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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 197: The Charm of A Mature WomanTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioWen Xiuxiu was now very unhappy--as an intern host and journalist of black and white boxing contest show, she was assigned to work for the famous Fang Mingquan.Originally with her qualifications, she could not have been assigned to shadow Fang Mingquan who was a big shot right now. The only reason she was here was her prominent family.She had thought she could show the world her talent under Fang’s guidance. However, the first task Fang had assigned to her was to go to Blackhawk Military Academy. This black and white boxing competition on Skynet was sponsored by a well-known gaming platform, and all famous military schools had been invited to participate. Wen Xiuxiu expected to be assigned to the schools that had ranked first or second last year, but Fang insisted that she go Blackhawk which was not even in top 16 last time. Although she had argued, Fang Mingquan still sent her there, and said there would be a surprise. Wen Xiuxiu could not imagine there to be any surprise. She had checked the arrangement, and Blackhawk’s first opponent would be St. Germain, one of the top 4 last year. St. Germain had been good at martial arts in general and had been among the top 4 in all kinds of items. They were especially strong in black and white boxing. They were only in top 4 in group match, but got the second place in the singles match. This competition on the Skynet was a group game, but St. Germain would not lose to Blackhawk by any chance. Wen Xiuxiu even doubted whether Fang Mingquan had got the names of the military schools mixed up and she was in fact supposed to be at St. Germain. Although Wen Xiuxiu had hinted Fang Mingquan several times, Fang did not seem to hear her and sent her to Blackhawk. "Well, it’s the same game anyway, and I could always focus more on St. Germain." Wen Xiuxiu did not have much hope for Blackhawk. Wen Xiuxiu understood that Blackhawk was not strong originally, and this year a lot of its main players had graduated, so Ouyang Xiaosan was the only one that had some skills. But Ouyang Xiaosan was at best top 10 if put in a singles match. He alone would not change the result of the game. Although she was disappointed, Wen Xiuxiu still came to Blackhawk to do an interview and introduction of the players in advance. Holding her press credential and entering the campus, she was lost in the gigantic campus of Blackhawk. It was as big as a city and she had no idea where the black and white boxing players were training. Wen Xiuxiu looked around at a green area and found almost all the students were in groups or pairs. Not far from where she was, a student was sitting alone on a bench, reading. Wen Xiuxiu walked to him and carefully looked at the student, thinking, "It’s so good to be young. Even a guy has such nice skin." "Sir, sorry to bother you. Do you know where the Martial Arts Society is?" Wen Xiuxiu flipped her hair as she asked, believing that as a pretty lady, she could easily charm a young boy into leading the way. The boys looked up at Wen Xiuxiu, smiled and said, "To go to Martial Arts Society, just follow this road and turn left at the third intersection, continue to walk two blocks and then turn right..." Wen Xiuxiu was still confused, and quickly put on a charming smile. "Do you have a minute? Can you show me the way? I am really not familiar with this place." "I'm sorry. I still have things to do and cannot do that. Would you ask someone else?" The boy smiled and said. Wen Xiuxiu suddenly felt terrible. She had been a campus belle when she was younger, and the prettiest girl no matter where she went. Although she was older than the students here, she still had her glamour. Now this young man was not even impressed by her beauty, and she thought it was quite unacceptable. Unwilling to give up, Wen wanted to say something, but saw a girl walking over to the bench and sat next to that student. She looked at Wen and asked the guy, "Who is this?" Wen Xiuxiu was a bit dazed by the girl’s look. Even as a woman, she had to concede that the girl was gorgeous. Although the girl was not old enough, her youth and innocence were very attractive. "She is asking for direction," Han Sen replied with a smile. Ji Yanran looked at Wen Xiuxiu, blinked and asked, "You are a military school student, right? Where are you going?" Wen Xiuxiu quickly took her press card out and said, "I’m a reporter of Huaxing Station, and want to interview some students from the Martial Arts Society, but I don’t know where to find them." Ji Yanran pondered and pointed to several guys near them, "Those are the members of the Martial Arts Society. They should be able to take you there." Wen Xiuxiu had to thank her and went that way. Fortunately, this time things went more smoothly. These guys finally appreciated her beauty and took her to the Martial Arts Society with passion. The Martial Arts Society was more or less the same as she had thought. Wen Xiuxiu did not pay much attention to their three bench players since only the five first team members had been announced. She also took for granted that since their first team was not impressive, their bench players would be even worse. But when Wen Xiuxiu thought of the guy she met today in the school, she felt he looked somewhat familiar, but could not pin it down. It was no wonder that she did not remember. Han Sen had not been exposed to the public after that commercial. He also had makeup on in the commercial, so it was natural that she had not recognized him.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1429: Ling Mei’erTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Snake King, this egg looks special. Does it belong to a super creature?” The lady dismounted the snake and ventured towards the egg; she stroked the egg as she spoke.The big snake nodded to the lady.“Good. We haven’t had super creatures in our shelter for a long time. It would be best if we brought it back with us,” the lady went on to say.The snake wrapped itself around the big, heavy egg and tried to lift it onto its scaled back.But when the Snake King pulled to lift it, the egg shattered instead.It was an unexpected and slightly disheartening shock to incur, but as they watched it shatter, something came falling out of it. It was a humanoid shaped-creature that came tumbling out—one that glowed white and bright.The creature was actually Han Sen. The issue with the egg, Han Sen had realized, was that it was actually empty and devoid of any yoke.So, what he did was dig underground and come up underneath the egg. From the bottom, he was able to insert himself into the egg and prepare to play the part of a newborn—something he figured he’d be good at.At first, he only wanted to get a glimpse of what might have been left behind in the egg, if there was anything.He did find something inside the egg, too. It was an abundance of fragrant, aromatic mushrooms. They were pleasant to his nose and he planned to eat them, but all he had the time to do before his cover was blown was pocket the mushrooms.The mere scent of the mushrooms was enough to excite the cells in his body; it was truly invigorating. And it got Han Sen thinking of the various ways he could sizzle and serve them whenever he returned home.“These are good, these are so good,” Han Sen told himself repeatedly, before putting them all inside his Cruel Bottle.And unlike the unfathomably heavy shell that had veiled the mushrooms, they were easy to pick. All in all, he managed to collect seven of the wide-brimmed ‘shrooms.He was going to escape shortly after, as he was well-hidden and the sub-subterranean passage he had carved out for himself would take him a good distance away from the snake’s chamber.But before he could get out, the snake grabbed hold of the egg and clumsily broke it with ease. Han Sen came tumbling out, which was a surefire guarantee of his presence being exposed. The need for an act came then.When Han Sen looked up, he saw the lady and the eye-less snake looking down at him.The lady was not a human, that much was certain. She had cat ears and a fluffy fox-tail—which delighted Han Sen’s inner furry.Han Sen could sense she was not a spirit, and she was most likely a humanoid creature, and a fine one at that.Unfortunately, he was unable to detect what strength she possessed and what level she could be classed at. Whatever she was, though, he knew he shouldn’t underestimate her.“Should I run?” Han Sen wondered to himself.Before he could come to a decision, the woman spoke to him. She said, “We mean you no harm, you cute little thing. I am the master of Dark Spirit Shelter. I was hoping you might be able to join us there.”Han Sen was surprised, but also a little relieved. They were not hostile, and what’s more, they believed he was a creature.When Han Sen was in his super spirit mode, spirits believed him to be a spirit and creatures believed him to be a creature.Han Sen didn’t play it like a doe-eyed newborn, though. He went straight to business, asking, “What kind of shelter is it? And how many super creatures reside there?”“All children of Dark Spirit need to have their own shelter to grow up in. But for now, there is only me and the Snake King here. If you join, that makes three!” The lady blushed as her tail stood up alongside her ears that twitched left and right like a couple of rotating satellite dishes.Han Sen mulled the situation over swiftly, and came to the decision it wasn’t an all-bad proposition. With how gullible she had been, he said to himself, “Whoa! She’s easy to fool. Perhaps I should go after her and see what goodies I can wring out of her.”“What are the benefits of joining your shelter?” Han Sen asked.“You are newly-born, aren’t you? Me and my big snake can protect you. We can offer you food, warmth, and much loving care.” The lady blushed again, and did so at several random intervals. She went on to say, “We only have mushrooms to eat for the time being, but it is early days yet. As we grow and prosper, what’s on the menu is sure to expand.”“Okay, but what is your name?” Han Sen asked.The lady was half-expecting Han Sen not to agree, but she told him, “My name is Ling Mei’er. What about you?”“My name is Dollar,” Han Sen answered, thinking it had been a long time since he last used that alias.“Well then, Dollar, let’s return. If Dark Spirit found you, things would not turn out so well.” Ling Mei’er invited Han Sen to ride on Snake King’s back.She seemed to be a very naive woman, so Han Sen asked her all the questions he could think of. He wanted as much intel as he could possibly gather.Han Sen was surprised by what he heard. The Dark Spirit she had referred to was actually a tribe of super creatures.“Will this tribe come after me, if they know I kidnapped Ling Mei’er?” Han Sen asked himself, thinking of what he could ultimately do with the cat-fox girl.Ling Mei’er didn’t stop talking to Han Sen along the way. He learned he was in a large underground realm, one that would not make for a short trip.Han Sen was expecting, from how humbly she spoke, that her shelter would be something rather small. He wasn’t expecting much, but what greeted his vision would have disappointed him, even if he set the expectation-bar at its lowest possible point.He was frozen at what he saw. It was a cave, next to a dirty river that babbled like a wheezing exhaust.“This… is what you consider a shelter?” Han Sen asked, unsure if she had been pulling his leg.This was the first time Han Sen had been to a shelter that wasn’t an island of polished constructs. It was a hole in the underground and little more.Ling Mei’er blushed, as she frequently did, and told Han Sen, “There aren’t many shelters down here. But don’t worry! We are sure to claim a bigger shelter someday. This is just our temporary residence.”Han Sen smiled like a weirdo, telling her, “Actually, you don’t have to stay in this place. That little pit is not worth our time. With our combined might, you and I can most certainly conquer or claim many shelters above ground.”

