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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 214: Huangfu’s OfferTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioA teenage girl with long dark hair stood barefoot in front of Han Sen, wearing a white dress, her eyes blinking."Beast Soul pet... Another one." Looking at the Holy Angel in the form of a pretty little girl, Han Sen did not know how to react.This was such a big change. She had lost her wings and halo. You could not even tell that she was an angel. There was nothing fearful about her and she looked just like a cute human girl.Despite her cuteness, she could not fight at all. He did not even know how long it would take for a sacred-blood beast soul pet to transform.Fortunately, Han Sen also had gained sacred-blood gear, the diamond sword, otherwise he would be very upset. After all he had traded one katana, two mutant weapons, and a sacred-blood butterfly boomerang for the sacred-blood pet.One thing was for sure: the sacred-blood holy angel was worth a lot of money. Sacred-blood pets were rare. And a pet as cute as this one, which looked almost exactly like a human, could be sold at a great price, maybe even higher than the price of any practical sacred-bloods."Can you talk?" Han Sen looked at the Holy Angel and asked. She looked so much like a pretty human girl.The holy angel widened her eyes and smiled at him, looking innocent.Seeing that she could not talk, Han Sen took her back, and took up the gorgeous diamond sword.The diamond sword was like an ice sculpture, and was slightly heavier than a steel sword.Han Sen waved the sword around, and thought it was very smooth to use."What a great sword! It is very much worth what it has cost me." Han Sen felt more and more at ease waving the sword around, thinking it was easier to use than the katana.As for the sharpness and toughness of the sword, there was no question, since it could cut through his sacred-blood armor.Even the sacred-blood shield of Thumb's was left with deep marks, whereas the sword itself was still intact. It was easy to imagine how good it was."It is such a shame that the sword could not be taken back like a sacred-blood beast soul. I could only carry it with me and use it here in God's Sanctuary," Han Sen thought. The sword had a very memorable look. Since Son of Heaven, Huangfu Pingqing and Thumb had all seen it, it would be a lot of trouble if he wanted to use it in the future. He could only use it when he pretended to be Dollar. Otherwise any of them could guess that Han Sen was Dollar.Leaving God's sanctuary, Han Sens comlink immediately rang.Seeing Huangfu Pingqing's number, Han Sen bristled. It was because of this woman that his girlfriend was still mad at him.Having answered the call, he wanted to talk some sense into Huangfu Pingqing, teaching her right from wrong. While he just opened his mouth, he was rendered speechless.Huangfu Pingqing was in a bubble bath. Covered under foam, he could only see her arms and the top of her globes, which still made his heart race."Brother Han, am I interrupting something?" as she asked, she lifted one of her legs and started to caress it.Han Sen felt his nose was about to bleed. He touched his nose and said seriously, "Miss Huangfu Pingqing, do you need me for something? If not, I have to go."Han Sen could not help throwing another glance at her leg."Of course I need you. Did you know that there is a mystery island floating above the Steel Armor Shelter now?" Huangfu Pingqing smiled sensually."Of course I know that. But I could never go up there since I do not have sacred-blood wings." Han Sen became nervous."That's a problem easy to solve. I can lend you a flying beast soul." Huangfu Pingqing turned around in the water and moved closer to the comlink.Looking at the close-up of her white globes, he was about to explode. Han Sen said hurriedly, "Don't joke with me. Why would you lend me such a precious sacred-blood?""I am not joking. If you want it, you can come and get it right now. My door is open," Huangfu Pingqing said, blinking."You could say what you want here and now." Han Sen did not believe Huangfu Pingqing would be so generous."Since you won't come over. We should find somewhere to discuss. How about the cafeteria in section A?" Huangfu Pingqing said."No, I'd rather talk in the shelter." Since this was breakfast time, if someone saw Huangfu Pingqing and him together, he could never prove his innocence.Although Huangfu Pingqing was sexy and as pretty as Ji Yanran, Ji Yanran was more Han Sen's type.Huangfu Pingqing was too cunning. Even though she looked great, it was tiring to talk to her.Shutting down his comlink, Han Sen went back to Steel Armor Shelter and waited for Huangfu Pingqing at their agreed place.Huangfu Pingqing was not a bimbo. On the contrary, she was smarter than anyone he knew. When she first came to Steel Armor Shelter, she pretended not to know Son of Heaven, so that the young master could help raise the price of many beast souls.The sacred-blood flying beast soul was thus sold at a high price to Lin Beifeng. Because of the appearance of the Mystery Island, Son of Heaven had to buy it back from Lin, who ended up making some money.Such a woman would not invite him to a date for no reason. She must want to discuss with him the sacred-blood creature on the Mystery Island.He knew that Holy Angel was gone now, which other people were not aware of, and they were still preparing to hunt the creature."Maybe I can even gain something from this." Han Sen said to himself. However, he was still not sure how Son Of Heaven and Huangfu Pingqing knew each other.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1127: A Man Who Wants to DieTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioWhen Han Sen saw what emerged from the sack, his body flared with goosebumps and his head got all itchy.The person that emerged from the bag was a man who was very skinny and seemed to be around thirty years of age.It was a living person, and Han Sen could see the fright that twisted his face.Before Han Sen could return from his thoughts, the scorpions were stinging the poor man. He was stung many times, like he was being deliberately tortured. He rolled around on the ground, writhing and screaming in agony.“It is all a ruse! How can Uncle Bug feign such kindness every day, when this is the sick and twisted stuff he gets up to on his own. How could he even think to torture a man like that?!” Han Sen spine was frosting over with the chills he was feeling.When Han Sen next looked at Uncle Bug, he froze.Uncle Bug was crying. As he watched the man get stung all over, he himself looked as if he was in pain. Amidst the tears, he prayed over the man down below.It was then that Han Sen realized the man being tortured looked familiar, like someone he had seen in the shelter.Uncle Bug was being very emotional. Han Sen used dongxuan aura to get a read of the man’s feelings and see what he could hear of the man’s thoughts. But all he could hear was screaming.There was one word he was able to discern, though.“Son? Did he say ‘son’? That can’t be his son!” Han Sen exclaimed in his head as he turned to look at the naked man. He couldn’t even begin to fathom why Uncle Bug would treat his son in such a manner.But people wouldn’t lie to themselves in such a situation. He had heard Uncle Bug scream it was his son. Han Sen could not have been mistaken.Now, the body of the person on the ground was all swollen. The natural assumption would be to presume he was dead, or was going to be, in such a state.He had been a rather skinny man when Han Sen first saw him. Now, he was swollen like a fat man. The man could no longer scream, but his muscles still twitched with the pain he was continuing to endure.Uncle Bug continued to pray as tears drenched his face. As he did so, his teeth chattered in what had to be fear.Han Sen had never seen anything as remotely curious, horrific, and upsetting as this. He had no idea how he should feel about what was going on.Just as Han Sen thought the man was about to be dined on, he heard the baby cry again.It wasn’t sharp like before: the sound of the baby was rough and coarse.When the noise echoed across the valley, all the scorpions returned to their holes.Soon enough, all that remained was a man who looked much like a bloated pig.Uncle Bug looked at the dying man in the valley.Han Sen was keen to know what had happened, why this was happening, and what was to happen. He was sweating with nervousness. This entire scenario seemed bizarre.When Han Sen looked at the man, he noticed his shadow appeared to be strangely large.The man was like a pig, but there was no way his shadow was three meters tall.The shadow was very weird. Half of it looked like a man, and the other half looked like a scorpion.The shadow came to life and moved.A person with long black hair and eyes that were as black as coal emerged. His muscles were thick and ripped beneath the black armor he was clad in.The man’s lower body was a scorpion, and the transition from man to scorpion was seamless. Han Sen looked at the scorpion man, feeling his lifeforce to be even greater than Disloyal Knight’s.“Why would this guy’s shadow be a super creature?” Han Sen wondered as he looked at the scorpion man.The scorpion man then waved his tail and plunged it into the chest of the corpse on the ground. Then, the body quickly became slimmer.The man’s body returned to normal, as all the stinging fluids went into the tail of the scorpion man.Then, after that, the man stood up. He looked very energized.When the man stood up, he walked towards the scorpion man angrily.When he was in front of the scorpion man, the scorpion man became that man’s shadow.The man fell to the ground, throwing his fists against his own shadow. It looked like he was just punching the sand.The man’s hands bled as they beat against the ground, but he did not seem as if he wanted to stop.“Little Yan!” Uncle Bug ran towards the man, wanting to hug him.When the man turned around, though, Uncle Bug stopped his approach.“I will hate you forever.” The man looked furious.The man stood up, picked up a rock, and tried to slam it into his own head. But before he could do that, a shadow touched the rock, causing it to explode. He couldn’t kill himself.

