his prestige and everything—he felt the weapon would go to waste.Back in the Alliance, their efforts in the crystallizer ruins were worthy of medals. The humans obtained a tally of cores that was far greater than what the shuras were able to.And back in the sanctuary, when Han Sen saw Xie Qing King, he was so shocked he felt his socks slip off his feet.The spirit was wearing a well-ironed white shirt. On his face was a nice pair of sunglasses. He wore long boots and was decked out with various accessories and jewelry. For all intents and purposes, he was blinged out. The coup de grace for his fashion was the presence of an obnoxious, gold skull necklace that was hanging across his chest. When Han Sen saw him, he had a beer in one hand and a comic in the other. All the while, sausages were sizzling on a barbecue.“What’s up, my brother?” Xie Qing King made a crazy gesture with his hands. Han Sen had no idea what it meant, but it did look rather gangster.Han Sen’s eyes twitched. He wondered what on earth the spirit had been up to in his absence, and whether or not the books and comics he had brought him were a bad influence.“Where did all this stuff come from?” Han Sen sat down and asked him. He had not bought most of the stuff that was there now.“Lin He bought them for me. He seemed willing to buy whatever I mentioned. I must tell you, humans are cool. I like you guys a lot, yo.” Xie Qing King performed another gesture. Han Sen assumed it was one in praise of humans, but he couldn’t be entirely sure.Han Sen then thought to himself, “Is it any surprise, with your crazy fists? What idiot would deny your requests, eh?”“Listen up, bruh. I need to go to the human world, you hear me? I gotta’ go, you know? I want to fly an aircraft, pilot a warframe, and start shooting rockets out of cannons, fool!” Han Sen had never seen Xie Qing King so enthusiastic before.“Holy crap; what have we done? I only gave him romance comics.” Han Sen looked at the comic he was holding, and he was surprised.It was the latest issue of Guts, Guns, and Warframes. Much of it was about war and heroes making use of high-explosive devices. Han Sen would have never bought a comic like that for him.When Xie Qing King finished the material Han Sen had given him, others must have brought him the rest. And in Han Sen’s absence, Xie Qing King became this… monstrosity that was now before him.Fortunately, the comics of the Alliance were all about heroic humans committing deeds of good. The heroes usually triumphed over evil, even if they did use a variety of high-tech weaponry along the way. The last thing Han Sen wanted was for Xie Qing King to be influenced into becoming some cackling, cliche villain.Still, his new style was embarrassing. Han Sen had no idea where such a clash of styles could come from, and all Han Sen could do was shake his head and cringe.“My Emperor, is it time we exact our revenge on Holy-Sword Emperor?” Han Sen encouraged him.“H*ll yeah. We need to go f*ck that punk up, yo. Those who diss me gon’ get their lids peeled, bruh.” Xie Qing King flipped a bird to the high heavens.Han Sen was cringing until his teeth ground, but he couldn’t help be a little interested in what Xie Qing King had read, to prompt such a large change in dress style and dialogue.“Oh, and one more thing, kid. Don’t you be calling me an emperor anymore, you feel me? The word ’emperor’ is too high-class, and we be needing something from the streets. Call me Brother King, you got it?” Xie Qing King put on a baseball cap and turned it back, then he slinked his way over towards the exit of the shelter.“Sure… whatever you want…” Han Sen’s lips twitched.Although Xie Qing King was strange, at least he still wanted his revenge on Holy-Sword Emperor. With his power still there, and his friendliness towards humans still intact, that’s all that really mattered.Thankfully, he hadn’t been inspired by reading material that would prompt a desire for world peace. The last thing he wanted was Xie Qing King reading about the virtues of Gandhi.“I need to talk with Lin Weiwei about the do’s and don’ts of what to give this guy,” Han Sen thought to himself.Han Sen and Xie Qing King set off towards Holy-Sword Shelter. There was not much need to prepare, as there would only be two super creatures and one king spirit there. It would be an easy fight.