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注册即送70元⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 778: Emerald Man of StoneTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen had the feeling he had been granted the duty of saving the world. He turned away from Lin Beifeng and had a quick peek into the bag he had been given. There really was a book in there, and the paper looked fairly modern. It must have been produced in the Alliance in the past few years, and was undoubtedly waterproof, fireproof, and bugproof.Han Sen was a little disappointed, learning that it was not some ancient codex. If it was, he believed he could sell it for a high price as an antique.There was no name on it, strangely. After having a flick through the contents, he learned that it was neither a hyper geno art or Qi Gong. It was similar to Primal Innocence, but better, with a far greater depth.It related to psychological fortitude and constitution, and contained within it many examples. It was like a compendium or guide to prevent one from being subjected to fraud or scams."Who was that Blindman? And what did he give me this for? I am not going to be a salesman, and neither am I going to teach others how to avoid being scammed." Han Sen was quite confused.Han Sen thought about it and came to the conclusion that reading it would prove no harm. It might actually end up being beneficial, and could aid him in avoiding the schemes of confidence men in the future. For now, though, he put it away.The high-class officers in the Alliance all looked sickly and evil. God knew how many wretched ideas were concocted in their minds, after all.Han Sen continued his journey and brought Lin Beifeng all the way to the royal shelter safely. Although Lin Beifeng did not know anyone there, having wealth meant he could have or do anything he wanted to. It was very unlike the tiny knight shelter that didn't even have anything to spend coin on."Brother, I thank you so very much. If it weren't for you, I'd still be there in that knight shelter, being subject to mistreatment by those bastards. If you remain in the shelter for a few days, I promise I'll get you something good. It'll be the least I can do to return the favor you have done me; plus, it'll cover what I owe you for the sacred-blood beast souls," Lin Beifeng said to Han Sen."There is no rush, but I do plan to remain here for a couple of days. If you require further assistance, I can help you get in touch with the special security team for your protection, too. They're good at what they do, but you'll have to pay for their services." Han Sen smiled."That is brilliant to hear, Brother. But let's not speak any further. Wait for my good news." Lin Beifeng was more than pleased, loving the prospect of being helped by the special security team. By himself, his reputation would not have granted him the privilege, but with Han Sen's help, such a thing was possible.Han Sen did this on Lin Beifeng's behalf due to the concern he felt for him. He was worried that, left to his own devices, it wouldn't be long before someone else got their treacherous, money-prying hooks in him, or someone else that was associated with Liu Kuang might come after him once Han Sen was out of the picture.Han Sen stayed in the shelter and then got in touch with the special security team. He hired a bodyguard for Lin Beifeng's protection.Han Sen was not in a rush to leave, and elected to spend some time deliberating his next move. He was initially going to go see his mother, so he could protect her and aid her in collecting super geno points.But seeing how his mom last responded when he brought the subject up, she didn't seem like she cared too much. Therefore, it was unnecessary for him to walk a few hundred thousand miles to go see her.If he wanted to see his mom, he would have preferred to request a vacation in which he could go home and have a rest.Han Sen took to info-gathering during stay in the shelter, and he spent some time digging around on Skynet. He was keen to learn whether or not there were nearby super creatures. The more he killed, the more points he would gain. And right now, he wanted to speed up so he could access the Third God's Sanctuary sooner.In fact, Han Sen felt quite pressured. The people he had been interacting with recently were beginning to make him feel a little dwarfed. He felt weak. Not being able to protect himself in the Alliance made him extremely uncomfortable.After a while of browsing, Han Sen came across a good place he could visit. At a nearby mountain, there was a nest of creatures.The shelter had tried to route the fiends and force them to vacate the area, but the creatures were too powerful. Each time the shelter attempted to strike, they were brought a ruinous defeat. Therefore, it had been a while since they last tried to take on the nest.Han Sen viewed a few records of what the survivors had experienced in the attacks. He was able to confirm that there was indeed a super creature there, and that was all Han Sen needed to know before electing to go there.When he was in the First God's Sanctuary, Han Sen once guessed a creature's egg had a super creature inside it.If the egg had not been broken before it naturally hatched, a super creature would have been born.Back then, these were just guesses Han Sen made. If this nest had super creatures there, then that would prove his guesses were correct.After obtaining a map, Han Sen set out to where the cave was said to be. With the silver fox in tow, not a single ill happenstance transpired. He was able to walk straight up to the nest.Han Sen climbed into a stone cave and noticed a green gold wall that had been broken. Beyond it was a hulking emerald crystal that was humanoid in shape.Han Sen used his Dongxuan Sutra to scan it, and was surprised to learn that what he was seeing was indeed the creature he had come to hunt. It was a super creature.Han Sen summoned his little angel to start the fight with the Emerald Golem while he ventured deeper into the nest, wanting to see if an egg remained.With the silver fox there, none of the other creatures dared get close to Han Sen. This was good news for him, since he couldn't be bothered with fighting them, anyway. With the fairy flying around, as well, they were sure not to bother him.Han Sen quickly walked inside the nest and saw an egg inside. It was, however, cracked and empty. Now, he believed his prior guesses even more."If the first-generation super creatures are birthed from eggs, where do the eggs come from?" Han Sen had trouble with this conundrum, thinking he might never find the answer. The nest was deep underground, so it might be a while before humans figured this one out.Han Sen then returned to the entrance and saw the little angel continuing to do battle with the golem. The Emerald Golem had sustained many scrapes and cuts. Even if Han Sen decided not to chip in, it didn't seem likely to last very long.And again, Han Sen could not be bothered to fight. He found a rock that was shaped near-enough like a chair, sat down, and held the gourd as he watched the little angel fight the Emerald Golem.He didn't really want to slay the golem, since he couldn't absorb the Life Geno essence of a first-generation super creature. And obtaining a beast soul was reliant purely on luck.Since its dunk, the blood color of the gourd had finally faded away. Whatever was inside must have absorbed it all, and right now, veins of gold light ran all across it.The energy flow of the gourd was becoming more and more obvious, and it had changed a lot since when he first laid hands on it.This surprised Han Sen quite a bit, and it seemed to him that there was something growing, deep inside.Han Sen paid more attention to this new energy flow and noticed that the power inside was not too different from the holy rhino's.But Han Sen did not understand the reason the gourd had an energy flow such as that. No matter how strong it was, it could only magnetize objects. Its power wouldn't directly deal damage.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 390: Killing a Sacred-blood Creature You Don’t Even SeeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe group of people continued their way into the Devil Desert. At night, when they were having a break, Yuan whispered to Han Sen when the teenager was not nearby, "Brother, Hai Yun is arrogant because his grandfather is Hai Mingwei. Don't pay him any mind.""Senator Hai Mingwei?" Han Sen was surprised to hear that. Hai Mingwei was a senator and demigod, probably the best fighter among all humans. When Han Sen just entered God's Sanctuary, Hai Mingwei became the first human who had killed a demigod sacred-blood creature.So far, no one could follow that example. Hai Mingwei was named the best fighter ever, and the most likely candidate of the President of the Alliance.Han Sen had heard rumors that the Hais were one of the clans that inherited ancient martial arts, which was why Hai Mingwei could reach his level.Yuan nodded and said, "Hai Yun is the only boy in his generation, which is why the entire clan takes his education very seriously. Since he is randomly assigned to Steel Armor Shelter, both my family and Qing's family told us to keep him safe. If anything happens to him, both of us will be responsible. Just don't pay him any mind, brother."Han Sen nodded. He did not mean to take Hai Yun seriously anyway. However, he curiously asked, "Did the Hais really inherit ancient martial arts?"Yuan curled his lips and said, "Most of the senators have something to do with ancient martial arts, which gave them a huge advantage when they entered