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注册即送70元⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 893: Three-Second HeroTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen wished to dodge, but the phantom weight inhibited him from doing so. He was unable to move a single step, let alone evade the coin completely.Using his hand like a sword, Han Sen simulated Steel-Knight King's green light to strike the incoming projectile.But the unbreakable green light of the Second God's Sanctuary was practically useless in this realm. The coin zipped through the green light and attached itself to Han Sen's hand.Pat!His body was dragged down by the weight of mountains, and it brought him to his knees.Being crushed under the weight of both coins, Han Sen could hear the bones of his body creaking, ready to buckle and snap.Ribbit!The golden toad was unrelenting, and it fired another gold coin towards its aggressor. Unable to dodge this one, as well, the coin planted itself firmly on Han Sen's face.He fell to the ground, and so great was the force, an imprint of his body formed as he sunk into the soil."There is a big difference between the first and second gene locks being opened. If I unlock my second gene lock, I might be able to fight back. This toad has a strange power, and if it attacked like any other creature, my flight might have been successful. But the coin's weird power prohibits my movement." Han Sen then focused his own power. His kidneys were kicked into overdrive, creating a massive amount of energy to gather the momentum he needed to move.The toad's coins did not kill or inflict direct damage, they just added excruciating amounts of weight. The pressure on his body was enormous, and if he was hit with a few more of such coins, his inner-strength was sure to give way. He'd be crushed."Argh!" Han Sen shouted. Despite his most valiant attempts to generate energy for a triumphant rise, he was unable to move. His arms now trembled, and things turned awry.Ever since the first coin landed on his hand, he'd found himself in a dire circumstance.Pat!Another coin landed on Han Sen's body. His arms could not withstand it, and there was no room for any more resistance. His entire body was pinned to the ground, as if he was paralyzed.The toad watched Han Sen sink into the soil, and its grimacing look seemed to reflect a certain amount of joy. It looked ready to spit out another coin.But suddenly, Han Sen felt a horrible power arise. This new power was like a volcano, erupting violently. The golden toad was equally shocked at the emergence of this new threat, and looked at Han Sen.Han Sen was slowly being crushed, pushed into a pit shaped by his own body. But this power was emerging from within himself. Suddenly, this power revealed itself as a bright ball of light.Using all his power, Han Sen had been determined to fight back against the phantom weight. He had resisted it with all his might, but still, it wasn't enough. He was exhausted and still unable to move.But suddenly, a power emerged from inside his cells and coursed through his entire body.The white light was coming out of his cells, turning his skin white as virgin snow. His hair followed, and with its new color, it rapidly grew to the length of his entire person.His black pupils turned white, and even his armor started to shine white through the bright light.Han Sen's entire body was emitting holy light, and he felt the ceiling of his body's strength heighten. He was taking on the image of a god, looking magnificently holy. His appearance was supreme and without a single flaw or blemish.He looked like Apollo Helios himself, and all who looked upon him would undoubtedly turn away in shame. No one would believe themselves graceful enough to merit a glimpse of such a stunning man.Pang!Han Sen's body continued to shine in this manner, as he raised his hand and gripped the ground. Then, he stood up from the pit.The coins that were across his body all fell off, and then Han Sen turned to look at the golden toad as a greater power brewed inside him.The once-cocky, devilish toad now looked frightened. It was so afraid, it wasted no time in running off.Boom!Han Sen's perfect body carried this white light. He teleported in front of the toad and punched it in the face.This turned the toad's fear into anger, and so it spat out another coin. Immediately after it did this, it turned around and tried to jump into the river.Pang!Han Sen's fist struck the coin, and it ricocheted back to touch the toad. Then, its body cracked. The warts collapsed in on themselves, as its toxic blood drenched it, oozing uncontrollably.The toad squealed, and its body sank into the rock it had leapt onto. A crater, shaped like the toad's form, was pressed into the stone. Slowly, as it sank deeper and deeper into the stone, its body was crushed."Primitive Creature Coin Toad killed. No beast soul gained. Consume its flesh to obtain zero to ten primitive geno points randomly."When the announcement sounded, Han Sen was ecstatic. But his body felt so empty, as the power inside him completely drained from his cells.His legs turned soft, and he almost collapsed from sudden exhaustion. It almost made him want to cough up blood."Super body exhausted; super king spirit status cannot be maintained.""Super body exhausted; super king spirit status cannot be maintained."A warning sounded in his head, and repeated itself over and over. This surprised him.He was surprised to learn it was his super king spirit status that had been activated. The power it bestowed upon him was incredible; it was simply a shame it had only lasted for three seconds."What kind of super king spirit mode was that? It made me a three-second hero; couldn't I any last longer?" Han Sen's heart sank.Still, his excitement about what he had achieved prevailed. When he was in super king spirit mode, one punch was enough to kill a toad that had three of its gene locks opened. The Alliance said it was nigh impossible to kill a creature that was one tier above you, and if that difference was two tiers, you'd be dominated.When Han Sen became a super king spirit, he one-hit killed a creature that was two tiers higher than him. That power was unlike anything he had ever seen before.The only bad thing was that his fitness wasn't ideal for it. The six hundred fitness could only grant him three seconds of its incredible power, so Han Sen believed the requirements were too high.Still, it made sense. That mode was for a super king spirit, and Han Sen had yet to achieve a single geno point in the Third God's Sanctuary. It was acceptable.If Han Sen had not maxed out his super geno points before he became a surpasser, it was unlikely he'd have lasted a single second with it.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 612: Obtaining the TreasureTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"This blood-scale armor is mine, okay? Now we are even." Queen frowned, looking back at the island. There was no more screaming or squealing to be heard, and with the rest of the creatures having either escaped or been killed, the island was quiet.It still looked like hell, though. Bodies and blood were everywhere, and just looking at it made their skin crawl."Do you think you might be able to take down those wasps?" Queen asked Han Sen.Han Sen knew what she meant, but he shook his head and told her, "My speed is still a little too slow to go up against those wasps. I may know its weak spot, but what's the point if I cannot hit it? Besides...""Besides what?" Queen looked at Han Sen."There is no guarantee I can kill it, even if I hit there. For all I know, I might only inflict a minor amount of damage." Han Sen did not overestimate his talents.When he fought Golden Growler, he couldn't even break its eyes. The wasp's waist may have been its weak spot, but it couldn't be weaker than those eyes.A weak spot was just a place on a monster that was weaker. But the overall fitness of a super creature was just too high, and so the fact that it had a weak spot didn't mean much for Han Sen.Queen sighed. She understood how he was feeling. There were eighteen of those wasps, and they had a lot of trouble escaping just one. It would be impossible to survive an encounter with any more, not to mention if all eighteen came after them.Few people could dodge their attacks like Han Sen had. Even Queen wasn't entirely sure whether or not she'd be able to keep up and evade such quick attacks.The island was dead. They watched it for a while but knew that there was no hope of returning there. They readied themselves to leave and take to the seas on the whale again.But then the silver fox jumped out of Han Sen's arms. It became a silver light and ran back to the island."Silver fox?! What are you doing?" Han Sen was startled. It hadn't been easy to escape the island, so why was the fox now deciding to return?"Stop! The eighteen wasps must be together by now. If we get in trouble with all of them, we'll never make it out again," Queen said."You wait here. I'll go back and get him."Han Sen rushed back ashore without hesitation. He wasn't planning to risk his life for the silver fox, but he understood the silver fox well. He knew that it wouldn't want to risk its own life, either.Otherwise, when Han Sen was battling the wasps, the silver fox wouldn't have jumped into his arms to escape. It wouldn't have waited this long to come back, if it had no regard for its life. Something must have changed on the island, then.Han Sen chased after the silver fox, and noticed he was being led back to the lotus. Still, he did not hesitate and quickly continued