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 421: Biggest ProblemTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo Studio"Sacred-blood beast soul aura… Sacred-blood beast soul add-on… Sacred-blood shapeshifting beast soul… Sacred-blood beast soul weapon… Sacred-blood wings…" Zhong Zhenhong could not help reading the beast soul list out loud. His voice became more grim every time he finished reading one. Even his hand holding the document was shaking.He knew very well what these beast souls meant. Although humans had developed in God’s Sanctuary for almost 2 decades and there were more and more who could kill a sacred-blood creature, it did not mean it was an easy thing to hunt sacred-blood creatures. More than 90% of humans could never hunt a sacred-blood creature, let alone gain a sacred-blood blood beast soul.However, the beast souls listed in this document were almost all the most outstanding sacred-blood beast souls. Especially the sacred-blood beast soul aura, which was the blessing of any team.Other beast souls were also highly coveted. Although all Zhong Zhenhong saw were names on the list, they were enough to make him feel shocked.So many top-notch sacred-blood beast souls all belonged to the same person. He could not imagine who this person must be. Even if he was the descendent of some impressive figure, it was still very hard to collect all these beast souls.If these sacred-blood beast souls were used on a special squad, Zhong Zhenhong could imagine how awesome the special squad would become. It would be much easier for them to hunt sacred-blood creatures in the future.In Zhong Zhenhong’s eyes, these top-notch sacred-blood beast souls could be used to make an elite team.If Zhong Zhenhong were to learn that all he had seen was only a part of the beast souls Han Sen owned, while the rest were sold to Lin Beifeng and Su Xiaoqiao, his chin might even fall to the floor.Zhong Zhenhong quickly turned the document to the last page, because he could not wait to see who it was to own all these sacred-blood beast souls. He could not believe that someone like this was in the special squad, and he could not put a finger on someone immediately.Normally speaking, those who worked for the special squad would not be the descendent of a celebrity. People with prominent backgrounds would more likely be those who enjoyed the protection from the special squad and never needed to protect anyone else. Therefore, Zhong Zhenhong could not imagine who would have such impressive collection in the special squad."Han Sen!" Seeing this name, Zhong Zhenhong couldn’t help feeling dazed."Director, do you want to speak to him? He is still waiting for a reply," seeing that Zhong Zhenhong had finished reading, Jiang Sheng followed up."Of course. These beast souls are crucial to us, and we must have them. What are his requests?" Zhong Zhenhong said seriously."He is asking for a quota for his sister to be protected starting from the moment she entered God’s Sanctuary. In addition, he had asked us to send sacred-blood beast souls of four specific types to his sister as soon as possible after she entered God’s Sanctuary…" Jiang Sheng explained Han Sen’s request in details.After hearing that, Zhong Zhenhong pondered and then said, "With Han Sen’s background, I am surprised that he is able to earn such a fortune. Contact him and agree to what he asked. Prepare a contract and sign it as soon as possible."Because of Qin Xuan, Zhong Zhenhong had paid attention to Han Sen before. However, previously he was still doubtful about Han Sen’s ability, especially when Han Sen disappeared in God’s Sanctuary for a long while, which made Zhong Zhenhong quite disappointed in him.However, after seeing the beast souls of Han Sen, Zhong Zhenhong found that he had given Han Sen too little credit. The man discovered by Lady Qin was indeed extraordinary."It seems that Han Sen is indeed a rare talent. I wonder where he would end up after entering Second God’s Sanctuary. I hope that he could return to the special squad as soon as possible, because it would be such a waste for a talent like this to be wandering around." Zhong Zhenhong made a note in his comlink and wrote down Han Sen’s name, which meant he would pay special attention to Han Sen.Han Sen did not sell most of his beast souls but used them to purchase an insurance for his sister, helping her grow fast. In Han Sen’s eyes, there was nothing in the world more important than the safety of his family, so the beast souls were quite well spent.In addition, the four types of beast souls he requested for his sister would be immensely helpful when she was about to kill a super creature, so it was a good deal after