God's Sanctuary. Otherwise, they would have no advantages. Those who fight on their own are basically all in the house.""Good to know." It was the first time that Han Sen heard about these things, so he felt quite interested and asked Yuan a few more questions.Yuan did not know much either. Some of his family members was in the House. Although they knew something about the Senate, they did not know a lot.When they set out on the road again, Hai Yun was extremely active, killing almost all the creatures they saw. His fitness was great, and the techniques he was using were impressive, many of which Han Sen had never seen before. They were probably the secret of the Hais.Each time Hai Yun killed a creature, he would shoot a challenging glance at Han Sen. However, Han Sen remained calm and acted as if he did not see it.The biggest thing Hai Yun killed was one or two mutant creatures, which Han Sen was not interested in at all. He was not in the mood to play a child's game.The third day into the desert, when they were marching, Han Sen suddenly looked surprised as he gazed at the horizon. He stopped his mount and summoned the horn bow and the bony fish arrow."Brother, what had happened?" Seeing Han Sen acting like that, everyone else became alarmed. However, they did not see anything nearby."Black-feathered beasts. The king is also here," Han Sen pointed to the horizon and said.Han Sen was quite pleased. This was not far from where he ran into the black-feathered beasts last time. It was great that he saw them again. He would never miss this opportunity.The rest of the group looked in the direction that Han Sen was pointing. All they could see was some black dots."I wonder if that is true. You are so far from the creatures. Even if you could see them, what's the point of taking out your bow? You could not even hurt an ordinary creature at such a distance, let alone a sacred-blood creature," said Hai Yun with his lips curled.Han Sen did not reply but pulled the horn bow to its full. Aiming at the horizon for a while, Han Sen suddenly shot the bony fish arrow.A gray shadow flew toward the sky and immediately disappeared in people's sight. No one knew where the arrow went.Momentarily, they heard a shrill cry from afar. The group were overjoyed. Yuan looked to Han Sen and asked, "Brother, you got it?"Han Sen nodded excitedly. The voice in his mind made him so happy that he did not know what to say."Sacred-blood creature black-feathered beast king killed. Beast soul of black-feathered beast king gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points."Han Sen was surprised to gain the beast soul of the creature. He felt like his luck was getting better recently."Brother, did you really kill the sacred-blood black-feathered beast?" Qing could not believe what had happened. He stared his eyes wide, as he did not see what the black-feathered beast looked like.Han Sen nodded. Hai Yun snorted and urged his mount to run where the arrow fell. He did not believe that before he even saw the beasts, Han Sen had already killed their sacred-blood king.Yuan and Qing were worried about Hai Yun and quickly summoned everyone to go after him. As the group of people approached the spot, they eventually saw a tornado of black-feathered beasts hovering in the sky, screeching.In the center of the tornado stood a boulder a hundred feet tall. A giant black-feathered beast was impaled on the boulder with an arrow, the same arrow that Han Sen shot just now.Hai Yun widened his eyes and felt incredulous. The rest of the group were also dumbstruck. How strong must Han Sen be to kill a sacred-blood creature more than a mile away."In First God's Sanctuary, I believe you do not have any match," said Yuan admiringly.Hai Yun looked at Han Sen with complex emotions. Initially, he did not think much of Han Sen, but he suddenly realized the gap between Han Sen and himself was too wide. Before he even saw the sacred-blood creature, Han Sen had already killed it, which was a hard blow in Hai Yun's face."There are so many masters in the Alliance. This is nothing," said Han Sen casually and quickly rushed into the black-feathered beasts, trying to snatch the body of the beast king.The rest of the group also rushed over. Without the leadership of the beast king, the black-feathered beasts became a chaos. Most of them flew away, and the few that attacked the humans were all killed.Han Sen quickly dashed to the boulder and took back the bony fish arrow. The body of the black-feathered beast king immediately fell to the ground, dust swirling.Han Sen did not take the body up but summoned the golden rock worm king. He pointed at the black-feathered beast king's body and the worm king immediately threw itself at the body excitedly.Recently, the golden rock worm king had stopped eating. It lost its interest in all meat but the meat of sacred-blood creatures. Han Sen thought it was time for the worm king to evolve. The black-feathered beast was huge in size. It would take Han Sen a long while to gain a sacred-blood geno point. He thought it was better if he just feed the whole body to the worm king.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1543: Leveling Up Under PressureTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe tunnel had the same width as an air raid shelter. It was wide enough for a car to pass through, but that was about it. Every one mile, a beam of sunlight would bathe a portion of the tunnel from above. It made the place seem longer than it actually was, and it felt extremely weird.After each checkpoint of light, the pressure permeating the atmosphere of the tunnel increased. The gemstone class creatures that were the heirs of super creatures could only make it through fourteen of those checkpoints. They were unable to go any further than that.Looking down the tunnel from a distance, the pools of light looked like the illumination of street lamps, all the way down. There were nineteen of them in total.Up until now, no one had been able to figure out what lay at the end of the Godlight Tunnel.Even the creatures that leveled up to super while inside the tunnel were unable to reach the end of it.( NovelFull )  Little Lion King followed along and said with a smile, “We met each other on the field of battle. Let’s encounter one-another again sometime. I am Little Jade Lion King of Lion Mountain. What is your name?”“Han Sen. I’m human,” Han Sen answered. He still wasn’t fond of Little Jade Lion King, but it wasn’t as if he hated the lion’s guts. He wasn’t entirely against having a conversation with him.As Han Sen and Little Lion King spoke, Yu Miao stared at them coldly. She despised Han Sen.And as they were having their discussion, someone else entered Godlight Tunnel. Han Sen thought it was just some creature or spirit, but it was in fact Six Paths.Yu Miao’s heart jumped when she saw Six Paths. Six Paths Emperor wouldn’t hand over a geno core, and if Han Sen had any form of conflict with the spirit, she believed Six Paths would kill him with ease.Yu Miao, who was going to continue following, stopped where she was for a spell. She waited for Six Paths to catch up and see if a conflict between the two would break out.“Sister, Six Paths Emperor is here. I’m not sure Han Sen knows who he is. If he doesn’t, given Six Paths’ personality, a fight is sure to break out.” Yu Xuan told Yu Miao giddily, in hushed excitement. He was thinking along the same lines.Six Paths soon approached Han Sen, and crushing the expectations set by Yu Miao and Yu Xuan, Six Paths spoke to the human like an old friend. He asked, “Why are you here?”“I’m in God’s Ruin. How could I not spare the time to visit the Godlight Tunnel?” Han Sen smiled.Six Paths nodded and said, “Good timing, then. Now we can compete and see which of us can walk the farthest in this Godlight Tunnel.”Yu Miao and Yu Xuan wore strange expressions. They hadn’t expected Han Sen to be personally acquainted with Six Paths Emperor. And again, knowing Six Paths personality to be what it was, it was perplexing to see him address Han Sen as if he was addressing an equal. They were flat-out shocked.Little Jade Lion King, seeing Han Sen talk to Six Paths Emperor like his buddy, had an even greater admiration for the human. He thought to himself, “It’s no wonder he is so strong. To kill Goddess as he pleases, he must indeed be quite the character. Before Six Paths Emperor self-destructed, he was more famous than my father. If Han Sen can talk to him like a friend, then Han Sen really must be strong.”Six Paths wasn’t an avid talker, though, and after a few brief verbal exchanges, he went ahead and focused on getting deeper into the Godlight Tunnel.Han Sen, Queen, Tang Zhenliu, and Little Lion King followed.Bao’er was in Han Sen’s arms, and Starsea Beast was following behind Han Sen. Little Silver was on the big creature’s head, staring at the light up ahead.The light sources above were like small suns, and they managed to light up the tunnel rather well. The first curtain of light fell on Han Sen, draping him with what felt like water. The light was tangible.But the feeling was not heavy, and it did not feel burdening.Everyone walked through the first curtain of light with ease. But after passing through the light, the gravity felt much heavier. Still, it did not slow them down or affect their passage too much.They continued walking until they reached the fifth curtain of light. There, Tang Zhenliu could not take the pressure of what came next. His entire body was wet with sweat, and it felt as if he was carrying the whole weight of a mountain. It took a lot of effort just to make one step.Of course, he only had a bronze geno core. His fitness and geno core level were still very weak, so it was fairly impressive he had managed to make it that far.