his pursuit.Han Sen, using his senses, noticed there were no longer any wasps on the island."Did those wasps leave the island?" Han Sen asked himself, looking puzzled.But Han Sen was still curious. If the wasps had left the island, then that meant the lotus plant was nothing special, and it had just been used to host a number of wasp eggs. If there was nothing extraordinary about the plant, why were they returning?"Is there something the silver fox wants from the body of a deceased creature?" Han Sen wondered, having now reached the lotus hill with the silver fox.The scenery was marred with great horrors. Uncaring for the bodies that littered the once-fertile green, Han Sen hastily climbed up to the lotus.Perhaps it was because of the strength of their toxins, but after the wasps were born, the seven remaining lotus petals had wilted. All that remained was a sole lotus cup.Without a moment's pause, the silver fox ran up to it and munched it all down in one bite.The crystal-clear lotus cup was chewed to pieces by the fox."Save me some! Save me some!" Han Sen grabbed the silver fox as he tried to pry open its mouth. Alas, the silver fox had already swallowed it all."Damn it, you mutt. You are too cruel. I just saved your life earlier! You little selfish bastard, you didn't even save me a bite!" Han Sen yelled at the silver fox.The silver fox, however, ignored its master. Elegantly, it sniffed around on the ground, and after a while of doing so, began digging into the rocky ground with its two front paws.The rock surface was like tofu under the power of its paws and claws, and it wasn't long before it had managed to dig a two-meter-deep hole."Is there something down there?" Han Sen quelled his rage, and his eyes lit up with inquisitiveness. He saw that there was something connected with the stalk of the lotus plant. As the silver fox continued to dig, Han Sen noticed the unearthing of something white in color."Whatever it is, you've done your bit. You've earned yourself a rest; let me take over." Han Sen quickly jumped into the hole and placed the silver fox on his shoulder. He rabidly started digging with his own two hands.He was afraid the silver fox would dig out some more food and gobble it all up without giving him a chance to even look at it. He didn't want a repeat of what had just happened.Han Sen did not dig for long because he had soon excavated three lotus roots. They were like the arms of a baby, and they were each about a dozen centimeters long.Although they were underground, they still shone like white crystals. It was as if they were made from virgin snow. They smelled very good, too.Han Sen picked up the three lotus roots to take a closer look, but before he could, the silver fox on his shoulder jumped down and grabbed one of the three. Immediately, it began to ravenously chew the root."How could I forget about this guy? This thing is a sneaky manipulator. I really do keep forgetting." Han Sen's heart was bleeding. He didn't even know what treasure he had unearthed, and a third of it was already munched on by the silver fox."What's left is mine. You've already had your fill." Seeing the silver fox stare at the lotus roots intently, Han Sen clutched the remaining two tightly.The silver fox went near Han Sen's foot and began rubbing its head against him."Don't even bother trying to act cute. This thing is mine; end of story." Han Sen quickly put away the lotus roots and picked the silver fox back up.Queen had now come ashore and was nearing the hill. Han Sen quickly ran back down to meet her, with the silver fox in hand. He didn't want her to learn anything about what he had just found."I don't know where the wasps went, but it looks like they have all gone," Han Sen said, as he stood in front of Queen."What did it find?" Queen asked, seeing right through Han Sen's deception."It was the lotus cup. But, by the time I caught up to the fiend, it had already eaten everything. He didn't save me any, so I have no idea what benefits it could have provided us. His selfishness hurts!" Han Sen hoped to squeeze out a few tears, but he couldn't.Queen's eyes were untrusting, but she didn't voice her concern. Shortly after, they returned to the oceanside.The two people and the fox began their journey once more. They hoped they'd soon be able to find land but after another five days travel, they had yet to see anything. There weren't even any islands around.Suddenly, a strange sound could be heard in the distance. Han Sen and Queen were familiar with the sound, and so their faces changed.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 180: LoverTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioJi Yanran was on the Battlenet playing Hand of God when she saw a reminder saying "My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran" was online."You finally showed up!" Ji Yanran would like to invite Han Sen to her virtual room, but thought it would make her look bad.Hesitant if she should ignore him, she saw an invite from him.Ji Yanran subconsciously clicked yes, and immediately entered a room Han Sen set up."Sister, playing Hand of God so late at night?" Han Sen sent a voice message."Yes, I do not have a commercial to star, or any pretty girl to perform with. What else could I be doing?" Ji Yanran said sourly.Han Sen quickly said, "Do not mention it. I had thought that an actress would be pretty, but was so disappointed when I saw her in person. She does not have one tenth of your beauty."As he lied away, Han Sen thought to himself, "Yu Qianxun, thank you for the sacrifice."Ji Yanran was secretly delighted, but pretended to be mad, "So that you went for her in the first place?""No way. I went for you," Han Sen quickly vowed."How does the commercial have anything to do with me?" Ji Yanran pouted."You see, I already have a Silver Killer, but you don’t. My family is not rich, so I had to work for Digang to get you a new SKTS. In the future, we could drive matching silver warframes," Han Sen said."Who needs that..." Ji Yanran blushed. "It’s just a warframe. I could have bought it myself.""I had this one customized. It has blue patterns, and is unique in the Alliance, which shows our love is unique," Han Sen said."Just a change in the color. If I want it to be done, Liu Changming would not dare to refuse," Ji Yanran still pretended to be mad, while rejoicing at heart."My thought is unique though." Han Sen was a bit shocked. He knew Ji Yanran was from a prominent family, but her tone suggested that her family was probably more powerful than he had imagined."You would really give it to me? Yours should come with the Digang mark, right?" Ji Yanran pondered and asked."Of course! Nothing is more important than my future wife!" Han Sen said."Who is your future wife? A warframe for a wife, you are too clever." Ji Yanran pouted prettily."OK, a lover then," Han Sen said, grinning."I’ll give you a chance. If you could show up in front of me when I count to three, I could totally be your lover," Ji Yanran teased Han Sen."That is not fair. You know I’m not on campus," cried Han Sen."Anyway, I gave you the opportunity. It’s not my fault you can’t make it." Ji Yanran knew Han Sen would participate in the Digang Warframe Match and must not be at school."One ..." Ji Yanran counted with delight."No..." Han Sen whimpered."Two... you have to seize the time..." Ji Yanran laughed."Can you count down in a few days?" Han Sen begged."No, I cannot wait to want to be your mistress. I’ve showered and been waiting for you to come. How can I stop now? Okay, two point five… Hurry... "Ji Yanran continued to tease him."Sweet sister, wait for me a bit longer..." Han Sen continued to plead."I have been so horny. It has to be now..." Ji Yanran fell into a strong arm before she could finish the sentence. Surprised, she felt warmth breath next to her ear and heard a familiar voice, "Sister, you need to stay true to your words. Now you can be my lover…""How can you be here?" Ji Yanran was suddenly so shy that even her neck was crimson. She teased him because she was convinced he must be on the way to Di Garden or there already.Han Sen was holding Ji Yanran behind her, looking at her pink ear, and could not help pecking on it.Ji Yanran suddenly felt an electric shock, going limp in Han Sen’s arms.Looking at how pretty she was, Han Sen felt an urge and kissed her deeply on her lips.Arms around Han Lan's neck, she kissed him back."Ah!" While the two were at it, a scream scared them and they quickly separated."Ahem, I am just passing by... Please continue..." Qu Lili who had come to look for her roommate went away, grinning."You come back here." Ji Yanran was full of shame. She quickly ran over to chase Qu Lili.Han Sen looked at his own right hand with contempt. It was this guy that had touched Ji Yanran’s breasts when she was dazed.Han Sen only spent one day at school before he took an interstellar spacecraft to Di Garden. He needed to compete in Digang Warframe Match for the endorsement and the prize.There were many applicants for the match in the end. And all the finalists were strong.Some players from military schools even gave up the Starry Cup finals for this.Compared to the King series warframes, the mysterious SKTS was clearly more attractive.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 125: Who Is Your Boyfriend?Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioLater they noticed the game itself, and then found that My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran had the upper hand. He also seemed to be very fast and had an overwhelming advantage.A simple look would not reveal much, but with Liu as the reference, they could tell how fast he was."S*#t! His opponent was Liu Ke. Ji Yanran’s boyfriend is so strong that he is killing Liu who was number 11 last year." The man felt that Han Sen’s ID was too hard to read, and changed it to something easier."Yeah, he is so much better than Liu. Who is Ji Yanran’s boyfriend? This must be an alt account of a master?""Of course. It must be one of the masters, or else no one could do this to Liu."While they were talking, Liu Ke had lost, and the score was fixed at 100:80.Seeing this score, others did not think much but Wang was dumbfounded as this score was exactly what he got, no more and no less.Liu lost and was shocked for a moment, not expecting to see such score. He immediately sent another invite and seemed quite unconvinced.Han Sen agreed.Another game started, and everyone was discussing who this mysterious guy was. When the game ended, all of them widened their eyes to see the exact same score.The score was still 100 to 80, no more, no less.Liu Ke could not believe it himself. He asked Wang Long, "Long, when you said you lost by 20 in all three rounds, was it like this?"Wang Long nodded yes bitterly. He did not expect this to happen with Liu again."I have to try." Li Ze looked serious, and sent an invite to My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran."Liu, who is the guy? He must be a master player using an alt account?""I do not know." Liu Ke had a wry smile on his face and shook his head. He really could not think of anyone who would do this to him. He knew less than five could, but none of them would."How do you not know?" His friends refused to believe him.But soon, their eyes fell on Li Ze’s game.Li Ze, the seventh best player last year, a celebrity at Hand of God was falling behind in this game by a lot. It looked the same as when Liu was playing. If they had not seen Li’s ID and hand, they would think it was still Liu’s game.Complete wipeout. Li Ze had even no way to fight back."Ji Yanran’s boyfriend is so impressive!""Is this real? Li could lose like this? Is there anyone on campus who could do this?""Ouyang Xiaosan and Li Yufeng should be able to do this?""Ji Yanran’s boyfriend is Ouyang Xiaosan or Li Yufeng?"As the crowd was gossiping, their chin almost fell to the ground when seeing the score. Wang Long was the only one to feel relieved."One hundred to eighty, again. But if even Li Ze has the same score, then my loss did not matter at all," Wang Long thought.Li saw the score and his face twitched. Once again he sent an invite calmly. He knew he was no match to his opponent, but wanted to make sure whether this score was not a coincidence.His opponent accepted the invite and the game started again.At this time silence fell in the game room and no one was typing. Watching the game in silence, all wanted to know if the 20 points was deliberate.If someone deliberately controlled the difference to be 20, it was maddening just to think about it. They could not imagine what kind of people could do this to Li Ze.When the score was again at 100:80, all thought themselves must be insane. Li Ze was beaten, or insulted completely.His opponent was not even making every effort, but was simply playing with Li. They could not imagine the gap in strength.Now everyone suspected that it was either Obyang Xiaosan or Li Yufeng behind that ID. In the entire school, they were the only two that might have such capability.Maybe.Li sent a message to My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran, "Who are you?"After a while, Han Sen replied without answering Li Ze’s question, "Anyone wants to game?"Everyone was silent. Seeing even Li Ze lost like that, who would dare to go? Whoever going would lose miserably.Liu Ke could not help but ask, "Who are you?""Ji Yanran's boyfriend," replied Han Sen and logged off.After Han Sen quit the game, Shi went offline as well and laughed, "Ha-ha, Sen you are great. You were smoking out there. It was so cool. Do not worry, I will not tell anyone your ID, or you will be murdered by Ji Yanran.""They are too weak. I was just warming up," said Han Sen casually. Such difficulty was not comparable to evolved-4 and he was currently trying to pass evolved-5. This was indeed like a warm-up for him.Shi despised Han Sen, "Sen, you are just like me.""What do you mean?" Han Sen looked puzzled."Fake it until we make it," Shi said solemnly, and then could not help but laugh.Han Sen and Shi had no idea whom they had beaten or what kind of storm was triggered in Blackhawk.Soon everyone on campus knew that Ji Yanran’s boyfriend had beaten Liu Ke and Li Ze by 20 points in every game.People were all guessing who Ji Yan's boyfriend was and if he was actually her boyfriend.None had assumed that in the beginning, but now that people knew what a master player he was and thought someone like that should cherish his reputation and would never make such a joke.When going out the gym, Ji Yanran felt the world was crazy when people started to ask her who her boyfriend was.

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Yehenara⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 761: Bloodlust MosquitoTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThere was no use turning back now, and Han Sen opted to push on and find out what was going on. The super creatures they had encountered all seemed to ignore them, as if something greater attracted them. If he came to a place where they all had gathered together, he resolved to go around them and simply continue on his way.Han Sen, with Zhou Yumei in tow, continued walking in the same direction. The fairy was still inside the scallop shell, refusing to come out. Whether or not she could by now was still up in the air, as her entire body was rotting. In a few more days, she'd most likely be melted into a bloody goop entirely.But unless it wanted to exit the shell, there was nothing Han Sen could do. The shell was unbreakable, and if the fairy wanted to come out, he assumed it would have to be of her own volition.The weather was surprisingly volatile in the desert. It often became windy, spurring the sands high into the sky and obscuring their vision. During the extremely windy periods, the sands rose like monsters seeking to consume them wholly.Han Sen told Golden Roarer to maximize its size, and it looked like a little hill marching through the fierce sandstorms. Han Sen and the rest of his companions would then burrow into the Golden Roarer's fur to remain comfy and unaffected."It's a shame that Golden Roarer is only a super creature from the First Shelter. If it could evolve, it would most likely be greater than any other Second Shelter super creature." Han Sen sighed.The sandstorms left almost as quickly as they came. After half a day, they all stopped. But it was the lasting effects that were the most troublesome. Following the sandstorms, the landscape morphed. The rhino's footprints disappeared and the dunes changed their positions.Pat!Han Sen heard a clapping noise, and he turned around to see Zhou Yumei slapping her cheeks. He laughed and said, "Why are you hitting yourself?""There is a mosquito." Zhou Yumei continued to wave her hands around, all to no avail.Han Sen took a look and saw a small mosquito flying around her. It was pretty quick and surprisingly agile. No matter how much she tried to hit it, the mosquito perfectly evaded every attack.Pat!Han Sen clapped his hands and killed the mosquito in one hit."Mutant creature Bloodlust Mosquito killed. No beast soul gained. Eat the flesh of the mutant creature Bloodlust Mosquito to gain zero to ten geno points randomly."Han Sen was incredibly surprised, having not suspected the small mosquito to be a mutant creature.Buzz!A few more mosquitos showed up, which Han Sen promptly killed. After that, even more showed up. They flew around madly, producing an infuriating sound.Pat! Pat! Pat!Han Sen attacks were quick as lightning, and he was killing mosquitos left, right, and center. There were ordinary class creatures this time, as well as many mutant class variants.After killing all of them, Han Sen noticed Zhou Yumei looked frozen. She was staring at something ahead of them with an agape jaw. Her face was distorted into one of fright, as if she had seen something most wretched."What's wrong with you?" Han Sen frowned."Mo-mo-mosquito..." Zhou Yumei raised her finger, pointing ahead of them. With a trembling voice, she called out what made her look so scared."What? They're just mosquitos. There is no need to be afraid, I can clap-kill them all." Han Sen then turned to look in the direction she pointed towards and noticed a giant crack in the desert sands. From it, swarms of the mosquitos emerged like a geyser. In their countless numbers, they turned to face them. And like the very sandstorms they had weathered before, they inked the skies and blotted out the sun. It was if the clouds of mosquitoes had turned the day into night."What are you waiting for? Run!" Han Sen shouted. He grabbed Zhou Yumei and carried her underneath his armpit, while running.The Bloodlust Mosquitos conquered the skies like a sandstorm, and they even struck fear into the silver fox and Little Orange. Together, those two scrambled to get away.If it was just a small number of mosquitos, even at mutant class, there was nothing to be afraid of. But a countless horde such as that would be too much. Han Sen had the appropriate super armor to block the attacks, but Zhou Yumei would be killed in an instant.Furthermore, he'd feel bad wearing super armor in front of her. So, like she did, he wore sacred-blood class armor instead.If there were