all.However, Han Sen did not know where he would be assigned in Second God’s Sanctuary, so it was impossible for him to trade his beast souls for some beast souls of Second God’s Sanctuary. He had to arrange for that after she evolved.But Han Sen had no use of mediocre beast souls. Although he traded away most of his sacred-blood beast souls, he still had all the super beast souls and the sacred-blood beast souls that were indispensable to him.Currently, Han Sen had seven super beast souls in total. They were: water reaper, cursed wolf, bloody slayer, golden growler, golden rock worm king, holy angel, and desert bird.The sacred-blood beast souls would not be that useful in Second God’s Sanctuary, so Han Sen traded most of them away, only keeping beetle knight, fairy queen, and Meowth.Initially, Han Sen also wanted to keep purple-feathered dragon and color shifter. However, after looking through the information about Second God’s Sanctuary, Han Sen found that there were a lot of flying creatures in Second God’s Sanctuary, many of which had much higher speed than the wings he had currently. Therefore, the sacred-blood wings were not that valuable anymore. In addition, he had two super pets which could both fly. He could totally do without the beast soul wings.Color shifter was not that useful in Second God’s Sanctuary either. If he was to hide himself, changing the color alone was no longer enough in Second God’s Sanctuary, where there were many creatures that had very strong sense of smell and perception. They could probably sense his body temperature. In the end, Han Sen gave up the color shifter as well.Keeping Meowth was simply for sentimental reasons. He had really considered Meowth as his own pet. The doppelgänger that the beetle knight could turn into would still be very useful in Second God’s Sanctuary, so he decided to keep it as well.As for the fairy queen, it was not easy to find a humanoid shapeshifting beast soul like that, not even in Second God’s Sanctuary. In addition, it was Han Sen’s reward of the contest, so he kept it as well.At this point, Han Sen was still faced with one difficult problem. Without solving that problem, he could not evolve with a peaceful mind.The problem was not Zero of course. Although Zero was also a problem, Han Sen believed he should be able to get rid of her after he evolved to Second God’s Sanctuary, which was why he was not that worried about it.The thing worried Han Sen the most was the black crystal. It could even feed and help creatures evolve. If he could continue to use such a treasure in Second God’s Sanctuary, it would be very helpful to his cultivation.If he was able to farm a super creature in Second God’s Sanctuary, or even just a few of sacred-blood creatures, he would become strong much faster. If he was able to get some beast souls out of it, it would be even better.The only issue was that Han Sen was not able to take back crystal out of God’s Sanctuary.It was part of the rules of God’s Sanctuary. Except for beast souls, nothing in God’s Sanctuary could be brought out. Han Sen had tried for a lot of times, and unfortunately, the same rule applied to the black crystal.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 371: Hired to FightTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter returning to his dorm, Han Sen dialed Huangfu Pingqing's number and saw her in the holographic image.Huangfu Pingqing was wearing a black strap gown. The low-cut showed off her deep cleavage. The contrast of black and white made her breasts stand out."Little brother, you must be calling me for some favor?" Huangfu Pingqing said, smiling."Ahem. Sister, you are so insightful and intelligent to be able to tell this… You are definitely the best candidate to inherit Ares Martial Hall…" Han Sen said with a dry smile. He never contacted Huangfu Pingqing and felt bad that he was only calling because he needed something."Just tell me what you want. You're no good at flattering…" Huangfu Pingqing grinned, her face glowing like a blooming flower."Sister, then I'll be straightforward. Can you tell me a thing or two about the VIP section of Gladiator?" asked Han Sen.After Wang Di told Han Sen about the sacred-blood beast soul add-on, Han Sen became very interested, but he did not agree to Wang Di's request immediately.The Alliance was different from God's Sanctuary. The strongest opponents Han Sen could ever face in First God's Sanctuary were those who had just become evolvers, and they were not even that much of a