“Can you still go on?” Han Sen asked Tang Zhenliu.“It’s okay. I can keep going. I must make it to the sixth, at least.” Tang Zhenliu gritted his teeth.Han Sen didn’t say anything. He just walked by Tang Zhenliu’s side. The pressure there was of no bother to Han Sen.Tang Zhenliu could see everyone else walking forward freely, and he even saw Little Silver lying on Starsea Beast’s head in a relaxed posture as if there wasn’t a single ounce of additional atmospheric pressure. He sighed and thought to himself, “Han Sen’s companions are so scary. How long will it take me to catch up to his level?”Tang Zhenliu did not want to give up, and onwards he continued. He eventually ended up far behind the others, as his pace was extremely slow. His muscles tightened, as if they were going to tear through his clothes at any given moment.Han Sen didn’t make it obvious that he was deliberately watching the man struggle as he was, but he did keep an eye on how he was doing. If it was becoming too much, and Tang Zhenliu could no longer stay upright against the gravity, Han Sen would take him out of the tunnel before he collapsed and died there.Surprisingly, as hard it was for him, he managed to hold on strong. And when he almost reached the sixth light, his very bones began to creak. His entire skeleton sounded as if it was going to break.Boom!When Tang Zhenliu stepped into the wash of the sixth light, his entire body glowed with the color silver. It looked as if his geno core had managed to reach silver class.Yu Miao and Little Lion King looked at him. Although it was not a rare thing to level up in the Godlight Tunnel, simply being able to meant he was talented.Tang Zhenliu was tired, so he sat down and stopped moving forward. His geno core leveled up, but his body didn’t. His body could not take any more pressure, either. He couldn’t walk an inch further.“I can’t walk. You guys go ahead and I’ll wait here.” Tang Zhenliu spoke in between deep gasps.Han Sen nodded as he went on alongside Queen.When they reached the ninth curtain of light, it was Queen’s turn to have difficulty. And when she reached the tenth curtain of light, Queen’s body began to slow and her geno core leveled up.“Godlight Tunnel gives the opportunity to level up a geno core, but the other creatures and spirits don’t show any changes. Tang Zhenliu and Queen both leveled up. Is this just coincidental, or is there a reason for this?” Han Sen wondered.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 850: Killing ContinuouslyTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioYi Dongmu wasn't the only one dexterous in the arts of assassination; Han Sen was, too.When the cane approached Han Sen's forehead, he made a quick dodge to the left. As he moved, he threw his palm towards the spirit's chest like the sudden lunge of a snake.The Devil-Blood King coldly snickered, seemingly prepared for this. His dagger-like fingers snatched Han Sen's wrist, and his lethal nails pierced through the armor and into the flesh."You have already been poisoned by my Devil-Blood powers. How can you willfully elect to escape? And worse yet, attempt to assassinate me. Fool; do you have a death wish?" The Devil-Blood King was ready to break Han Sen's wrist."Not really." Han Sen's eyes glimmered with amusement. He reversed his hand and a fairy appeared, blowing white mist into the Devil-Blood King's face.In a single moment, the spirit became ice."Kill him." Han Sen summoned over Little Angel and issued the command. With her greatsword, she sliced the icicle in half.The Devil-Blood King scattered into dust and returned to the spirit stone, dead.Then, Han Sen used his holy light to remedy the Devil-Blood poison. Wasting no time, he immediately took off running towards the Spirit Hall.The scimitar-witch had yet to submit, however. She went after him, but Han Sen was aware. His eyes shone blue as he caught her gaze, and she froze in place for a moment.And in that single second Han Sen cast his Sonic-Thunder powers. He punched the scimitar-witch's lightshield, and so great was the power of the strike, it pierced directly through without reprieve. The silver sun of his fist smashed into her body, unyielding.Aaah!The scimitar-witch's body was enveloped by lightning. Her body convulsed as she tried to retreat.Little Angel found her window of opportunity, and after flapping her wings to draw closer, swung her greatsword. She cut open the lightshield and severed the witch's head from her body, allowing blood to gush from the exposed throat."Super Creature Cruel Witch killed. No beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is edible, and you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."Han Sen summoned his Spirit Owl and let it gorge on the witch's flesh, and then, he took off running towards the Spirit Hall without any impediment.The status quo in the shelter had yet to be wholly flipped, but Little Angel and Han Sen's pets had more than what it took to handle four rival super creatures. Without worry, he ran to the Spirit Hall as quickly as he could.There was a statue inside, reminiscent of Yaksha. In its forehead, a spirit stone rested. But as he looked, Han Sen began to develop an uneasy feeling, suspecting something was amiss.The spirit stone did not seem alive. It lacked its spirit and was instead just a stone.Regardless, he flew towards the statue and collected the lifeless gem. The Devil-Blood King did not show after this, and so Han Sen crushed the jewel into dust. He didn't believe that the spirit had been killed."D*mn it! This is not the Spirit Hall." Han Sen felt awful. If this wasn't the Spirit Hall, then he knew he'd have great difficulty searching for the true location in such a large shelter. The real Spirit Hall must have been hidden, a machination of the Devil-Blood King, undoubtedly.Running out of the false hall, he used his dongxuan aura as he ran all across the shelter. His time was running out, and still, he could not find the Devil-Blood King nor the spirit stone."D*mn it!" Han Sen cursed his predicament. He calculated his remaining time, and determined he had fifty minutes left before the rest of the super creatures returned to the shelter.But Han Sen stopped scouring the shelter for the Spirit Hall. The Devil-Blood King had obviously devised a way to make finding the Spirit Hall nigh impossible, and he knew he wouldn't have been able to find it in the time he had.Instead of wasting more time, he thought it would be better to kill as many super creatures as he could.The red-maned lion was battling the silver fox, the black-bat fought with Little Angel, and the fairy did combat with the big-mawed monster. Although Han Sen's pets were stronger, the holy light bug had continued buffing and increasing the defense of its compatriots. As such, the time it was taking them to kill the super creatures was far longer than it should have been.Seeing that the Spirit Owl had devoured half of the Cruel Witch, Han Sen then summoned his Death Knell to soak and drink as much blood as it could.The blue bell hovered in and above the blood, sucking the blood up like a vacuum.The blue bell then became red, with diagrammatic symbols and etchings illuminated brightly across its surface. After that, the bell tolled.Of course, Han Sen didn't have the time to inspect what had happened closely. He summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and kept on running towards the holy light bug. If he did not slay that pest, it would be extremely difficult to kill anything.Han Sen had already sensed that the holy light bug was a second generation super creature, due to his ability to discern the energy flow inside it.The holy light bug, seeing Han Sen approach, skittered away rapidly with its four legs.Han Sen was surprised by this. He was exhausted and weak, so he was taken aback about why the critter would be so scared of him.The holy light bug ran away from him as if it was panicking. Suddenly, its condition became clear to Han Sen."That bug keeps on buffing other super creatures, yes; but it never joins the fight itself. Does that mean it is really weak?" Thinking of this, Han Sen's mood lifted. With greater haste, he sped up to chase after it.But when Han Sen ran faster, so too did the bug. And with the speed of the super creature that it was, Han Sen was unable to catch up.The holy light bug eventually turned around, as if to mock Han Sen.When it looked back, Han Sen summoned his devil-eye mask. His eyes flashed with a blue light that seemed to confuse the bug. It stopped moving and its holy light dimmed."Die!" Han Sen cast Sonic-Thunder Punch at the shell of the creature with unbridled force.Thunder sounded in the shelter as a sun of silver light was driven inside the bug. It screamed as lightning poured out of its every orifice."Little Angel?" It hadn't been killed yet, so he called over his pet to deliver the finisher. With her greatsword, she pierced right through the shell."Super Creature Holy Lightshield Bug killed. No beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is edible, and you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence gain zero to ten super geno points randomly.""Again, no beast soul? Why am I so unfortunate?" Han Sen recalled his promise to Wang Yuhang, who was set to receive the first beast soul. Now, his thoughts were starting to shift. "I shouldn't have allowed him to get first pick of a beast soul. With his bad luck, we are likely not to receive any today, anyway."