large numbers of sacred-blood class mosquitos, he was afraid they'd be enough to kill the silver fox and Little Orange, as well.It wasn't long before the mosquitos caught up and descended upon them, however. The silver lightning crackled across the silver fox's fur, and he emitted a number of bolts to zap those that sought to overwhelm him.Han Sen used his Flaming Rex Spike to incinerate the mosquitos around them.Little Orange's body was jumping up and down to kill many, but a fair number of the mosquitos had already latched onto it. Without reprieve, the hungry insects drank deep of its blood.Han Sen was well and truly shocked. He didn't expect the mosquitos to be able to drink the blood of a super creature, and that meant Little Orange and the silver fox were in as much danger as they were.Although only female mosquitoes could drink blood, their numbers were still scary enough to place them all in serious danger.Pat!Han Sen slapped a mosquito that was drinking Little Orange's blood."Sacred-blood Bloodlust Mosquito killed. No beast soul gained. Eat the flesh of the sacred-blood creature Bloodlust Mosquito to gain zero to ten geno points randomly.""There really are sacred-blood class variants amongst them." Han Sen's face changed, and he commanded the little angel to clear a path for them. Then, he sped up to attempt an escape. But the mosquitos were like a sandstorm, and more and more were coming to engulf them.The silver fox was doing better than all of them, however. The electricity on his body worked like a shield, and it prevented the mosquitos from landing on him.But for the others, they were slowly being swarmed by the fiends. Numerous mosquitoes were starting to land on them, especially Zhou Yumei. Although she was plated in armor, the sections of skin that were still showing were ripe for a biting. Her blood kept on being sucked.The mosquitos weren't deadly on their own, and even if they sucked until their bellies were full, it wasn't much blood to lose. But with this number of them bearing down, things were dire. Within seconds, Zhou Yumei's body was host to a large number of lumps.Sucking her blood was fine, but the lumps were driving her insane. They were itchy, and each of her ten fingers went into overdrive, scratching as fiercely as she could. She was doing it so much, blood was being drawn to the surface. And as people say, the more you scratch, the itchier it gets. It wasn't long before her skin was all frayed, and yet she couldn't resist scratching.Han Sen tried his best to fight off the mosquitos, but his efforts seemed to be in vain. There were too many of them for him to handle. Even Little Orange's body had been swarmed, and many mosquitos were helping themselves to a buffet of blood on its backside.The bodies of the super creatures were far better than Zhou Yumei's, that much was plain to see. The itch didn't seem to affect them at all, so the effects of the bloodsucking didn't seem so concerning.The silver fox continued to fire electricity, but it was clearly a drain on his energy reserves. Han Sen wasn't sure how much longer it could last.Han Sen felt really bad in his heart. He couldn't find a way to give Zhou Yumei the immediate aid and respite she needed right now.If this was to continue, Zhou Yumei seemed likely to die out here.While Han Sen contemplated his next move, he suddenly saw a white fog approaching. When the mosquitos came into contact with it, they fell to the ground like hard rain.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 341: Cross-border TradeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioMr. Xu frowned upon Han Sen's words. Although the sacred-blood beast souls in First God's Sanctuary were rare, the normal value of a sacred-blood beast soul from the First and one from the Second were 3 to 1.Although the sacred-blood armor and sacred-blood mount in Sapphire Shelter were not the best, he would not necessarily trade them for even six sacred-blood beast souls in First God's Sanctuary. However, Han Sen was trying to exchange for both using just three, which made Mr. Xu sneer."Brother, can you show us the beast souls you have?" Yang Zikun said with a smile.Han Sen summoned his three-blade harpoon, brandished it briefly and said, "I think you should recognize this three-blade harpoon. Huangfu Pingqing once showed it at an auction. It is rather sharp among sacred-blood weapons."Mr. Xu was dazed. He had heard of this harpoon. In fact, they did a lot of business with Ares Martial Hall. And he had thought about acquiring this harpoon before. In terms of sharpness, the three-blade harpoon was more than just "rather sharp," but definitely one of the sharpest weapon in First God's Sanctuary.Mr. Xu did not expect Han Sen would produce this weapon first. It was a top-notch sacred-blood beast soul. Normally speaking, one would not let go of it."Brother, are you really going to sell this?" Yang Zikun asked Han Sen in surprise."Sure." Han Sen smiled. This three-blade harpoon did not mean as much to him at this point. He could not kill a super creature with this harpoon. And since the harpoon was not a sword, he could not attach the devil sword to it.Han Sen still had the pair of skeleton's daggers, which were as sharp as the three-blade harpoon. Although they were not as valuable as the beast soul, to Han Sen, they functioned equally well. Therefore, Han Sen wanted to sell his harpoon.For the second piece of beast soul, Han Sen summoned the tornado wolf."A mount?" Asked Yang Zikun, gazing at the tornado wolf.Yang Zikun had never seen such a mount before and did not know what it could do.Mr. Xu frowned slightly. Although the three-blade harpoon was great, a sacred-blood mount from Second God's Sanctuary was definitely worth at least three sacred-blood mount in the First.Han Sen smiled and explained, "It is a mount called tornado wolf. It is nothing but fast. You should have heard about blast horse?""Of course, blast horse is the fastest mount in First God's Sanctuary," Yang Zikun nodded and said."This tornado wolf is slightly faster than blast horse. What do you think of it now?" said Han Sen casually.Mr. Xu stared at the tornado wolf and asked, "Are you serious? Is it really faster than blast horse?""If you don't believe me, you can try it out. If it is not faster than blast horse, I will give it to you for free," said Han Sen with a smile.There were a lot of videos of blast horse on the Skynet. Han Sen had no doubt that the tornado wolf was faster.Mr. Xu changed his look. If this tornado wolf was really faster than blast horse, its value was hard to say.Although a sacred-blood mount from the First God's Sanctuary was not as valuable as a sacred-blood one from the Second, it still very much depended on what sort of mount it was. If the tornado wolf was the fastest mount in First God's Sanctuary, then it was invaluable."Fantastic," Yang Zikun said. It seemed that he liked the tornado wolf quite a lot.Mr. Xu now had high hopes for Han Sen's third beast soul. Although the two beast souls Han Sen had shown them were both top-notch, he still needed the third beast soul to wow him before he would consider the deal. As he was still thinking, Han Sen had summoned the third beast soul. Han Sen suddenly shapeshifted into a giant bear."A shapeshifting beast soul!" Yang Zikun and Mr. Xu were overjoyed.Sacred-blood shapeshifting beast souls were very rare, and the one Han Sen was showing could even use different martial arts and weapons. A beast soul like this would be bid to the sky.Han Sen took back the beast soul and said to Yang Zikun, "The sacred-blood shapeshifting beast soul is named ghost-eyed bear. It could greatly enhance one's strength and speed. If I were to trade these three beast souls for the two sacred-blood beast souls you have in Second God's Sanctuary, what would you think?""Let's do it," Yang Zikun said without hesitation. Although he would not profit much from the deal, it was a great deal nonetheless. Han Sen had produced three excellent beast souls, which were the top in their own type.In addition, Yang Zikun liked the three sacred-blood beast souls very much, especially the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear.Mr. Xu had changed his point of view on Han Sen. Three sacred-blood beast souls like this were so hard to come by that they were totally enough to match the two sacred-blood beast souls they have in Second God's Sanctuary.Yang Zikun asked Mr. Xu to prepare the contract. After they both signed, Mr. Xu arranged for a guy to transfer the two sacred-blood beast souls to Luo Sulan.Han Sen called his mother and asked her to receive the two beast souls.With the sacred-blood armor and sacred-blood mount, even if Luo Sulan was in danger, she would be able to keep herself alive.Han Sen and Yang Zikun used the teleport device in the private club to enter Steel Armor Shelter and completed the deal.Han Sen had wanted to do this for a long time, but he hadn't found the right opportunity or people whom he trusted. Eventually, he was able to accomplish the deal.After completing the deal, both parties were satisfied about the transaction.Originally, Yang Zikun only wished to gain one or two sacred-blood beast souls. In the end, he was able to obtain three top-notch beast souls, which were all practical as well."Brother, you have so many excellent beast souls. Can you show us a few more?" Yang Zikun looked at Han Sen excitedly.Mr. Xu also looked at Han Sen curiously. A person that had so many amazing beast souls triggered his curiosity. Since Han Sen was selling incredible beast souls, what beast souls would he keep for himself?