threat to Han Sen. However, in the Alliance, too many people had the ability to kill Han Sen, and he did not dare to slack at all, which was why he was asking Huangfu Pingqing."You went to the VIP section?" Huangfu Pingqing suddenly became mad. "Didn't I tell warn you against it repeatedly?""Not me, but one of my schoolmates." Han Sen told Huangfu Pingqing everything about Wang Di. If it was possible, Han Sen would love to help him.Huangfu Pingqing heard Han Sen out with her brows knitted, pondered and said, "Consider this person dead already. Don't get in the middle of this.""How so? If he wins the battle, his debt would go away, right?" Han Sen continued to ask."You think those perverts would let him win?" Huangfu Pingqing curled her lips and said. "All I could tell you is that whoever goes there is a toro waiting to be slaughtered. Less than 1% could survive.""If I'm willing to spend some money, will it be possible to get him out?" Han Sen thought about it and asked. He'd rather not see Wang Di die."You think a snake is going to give up on its prey?" Huangfu Pingqing said grimly. "This is not your business. We can do nothing about.""What if I fight on behalf of him?" Han Sen asked tentatively. He did not want to let go of the sacred-blood beast soul add-on, which was almost impossible to find on the market and would be a great help and hunting super creatures."You know him very well?" Huangfu Pingqing gazed at Han Sen."Not really." Han Sen told Huangfu Pingqing about Wang Di's proposal to hire Han Sen with the beast souls."You didn't agree yet, right?" Huangfu Pingqing asked with her brows knitted."Not yet. But I really want that beast soul add-on. Is there no way around this?" Huangfu Pingqing asked.Huangfu Pingqing rolled her eyes at Han Sen and said, "If I were you, I would give up such a stupid idea. If you go there, it is impossible that he would survive. To be honest with you, the people Wang Di will be facing there are actually evolvers. It is the same if you go on his behalf. Do you think you stand any chance?""This is fraud," said Han Sen, frowning."It is. And what can you do about it? Those people are so powerful that neither of us could afford to mess with them. Just give up the idea," said Huangfu Pingqing."If I were to go, what kind of evolver with my opponent be?" Han Sen pondered and asked."You are not serious, right? You think you can beat an evolver? Any evolver would be too strong for an unevolved person, especially in a life-and-death battle like this. Your opponent would not hold back at all, because no one would risk his own life." Huangfu Pingqing stared at Han Sen."If the opponent is someone who has just evolved, maybe I could win," He said calmly.Huangfu Pingqing gazed at Han Sen for a long before she said, "I will send you a video clip. If you think you have what it takes to kill this person, then you can go."Han Sen received the video shortly. He clicked play and saw two guys fighting in a ring. One guy was as strong as a tower. He was at least 8 feet tall. The extremely muscular body made him look like Ironman himself.The beast soul weapon used by his opponent only left a shallow mark on his skin. The muscular man then lifted his opponent up and easily ripped the poor guy apart like tearing apart a chicken. Blood rained like crazy.Audience outside the ring were cheering excitedly, shouting and hitting the fence.Then the video was followed by another one. The protagonist was still the extremely muscular man. His opponent was beheaded immediately this time.All the video clips were more or less the same thing. All the opponents of this man were torn into pieces by him bare-handedly. The strongest person only lasted half an hour in front of this man before meeting his fate."Who is this person?" Han Sen turned off the video and asked Huangfu Pingqing."It is not important who he is. The key is that if you entered the life-and-death battle, he is very likely to be your opponent," said Huangfu Pingqing.In fact, Huangfu Pingqing was exaggerating a little bit. The perverts enjoyed watching a bloody and slow kill instead of a seckill, which would be way less fun. Therefore, when they sought an opponent for the unevolved, they would prefer to choose an evolver without all his geno points maxed out. This way, the unevolved would still have some chance to struggle. However, the man in the video that Huangfu Pingqing showed Han Sen was a top evolver, famous for his cruelty, hence popular among the perverts.The man was not for every unevolved person. The reason Huangfu Pingqing said that was to dissuade Han Sen from risking his life."Can you make sure that he will be my opponent if I enter the battle?" Han Sen asked seriously."Of course," said Huangfu Pingqing resolutely. She did not want Han Sen to take any chance."Okay then. I have decided that I will enter the battle on behalf of Wang Di." Han Sen's calm words made Huangfu Pingqing feel dumbstruck and speechless.