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Yan Yansi⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 520: Killing The Golden CrabTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioIt was so easy to kill fish creatures the bottom of the water."I must get my hands on the Crystal Palace. This is such a bug. With the Crystal Palace, I own the entire ocean." Han Sen was overjoyed.He summoned Snow Charmer, asking her to shoot down the creatures in the water with her spear, while Han Sen was cooking the fish, feeling relaxed."Meat of golden anchovy eaten. One primitive geno point gained.""Snow Charmer killed primitive golden swordfish. Beast soul of golden swordfish gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 primitive geno points."…Han Sen did not have to move a finger. As he was reading, Snow Charmer could help him kill the creatures and Mermaid Princess would cook the creatures for him and even feed them to him. All he needed to do was to open his mouth."This is such a life in heaven. I have wasted more than two decades. This is what hunting should be like." Han Sen felt so good as he could gain geno points while lying."If I could get that silver-haired royal spirit as well, that would be even better," Han Sen thought to himself.There were all kinds of creatures at the bottom of the lake. Some Han Sen could not recognize at all. There were shellfish as big as a mill, lobsters as big as a motorcycle, and even sea beasts of different shapes.There were many mutant creatures. However, because Crystal Palace could not be moved, Han Sen could only wait for the creatures to approach the shelter to kill them. If he entered the water, even he would not be the match of those creatures, not to mention Snow Charmer.This made Han Sen want the Crystal Palace even more. If the Crystal Palace could be moved as he wished, he could kill all the creatures he liked.Even so, Han Sen had incredible gains still. In just a dozen days, he had filled up his primitive geno points and gained seventeen mutant geno points.In addition to the increase in his geno points, he also gained a dozen primitive beast souls and a mutant beast soul. These gains were much more than back in the days when Han Sen hunted alone.The only shame was that he did not hunt any sacred-blood creature. There seemed to be only one sacred-blood creature which was the silver eel in the area of the frozen lake. Other than that, there was the golden crab.For the dozen days, Snow Charmer had hunted a lot of primitive creatures. Since Han Sen could not finish all the food himself, he piled the food up, wanting to sell it after he got out.Who knows that the golden crab was so shameless that it came to take some every day, treating Han Sen's place as its kitchen."Damn you, crab. I must get straight with you today." Han Sen had tolerated its behaviors for days and felt he should be on the same level as the golden crab in terms of fitness. So, he planned to try to kill it, getting the Crystal Palace back.As usual, the golden crab came to Han Sen to steal the meat again. When it turned away, Han Sen used his claws to hit the crab's shell.The golden crab quickly reacted. It threw away the two fish it had taken. Flipping itself around, it shot its pincer at Han Sen's claws.Ding!The pincer hit the claws and sounded like metal. Han Sen stepped back three times before he could stabilize himself. The golden crab also fell back. They were about on the same level judging from this round.Seeing that his strength was no weaker than the golden crab, Han Sen felt overjoyed and waved his claws again.However, this time, Han Sen did not hit the golden crab head on, but walked around it using kiting skills.Very soon, Han Sen found an opportunity to hit the crab hard on its shell. However, the claws only left three shallow marks on the golden shell and did not crush it."So hard!" After fighting for more than half an hour, Han Sen made several hits on the golden crab, but only shallow marks were left. The crab was not hurt for real.Han Sen took his claws back and decided to use his fists to fight the golden crab. When hitting the golden crab, he secretly used the yin force.However, since the yin force only penetrate 3 to 4 inches, Han Sen could not really hurt the crab if he was hitting at the wrong spot.Boom!Han Sen found an opportunity to hit the golden crab on its head. Suddenly, he saw the golden crab wobbling as if it were drunk.Han Sen was overjoyed, going up to hit its head hard.The golden crab seemed to be dizzy from the hit. Its strikes were no longer organized or forceful.For several punches, Han Sen had hit the head of the golden crab repeatedly. The yin force went deep, and the golden crab became even more dizzy. It could no longer stand straight and fell on the floor.Hitting madly on the crab shell with his fists, Han Sen sent yin force into its head. Gradually, it stopped moving."Sacred-blood creature golden pincer king killed. Beast soul of golden pincer king gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points randomly." Hearing the voice at last, Han Sen felt overjoyed. He quickly checked the type of the beast soul of the golden pincer king.Type of beast soul of sacred-blood creature golden pincer king: armor.Han Sen summoned the beast soul and golden armor suddenly appeared on his body, covering him up completely. He looked lean and strong, full of power.At first sight, this armor and the black beetle armor were very similar. They were both golden armor that covered the whole body. However, their shapes were slightly different. The helmet of the pincer king armor was clearly a golden crab."Eventually I have a sacred-blood armor again. In the future, I will use the black crystal to turn it into a berserk sacred-blood beast soul. At that time, I think not even sacred-blood weapons could hurt it." Han Sen was very happy.He was used to having sacred-blood armor with him. When he came to Second God's Sanctuary, he had always wanted his armor, and this was his dream coming true.Putting the armor on, Han Sen climbed on the boat and walked slowly into the cabin.After passing the hall, there were corridors and rooms inside everywhere. He did not encounter any other creature. However, Han Sen could not find where the operating room was, so he had to summon Mermaid Princess.Mermaid Princess guided Han Sen's way and they soon reached the operating room which was on the upper level of the crystal sailboat.Seeing the crystal rudder, Mermaid Princess cheered and grabbed it. The moment she grabbed the crystal rudder, Han Sen felt the entire crystal sailboat was vibrating, making squeaking noises.Looking from the crystal window ahead of him, Han Sen saw the weather was flowing and the sails rose. The entire sailboat was rising slowly."My dear master, where do you want to go?" Mermaid Princess looked at Han Sen, excited.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 73: Martial RingTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen returned to Steel Armor Shelter, expecting trouble from Qin Xuan as he had disappeared for so many days. However, he did not see Qin Xuan at all.Not just Qin Xuan, there was almost no one on the streets. The entire Steel Armor Shelter seemed empty.Finally seeing a man hurrying through the street, Han Sen quickly stepped forward and asked, "Friend, what’s happening? Where is everyone?""It’s you, Ass Freak." The man recognized Han Sen at first glance.Han Sen rubbed his own nose, "Friend, can you tell me where everyone went?"The man was very easy-going. He smiled and said to Han Sen, "Where can they go? To the martial ring of course. This year’s martial arts contest has already begun. People are talking about it in God’s Sanctuary and on all the planets in the Alliance. You don’t know about it?""Ahem, I have been sick recently and almost missed such a great event. Can I still register now?" Han Sen asked."Ha-ha, you must be hiding from Son of Heaven," The man smiled. "Hurry! You can still make it.""Thanks so much for the information," Han Sen thanked the man and trotted back to his own room. Putting away the package full of mutant black stingers, he hurried to the martial ring in the shelter.There was no doubt that the martial ring was the most magnificent building in the shelter. It looked like the Colosseum in Rome and could accommodate at least a hundred thousand audience. What was different from the Colosseum was that it was built with metal, which made it look like a steel monster.Han Sen ran to a gate of the martial ring. There was a gate every 60 feet around the round martial ring and each one of them could be used to access the ring.Now, almost everyone in Steel Armor Shelter was already in the martial ring. Han Sen picked a gate at random and placed his palm on the metal gate, where a string of numbers suddenly appeared."88888!" Han Sen was surprised and then realized this must be his code as he should be the 88888th person to enter the martial ring. The martial arts contest was also arranged according to these codes.Only those entering the martial ring for the first time would be assigned this number. So the next time he came in, there wouldn’t be a second number.As the metal gate opened, Han Sen went through a path that felt like a tunnel. When he came out, he was in a venue larger than where the Olympics were hosted.The stands were full of people. Above the ring floated a huge crystal stele full of groups of codes. There were 100 codes in each group, which meant these 100 people were arranged in the same match.Han Sen had learned at school that the martial arts contest in each shelter operated automatically and humans couldn’t interfere in it. The preliminary round was conducted in groups of 100 people, and only the last one who stayed on stage was qualified to go to the next round.This was indeed a strict selection. Since so many people had registered, the match had only come to Group 50 something on the third day of the preliminary round, so Han Sen probably wouldn’t have to do anything until tomorrow.Han Sen looked around, searching for Qin Xuan and others. Before he could find Qin Xuan, he ran into Son of Heaven’s gang."Don’t let me see you in my group. Or you will be dead." Luo Tianyang stared at Han Sen coldly.The last time they met, he was frightened by Han Sen, which was a disgrace to him.Son of Heaven also looked at Han Sen gloomily. Although he did not say it, Han Sen knew from his look that he would try to kill Han Sen at all costs if they were in the same match."I'm afraid I have to let you down. I do not intend to participate in the martial arts contest," Han Sen shrugged and said.Han Sen will certainly participate, but in Dollar’s name, so that he could show his real strength."You are unworthy to be called a man. Shame on you!" Luo Tianyang said contemptuously, setting the whole gang in an uproar.Son of Heaven ignored Han Sen and walked past him. While he was walking, he smiled and said, "Qin Xuan, you have improved again. It seems that this year you will still be the champion.""You are flattering me. Don’t forget that Dollar is also in Steel Armor Shelter," Qin Xuan said casually.Han Sen turned and saw Qin Xuan, Yang Manli and other major members of the Steel Armor Gang. Yang Manli was frowning at him.After talking to Qin Xuan, Son of Heaven led his gang away. Qin Xuan gave Han Sen a look, while Yang Manly said coldly, "Originally I thought you were just timid, but I did not expect you to be such a coward. You don’t have a man’s dignity and backbone."After she finished, Yang Manli went away with Qin Xuan without looking back.When Liu Hongtao passed by Han Sen, he patted Han Sen on the shoulder and smiled, "Han Sen, you did the right thing. A man can take temporary setbacks. ‘Step back to enjoy a better view,’ right? There is no need risking your life."But anyone could see Liu Hongtao’s disdain and contempt. It was all written in his face.Other members of Steel Armor Gang were also somewhat disgusted by Han Sen. Those who were able to enter the core of Steel Armor Gang were either military school students or recently enlisted soldiers. They certainly despised such cowardice.Han Sen did not explain anything. Everyone thought he didn’t want to participate because he was afraid of Luo Tianyang, which worked in his favor. No one would then question why he did not participate or why he wasn’t there when Dollar appeared."I do not care how others see me. The most important thing is that my family and I can have a stable life," Han Sen thought to himself.Starry Group was so powerful that he didn’t have the resources to counter them at the moment. If Son of Heaven knew he was Dollar now and tried to harm him in the Alliance, even he wasn’t afraid, what would happen to his mother and sister?"I need to be more powerful." Han Sen came out of the martial ring, looking down. There was no point of staying as it wouldn’t be his turn today anyway.After he teleported to the teleport station on Planet Roca, Qin Xuan stopped him there and called him to her office."You are afraid of Son of Heaven?" Qin Xuan stared at him, her eyes were like daggers that could pierce his thoughts."Yes." Han Sen nodded—he had to be afraid.Hearing Han Sen’s answer, Qin Xuan didn’t show disappointment but continued to ask, "Because of your family?"