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 725: Death KnellTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter consuming the Thousand-Blade Blood Dragon Baby, Han Sen spent some time researching the energy flow of the blue bell. If he could simulate its energy flow, he could absorb its Life Geno essence.Han Sen used Dongxuan Sutra to simulate Death Knell's energy flow and felt his entire body vibrate. He heard the sound of a bell ring, and his body throbbed to its chime.Han Sen flicked his arm, which generated a noise not unlike the Death Knell. The bell sounds no longer affected Han Sen, but they made the Golden Roarer by his side shake."This is interesting. If I use this skill, and people hit me, it should issue the same results as the Death Knell did. The sound generated should screw with an attacker's energy flow. Although I cannot simulate it to its original power, it might still come in handy. But this bell noise affects everyone and everything; it can even hurt my friends. I need to be careful when and where I use it, lest I commit friendly fire." Han Sen was quite interested in Death Knell's energy flow. He tried it out for a while before trying to refine the bell's Life Geno essence.As Han Sen began to refine the blue-metal Life Geno essence, the cells in his body started to become lively. Although the Life Geno essence was named after death, its effects were to provide rebirth and a strengthening of one's genes and very life.When the refinement process was complete, Han Sen's absorbance of the Death Knell Life Geno essence provided him eight super geno points. This brought his total super geno tally up to thirty-two."These are some good rewards I have received. If this continues, it won't be long before I max out my super geno points."But Han Sen had to ask himself a serious question; was he strong enough to visit his mother's shelter? With his own power, and the aid of the silver fox and little angel, few creatures could threaten him. As such, he could consider going to visit her.Although the trek to see her would be a few hundred thousand miles long, Han Sen had to go. If he didn't, he wouldn't be able to help his mother increase her super geno points. If his mother could max out her super geno points, she would have a much higher chance of surviving when she became a surpasser.Becoming a surpasser meant you would obtain another one hundred year lifespan. When your lifespan was over, you'd have to take a chance rather than sitting there, waiting to die.Han Sen was now preparing to ask for Huangfu's help. He wanted to establish the road he might take, that would lead him all the way to where his mother lived. He could kill super creatures along the way, meaning it would not be a fruitless effort for himself, either."Han Sen?" As Han Sen walked past a human shelter, someone called his name.Han Sen heard the voice, and noticed it sounded familiar. He could not, however, recall to whom it belonged. He turned around and saw a big man running towards him, which surprised him."Brother Fist?" Han Sen shouted when his eyes recognized the face.He was one of the leaders of the Steel-Armor Shelter's army. Although he never spent much time with Han Sen, they had a friendly relationship and had cooperated on various occasions.Brother Fist was a friend of Fang Jingqi, and Fang Jingqi was one of Fang Xuexi's elder brothers, who had grown up with Han Sen. Brother Fist was also a good friend of Tang Zhenliu. That was why they respected each other, despite not having done much together."It really is you! That's awesome." Brother Fist was enthusiastic, but Han Sen wasn't sure why he was so ecstatic to see him. He approached Han Sen and gave him a big hug.Han Sen froze, thinking he was being too passionate in his greeting. The hug was strong, and he thought his back might break if the man squeezed any tighter."Brother Fist, I know you love me. But I am a raging heterosexual, and this is getting a little awkward." Han Sen slipped out of his grasp.Han Sen was quite tall himself, but Brother Fist was even taller, standing about two meters tall."You feel awkward? I don't." Brother Fist patted Han Sen's shoulder, smiling as he spoke.Han Sen immediately felt a shiver run down his spine as he looked at him.Fist laughed and said, "I do love you! I love you so much. Seeing you here brings tears of joy to my eyes, so why don't you come help me and Fang take a spirit shelter?""Fang Jingqi is here?" Han Sen asked, with a tone of surprise."Me and him are stuck at the hip. We are like two peas in a pod. I can't believe we both arrived here in this dump, upon our arrival at the Second God's Sanctuary. There are no resources here, and neither are there many elites. I still need to collect a whole trove of sacred geno points, so we're making plans to take down a royal shelter to make our lives easier going forward. There is a small number of elites nearby, and we figured we would have need of their help. But here you come, passing me by? It's a stroke of good fortune." Brother Fist tugged at Han Sen's arms as he kept walking and explaining how things had been.The area was a little better than the Icefield had been, when Han Sen first arrived there. Still, there hadn't been much change since. Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi were not living here happily, as a result.Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi were therefore trying to take down a royal shelter that resided at the base of a nearby mountain, so they could have a safer place to stay. It would provide them a base before the rest of the mountain, as well. It would be a humble beginning for their future endeavors, which would include hunting many of the monsters that resided on the mountain beside it.Han Sen followed Brother Fist to a knight-class shelter. Fang Jangqi was there, and when he saw Han Sen, he had a similar reaction to Brother Fist and said, "Han Sen, what brings you here? Oh, what a wonderful opportunity! We are off to try to take down a royal shelter, so you should join us."Han Sen smiled and agreed. He'd be able to obtain a new royal spirit, and at the same time help old friends. He didn't see a reason why he should refuse their polite request.It had been a long time since Han Sen last collected a spirit, and he hoped it would be another beautiful lady spirit. She'd fit in nicely in the ranks of his Goddess Army."I was thinking; we might not have enough elites. But with Han Sen here, we can alter the plans somewhat, and as a result, have a much higher chance of conquering the shelter," Brother Fist excitedly proposed."Cool. Today, the Thunder Shelter and the Devil-God Shelter's people are coming. When they arrive, we can discuss any new proceedings with them," Fang Jingqi said, with much excitement, as well.Clearly, they had no idea Han Sen owned a super pet and had achieved what he thought to be common knowledge. They just believed Han Sen was any old, ordinary elite.Han Sen did not spoil their perception, and simply allowed them to arrange everything. He only had to help them and get the royal spirit when the time came. With his power, there was no possibility of him failing.But when Fang Jingqi and Brother Fist brought Han Sen over to discuss matters with the others, there were disagreements.Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi knew Han Sen was an elite, so they wanted him to receive a higher share. The people from the Thunder Shelter and Devil's God shelter, however, did not agree. They insisted Han Sen was just another component of the team, and he shouldn't receive preferential treatment when it came to the distribution of loot.They argued about it for some time, with no resolution."If you guys say he is as strong as he is, then why don't you two just go with him and get it done without us?" the Thunder Shelter's people said, as they started to get annoyed.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1427: Mutant Black CrystalTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAs the ground collapsed and Han Sen found himself in free fall, he let go of the coin to plummet by itself. Then, he flew back up to the ground that was still stable. He waited near the drop for a long time, but the coin did not seem to find ground. If it had, it would have exploded with a blast Han Sen was sure to feel. Han Sen poked his head over the sides of the hole that had formed, and it was only then that a scary power burst out of the ground like a geyser. The power sent Han Sen flying, around fifty meters away from the hole. Both sides of the hole had been brought to ruin. The power unleashed by a Saving Money coin, dialed to the number one hundred, was far too terrifying for Han Sen to comprehend. Once he got back on his feet and patted himself down, Han Sen inched his way back to the drop to get a clearer look at the aftermath. But before he could do that, he could feel his super king spirit release a substance inside him. “Aha! Did it work? Am I finally generating a new geno core?” Han Sen stopped to take a look with sudden happiness. It was, and just like the formation of his other geno cores, a substance was released into his Sea of Soul. It gathered together in a spot and began to swirl, before hardening to present something solid and tangible. The black crystal, as it always did, released some liquid that joined the swirling fluids and partook in the creation process. The black crystal wasn’t very big by this point. After having created the other geno cores, its size had been reduced by fifty percent. And now, with the release of more liquid, it was getting even smaller. But this time, Han Sen’s shock and awe was taken to a whole new level. The black crystal was no longer a black crystal. It didn’t seem crytallized anymore. Its color had been wholly robbed, and its shape had been warped. It became a faint, translucent item that seemed to possess a blurry halo in its interior. Without the black coloration of the crystal, the light inside was free to shine out. It began to beam brighter than the sun. It was so bright, Han Sen was unable to see what might have truly resided within that light, but whatever it was, he could feel the power it possessed. Before Han Sen could investigate it any further, though, the geno creation process was complete. His super king spirit geno core had taken the form of a coin. The coin had the number one fixed on its front, and on the back was an image ofHan Sen in his super king spirit form. Self Geno Core: Bronze Coin Han Sen did not have time to check out the geno core in great detail, though. The volume of the halo’s brightness went up a few more notches, completely blinding Han Sen. Fortunately, the light was not harmful. And after a short period of believing himself to be blind, his vision began to return. Han Sen took another look at where the black crystal had been, and what he saw gave him another surprise. The black crystal was completely gone; it had been replaced by a black crystal armor set. It was a heavy armor, but it had been forged with a sleekness in mind. It would be tight-fitting