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 493: Dollar Is TrendingTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen won every fight he was in for a dozen times. Because many fans were trying to match with him, the better half of his opponents were his fans, among whom a girl even asked for his signature, blushing."This is a virtual platform. There is no way I am able do that." Han Sen had to log out of the official platform. If he kept going like this, it would not help him at all.The news about Dollar appearing again was spread very fast. Many people were debating whether Kill Dollar was really Dollar himself. And more people were waiting for Dollar on the official platform.Han Sen did not use the platform again. People were checking to see whether he was online twenty-four seven. There was no way to fight normally. Currently, what he needed was tough fight instead of fanfare.Lying on the bed and resting, Han Sen decided to use the military virtual camp the next day instead of the official platform.He could not fall asleep right away, so he dialed Ji Yanran's number. After a while, Ji Yanran picked up."Are you still busy with work so late?" Han Sen asked."No, I was on the official platform," said Ji Yanran excitedly. "Dollar appeared again with 40+ wings and no loss. So impressive! I was just watching him fighting, so good…""You also went to see Dollar? Are you his fan as well?" Han Sen was dazed, not knowing Ji Yanran was so interested in Dollar."Yes, I am his fan. Who wouldn't like such a hero? He used to save those kids and fight the golden-horned Shura, so manly…" Ji Yanran's face was filled with worship. There were almost hearts in her eyes."Hey, your boyfriend is still here. This is inappropriate," Han Sen curled his lips and said."Ha, why are you jealous? Idol is different from boyfriend. I only need to worship my idol from afar. If I got too close to him, I would definitely be disappointed. However, my boyfriend is my dearest person in the world, for whom I would give up everything," she said with a smile."I'm not that happy to hear this. Can't you worship your boyfriend? Your boyfriend is also awesome," Han Sen said reluctantly."That is different. In my mind, you are the best. However, Dollar is a national hero. I just can't compare the two of you," Ji Yanran said."Then I'll let you watch your national hero. I, this ordinary good guy, will go to sleep." Han Sen pretended to be hanging up."My dear, don't be like this. If you don't like it, I will not watch him anymore. What D-God? He's definitely a loser compared to my genius. A hundred Dollars can't even compare to your big toe. Forgive me my genius!" Ji Yanran said flirtatiously.Tempted by her looks, Han Sen was enamored. He was not really mad anyways. He was not so bored that he would be jealous of himself.Lying on the bed and chatting with his girlfriend, Han Sen gradually fell asleep after a long time. When he woke up, the comlink was still on. Ji Yanran was the same way, falling asleep during the call, and she was not up yet.Not wanting to bother her, Han Sen turned his comlink off. After brushing his teeth, he went to eat something and got ready for his virtual camp fight. However, his comlink suddenly started to ring.Han Sen thought it was Ji Yanran and answered it casually. However, in the holographic image that popped out Huangfu Pingqing appeared."Huangfu Pingqing, how come you have the time today?" Han Sen said casually. They were quite familiar with each other, so he did not bother to go through the greetings."Do you know that Dollar has appeared again?" Huangfu Pingqing said directly."I believe every evolver knows that," Han Sen said helplessly, spreading his hands.He did not expect the attention he attracted by using an ID name related to Dollar."You really think that person is Dollar?" Huangfu Pingqing said."I think so," replied Han Sen."Why?" Huangfu Pingqing asked, puzzled."Instinct," Han Sen said casually, thinking, that person is me, so of course I know.Huangfu Pingqing thought about it and said, "I also feel it is probably