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 744: Defrosted ManTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen did not hear an announcement, and when he looked at the fairy, he knew exactly what had happened.Without hesitation, Han Sen smacked the fairy's head with his Flaming Rex Spike.The palm-sized body looked as if it was going to be smashed into bits and pieces by the rex spike.But the fairy lifted up a small fist and knocked the rex spike away. A frosty air swiftly rose and doused the fire the Flaming Rex Spike commanded and froze the weapon completely.Pang!The flameless rex spike was sent flying back with a force not even Han Sen could hold strong against. The weapon took off into the air as his hand bled.Han Sen clutched his injured hand and looked quite shocked. He thought to himself, "So, this is the true body of the super creature that was birthed by this plant."Seeing the pretty yet scary fairy rise up and approach him with snowflakes around her, Han Sen summoned his peacock crossbow and fired three bolts.The fairy fluttered its wings like a butterfly and delicately danced away in evasion of the bolts. Then, she resumed her course and continued approaching Han Sen.Dong!The little angel rushed forward to slash the fairy, but the fairy managed to block the angel's attack with her fists, which was what produced the noise. Having her strike blocked rattled the little angel and made her fall back in a bit of a daze, but that wasn't to suggest the fairy was totally unfazed. The shock of the attack also shook the little fairy, too. The fairy had to fly in three circles before it could get its balance back.Dong! Dong! Dong!The fairy flew to engage the little angel and quickly circled her. Her fists generated a flurry of ice shards against the angel's greatsword as they fought.Han Sen retreated to a corner, as his power and speed were far inferior to an adult super creature's; he had no hope of joining in their fight.The little angel and the fairy were fighting while airborne. The fairy had a strong control over the ice element, and every hit carried a grand amount of frosted air with it. The atmosphere around the two was almost frozen.The little angel's body was incredibly well-balanced, and she had tremendous resistance towards every element. As such, the little fairy couldn't exert too much damage on the little angel with her focus on ice.The silver fox couldn't help out in this fight, either. It was still young, and was far from becoming an adult at the slow speed it was growing. It didn't have the power to compete with adult super creatures, either.Curiously, now that it was no longer fighting, the silver fox quickly approached the lake. It searched for the flower that Han Sen had destroyed and noticed it was in the water. It picked it up and began eating it."Silver fox, if you retrieve good loot—how about sharing?" Han Sen pleaded as he ran over to his pet. The silver fox noticed its master approaching and scoffed the flower down even faster.When Han Sen arrived, the leaves and roots were all gone; there was nothing left."You selfish bastard!" Han Sen angrily shouted.The silver fox returned to acting all cute and looked up at Han Sen. It jumped onto Han Sen's shoulder and no longer moved. The silver fox's fur was a light silver now, and it exuded a frosty air."Whatever." There was nothing Han Sen could do now.Watching the little angel fight the fairy, without anything he could do himself, he thought now was the time to do something with the frozen man who was sitting next to the lake. He ran towards him to see if he could move him out into the bamboo forest for now.In case the little angel was unable to defeat the little fairy, at least they could escape and bring the frozen man with them.When he approached the man, Han Sen was suddenly surprised. He appeared to be thawing."Is it because the narcissus was destroyed?" Han Sen wondered, as he dragged the man into the bamboo forest.The ice on the man was thawing quickly. By the time Han Sen dragged him into the bamboo forest, the ice on his body was all gone."Will he survive such a simple defrosting process?" Han Sen frowned. Humans required special equipment to aid their thawing after being frozen. Because of this, Han Sen doubted he would survive.Han Sen observed the man. He watched his lifeforce grow stronger and muscles become firmer. Perhaps he was going to live, after all.Han Sen looked at the man nervously, not fully understanding how he had managed to defrost so quickly. The temperature where they were was still quite low.Han Sen could feel the frosty air inside the man slowly fade, as the thump of a slow heartbeat returned.In half an hour, the frosty air was all gone and the man's heart and organs returned to being fully functional.The man's eyes were still closed, but that was when Han Sen finally began to see movement underneath his eyelids.Nervously, he looked at the man. If he really was Qin Huaizhen, and if he woke up, the mystery would finally be explained.Then, suddenly, the man opened his eyes. The black eyes looked empty, but they were wide open. He was staring upwards."Are you awake? Can you hear me?" Han Sen was not sure what to say, so he crouched near the man and asked these questions to see if he was fully conscious.The man moved his eyes slowly until his vision ended up on Han Sen.The moment he saw Han Sen, the man's face looked full of fright and shock. He grabbed Han Sen's arm and used all his strength in a struggle to say, "Be wary of... Han... Jing... Zhi."Squelch!After the man spoke those few words, blood came out of his mouth and his body began to twitch and convulse. His eyes turned white."Hey, is there something wrong?" Han Sen quickly held the man and put a recovery potion to his lips. But it didn't work, due to the constant spitting and oozing of blood.While the man twitched, he continued holding Han Sen's arms tight. His white eyeballs continued to stare at Han Sen, and it was as if he still wanted to say something. With a mouth full of blood, all he could do was gurgle on the claret and not speak an audible word.The man used the last of his power in a struggle with his hand, and pointed at his pocket. Before he made another move, he straightened himself out and coughed blood, splattering Han Sen. Then he stopped moving, his eyes still open and looking at Han Sen.Han Sen's face looked ghastly, and the lifeforce of the man before him had all depleted. He was dead.But what the man said confused Han Sen greatly."Be wary of Han Jingzhi? Why should I be wary of Han Jingzhi? Did he say that to me specifically, or were those words meant for someone else? Maybe he thought I was someone else?" Han Sen's heart was confused.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1312: Fighting with Full PowerTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioGold General landed in front of Xie Qing King’s battered and bloodied body. With each step, cracks formed on the ground, as an extra to his intimidating approach.“Yes.” Gold General laughed and threw a wretched punch towards Xie Qing King.Xie Qing King blazed his silver light as he quickly summoned the fumes of power that resided within him and punched back at the wicked foe that had beaten him.He used every last ounce of power he could muster, going into this strike with the belief it could be his last. With great anger for the misdeed done upon him and what could possibly happen to everyone else in the shelter, he gave it his all.“Alu-Alu-Alu-Alu!”That complete release of strength led to a most magnificent display, as it leveled the palace and ruined everything around the two spirits that stood before each other.Xie Qing King would never throw in the towel, even if the reaper had come knocking. Even if he was to stumble and fall, he’d do what he could to get the last laugh.Gold General continued to smile as he broke the silver light that came for him. Then he broke it again, as Xie Qing King punched and punched with lesser strength each time.There was a big difference between nine and ten gene locks, and that was the difference that separated the two. It was to be expected, though; after all, Gold General was Cup Demon’s most favored subordinate. He was highly cherished and well looked after.Xie Qing King had not opened his tenth gene lock, and despite fully acknowledging the power gap between the two, he did not concede. He wasn’t going to, and he never would. Even with his body broken, he wasn’t going to stop.“End this pathetic display!” Cup Demon shouted, as he flew down towards the silver fox.Cup Demon had come to realize Little Silver was the strongest out of all the creatures and spirits that populated the shelter.And what’s more, the ten gene lock emperor that had been going up against the furry blighter was now on the rails. The silver fox, with the repeated heals it kept on receiving, was still as fit as a fiddle.“It’s over…” Moment Queen sighed, wondering whether or not she should try to escape now before it was too late.Moving Star Shelter had no spirit stone, so there was nothing tying anyone there. And neither did anyone have to worry a conquering of the shelter would result in Han Sen dying through the loss of a spirit stone.Regardless of what could happen next, death would be the prevailing factor. It was an uphill battle against a force containing several times their strength and numbers. They had lost well before it began. Staying there could only lead to one thing, and that was them dying a fruitless death.Death could come for her even if she did try to escape, but it was better that than the 100% certainty she would be killed by remaining.If Moment Queen was the master of the shelter, she would command those defending there to flee. And if anything happened to the silver fox right now, she didn’t think Han Sen would show much mercy to her or anyone else.But Moment Queen was out of ideas on how she could remedy the situation or at the very least save the fox under fire.No matter how strong Little Silver was, there was no way he could fight an emperor with ten gene locks open and the third Son of God at the same time.But just as she saw Cup Demon approach the silver fox, something else appeared to stop the leading spirit.Moment Queen was unable to fathom who might have come to their aid so suddenly.It was a little girl Moment Queen saw, one with a purple horn, purple hair, and amethyst eyes. In her hands was her signature weapon, the Bone Dagger. She looked like the human girl that always used to accompany Han Sen and rarely spoke.Moment Queen had never seen her like this before, and she couldn’t be sure it was Zero due to her lifeforce being rather different.But even if it was, she didn’t think it mattered too much. She didn’t think Zero was all that powerful, even in this new form she was taking on. There was no way she could hope to stop Cup Demon Emperor’s approach, she thought. The little girl must just want to do her part, or something like that. If now was the end, it was now or never, anyway.As Moment Queen pondered this peculiarity, she saw Cup Demon Emperor frown, commanding a legion of bugs to intercept her.His command to the bugs was fast, almost panicked, yet in the face of all those insects, the little girl’s resolve did not change. It was almost creepy, seeing how emotionless she was in the field of battle. She lifted her dagger as a red light began to gleam across it.The light pierced through the host of bugs before her, with its ultimate target lying past them, in the region of Cup Demon Emperor’s forehead.Cup Demon Emperor evaded the red light that came for him, but somehow he hadn’t. It was perplexing for Moment Queen herself to see. She had seen the spirit dodge, but somehow, the red light had still gotten him.The mantra that said the Falsified-Sky power never missed was as accurate as ever.“No way.” Moment Queen was audibly amazed by what she saw. Never in her wildest dreams could she expect or even believe what her very own eyes were telling her; the quiet little girl that followed Han Sen around was able to one-hit kill an emperor such as that.With one blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hit, Cup Demon Emperor’s lid had been peeled.Pang!Cup Demon Emperor exploded before everyone, which led to all the bugs vanishing with him.Not long after, though, another crowd of bugs appeared. And out of that crowd came Cup Demon Emperor once more.“You are strong, but you cannot kill me!” The newborn Cup Demon summoned a host of bugs once more.This time, he watched her dagger closely. He hadn’t been sure of what killed him earlier, so now he wanted to see.Zero’s expressionless face looked as unconcerned as ever, and so she simply raised the dagger up and lobbed it towards him.…Gold General accepted the order and flashed with a gold light, ready to finish off Xie Qing King.Pang! Pang! Pang!Gold General punched Xie Qing King a few times, breaking most of the bones in his body.Xie Qing King could no longer stand, as he had been damaged too much.He wanted to stand and fight for the security of the shelter, but he was bleeding profusely and the lights in his eyes were starting to dim.Gold General jumped up, ready to land his feet on Xie Qing King’s head and break it open like a pinata.Unable to dodge or do anything to repel this foe, Xie Qing King just watched the feet descend.