and rather feminine, in many respects. There was also a weapon alongside the armor set. Placed firmly in the gauntlets, there was a black crystal greatsword. And on the back of the armor were black crystal wings. The black crystal armor was motionless; it was just there. He couldn’t see if there was a creature in it or not, but Han Sen could tell the energy it contained exceeded that of Night Empress. After trying to give it a scan, however, Han Sen noticed its energy reduce. After a bit more time elapsed, all its power had depleted. In Shadow Shelter, the Nine-Life Cat suddenly opened both of its eyes with a look of confusion. It arose from its slumber and took off running towards the valley Han Sen was in. Nine-Life Cat saw Han Sen there, and with a brisk teleportation, it appeared where the ground had caved in. It called over to Han Sen, saying, “Weird. I just felt it. Where is it? Has it gone?” Nine-Life Cat sniffed around the ruined pasture in search of something, but could find nothing. “Why are you here, kitty?” Han Sen opened his eyes near the drop and saw the cat. Nine-Life Cat did not respond to his question and merely went on to ask, “Did you see something?” “What? What did I see?” Han Sen asked, obviously confused. Nine-Life Cat ignored Han Sen and began talking to itself, pondering something intently. “Am I mistaken? This thing shouldn’t be here.” “What thing? What are you mistaken about? Hello? Are you going to talk to me?”Han Sen walked up to the Nine-Life Cat while asking. Nine-Life Cat shook his tail, saying, “It’s none of your business! You still only have a bronze geno core. When are you going to become a god? You should really think about hurrying up.” “Does it matter to you whether or not I become a god? What interest do you have in my affairs?” Han Sen said. Nine-Life Cat looked at Han Sen with a fairly serious look. He told him, “If you don’t become a god, how am I supposed to get back…?” Nine-Life Cat then realized he had just said something he shouldn’t have. This prompted Han Sen to ask, “Back? Back where?” “It’s nothing.” Then, Nine-Life Cat started walking away, as if nothing had happened. “Are you from the Fifth Sanctuary? Am I supposed to be your transport there?” Han Sen asked after it. Nine-Life Cat did not turn around. It continued to walk away, and as it went, it answered, “Getting to the Fifth Sanctuary isn’t easy.” Han Sen wished to ask more questions, but all of a sudden, Nine-Life Cat disappeared. Han Sen shook his head and disregarded the cat. Then, he returned his attention to the Sea of Soul. The armor set was still there, but it was dead and devoid of a lifeforce. He could not bring it out of the Sea of Soul for some strange reason, and all he could do was view it with mild curiosity. The armor set, for what it was worth, gave him the same feelings he received whenever he inspected the black crystal, though. Han Sen wanted to go back now, but before he took off, he saw something flicker in the hole. It seemed as if something was down there. It was dark down in that pit, though. And the light appeared to be very deep within the hole, which made it hard for him to see what it might be.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 870: Black CoffinTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe area surrounding the Dark Haunted Tree King became a shura hellscape. Zero approached the trunk of the tree, as the corpses of countless mutilated bats lay scattered across the ground. They had all been killed, and their black blood puddled on the forest floor.The bugs flew around in the air aimlessly, not wanting to approach Zero. Even the Tree King itself shook with fear, and as it trembled, leaves cascaded to the ground and a low noise vibrated the air.Emotionlessly, Zero resumed walking until she was standing directly in front of the tree. When she touched the rugged bark, her eyes made her look lost and confused.Pang!Han Sen was watching Zero in complete wonder, and then, she began to punch the tree. The bark was beaten against harshly as each fist produced a flight of wood chips and splinters.Without reprieve, fist after fist struck the tree. After a short but copious production of wood shavings, a meter-wide hole had been punched into it.Han Sen squinted to get a good look, and noticed that the tree was hollow on the inside.Zero then began climbing into the hole, and when Han Sen saw this, he greatly desired to follow. But there had been no change to the area, and upon taking a few steps forward, he began to feel his lifeforce drain.The silver fox was quick to react to this negation of energy, too. Immediately after breaching the forbidden perimeter, it squealed and leapt off Han Sen's shoulder.Han Sen didn't immediately pull back. Instead, he tried stepping forward once more. The drain on his energy only increased, and realizing the futility of approaching, he fell back to rejoin the silver fox. He didn't want to die from a sudden old age, as the people at the camp had told him would happen.After Zero climbed into the hole that had been beaten into the tree, Han Sen could no longer see what she was doing with his naked eyes. She had also now escaped the vision of dongxuan aura and the devil-eye mask.Han Sen was keen and eager to see what was going on, worried for Zero's wellbeing. But where his eyes failed, his ears took over. From inside that hole he could hear the sound of more snapping wood.The Dark Haunted Tree King continued to shiver, and the flowers that adorned its canopy seemed to be wilting. Petals and tree leaves danced to cloak the air in a thick volume.It wasn't only the tree king that was affected, either. The whole forest seemed to be suffering the same fate, as the flowers across each tree began to suddenly wilt and their petals lost themselves to the caress of the breeze that sifted through the canopies. Despite the sordid origin of the affair, its closure was a beautiful sight."What happened here?" Liu Fang and Wang Jiangang came running towards Han Sen. Something big was happening, so it only seemed natural for the change to be the result of their latest arrivals to the forest. Thinking something ill might have befallen Han Sen, they quickly came over to check.Han Sen shook his head, continuing to gaze towards the crude hole in the side of the tree king.But suddenly, screams sounded from the tents back at camp."Oh, no! Something wretched must have occurred at our camp!" Liu Fang exclaimed, as she turned around and started running back.Although Han Sen was desperate to know what was going on inside the tree, he knew there was nothing he could do from where he was standing. Thinking he could still lend a hand someplace else, Han Sen accompanied Liu Fang in her hasty return to camp.Before the three returned, they saw two people running across the meadow with faces of abhorrent shock. They were drenched in blood, as well, but it did not come from them."What happened?" Wang Jiangang asked aloud."Ghost! There is a ghost!" The two shaken runners could only respond that, as they departed for the cover the foliage of the wood could provide.Han Sen did not say anything, and he simply resumed his race to the camp which had now been reduced to ruin. The meadow, the sole place that hadn't been covered in trees, was now a giant crater. Inside the pit sat a black, rectangle box. It was three meters long, and it appeared to have been constructed from wood. Upon closer inspection, Han Sen noticed it to be a six-sided box with curved shoulders."Is that a coffin?" Han Sen looked at the object and thought it looked reminiscent of the caskets that were used to bury humans, a long time ago.Coffins did not exist in this day and age, and hadn't for a very long time. You would only see coffins in either museums or ancient TV shows.Coffins had once been objects of great superstition for people, and if you wanted to see one now, you'd have to visit a museum in the Alliance. It was shocking to see one here, in the sanctuary.Han Sen had never heard of creatures or spirits making use of coffins before, so the existence of one there seemed to be impossible.Even if spirits died, they'd self-destruct their spirit stone. So, why might they possess a coffin?It'd be even stranger for a creature to own a coffin. Super creatures might have been smart, but they weren't superstitious. They shouldn't have even known what a coffin was.Creatures were born in the wild, and expected to eventually die in the wild. And when their demise came about, their death usually resulted in food for the survival of others."Did humans bring a coffin over here and bury it?" Han Sen was shocked.Liu Fang and Wang Jiangang looked equally shocked, now realizing they had been sleeping above a coffin all those years.Its slumber there in the earth must have been why no trees grew above. Its existence provided them their sole meadow. It couldn't have been a coincidence, so the state of the forest had to be connected with the coffin somehow.What was even scarier, people in the camp were bleeding in proximity to the coffin. The people that had remained there looked smaller than they used to, and their muscles appeared dry. They looked shrivelled.Blood painted the grass in that area, and the people were nothing more than bled-out corpses.Their bodies had no wounds, the blood seemed to drain from all of their face's orifices.Liu Fang and Wang Jiangang continued looking at the coffin in shock. Its lid trembled and vibrated, suggesting something was about to come out of it.Han Sen, too, stared at the coffin. But with his devil-eye mask, he could not make out the presence of a lifeforce.Han Sen's eighth sense disturbed him.Pang!After a loud noise, the cover of the coffin was pushed to the side slightly. Lengthy, creepy nails and fingers felt their way out. And unlike the nails of humans today, which were trimmed and well taken care of, they were thick and unkempt. They were black and red, appearing wild. Their appearance invoked a sense of dread.Pang!The coffin's lid was pushed away slightly more, creating a gap big enough to invite a whole hand out from the black interior of the box.Pat!And suddenly, that was what occurred. A pale white hand shot out of the black, grabbing the side of the coffin with frightening vigor.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1365: No Fluctuations in PowerTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioZhu Donglai regretted giving up on taking Han Sen as a disciple before. He had found someone else to practice the Purple Manor Sutra with, following Han Sen’s injury in the Third God’s Sanctuary. He hadn’t expected that a person whose body was believed to be destroyed, even by the likes of Luo Haitang, could recover and go on to achieve such greatness.Now that Han Sen had become a demi-god so swiftly, Zhu Donglai was feeling profound remorse. He wished he had listened to his gut instinct and not given up on Han Sen so quickly.Because Han Sen had already become a demi-god now, there was no real opportunity for him to take the young man as a student. And it wasn’t as if the student he currently had was a poor performer.