true. However, Dollar is making such a huge progress. I wonder which shelter he's at.""If you don't know, I would know even less. Right, why do you look for him? Does Son of Heaven still want to go after him?" Han Sen asked, pretending to be casual."Although my cousin hates Dollar, he is not so bored. The reason I want to look for him is because the footwork he was using in the fights looked like Heavenly Go." Huangfu Pingqing said grimly."Even if he is using Heavenly Go, what does that have to do with you?" Han Sen asked, puzzled."Currently, in the Alliance there should be only two persons who practice Heavenly Go. One is my grandmother, and the other is the student of my grandmother. Even I did not manage to learn Heavenly Go. If he was really using that, Ares Martial Hall must investigate into that."Hearing Huangfu Pingqing out, Han Sen felt puzzled. And then he looked at her and asked, "Is the student of your grandmother that Queen from Queen restaurant?""How do you know that?" Huangfu Pingqing looked at Han Sen, surprised, her breasts moving up and down dramatically.Huangfu Pingqing's are the best. Although that girl has huge breasts, their shape was not as perky and perfect as Huangfu Pingqing's. Han Sen couldn't help thinking."I've met Queen on Gladiator before and learned some kiting skills from her. It helped me a lot, but I don't know if that's the Heavenly Go you mentioned," Han Sen said."Is that true?" Huangfu Pingqing was shocked, asking Han Sen to show her the skills he learned hastily.Han Sen only demonstrated what he learned from Queen and did not expose any part of the technique in Dongxuan Sutra.Huangfu Pingqing was even more surprised.After she watched Han Sen's demonstration, she looked at Han Sen with a strange look and said, "Queen is a very proud person. Except for my grandparents, she did not care for anybody. Even I was ignored by her constantly. She would not even look at ordinary people. The fact that she would teach you Heavenly Go is simply incredulous, although she did not teach you a lot. Tell me, why is that?"

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 416: A FortuneTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen glanced at the girl in his arms who was still unconscious. Her clothes were a bit ragged, while she did not get injured at all, and only had some red marks.Han Sen frowned and checked on the white rhinoceros under the siege of both the holy angel and golden rock worm king. It seemed there was no need for Han Sen to do anything.Holding the girl under one arm and the life essence of the evil goblin in the other, Han Sen dashed to the tent which was already damaged by fallen stones. He found a quilt in the tent, took it out, and placed the girl on it. He then ran toward the life essence covered under the piece of cloth.As the piece of cloth was lifted, Han Sen was bedazzled by the splendid view. Three crystals were placed together. One was yellow and the other two were blue. The yellow one was the biggest piece, about the size of a boulder. One of the blue ones was the size of a drum, and the other the size of a basketball."Fortune… Such a fortune…" Han Sen almost jumped up, unable to believe his own eyes.Han Sen bent over and licked at the yellow crystal, trying to make sure that it was life essence. As the yellow liquid was swallowed by Han Sen, he suddenly heard the voice."Life essence of super creature earth dragon beast consumed…"Han Sen was overjoyed. He was finally relaxed as these were truly life essence."Mine, they're all mine." Han Sen summoned Meowth in its transformed state, put a bag around neck and started to fill it with life essence.The golden growler was too big in size, so it would be inconvenient for it to leave the cave. Han Sen had to put the burden on Meowth.Three life essence crystals, in addition to the ones from the evil goblin and the white rhinoceros which was about to be killed. Han Sen was almost certain that he would be able to gain five crystals of life essence at once.These five crystals might even make him max out on super geno points. It was such a huge pie in the sky, which fell right into Han Sen's mouth."La di da… la di da… I love moving…" Han Sen paused as he suddenly felt something was wrong when moving the crystals into the bag.Han Sen turned around and was suddenly dumbstruck. The girl had already sat up. She tilted her head and regarded Han Sen with her wide eyes blinking.Han Sen was so happy that he had forgotten about the girl. Seeing she had woken