Omanju2020-4-9 04:18:16

”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 349: Phoenix-like CreatureTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioDesperado then realized he was right. It was what Queen made him feel.Although A Soldier on Warship was no match to Queen and did not bring him the same pressure, the feeling was the same.How could this person make me feel this way! It is impossible he had learned that elsewhere. Maybe this guy is connected to Queen somehow? Desperado thought to himself skeptically.When he thought about it, he felt it was impossible. Queen was an orphan raised by Huangfu Xiongcheng. Since A Soldier on Warship said he was not from Ares Martial Hall, how was it possible that he was connected to Queen?Desperado was trying to confirm this, so he defeated Han Sen with one blow and send Han Sen another invite.Why did Desperado defeat Han Sen? Because when trying to maintain his fitness level around thirty, he was trapped in the corner by Han Sen. If he did not use his true strength, he would lose.Ready to fight again, Desperado again chose to keep his fitness around thirty. He was paying attention to Han Sen's every move and was able to determine Han Sen was indeed using Queen's skills.Trying to fight Han Sen with a fitness level around thirty, Desperado was basically fighting Queen of a weaker version, which allowed Desperado to observe the kiting skills better. Desperado thought it might help him in the future when he sparred with Queen.With such thoughts, Desperado fought Han Sen repeatedly. However, as long as he kept his fitness level the same as Han Sen, he would always be pushed into a corner. There was simply no way he could win. All he could do was to rely on his fitness.Desperado was upset about this. He was a fast learner himself, but he was unable to learn the kiting skills no matter what.There was a simple explanation for that. As long as one knew the rules, one could play Go. However, not everyone could become a master.Although Desperado was good at mimicking other people's skills, calculation and strategy could not be obtained simply by mimicking. One had to think for oneself.Han Sen was a beginner himself, and was not even close to Queen's level. However, he could beat Desperado who had never tapped into this field before easily.The two fought a dozen times, and Desperado won every single time. However, Desperado was not happy at all. He only won because he had better fitness. In terms of technique, he had lost completely."I should go. See you next time." Han Sen left Gladiator at mealtime. He felt like he had gained a lot.In the beginning, Desperado was trying to copy him, but later, Desperado had to use many techniques he had not seen before to cope with kiting skills. Han Sen could not learn everything on the spot, but it was still a great inspiration for him to practice Panorama.If it was not because he wanted to use gravity trainer after lunch, Han Sen would have fought Desperado some more.Although Han Sen was still losing on Gladiator, he was committed to practicing on Gladiator. It did not matter whether he could win as long as he was making progress.After lunch, Han Sen walked to a gravity trainer. Suddenly, he got a message on his comlink which turned out to be from Rainbowman.Han Sen quickly checked Rainbowman's reply. Rainbowman said he had organized a group to hunt the phoenix-like creature. If Han Sen was interested, he could sign up as well.Joining the group would cost Han Sen a fortune, and he had to have enough strength to get Rainbowman's approval before joining.Rainbowman had also told him a time and place to meet.Han Sen thought it would not hurt to take a look. There was no one he feared in Steel Armor Shelter anyway.The time was set on the day after tomorrow. According to Rainbowman, he posted the information several months ago, so he could not guarantee the creature would still be there. All he could promise was to find the burnt tree.Han Sen wrote down the time and place and decided to take a look the day after tomorrow. He would not let go of any lead on a super creature. Entering the gravity trainer again, Han Sen still set the parameters around twenty-five. This time, he made it to the fifth testing item.I have passed five and there are only five more to go, thought Han Sen.If he could reach twenty-five using just Overload, his fitness could pass thirty with Heresy Mantra added. With the flame lieutenant and devil sword, he would then be a threat to super creatures.Of course, the was that he could hit a super creature in its week part.In addition, I will need a sacred-blood sword, otherwise the devil sword would be useless.However, Han Sen could not think of anyone who had a sacred-blood sword. Son of Heaven used to have a sacred-blood sword, which he took to Second God's Sanctuary. Even if he did not, it was unlikely that Son of Heaven would sell the sword to him.Han Sen pondered and did not think anyone else in Steel Armor Shelter who had a sacred-blood sword.If I can't find a sacred-blood sword, that will be problematic. Han Sen suddenly thought of the Z-steel blacksmith. He remembered seeing a weapon with 75% Z-steel at the blacksmith's place. He wondered if that was real. The best Z-steel product in the Alliance only had less than 20% Z-steel.If that weapon really had such a high portion of Z-steel, Maybe it could even be compared to a sacred-blood weapon. In that case, I wish it could be remodeled into a sword. Han Sen dialed the blacksmith's number and asked about that weapon. He remembered the price was 100 million, which was no longer an issue for Han Sen as long as it was good."It is definitely stronger than a sacred-blood weapon. But it could not be remodeled," the blacksmith replied Han Sen definitively."Why not?" Han Sen asked, puzzled. It was a metal weapon, it could always be remade.After a long silence, the blacksmith said, "This is not made with human technology and no one could remake it."