“A demi-god who has maxed out their super genes won’t be much stronger from the get-go. Success in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary is, more than anything, reliant on the geno cores you collect. This will be no different for him,” Jia Shidao spoke to no one in particular, addressing his peers as if he was a teacher.Green smiled and responded, “Han Sen must be much stronger than we were. I am interested to see what powers his geno cores possess.”“It will be difficult to tell, indeed. And I don’t think Han Sen practiced the technique of the Luo family, either,” Zhu Donglai said.The woman did not say a word or interest herself in the conversation. With silent eagerness, she watched the video feed intently, awaiting what she could learn. And as she did, the others occasionally glanced her way, seeing if she had any input to provide. She acknowledged this, but it did not prompt anything.Han Sen entered the testing chamber. There was a large pool before him, holding a liquid of an unknown substance.Old Man Ji had already told him what to expect. It most certainly wasn’t water; it wasn’t even liquid. It was a swarm of nanomachines, and if he used his talents on them, they could calculate and more accurately gauge the power he possessed.Tests like this were far more accurate than what he was used to, and in a real battle, you usually punched below the fitness level you might be given. By fighting these nanomachines, you could learn about your own strength in much greater detail.When Han Sen entered the pool, he felt strange. It really did feel like water, but it wasn’t wet.The nanomachines were all around him, lapping like gentle waves against him, brushing against every pore across his skin. It was a strange sensation. Suddenly, the nanomachines began to tighten around him. He felt as if he was under pressure.Han Sen knew now was the time to begin the test, so, with his power, he began fighting back against the pressure that wanted to squeeze him.Everyone watched Han Sen and the feedback of numbers that were relayed on-screen, reflecting the power he possessed. No one wished to speak now, and even Green kept his mouth closed and his eyes fixed to the video.Han Sen was the very first demi-god to max out their genes before entering the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, so they were incredibly keen to learn if this had benefitted him a lot.“Five thousand! That’s very powerful. He really must have maxed out, to reach this figure so soon.” Zhu Donglai was ecstatic.Five thousand was the bare minimum required for a person to join the Demi-God Association. Very few demi-gods were capable of doing what Han Sen had just displayed.Demi-gods that had only maxed out their sacred-blood geno points before ascending started at a fitness level that was far below five thousand. They’d have to spend much time hunting to reach this.Doing so required maxing out their ordinary geno points, at least, and that was no small feat when a person started with such a low fitness. There was every chance the smallest ordinary creature could kill them.Surviving entry to the Fourth God’s Sanctuary and returning to tell the tale, that was attributed more to luck than it was to skill. Old Man Ji had spawned in a geno fruit forest. There, he was able to immediately scoff them down and max out his geno points relatively quickly.Han Sen’s first display had shown them a figure of five thousand, but they were keen to see if he could unleash even more power. But what they saw next was so spectacular, the muscles on each of their faces went slack, allowing their jaws to hang agape.The five thousand did not change, and on the graph that was like an electrocardiogram that tracked the output of power, it flatlined.“What? That is… scary. How can he perfectly control such power?” Green said.Green was amazed at Han Sen’s ability to dictate the power output. It was like he had dialed himself to deliver a power of five thousand and leave it like that, without the slightest wavering.Zhu Donglai said, “This is excellent. This is control beyond what anyone else has accomplished. Might this have something to do with his geno core?”Jia Shidao frowned and said, “Young people love to show off as soon as they’ve received a slight modicum of power. This is nothing more than a fancy trick.”He believed Han Sen was showing off, but the truth was, Han Sen was afraid of frightening them all with a true display of his power. It’d be too much of a shock for them if he was to instantly double his output and show them a power of ten thousand.Furthermore, he didn’t want to expose what he was capable of, and he preferred having targets who underestimated him. He didn’t want any potential enemies to know what to expect if they ever fought him. He did this so the others would acknowledge he wasn’t weak, but also to hide his true ability. Unfortunately, he didn’t know this was upsetting Jia Shidao.“I’ll do the combat test,” Jia Shidao said.The others weren’t going to stop him, and so they just nodded.They knew why he did not like Han Sen, and that was because the Iron-Fist Martial Hall had always been in competition with the Huangfu Martial Hall.Han Sen had chosen to co-operate with the Huangfu family and not him, which felt like a slight. Ever since, he had nothing nice to say when others spoke of Han Sen. Everyone thought Han Sen made a good choice, though, much to Jia Shidao’s irritation.The missed opportunity of training someone who went on to become a great hero had plagued his mind ever since.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 171: I’m Ji Yanran’s BoyfriendTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Sweetie, are you waiting for someone?" Qu Lili suddenly asked."No," Ji Yanran replied absentmindedly."Then why do you keeping looking at the door?" asked Qu Lili , puzzled.Ji Yanran suddenly blushed and withdrew her gaze in panic. She bowed her head to eat and replied, "I did not.""Sweetie, you are a bit weird today." Qu Lili looked her up and down."The genius is here!" someone whispered. Qu Lili quickly looked to the door, and saw Han Sen and Zhang Yang entering the cafeteria.Qu Lili suddenly looked at Ji Yanran with disbelief. "Sweetie, you were waiting for him, right? How did you know he would come here? Tell me.""Stop it. I was not waiting for him, and how would I know he’d be here?" Ji Yanran covered her own panic by taking a sip of her juice.When Qu Lili had thought of more to ask, Han Sen and Zhang Yang had carried their trays to the girls’ table and asked with a smile, "Sisters, can we sit here?""Of course." Qu Lili looked at Ji Yanran who kept drinking her juice, and looked back at Han Sen. She had understood something."The genius is sitting with Ji Yanran. Is there something going on between them?""Shut up. How long has he been here? I have never seen them walking together either.""But it seems that their relationship is unusual."...Ji Yanran now regretted coming to the cafeteria. It was a rushed decision and she was less mad at Han Sen since he had come over. However, the concerning eyes on her was almost burning a hole in her face. All she could do was drinking her juice."Hi Han Sen, my name is Qu Lili, warship command major. This is my roommate Ji Yanran. You should have heard of her." Qu Lili smiled and reached out a hand."Hello, I am in the Archery Department. And I am Ji Yanran’s boyfriend." Han Sen shook her hand friendly.Ji Yanran suddenly choked on her juice and everyone who heard that was appalled.Han Sen said that naturally, while it was quite an arrogant remark in the ears of others. No one had dared to claim to be Ji’s boyfriend."The genius is just different.""S*#t! Is he for real?""They are really together? This is too fast. He has only been here for a few months.""There goes our campus belle.""But he would be the only one who deserves her anyway."...Gossip filled the cafeteria as people whispered and sent pictures to the campus community."The Genius's Girlfriend Exposed," "You Would Not Believe Who She Is," "Campus Belle Taken," … a variety of different titles and videos filled the community in a sudden.At this time, Qu Lili was looking at Han Sen, stunned. Although she thought there was something going on, she did not expect him to admit being her boyfriend. Based on her understanding of Ji Yanran, her roommate would never let this happen.Qu Lili even forgot to release Han Sen’s hand and stammered, "You are her… boyfriend?""What is this nonsense? You think someone like you can be our president's boyfriend? I will kick your ass right now if you keep talking this way," shouted Monkey among a group of men who had come over to this table. Li Yufeng was also among them, looking gloomy."Why can’t I?" Han Sen asked evenly, looking at the emotional crowd."Our president has said before, whoever wants to be her boyfriend has to beat her at Hand of God. Can you?" Monkey asked coldly."That is easy," Han Sen said casually.Staring at Han Sen, Li Yufeng suddenly said, "Now you have to beat me before you could pursue Yanran."Li Yufeng knew that with Han Sen's warframe skills, this guy must have fast hands, and gave Han Sen a bigger challenge."Now isn’t that even easier?" Han Sen laughed."What did you say?" Monkey and the rest were furious.Li Yufeng stopped them, and threw a fiery gaze at Han Sen. "Then we will have one match. If you lose, do not let me see you around her again.""Is that necessary? You have lost already." Han Sen smiled."Damn, say it if you do not dare to game," ridiculed Monkey, thinking that Han Sen got cold feet.His friends were all helping him ridicule Han Sen, and Li Yufeng looked at Han Sen with disdain. "If you dare not fight me, then stay away from her."At this time, Qu Lili was suddenly enlightened and stood up. With both of her hands on the table and her eyes fixed on Han Sen, she almost shouted, "Are you Ji Yanran’s boyfriend?"The onlookers were shocked by Qu Lili. They all felt that Qu Lili was making a big deal out of nothing, since Han Sen just said he was.But Qu Lili quickly changed her way of asking, "Are you My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran?"All of a sudden, everyone opened their mouths wide. They did not expect that this was the guy who had beaten Li Yufeng by 20 points on the Battlenet.Now that Han Sen had personally admitted that he was Ji Yanran’s boyfriend, was it not the most plausible theory that he was behind that ID?"That's my Battlenet ID," Han Sen replied casually.Li Yufeng, Monkey and the rest all went pale. They could not believe this. If Han Sen was really My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran, then there was no need for another match indeed."No wonder the genius said he had won already. So he is My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran!""The genius is out of this world! I thought he was good at warframes, but he is better at black and white boxing. Now he is even better at Hand of God and has beaten Li Yufeng by 20 points.""Great God, he is one of a kind!"

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