up, Han Sen suddenly remembered that she was possibly a Shura royalty and was then covered in cold sweat."Hello!" Han Sen forced a smile and said hi to the girl, thinking, I should not have such bad luck… She does not look like a Shura royalty either.The girl did not respond, still staring at Han Sen with her eyes wide as if she had never seen human before.Han Sen's heart sank. He wondered what she was thinking. At this point, Han Sen was holding a blue crystal of life essence in his hand. He was not sure whether he should put it into his bag or put it where it used to be.However, Han Sen had already put away the other two pieces. It was too late for him to do anything. Anyone could tell he was stealing."This thing… You have no use of it… So, I will take it away…" Han Sen said to the girl, holding the blue life essence high.This time, to Han Sen's joy, the girl unexpectedly nodded. He put the life essence away and said, "You were unconscious just now. That creature tried to eat you and I saved you…"The girl was so strange that Han Sen did not know where she came from. It would not hurt if he started to sweet talk.As the saying goes, no one would slap a smiling face. At the very least, Han Sen had saved her, although she probably did not need to be saved.The hard snap from the evil goblin did not even break her skin as fair as milk, but only left some red marks on it, which was about what would happen if she scratched it with her nails.The girl blinked and said nothing, watching Han Sen transferring the life essence to his bag.Roar!The white rhinoceros suddenly screamed. Han Sen saw the head of the white rhinoceros sent into the air by the holy angel.The golden rock worm king was still clinging to the body of the white rhinoceros, its tail digging into the rhino's meat and its claws holding the rhino's stomach."Super creature white jade six-legged rhinoceros killed. No beast soul gained. Life essence available. Meat inedible."Han Sen heard the voice again. It was the first time that he had killed two super creatures in one day, which no one could believe even if he were to tell someone.The next moment, Han Sen became pale, because the girl suddenly moved.She was so incredibly fast that even with Han Sen's eyesight, he almost lost track of her moves. As the girl stepped forward, she almost appeared in front of the golden rock worm king instantaneously, throwing a punch at the pet.She was so swift that the golden rock worm king had no time to dodge, and Han Sen did not even manage to take back his pet in time.Boom!The tender fist of the girl hit the golden rock worm king hard. The hole was left on both the super pet armor and the worm king.It was so easy that it looked like the creature and the pet armor were made of paper.Han Sen took the golden rock worm king, holy angel, and Meowth back in his mind and ran away immediately, letting the life essence drop on the floor.At this point, Han Sen still did not know whether the teenage girl was a Shura royalty. However, there was no doubt that her fitness index was over 100. Since she had made a move, Han Sen did not have any thought other than running for his life.Unless an evolver like Queen came here, it did not matter how many people came to his rescue. However, in First God's Sanctuary, it was impossible that an advanced evolver could appear. There would be at most some rookies who had just evolved.Han Sen just started running when the girl stood in front of him in the blink of an eye, her face almost hitting his.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 43: Age DifferenceTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioWhile everyone was discussing who Dollar was, Han Sen was practicing archery alone in a waste factory near his home, avoiding entering God’s Sanctuary in case Qin Xuan would send him to Bullseye."If I had not used beast souls, my strength would only have been rated 9.1 due to the lack of mutant geno points. If I could max out on mutant geno points, my rating would reach 12," secretly calculated Han Sen while he was resting. The improvement in physical fitness levels got more and more difficult as he became stronger.Han Sen had checked the data. Those who had maxed out on all four types of geno points could have a rating at 15. If they were also practicing hyper geno arts, then their number might reach 17 or 18, which was the limit for the unevolved.For individual indicators such as speed, there was the same limit. An average person would be considered a genius with a rating