Gai Yinglang2020-3-5 03:18:17

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 613: OpportunityTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen recognized the sound as belonging to the peacock they encountered earlier, which had received a nasty sting on its face. It flew far away after that, and they didn't think they'd run into it again so soon."Its screams are ones of pain and suffering. Is it because of the poison?" Queen asked, looking in the direction the squeals were coming from.If it really was due to the poison, it would be the perfect opportunity for humans to take down a super creature. The first in history."Let's go find out!" Han Sen's face was vibrant with excitement, and he looked genuinely happy at the prospect. If he could hunt down a super creature with minimal effort, even if he did not receive a beast soul, eating its meat would be good enough.They looked at each other and understood what they were each thinking. Queen commanded the big whale to start sailing in the direction of the screeching peacock.The bird screamed so loud, it seemed like it could shatter the atmosphere. The creatures around look terrified, and those that flew in the sky seemed to avoid it at all costs.They sailed another forty miles before seeing an island on the horizon. It was surprisingly small, not any bigger than a protruding reef.The peacock was standing on the reef with a rotten face. It was red with infected blisters, and pus and blood oozed from its wounds."It must really be the poison still working its wretched magic," Han Sen said, aghast.He was happy that the peacock was in such a condition, obviously still struggling against the poison that blighted it. But he was concerned over whether or not he could eat the meat, seeing how effective and long-lasting the poison was.Queen commanded the whale to stop a good distance from the bird. She didn't want to go in blindly. And even though the super creature was in significant pain, it was still a super creature. They may very well not be able to slay it, even still. They weren't entirely sure how ill the peacock was, and they'd probably meet an unfortunate end if they marched in without a clue."It can still scream a good deal. It is most likely still quite energized. Perhaps we should wait here for a few days and see how it goes?" Han Sen suggested.The longer they waited, the weaker the bird would become. If they were going to risk their lives in an attempt to bring down a poisoned super creature, it would be better to do it later rather than sooner.But right after Han Sen said that, the sea near the reef began spitting waves that were a few dozen meters tall. A giant purple creature with metal pincers came out from beneath the murky waves. Its target was most definitely the peacock.The giant purple lobster was back. Not having received any benefits from the island earlier, it seemed to want to exact vengeance on the wounded peacock that had bullied it previously.The peacock was poisoned right in the face, and it looked like the toxins had affected its brain. It didn't seem as smart or reactive as it had before. Already, the lobster managed to clamp down on one of its wings.It was impossible for the peacock to free itself from the lobster's grip. It flapped its wings the best it could, but could not escape. The more it flailed, the more feathers its wings dropped.The peacock was infuriated. It opened its feather train to reveal its blue eyespots and doused the area in its intoxicating blue light. Just like before, the lobster was made to appear drunk.It seemed as if the lobster knew this was coming, though, so it continued to maintain its grip on the peacock's wing. No matter how fiercely the peacock tried to repel its attacker, the lobster would not be loosened.The lobster's shell was too hard, as well. There was nothing the peacock could do. Eventually its clutched wing began to bleed, and plumes of feathers danced in the air around it, cushioning the harsh sea.While both of these monsters fought, Queen closed her eyes and turned around to avoid the effects of the blue light.Although it was a good distance from them, the light was powerful and it spread far. Looking at it for one second could make them feel dizzy, and out at sea, there was the chance Queen could fall overboard and drown.Han Sen appeared to be doing the same thing, but he activated his gene lock. With his senses, he didn't even have to face their direction to observe everything that was happening."The peacock may be an extremely powerful foe, but under the effects of that poisonous sting and the lobster's pummelling, it must assuredly be close to death," Han Sen thought. He then proceeded to wonder how he might benefit from this situation.The reef began to crack and the waves boiled in the turmoil of combat. The reef was unable to sustain the weight of the monsters and it began to crumble.The lobster's shell was obscenely sturdy, and the lobster tried to drag the peacock down into the briny depths with its pincers. All the peacock could do was continue to peck at the shell, to no avail.Although the peacock was resisting, a collapse of the reef meant a guaranteed watery grave for it."How come that lobster didn't get poisoned, too?" Han Sen thought to himself.But seeing what was occurring, it was a good thing they did not rush in to attack as they initially thought to. If they hadn't stayed back, they might have been killed by the lobster's incursion.Boom!Three hours later, the reef collapsed and the peacock went down with it.Although the peacock continued to emit its beams of drowsy light, it wasn't as effective as it was earlier. It did not affect Han Sen and Queen as much.Queen turned around and looked into the sea. She saw the faint glimmer of blue light and a sea that was made mad with the peacock's wild thrashing. Great waves collided with each other, above where it sunk to its inevitable demise."What a horrible creature. It would have been too difficult for us to fight it," Queen said with a sigh."It would have been impossible for us to kill it, yes. But now we have a chance." Han Sen watched the restless waves with greedy eyes.They may not have been able to kill the poisoned peacock, but it had been attacked by the lobster and dragged deep down into the sea. It was going to die, no matter what. Perhaps this was his opportunity for an easy kill.But still, Han Sen did not dare try to steal the lobster's prey directly. He lacked the strength and he knew it.But if he did it quickly, there was a chance he could receive the beast soul."What are you doing?" Queen frowned as she looked at Han Sen."Wait here, okay?" After speaking, Han Sen quickly dove into the sea.The silver fox was still on Han Sen's shoulder. It used its paws to grab ahold of his neck, and it dove in with him.Because the two monsters were still twirling about in the sea, the underwater currents were a little unpredictable. Every now and again, Han Sen would be sent spinning around due to mad fluctuations in the flow. He actually found it difficult to swim right.It was fortunate he could breathe underwater. Because of this, he did not have to fear drowning. The only issue was the fact he was swimming slower than he would have liked.The lobster was trying its best to drag the peacock into the deeper recesses of the sea. Although the peacock tried to resist, it was futile. The lobster was getting its way, and deeper and deeper they went.Han Sen chased both creatures down into the darker waters. He watched what was happening intently, biding his time for the perfect opportunity to strike.Although the peacock was not accomplished in underwater battle, it still kicked fairly well. It did not look as if it was going to be killed by the lobster anytime soon.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 722: Blue ShelterTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen's pupils shrunk. He saw a mysterious, blue shelter residing atop the peak. Its presence there was like a castle, perched in the heavens.The blue shelter looked rugged, though. Many parts of the building had fallen and crumbled. Even the gate of the front wall had fallen, succumbing to mounds of dust. The place looked as if it had been abandoned a long time ago."Shelter? How can there be a shelter out here? I wonder, is it a human or spirit shelter?" Han Sen observed the distant shelter as best he could, but did not see too much. Although it seemed to have decayed over time's relentless march, it still looked solid, perhaps even operable."It looks like the shelter isn't home to any humans or creatures. If it is, why would it be in the state it currently is? But then again, why would the blood centipede be so afraid of it? It won't even ascend the measly foothills of this mountain. Does a scary creature reside in the shelter, maybe?" While Han Sen pondered the stockpile of questions that now occurred to him, he saw the blood centipede start moving again. After the broken shelter had revealed itself, the blood centipede possessed what seemed like a renewed courage, and it rabidly climbed the mountain after Han Sen.Han Sen froze, and when he thawed soon after, he quickly took off running up the mountain. The monster had most likely believed the shelter was whole, which held off its initial advance.But now that it knew the shelter was an abandoned ruin, it ascended the mountain without fear.Han Sen had no other choice but to ascend. He hastened his brisk steps to ramble and climb his way up to the shelter. It was a decayed structure, and it didn't look like anyone lived up there, but if there was still a teleporter inside—and it was still in working condition—he could escape by returning to the Alliance.But before Han Sen could teleport away, he thought it would best to eat the egg first.The blood centipede was quickly catching up to Han Sen, who was now standing in front of the blue shelter. He noticed that the structure had been composed of blue metal. With such sturdy construction, Han Sen pondered what events may have led to its ruin and downfall.A twenty meter tall, few meter wide metal wall extended for a few miles. Along its length, it was broken and ruined in a number of different locations.Han Sen observed the dust-cloaked shelter and pondered the number of years it had been since a person last set foot inside it.Han Sen was quite ecstatic at his discovery of an abandoned shelter. All he would have to do now was find a teleporter and leave. No matter how powerful the centipede was, it couldn't follow him through.Han Sen ran inside the shelter and strode across the thick dust that had gathered so deeply that it felt like snow.The blood centipede followed Han Sen to the front of the shelter. It hesitated before the entrance for a moment, but still decided to follow him inside.The blue metal shelter had many toppled buildings, and many structures only had one or two disheveled walls remaining. Some had been cut in half or even had their rooves shaved off.Han Sen's run kept him weaving left and right between the remains of old buildings and constructs, to avoid the centipede's pursuit. But by now, he was getting exhausted. He summoned the little angel and gave her the egg, bidding that she fly away from him to the other side of the shelter.The blood centipede shrieked at Han Sen, but turned around and gave pursuit to the little angel now instead.Han Sen had finally achieved a moment's reprieve. He moved around the decayed shelter in search of a teleporter that may have fared better than the rest of the area.He had searched through a number of ruined buildings and was still in awe of the devastation. The entire area was a mess, as shrapnel and bits of twisted metal lay strewn about every corner. But thus far, unfortunately, he was unable to find a teleporter that was in good shape.In his search, he stumbled into a plaza which contained a half-toppled bell tower in its center. The bell was composed of blue copper, and it exuded an aura of mystique. Strange carvings were etched into the metal of its composition, with many of the drawn shapes resembling bugs.Han Sen saw this blue bell and wondered, if this place had indeed been abandoned, why had six bells rung out earlier?Han Sen looked around, observing the thick dust that coated each crevice of the lost shelter. He didn't see any footprints or marks that suggested occupation. Even the blue bell was covered in dust and ash. He believed it must have been years since a person last touched the bell."The tolling bell could not have been this one." Han Sen flapped his wings and flew onto the bell tower to take a closer look.Han Sen was then hit with a sudden surprise. There was a body inside the bell tower that looked like a human in rugged clothes. Through decay over time, the body was little more than a dust-covered skeleton.Han Sen summoned a lance to poke the clothing that once dressed the deceased. With little effort, the clothes and bones fell apart into ash."Was this a human shelter that got attacked by some fearsome creature?" Han Sen came down from the bell tower and treaded the shelter with a little more care this time.Han Sen summoned his super armor, in case something unfortunate was about to happen. Since there weren't any other humans around, no one would see or recognize him.The fallen metal buildings were everywhere, and he couldn't find a single building that had been left untouched. Most of the houses did not contain teleporters, and the ones Han Sen found were broken and had ceased to function.Han Sen later discovered many other skeletal remains that were similar to the first one. For some reason, all it took was a little touch for the remains to crumble and wholly collapse.Han Sen had searched through half the shelter so far and had yet to find a single working teleporter. The little angel was on the other side, keeping the blood centipede busy. He didn't fancy venturing that way."Strange. Aside from the blue copper bell, there aren't any other bell towers here. There aren't any other bells, at all. What tolling bells did I hear?" Han Sen thought, puzzled.While Han Sen was deep in thought, he heard the mystery bells ring once more like thunder. The shock was so strong, he almost collapsed.Han Sen quickly ran his Dongxuan Sutra to quell the energy inside him. He raised his head and saw the bell in the bell tower was ringing, all by itself. Not even a stiff wind brushed it, yet it tolled."Why is this happening to me? Why does the bell ring itself?" Han Sen tried his best to calm the energy inside him, as he stared at the bell.The little angel and the blood centipede stopped fighting, as if they were both affected by the bell, as well.Dong!The blue bell rang again, at an even scarier tone than before. It was loud, like an explosion detonating right on Han Sen's eardrum.

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