of 15. Some indicators could be further improved to 17 or 18 with the practice of hyper geno arts.Maxing out on all four types of geno points was incredibly difficult, and there might not even be anyone who could achieve this in several years in a shelter. At that time, Qin Xuan was the only one who had any chance of maxing out on all four types of geno points.As Han Sen was thinking, suddenly his comlink rang. He took a look, and it was a strange number. Han Sen hesitated and took the call. The holographic image of Qin Xuan popped out. She looked at Han Sen coldly and said, "If I do not see you in front of me in an hour, then you better pray I will never see you again."Qin Xuan hung up immediately and her holographic image also disappeared."How did she know my number? I have not told her." Han Sen helplessly got up and went to the teleport station. Qin Xuan was the stationmaster, so there was no way he could avoid her."I am a dignified man, and I fear nothing." Han Sen came to the teleport station and cheered himself up."Come here," Qin Xuan spat out as she saw him coming."Stationmaster, I was busy with some family business and..." Han Sen forced a smile and tried to explain when he saw Qin Xuan’s grim face."Busy playing archery every day in the waste factory?" Qin Xuan didn’t even blink."Stationmaster, stalking is not a good idea. I understand what you want, but our age difference is more than three years. Even if I’m willing, my Mom…" Han Sen joked.Qin Xuan, who was walking ahead, was pissed off but didn’t turn back. Entering the combat room, she threw a combat suit and some protective gear in front of Han Sen and said sharply, "Put it on."Han Sen suddenly felt something was very wrong. Qin Xuan had never given him protective gear before, and this was certainly a red flag.Han Sen wanted to run, but Qin Xuan had already anticipated his thought and locked the door of the combat room before he even moved."Stationmaster, don’t do this. We must talk this out. I never thought age was an issue. I’ll bring you home right... Don’t come close..." Han Sen kept backing off while Qin Xuan gritted her teeth and approached him."Damn you." Qin Xuan raised her fist and threw a punch at Han Sen.She was really mad this time. She had finally persuaded Yang Manli to let Han Sen join Bullseye, but Han Sen had completely disappeared in recent days.Han Sen felt a lot more pressure than usual, and his arms went numb after blocking two punches from her.When Qin Xuan was ready to beat him senseless, the holographic image of Yang Manli popped up from the comlink in the combat room."Stationmaster, Starry Group sent someone to discuss killing the sacred-blood creature," Yang Manli said."OK, take them to the conference room and I’ll be right there." Qin Xuan stopped and fiercely stared at Han Sen."Stationmaster, we are cooperating with Starry Group?" asked Han Sen."You didn’t know? Son of Heaven is the son of the CEO of Starry Group," replied Qin Xuan. "Think about it. Will I do you harm by asking you to join Bullseye?""No need to think. How could I ever go against your will? I’ll join Bullseye right away, and you don’t have to stalk me anymore," Han Sen said bitterly."Good to see that you’ve come to your senses. Your family is not rich. What are you going to do if you don’t go to military school?" said Qin Xuan before leaving the combat room. She didn’t forget to arrange for a guard to accompany Han Sen to report to Yang Manli.The reason for Han Sen’s sudden change of heart was that he learned Son of Heaven was the son of Starry Group’s CEO. Since Qin Xuan was collaborating with Son of Heaven, maybe he could find out the facts of Starry Group’s acquisition of their family business as a member of Qin Xuan’s Steel Armor Gang.The guard took Han Sen to the front of an office. Han Sen knocked on the door and found that the woman who had been in the holographic image just then was sitting behind the desk, looking at him seriously."Stationmaster asked me to report to you," Han Sen said politely."Fill this out." Yang Manli showed no expression and passed a sheet to Han Sen.Han Sen took it and saw it was just a basic information form. He filled it out and gave it back."You can go back. Show up at the training camp of Bullseye tomorrow morning at six o'clock. Remember, I don’t like people who are not punctual. And this is your last chance." Yang Manli's impression of Han Sen was terrible, especially after his absence from Bullseye.

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